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Fun Trivia
4 Barbados quizzes and 45 Barbados trivia questions.
  Barbados, Land of the Flying Fish   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Come make a flying visit to an island nation about half the size of New York City.
Average, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Feb 10 19
looney_tunes editor
Feb 10 19
3124 plays
  Caribbean: All about Barbados    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Barbados is a beautiful and interesting country. How much do you know about it?
Average, 15 Qns, LuH77, Jan 11 23
Jan 11 23
78 plays
  Barbados - The Rum Nation   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Sip a glass of iced rum while you swing on a beach hammock and enjoy the warm, friendly island of Barbados.
Average, 10 Qns, Plodd, Sep 12 12
417 plays
  Blessed Barbados    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Barbados is a very blessed country, blessed with beaches, blessed with food blessed with... everything! Come join us on this quiz about every single aspect about this country.
Average, 10 Qns, Ewefojhghjkbw, Apr 23 23
Apr 23 23
69 plays

Barbados Trivia Questions

1. Bridgetown has a blessed name, but what is Bridgetown named after?

From Quiz
Blessed Barbados

Answer: A broken bridge at the location of Bridgetown

The Portuguese discovered Barbados, and then Spain captured it. When the British arrived, they found a broken bridge at the site that was first called St Michael but later became Bridgetown, after both a later governor, Tobias Bridge, and the memory of the original bridge.

2. This is the first day of my holiday and I have just arrived on Barbados. Which international airport did I arrive at?

From Quiz Barbados - The Rum Nation

Answer: Grantley Adams International Airport

The airport is located in Christ Church which is at the southern end of the island. Formerly known as Seawell Airport, the name was changed in 1976 after the first Premier of Barbados, Sir Grantley Herbert Adam. The airport is the ninth busiest in the Caribbean with just over 2,000,000 visitors each year walking through its gates. For anyone interested in aviation history, the airport has a Concorde museum which houses a retired Concorde on display.

3. Where will you find the island nation of Barbados?

From Quiz Barbados, Land of the Flying Fish

Answer: Western Atlantic Ocean

Barbados is often considered a Caribbean nation, but it is actually located east of the Caribbean Sea, in the Atlantic Ocean. Located at 13 degrees north of the equator and 59 degrees west of the prime meridian, it is the easternmost of the islands often grouped under the title of "West Indies", and is considered part of the Lesser Antilles.

4. Barbados' terrain is interesting for an island country, so I shall ask you what the terrain is. Does anyone know?

From Quiz Blessed Barbados

Answer: Low, rolling hills

The natural traits of Barbados are its lowlands or gently leaning, terraced grasslands, divided by rolling ridges that normally parallel the shores.

5. Barbados is divided into 11 parishes. Which is the largest by area?

From Quiz Caribbean: All about Barbados

Answer: Saint Philip

The parish of Saint Philip is located in the easternmost corner of Barbados. The area encompasses 23 square miles (60 square km) and is considered to be the countryside of Barbados due to its prevalent agriculture and cultivation areas. The other parishes of Barbados (listed from largest to smallest) are: Christ Church (which is directly west of Saint Philip), Saint George, Saint Michael, Saint Andrew, Saint Lucy, Saint John, Saint Peter, Saint Thomas, Saint James and the smallest parish at 13 square miles (34 square km) in size, is Saint Joseph.

6. Travelling from the airport to my hotel, I pass through the city streets of the capital, Bridgetown. Which bronze statue has pride of place in Broad Street?

From Quiz Barbados - The Rum Nation

Answer: Admiral Lord Nelson

Horatio Nelson was famous for his exploits most notably during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. As a reminder of his actions, you can find his statue in London as well as Portsmouth in England, Dublin in Ireland, Montreal in Canada, and Bridgetown in Barbados. Nelson visited Barbados in the same year as the great battle. He became a local hero after defeating the French who wanted to take over rule of the islands of the Caribbean.

7. What kind of island is Barbados?

From Quiz Barbados, Land of the Flying Fish

Answer: Continental limestone-coral

Because it lies on the continental shelf of South America, Barbados is a continental island, as opposed to an oceanic island. Barbados is part of an Atlantic Ocean submarine mountain range formed during the Cenozoic Era as the Caribbean and South American plates collided and raised the coral reef (formed during the Mesozoic Era after the break from Africa) upwards. Barbados is the only part of the range that rises above sea level.

8. Barbados, as you know is an island, but how big of an island is it?

From Quiz Blessed Barbados

Answer: 430 km² (166 mi²)

The dwarf state holds an entire area of just 430 km² (166 mi²) and a total coastline of 97 km (60.3 mi).

9. With which of its island neighbours does Barbados have a fixed maritime border, established in 2006, to settle fishing disputes?

