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5 Liechtenstein quizzes and 50 Liechtenstein trivia questions.
  Liechtenstein, the Principality that Got Away   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The sixth smallest country in the world packs a lot of personality in it. What do you know of one of the world's lesser-known principalities?
Average, 10 Qns, LeoDaVinci, Dec 09 22
LeoDaVinci editor
Dec 09 22
1503 plays
  Let's Visit Liechtenstein!   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
After 'visiting' Liechtenstein as part of a Gold Member challenge, I became fascinated with the country. The following ten questions arise from my general reading about the tiny European country. Have fun!
Average, 10 Qns, amank2, Mar 08 10
3982 plays
  Let's Travel to Liechtenstein    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here's ten questions about the micro-state of Liechtenstein.
Average, 10 Qns, bernie73, May 14 21
bernie73 gold member
May 14 21
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  Little ol'Liechtenstein    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How much do you know about this tiny nation of Liechtenstein? Take the quiz and find out.
Average, 10 Qns, Joepetz, Jan 22 17
Joepetz gold member
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  Luscious Liechtenstein    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Liechtenstein's national population is no bigger than that of some towns. Take this quiz and revive the neurons for you to succeed, Viel Glück!
Average, 10 Qns, jamics5147, Oct 07 18
Oct 07 18
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trivia question Quick Question
What major manufacturing company was founded in Schaan, Liechtenstein's largest city, and is the nation's largest employer?

From Quiz "Little ol'Liechtenstein"

Liechtenstein Trivia Questions

1. The tiny country is not only landlocked, it's doubly-landlocked. What is the nearest body of water to Liechtenstein?

From Quiz
Liechtenstein, the Principality that Got Away

Answer: Adriatic Sea

Doubly-landlocked, meaning, you would have to pass over two other countries to reach an open body of water, Liechtenstein shares that distinction with only one other country in the world - Uzbekistan. Surrounded by two landlocked countries, Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein's main body of water is the Rhine River. Only slightly closer to Venice than it is to Genoa, Liechtenstein is closer to the Adriatic Sea than it is to the Ligurian Sea. Farther still from the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay, Liechtenstein is dependent on other countries for its shipping.

2. Liechtenstein is surrounded by more than one country. Which country does NOT border Liechtenstein?

From Quiz Let's Travel to Liechtenstein

Answer: Germany

Switzerland borders Liechtenstein to the west and Austria borders it to the east. Germany is separated from Liechtenstein by those two countries. Austria's border with Liechtenstein is shorter than Switzerland's. Liechtenstein is known as a doubly landlocked country. It is bordered by countries (Switzerland and Austria) that are themselves landlocked. The only other country in the world that is doubly landlocked is Uzbekistan.

3. Liechtenstein is nestled in Central Europe between Austria and Switzerland. Which of its two neighbors does Liechtenstein have the longer border with?

From Quiz Little ol'Liechtenstein

Answer: Switzerland

Switzerland and Liechtenstein share a 41 km (roughly 25 and half mile) border, which is slightly longer than the Austria-Liechtenstein border, which is about 35 km (or 21.7 miles). Liechtenstein is one of two double landlocked countries on earth. The other is Uzbekistan. To be doubly landlocked means that all of the countries that border a nation are also landlocked.

4. Liechtenstein was formed in 1719, when the two small territories of Vaduz and Schellenberg were joined. Who is the person who helped bring them together?

From Quiz Luscious Liechtenstein

Answer: Prince Anton Florian

The two small territories of Vaduz and Schellenberg were once a part of the Holy Roman Empire. Anton Florian was the first Prince of Liechtenstein.

5. In which mountain range is Liechtenstein located?

From Quiz Let's Visit Liechtenstein!

Answer: The Alps

Liechtenstein is the only country to be completely located within the Alps. The total area of Liechtenstein is 120 square kilometres.

6. Interestingly, Liechtenstein came into existence as its own region in 1699 due to what event?

From Quiz Liechtenstein, the Principality that Got Away

Answer: Sale

The princes of Liechtenstein wanted a seat and a say at the Imperial Council of Princes of the Holy Roman Empire, and the territory of Schellenberg was up for sale. In 1699, the land was sold and occupied by the princes, who gave their name to the land. As the land was very small, the neighbouring region of Vaduz was bought thirteen years later to quadruple the land area. In 1719, the two regions were officially unified and the principality of Liechtenstein came into existence. According to Walter S.G. Kohn, "the way Liechtenstein came into existence is unique. [...] There were no historic necessities which pressed for the unification of a state and the wishes of the population did not enter into the picture at all."

7. Liechtenstein is known as a micro-nation. Which world city is it closest to in physical size?

From Quiz Let's Travel to Liechtenstein

Answer: Washington, DC

Liechtenstein covers about 62 square miles. It is about 15 miles from north to south and less from east to west. Washington, DC covers about 68 square miles. Greater London covers about 607 square miles. Moscow covers about 970 square miles. Tokyo, Japan covers about 845 square miles.

