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5 Iraq quizzes and 55 Iraq trivia questions.
An Inquiry Into The Republic of Iraq
  An Inquiry Into The Republic of Iraq   great trivia quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
In spite of its recent political problems, history began in the area that is called Iraq today, and there are many interesting places to visit there. Come along with me and let's explore together.
Average, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Mar 31 21
ponycargirl editor
Mar 31 21
772 plays
  Don't Pass on Iraq   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Iraq, a country of a turbulent modern history and a rich ancient history. What do you know of the modern-day Middle Eastern country? As you will see, it's worth visiting - so don't pass on it, or this quiz. Take this quiz and find out what you know.
Average, 10 Qns, LeoDaVinci, Jul 12 20
LeoDaVinci editor
Jul 12 20
928 plays
  Iraq Everything    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
All questions are about Iraq. Iraq has many interesting mosques and museums. If you want to visit these sites, you should! Unfortunately, Iraq's borders are closed to other nations at the moment.
Average, 10 Qns, xman16, Jan 12 23
Jan 12 23
3481 plays
  Iraq Facts    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Previously part of the Ottoman Empire, Iraq gained independence from the UK in 1932. A "republic" was declared in 1958, but in reality a succession of military power-mongers has controlled the country ever since, the most recent being Saddam Hussein.
Average, 10 Qns, Pariah, Apr 30 24
Apr 30 24
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  Saddam Hussein & Iraq    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
How much do you really know about this land?
Tough, 15 Qns, happygilmour, Feb 04 17
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trivia question Quick Question
When did Saddam come into power?

From Quiz "Saddam Hussein & Iraq"

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Iraq Trivia Questions

1. Iraq borders six different countries, the longest borders being with Iran and Saudi Arabia. With which country does Iraq have its shortest border?

From Quiz
Don't Pass on Iraq

Answer: Jordan

While Iraq's longest border is with its neighbour to the east, Iran (1,599 km), its shortest border is to the west with Jordan (179 km). The Saudis lie to the south (811 km), Kuwait to the southeast (254 km), Turkey to the north (367 km), and Syria to the northwest (599 km). In fact, Iraq's shortest border is its coast. There are only 58 km of coastline, which makes access to all of the oil underneath the water very limited.

2. In which year did the Republic of Iraq become independent?

From Quiz Saddam Hussein & Iraq

Answer: 1932

An Arab dominated government was established in 1922, but a Iraq remained a British League of Nations mandate (trust territory) till 1932. Complete independence for Iraq came in October 1932 when Britain supported Iraq's admission to the League of Nations as an independent state.

3. Which continent does Iraq lie in?

From Quiz Iraq Facts

Answer: Asia

Iraq is bordered by six countries; Syria in the west, Turkey in the north, Iran in the east, Kuwait in the south-east, Saudi Arabia in the south, and Jordan in the south-west.

4. What is the capital of Iraq?

From Quiz Iraq Everything

Answer: Baghdad

Baghdad has many interesting museums and mosques.

5. On the border of Turkey and northern Iran there is an autonomous region. Which ethnic minority controls this region?

From Quiz Don't Pass on Iraq

Answer: Kurds

The Kurds are an ethnic group whose traditional lands span from Turkey to Iran, but, they do not have their own country, nor do they have autonomy in all of the countries that they live in. In 1970, Iraq granted autonomy to the Kurds living in the northeastern part of the country. Iraq was actually the first country to give Kurds an autonomy, though it was very limited and limiting. It was only in 1991 when the Americans launched their 'Desert Storm' campaign against Saddam Hussein that the Kurds started actually getting recognition.

6. Iraq gained independence from which European administration in 1932?

From Quiz Iraq Facts

Answer: Britain

Iraq gained independence from under British administration on the 3rd of October 1932, as a result of a League of Nations mandate.

7. Name the only main port in Iraq. This is a city with many canals and waterways.

From Quiz Iraq Everything

Answer: Basra

Bassora was the other name for Basra.

8. There are two major rivers that flow through Iraq producing some very fertile lands. The southern river is the Euphrates. What's the name of the northern river?