From Quiz Barbados, Land of the Flying Fish

Answer: Trinidad and Tobago

These four nations are the closest to Barbados, but it is Trinidad and Tobago, to the south, which has had a history of fishing territorial disputes. In 1990, Trinidad and Tobago signed a maritime treaty with Venezuela that allocated ocean territory claimed by Barbados to Trinidad and Tobago. In 2004, Barbados took the dispute to binding arbitration under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. On 11 April 2006, the boundary was set approximately midway between the two countries.

10. Barbadian languages are galore, but what is the official language?

From Quiz Blessed Barbados

Answer: English

In Barbados, the authorized vocabulary is English and the bulk of inhabitants speak 'Bajan' (enunciated as BAY-jun), an English-based creole, strongly impacted by West African languages.

11. Bridgetown is the only known city not located in the U.S.A that which American President visited?

From Quiz Caribbean: All about Barbados

Answer: George Washington

Barbados was the only known country which George Washington ever travelled to outside of the U.S.A. This was before he was president, aged 19 at the time of his visit, going to the island with his half brother, Lawrence Washington, in 1751. Lawrence had tuberculosis and was advised to spend time in the tropics due to its climate. George went with him, but George's wife could not go as they had already lost three children and were not willing to risk losing another during a long voyage. The exact date they went is not clear as the remains of George's Barbados diary, are in terrible condition. It took them over three weeks to reach Barbados, but when they did George Washington wrote that he was "perfectly ravished" by the island's beauty.

12. The highest point in Barbados is Mount Hillaby, at a towering 340m (1,115ft) above sea level. It is located in a parish (local government area) named after the patron saint of Scotland. Which Barbadian parish is the site of Mount Hillaby?

From Quiz Barbados, Land of the Flying Fish

Answer: Saint Andrew

All of these are parishes of Barbados, but Mount Hillaby is located in the northeastern parish of Saint Andrew in a region known as the Scotland District. Saint George and Saint Thomas are the only two landlocked parishes on the island, and Saint Lucy is the northernmost parish.

13. Barbadian food is yum-yum in my tum, but what is the national dish?

From Quiz Blessed Barbados

Answer: Cou-cou and flying fish

A time-honoured procedure passed down through ages, flying fish and cou-cou is honoured as the national plate of Barbados. Cou-cou is like grits or polenta and is created of okra and cornmeal.

14. What is the major classification for the climate of Barbados?

From Quiz Barbados, Land of the Flying Fish

Answer: Tropical

Barbados is basically a tropical climate, but the constant trade winds off the Atlantic Ocean keep temperatures mild (24-28C, or 75-83F). Humidity is between 72% and 76% all year, with most rainfall occurring between July and December.

15. Barbados does have one of the most common currency names, I'll give you a clue, but what is the currency?

From Quiz Blessed Barbados

Answer: Barbados Dollar

The Barbados Dollar (BBD) has been the money of Barbados since 1935. The insignia manipulated for the dollar is identical to the US Dollar ($). BDs$ is utilized to differentiate the BBD from other dollar currencies. The Barbados Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

16. It is thought by some that the Portuguese explorers named the island because of a local tree with long hanging roots. What tree is a possible source of Barbados's name?

From Quiz Barbados, Land of the Flying Fish

Answer: Bearded fig-tree

The original Arawak name for Barbados was Ichirouganaim. This was changed by Portuguese settlers to Barbados, meaning 'bearded', but the reason for the choice of name is not clear. One story is that it was based on the hanging roots of the native bearded fig-tree (Ficus citrifolia). It may also have been due to the bearded Caribs living on the island, or to the visual appearance on a map of ocean spray foaming up over the surrounding coral reefs.

17. Barbados' terrain, is interesting, so what is the highest point?

From Quiz Blessed Barbados

Answer: Mt Hillaby

The mountain is Mount Hillaby, situated in the dazzling parish of St Andrew,. It is a lofty region, crowned the tallest verge in Barbados and surpassing 339m (1,115 ft) above sea level. Talk about outstanding!

18. Until 2020, there was a statue of which person in National Heroes Square (previously called Trafalgar Square) in Bridgetown, Barbados?

From Quiz Caribbean: All about Barbados

Answer: Horatio Nelson

From 1813-2020, a bronze statue of Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, stood in what is now National Heroes Square. In 1805, Nelson and his British fleet ended up in Barbados after chasing the French and Spanish fleet across the sea, shortly before the Battle of Trafalgar. The statue was established by British sculptor, Sir Richard Westmacott, in 1813. The statue became an icon and was even featured in Barbadian postage stamps dating from 1906 and 1964. The statue was relocated to the Barbados Museum in 2020.

19. Barbados is very small, considering the options of question 3, but what was its largest extent?

From Quiz Blessed Barbados

Answer: Present-day Barbados

Present-day Barbados is the largest extent, even though very minuscule. The other 'countries' are made up; Antellian Federation is a "Rise of Nations" country, and the other two I just made up.