8. Liechtenstein's highest point, Grauspitz, is located in which range of the Alps?

From Quiz Little ol'Liechtenstein

Answer: Ratikon

The Ratikon range of the Alps is in the central part of the Alps. It covers Liechtenstein nearly entirely and also parts of Eastern Switzerland and Western Austria. Its highest peak is Schesaplana on the Swiss-Austrian border. Grauspitz stands just under 2600 meters (or just over 8,500 feet). Its name literally means "gray mountain" in German.

9. What is the name of the castle where the Prince of Liechtenstein officially lives?

From Quiz Luscious Liechtenstein

Answer: Vaduz Castle

The Vaduz Castle sits atop a steep hillside, high above the country's capital. This castle is considered a private home for the royal family and is not accessible to the public.

10. What is unusual about the fact that Liechtenstein's official language is German?

From Quiz Let's Visit Liechtenstein!

Answer: The country doesn't border Germany

Liechtenstein is the only German-speaking country not to border Germany. It is also the smallest of all the German speaking countries.

11. Much of Liechtenstein is mountainous. In which mountain range does the country lie?

From Quiz Let's Travel to Liechtenstein

Answer: Alps

Specifically, Liechtenstein lies in the Eastern Alps, which also cover parts of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia. The Grauspitz, a mountain on the border of Liechtenstein and Switzerland, has the highest elevation in the country at 8,527 feet. The lowest elevation in Liechtenstein is still over 1,400 feet above sea level. The Pyrenees are on the border of France and Spain. The Apennines lie in Italy and the Carpathians lie in Eastern Europe.

12. In which castle does the Prince of Liechtenstein reside?

From Quiz Little ol'Liechtenstein

Answer: Vaduz Castle

Vaduz Castle is located in the capital city of Vaduz. It has been the home of the Princes of Liechtenstein since 1712, though part of it was built in the 12th century. On public holidays, every citizen is invited to celebrate in the festivities at the castle. The city of Vaduz, though the capital, only had a population of 5,400 people in 2015 and was not the most populous city in Liechtenstein. There are only five castles in Liechtenstein and three are in ruins. Only Vaduz Castle and Gutenberg Castle in Balzers are not. The Gutenberg Castle is a museum and not a royal residence.

13. What is the highest point of Liechtenstein?

From Quiz Luscious Liechtenstein

Answer: Vorder-Grauspitz

The Vorder-Grauspitz is an 8,527 ft. mountain. Grauspitz translates as "grey peak" in German.

14. Liechtenstein is bordered by which countries?

From Quiz Let's Visit Liechtenstein!

Answer: Austria and Switzerland

Liechtenstein is totally landlocked (hence, it has no maritime boundaries). Most of the country's International Affairs are conducted by Switzerland. Much of Liechtenstein was historically part of Austria.

15. Some might know that the capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz, but few know that the largest city in the country is Schaan. In 2015-16, the population of Schaan was nearly 11% larger than in Vaduz. This amounted to how many more people?

From Quiz Liechtenstein, the Principality that Got Away

Answer: about 600

The entire country of Liechtenstein had about 38 thousand people in 2017. That's fewer than many towns around where I live. Vaduz, the capital, had 5407 people living in it at the official census at the end of 2016. Neighbouring Schaan had, in 2015, just fewer than 6000 people. I wouldn't go as far as to categorize these as two sprawling metropolises; nevertheless, they do provide financial and political stability for the rest of the country.

16. The border between Liechtenstein and the country to its west is formed by a river. Which river is that?

From Quiz Let's Travel to Liechtenstein

Answer: Rhine

The Rhine river begins in Switzerland and flows 764 miles to the North Sea. The Rhine also forms part of the border between France and Germany.

17. What major manufacturing company was founded in Schaan, Liechtenstein's largest city, and is the nation's largest employer?

From Quiz Little ol'Liechtenstein

Answer: Hilti

Hilti began in 1941 manufacturing tools and equipment used during World War II for Nazi Germany. After the war, Hilti refocused and began producing fasteners and home tools. Hilti operates in over 120 countries worldwide and all 50 states in the United States.

18. What is the lowest point of Liechtenstein?

From Quiz Luscious Liechtenstein

Answer: Ruggeller Riet

Ruggeller Riet is 430m high. The other three, Chirripó Grande (Costa Rica), Volcan Baru (Panama), and Cerro de Punta (Puerto Rico), are the highest points of their respective countries.

19. According to Liechtenstein's constitution, which was adopted in 2003, what is the one piece of legislation that the Prince of Liechtenstein cannot veto?

From Quiz Let's Visit Liechtenstein!

Answer: A referendum to become a republic

In 2003, a new constitution was presented. It was passed with approximately a 64% majority. The main change in this constitution was the expanding of the Sovereign Prince's powers and control over the country.

20. The Head of State for Liechtenstein is the Sovereign Prince. What is the name of the Prince's official residence?

From Quiz Let's Travel to Liechtenstein

Answer: Vaduz Castle

Vaduz Castle gave its name to the town surrounding it which is Liechtenstein's capital. With a keep first at the site in the 12th century, the castle has been expanded and modified many times since, including multiple times in the 20th century. The Princely family that rules Liechtenstein acquired the castle in the 18th century at the time Liechtenstein became a principality. Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria was one of the inspirations for Cinderella's castle in Disney World. Linz Castle is in Austria and Tyrol Castle is in Italy.