From Quiz Don't Pass on Iraq

Answer: Tigris

The Tigris is one of the two major rivers of Iraq, along with the Euphrates. Together they formed the basis of the Mesopotamian Empire and created the Fertile Crescent. This was a region of prosperity, innovation and invention in the Neolithic Era, almost 10,000 years ago, and continued for a long time. Many empires sought out this region for conquest; the Greeks, the Persians, the British, to name a few throughout the ages. The modern-day Tigris starts in Turkey and flows for 1750 km to border Syria and finally enters into Iraq. It flows through Mosul, Baghdad, and empties into the Persian Gulf.

9. In 1917-18 Iraq became independent from which Empire?

From Quiz Saddam Hussein & Iraq

Answer: Ottoman

In 1258 the Mongols invaded the region. The Ottoman Turks won back the territory in 1638 and the region remained a part of the Ottoman Empire until the end of World War I, in 1918. The Sumerians, Babylonians & Assyrians developed great empires in the region prior to the Ottoman Turks.

10. Mosul is a major modern city in Iraq. It sits across a river from another ancient city. Which one?

From Quiz Don't Pass on Iraq

Answer: Nineveh

On the eastern bank of the Tigris stands the city Nineveh opposite the modern city of Mosul, on the western bank. Mosul is a major city of Iraq with a tumultuous history. Mosul itself is an old city, started in 570 CE when Assyrians founded the Mar Ishaya Monastery. In recent times, it was a focal point for the war against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The ISIL forces had taken over the city in June 2014 and began executing and, in actuality, massacring people who did not fit in with their vision, i.e., non-Sunni Muslims. It took just over three years for Iraqi forces to take back the city.

11. At the age of 20, Saddam joined which movement whose goal was to unite all Arabs in one nation?

From Quiz Saddam Hussein & Iraq

Answer: Ba'ath Party

Saddam joined the Ba'ath Party as Vice President after a successful coup in 1968. The Populist Socialist Party (1951) and the Jaffar Pasha (1923) were two of hundreds of populist movements in the arab world. Al Qaida is a relatively young movement, created by Osama Bin Laden in the late 1980's initially to bring Arabs together to fight against the Soviet Union occupation in Afghanistan.

12. What is the capital city of Iraq?

From Quiz Iraq Facts

Answer: Baghdad

Tehran is the capital city of Iran, Amman is the capital city of Jordan, and Ankara is the capital city of Turkey.

13. Natural gas, phosphates, and sulfur are the main natural resources of Iraq. Name another one.

From Quiz Iraq Everything

Answer: petroleum

The word petroleum came from the Latin petra, denoting 'rock' and oleum, meaning 'oil'.

14. Iraq is a country in the Middle East; much of the country is dry and hot in the summer, and not really dissimilar in the winter. The regions of Al-Hajarah and Al-Dibdibah are which kind of climate?

From Quiz Don't Pass on Iraq

Answer: Desert

Al-Hajarah and Al-Dibdibah are the names of the two sections of Iraq's southern desert, both of which connect to the Arabian Desert - the large desert that dominates the Arabian Peninsula. Though there are large fertile tracts of land in Iraq, there is still about 40% of the country that is a desert. These areas are sparsely inhabited, and mostly by Bedouins. These are traditionally nomadic people who are desert travellers.

15. Iraq borders with how many countries?

From Quiz Saddam Hussein & Iraq

Answer: 6

Turkey and Syria border Iraq to the N & NW, Jordan to the W, Iran to the E and Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the South.

16. What is the monetary unit of Iraq?

From Quiz Iraq Facts

Answer: Iraqi dinar

The dinar is a currency which is used throughout the Middle-east, as is the rial/riyal.

17. Arabic, Assyrian, and Armenian are main languages of Iraq. Name another.

From Quiz Iraq Everything

Answer: Kurdish

Kurdish is the official language in the Kurdish regions.

18. To the northwest of Baghdad is the ancient city of Hatra. Now in ruins, it was once great enough to be the capital of which Arab kingdom on the Arabian Peninsula?

From Quiz Don't Pass on Iraq

Answer: Kingdom of Araba

Hatra was an ancient city that can now be found in the Nineveh Governorate (province) in Iraq. Its name means 'enclosure' and it was a very strong fortified city that became the capital of the Kingdom of Araba, a minor kingdom that was situated in between two majestic empires, the Parthians and the Romans. Hatra itself was likely built by the Seleucids, however it became great in the first and second centuries CE. It withstood many attacks but ultimately fell to Sassanid king Shapur I who razed it to the ground.