20. Due to its location to the east of the main hurricane zone, Barbados has been relatively free of hurricane damage in its history. What was the last hurricane to cause significant damage to Barbados during the 20th century?

From Quiz Barbados, Land of the Flying Fish

Answer: Hurricane Janet in 1955

Most tropical storms form to the west of Barbados, but in 1955 a weak tropical wave moved across the Atlantic in mid-September and was designated a tropical storm on September 21 when it was east of the Lesser Antilles. It developed on the 22nd into a Category 3 hurricane just as it hit Barbados, passing through the Grenadines on the following day. (Hurricane Carol hit New England, and tore down my family's garage, an event which I was too young to notice).

21. Barbados has a blessed name, (you can find me saying it in the shower a billion times), but what was the country named after?

From Quiz Blessed Barbados

Answer: Fig trees

The term 'Barbados' comes from a Portuguese adventurer Pedro Campos who in 1536, dubbed the isle Os Barbados ('The Bearded Ones') established on the impression of the island's fig trees, which have long-hanging aerial roots.

22. The Andromeda Botanic Gardens is 8-acre (3.2 ha) botanical garden located where in Barbados?

From Quiz Caribbean: All about Barbados

Answer: Bathsheba

Located on the eastern coast of Barbados, Bathsheba is the primary fishing village in the parish of Saint Joseph. Also located in the Saint Joseph near the town of Bloomsbury is the Flower Forest Botanical Gardens, the 50-acre (200,000 square m) site which was once a sugar plantation. Abundant with tropical flowers, it is the largest garden in Barbados. The Andromeda Botanical Gardens were established in the 1950's by Iris Bannochie (1914-1988) who was a self-taught botanist, scientist and horticulturalist. The garden possesses over 500 species of flowers and plants, is composed of around 20 connected gardens and is home to many types of butterfly, including the monarch butterfly.

23. Visiting the island of Barbados in July is a wonderful experience as you get to see the harvest festival which attracts visitors from all over the world. Which festival is this?

From Quiz Barbados - The Rum Nation

Answer: Crop Over

Crop Over is a month long festival held each year between July and August to signal the end of the sugar cane harvest. The more serious folk can look at exhibitions of culture and history behind the sugar cane harvest, but for most it represents a kaleidoscope of colourful art, music, dance and party. The King of Calypso is crowned at "Pic-o-de-Crop". Watch artists and bands from the Caribbean perform at the "Cohobblopot", a large outdoor stage show. Finish the festivities with the "Grand Kadooment", a carnival parade normally held on the first Monday of August.

24. There are many amazing Barbadian songs, but what is the national anthem?

From Quiz Blessed Barbados

Answer: In Plenty and In Time of Need

"In Plenty and In Time of Need" is the federal anthem of the nation of Barbados. It was penned by Irving Burgie and the music came from C. Van Roland Edwards.

25. Sightseeing on Barbados is very draining so my final stop will be to sample the oldest brand of rum in the world. What is the name of the distillery where this can be found?

From Quiz Barbados - The Rum Nation

Answer: Mount Gay

Mount Gay rum has been made in Barbados since 1703. The modern distillery can be found in the parish of St Lucy at the north of the island, but if you want to sample some of the different varieties before you buy then check out the Mount Gay visitor centre in the parish of St Michael. You will be shown the whole process from when molasses is obtained from sugar cane, right through fermentation and distilling, until you get the chance to taste the finished product at the end. A snifter of rum with the subtle flavours of banana, vanilla, almond and warm spice on a faraway tropical island can be very addictive, so be warned. Hic!

26. The coat of arms of Barbados includes two animals supporting a shield. What are these two animals?

From Quiz Barbados, Land of the Flying Fish

Answer: Fish and pelican

Technically, the fish is identified as a dolphin fish, but it is drawn to look like a flying fish, with elongated pectoral fins. The fish symbolizes the fishing industry, important for an island nation like Barbados, while the pelican memorializes Pelican Island, which once existed off the coast of Bridgetown. Above the shield is a helmet from which projects a forearm with two crossed sugar-cane stalks in its fist, an acknowledgment of the historical role played by sugar cane in the island's development. The motto "Pride and Industry" appears on a banner under the shield. All other animals mentioned are found on Barbados, but not on their coat of arms.

27. The Atlantis Submarines experience is a popular tourist attraction in Barbados. Where on the island can this be located?

From Quiz Caribbean: All about Barbados

Answer: Bridgetown

The Atlantis Submarines experience takes those on board as deep as 150 feet (45 m) where shipwrecks and coral reefs are visible. The undersea tour is family friendly, lasts around 40 minutes and can take place in the day or the night. It is also a good way to look at tropical fish in an area which was once only reserved for scuba divers.

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