21. Liechtenstein has an international reputation for being what?

From Quiz Little ol'Liechtenstein

Answer: Tax haven

Liechtenstein is known as being a tax haven. Its low tax rate, particularly the corporate tax rate, make the nation one of the richest in world. Liechtenstein started becoming a tax haven for wealthy international corporations in the 1970s when the nation was still struggling from the aftermath of World War II. Liechtenstein also has strict privacy laws which prevent the government from revealing their tax haven clients to foreign governments.

22. Liechtenstein has two neighboring countries. One is Switzerland, but what is the name of the other country?

From Quiz Luscious Liechtenstein

Answer: Austria

Liechtenstein is one of the smallest independent countries in the world. It has an area of 62 sq. mi, and it is landlocked.

23. Liechtenstein has been competing at the Olympic Games since 1936. In their first ten medals at the games, what discipline have they all been in? (think of where Liechtenstein is located, in terms of geography)

From Quiz Liechtenstein, the Principality that Got Away

Answer: Alpine skiing

Hanni Wenzel won Liechtenstein's first ever Olympic medal at the 1976 Winter Games at Innsbruck (of course, she did not have that far to go to compete...). She was a champion Alpine skier and won two golds and a silver in the 1980 Winter Games at Lake Placid. Her brother, Andreas, also won a silver medal at that time, and another bronze medal in the 1984 Sarajevo Games. To keep the family tradition alive, her daughter, Tina Weirather, won a bronze medal in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games, narrowly missing a second podium finish by 0.16 seconds. Seven medals, one family, impressive. Liechtenstein, sitting in the Eastern Alps, has won its first ten Olympic medals in Alpine skiing. Per capita, this made Liechtenstein the most successful nation in Olympic history.

24. Marco Buchel is one of Liechtenstein's most famous athletes. Which sport did he compete in?

From Quiz Little ol'Liechtenstein

Answer: Alpine Skiing

Because of its mountainous terrain, Liechtenstein's most popular sport is Alpine skiing. Marco Buchel was one of the most famous skiers and athletes in the nation. He competed in six Winter Olympics before retiring in 2010. Alpine skiing is the only sport in which Liechtenstein has won medals in any Olympics. It is also the only nation to win only medals in the Winter Olympics but not the Summer Games.

25. When do Liechtensteiners celebrate their Assumption Day?

From Quiz Luscious Liechtenstein

Answer: August 15

According to the Principality of Liechtenstein Website, residents commemorate the National Day with formal ceremonies, celebrations, bonfires, and pyrotechnics. August 15 is a national holiday in Liechtenstein.

26. Where is Castle Liechtenstein located?

From Quiz Let's Visit Liechtenstein!

Answer: Austria

Castle Liechtenstein was built in the early 1100s. It was destroyed by the Ottomans in 1529, and again in 1683. It wasn't rebuilt properly until 1884. The castle is property of the Liechtenstein Royal Family, and has been since 1807.

27. It is well-known that the chief export of Liechtenstein is false teeth. However, with more employees than citizens, Hilti is this landlocked country's largest employer. What do they make, ironically sounding?

From Quiz Liechtenstein, the Principality that Got Away

Answer: Anchors

Ok, ok, before you go and yell at me (again), when I say that Hilti makes anchors, I mean that the company manufactures construction anchors, as in, things that screw into a concrete slab, perhaps, and allow you to attach stuff to it, securely. Hilti is a construction company and they also make drills and drill bits, power tools, and saws, to name a few products. They are very successful, and have offices outside of Liechtenstein as well. The company is based in Schaan and, according to their website, employed more than 27,000 people in 2018. That's nearly as many people as the entire country it is based in, though, to be fair, most of them work outside of Liechtenstein. In 2018, Liechtenstein also exported the aforementioned dentures, stamps, chemicals and vehicular parts. This is fascinating, as there are very few local resources to use in manufacturing. They imported many raw materials and food for the citizens to eat, but made enough money off of their exports to not have any national debt. Consequently, countries like Austria, Germany and the United States are in debt to this tiny principality.

28. Perhaps because Liechtenstein is so small it does not have provinces, or states, or counties. It does however have communes, which may be of prime importance. Into how many communes is Liechtenstein divided?

From Quiz Let's Travel to Liechtenstein

Answer: eleven (11)

Did you choose eleven because it was the only prime number? Five of Liechtenstein's communes are part of what is considered the Electoral District of "Unterland" (Lower Country) and the other six are part of "Oberland" (Upper Country). The Landtag, Liechtenstein's legislature, is unicameral and has 25 members. Ten are elected at-large from Unterland and fifteen are elected at-large from Oberland.

29. Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan are the only countries in the world that share what geographic feature?

From Quiz Luscious Liechtenstein

Answer: doubly landlocked

Doubly landlocked countries are those that are surrounded by other landlocked countries. Uzbekistan is bordered by Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

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