19. The Tigris is an important river in Iraq. Which is the other major river in Iraq which meets the Tigris before emptying into the Persian Gulf?

From Quiz Iraq Everything

Answer: Euphrates

Both rivers flow from northwestern to southeastern Iraq.

20. Standing high at 3611 m, Cheekha Dar is the highest point in Iraq. What mountain range is it a part of? (It certainly won't be found at the beginning of the phone book)

From Quiz Don't Pass on Iraq

Answer: Zagros Mountains

Cheekha Dar is the tallest point in Iraq, and it is a peak in these mountains which run from Turkey to Iran, but it certainly isn't the tallest peak in the Zagros Mountains range. The Zagros Mountains were said to be the entrance to the Mesopotamian underworld. The name "Cheekha Dar" means 'black tent', for the triangular shape of the peak and the dark colour of the earth.

21. When did Saddam come into power?

From Quiz Saddam Hussein & Iraq

Answer: 1979

In 1979, Saddam's cousin Ahmad Hasan al-Bakr, former President of Iraq, resigned due to ill health and Saddam took power.

22. Who was the Head of State in Iraq from 1979 to 2003?

From Quiz Iraq Everything

Answer: Saddam Hussein & Saddam & Hussein

This president came to power on July 16, 1979.

23. Near the modern city of Nasiriya lie the ruins of Ur, a very important city of ancient times. What is the prominent feature of the ruins of Ur?

From Quiz Don't Pass on Iraq

Answer: Ziggurat

The ruins of Ur lie southwest of the modern city of Nasiriya, the capital city of the Dhi Qar Governorate (province). This province corresponds to the ancient civilization of Sumer, once a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. The city of Ur was a very important one, as the coast had once reached all the way up to Ur. A gigantic ziggurat (stepped pyramid) had been built there, and its ruins remain to this day. The Great Ziggurat of Ur was first excavated in the 1920s by the British and was discovered to be a temple to the moon goddess Nanna who was the patron of the city.

24. What is the population of Iraq as of 2002?

From Quiz Saddam Hussein & Iraq

Answer: 24 million

There was a census taken in 1997 with around 22,2 million. Estimates for the 2002 population are around 22 - 24 million.

25. The total population of Iraq is about?

From Quiz Iraq Facts

Answer: 45,000,000

The ethnic composition of Iraq is, Arab 75%-80%, Kurdish 15%-20%, Turkoman, Assyrian or other 5%.

26. Recognized by the Iraqi government as the driving force in the country's economy, which city is also one of the hottest cities in Iraq, as well as the largest city close to the beach?

From Quiz Don't Pass on Iraq

Answer: Basra

Basra (or Al-Basrah) is a city in southern Iraq. It is quite close to the Persian Gulf and Iraq's meager coastline, and it serves as an important point through which much of Iraq's oil flows. This oil, the lifeblood of the Iraqi economy, makes Basra such an important city. While Basra has been around for 14 centuries, it has only really seen a surge in its population in the past half-century. It is very close to both the Iranian border as well as the Kuwaiti border, and was hit very hard in the Iran-Iraq conflict of the 80s. However, it has since re-emerged as a very important city for Iraq.

27. What did Saddam study at university?

From Quiz Saddam Hussein & Iraq

Answer: Law

Saddam studied law in Cairo, Egypt in 1962, but returned to Iraq after Qassem was ousted in a February 1963 Ba'ath Party coup.

28. What is Iraq's main economic resource?

From Quiz Iraq Facts

Answer: Petroleum

Wheat, barley and rice are the most important of the main crops. Livestock raising is particularly important, along with that of hand-made leather and metal crafts, and the textile industry. However, petroleum is the resource that places Iraq in such a position of economic importance.

29. In what year did Iraq invade Arvand Rood and Khuzestan's oil field in Iran?

From Quiz Iraq Everything

Answer: 1980

Iraq first attacked Iranian airfields on September 22, 1980. It was Saddam Hussein's idea to gather as much oil as they wanted. It drew Iran into the war.

30. Iraq's oil reserves are the world's ___ largest. (2001)

From Quiz Saddam Hussein & Iraq

Answer: 2nd

1.Saudi Arabia 2.Iraq. 3.United Arab Emirates 4.Kuwait Source: BP, Statistical Review of World Energy 2001.

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