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3 Palau quizzes and 30 Palau trivia questions.
  The Shaking of Palau 123   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
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In the 1980s, the Pacific nation of Palau was shaken by not one or two but by three high-profile, violent deaths. This quiz looks at the geography of these islands against the backdrop of that turbulent time.
Average, 10 Qns, glendathecat, Sep 08 10
4587 plays
  Palau - Pristine Pacific Paradise   popular trivia quiz  
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The Republic of Palau is a pristine western Pacific island nation that is strategically located near the landmasses of Asia and Australasia. Noted for its exquisite fauna and warm, inviting water, Palau is a paradise for divers and travelers alike.
Easier, 10 Qns, Matthew_07, Oct 08 20
Matthew_07 gold member
Oct 08 20
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  Let's Go! Palau    
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 10 Qns
This appears to be the only quiz about Palau on this site, but anyway. Should be different. This is the twelfth quiz in my Let's Go! series, so... play. Enjoy.
Tough, 10 Qns, Flynn_17, Jul 23 19
Jul 23 19
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Palau Trivia Questions

1. Palau is the westernmost archipelago in the Caroline Islands, but in 1978, this country decided to break away from the Caroline Islands and in 1994, it became an independent state. Why?

From Quiz
Let's Go! Palau

Answer: The Caroline Islands became part of the Federated States of Micronesia

Palau was part of the Caroline Islands, which was under U.S administration until 1978, when the islands, excluding Palau, joined the Federated States of Micronesia.

2. The spelling of the island nation Palau is often confused with the Malay word "pulau", which means island. Etymologically speaking, the word "Palau" is of Palauan origin, "beluu". What does the word mean in the Palauan language?

From Quiz Palau - Pristine Pacific Paradise

Answer: Village

Malaysia is one of Palau's nearest neighboring countries. The spellings of the name of the nation, "Palau", and the Malay word, "pulau" (which means island), only differ in the second letter. Confusion arises due to these similar spellings, and the fact that Palau is an island nation itself. In addition to Palau, the Palauan language (Belau) is widely spoken in Guam and the Northern Marian Islands.

3. The highest land point in the Palau islands is 242m tall, which is very high for a series of coral islands. It is located on the island of Babelthuap, and is near to the capital of Koror. What is the name of this mountain/hill?

From Quiz Let's Go! Palau

Answer: Mount Ngerchelchuus

The other three options are names of islands in the Palau archipelago, Merir, Chelchaleb, and Beliliou.

4. The official name for Palau (in English) is 'Republic of Palau'. Palau, however, has an official name in the local language of Palauan as well. What is the official name for Palau in Palauan?

From Quiz Let's Go! Palau

Answer: Beluu er a Belau

The former name for Palau is 'Palau District,Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands'. The local short form for the country of Palau, in Palauan, is Belau.

5. One of the major attractions in Palau is the famous 'Jellyfish Lake'. What is special about the jellyfish that live in this lake?

From Quiz Let's Go! Palau

Answer: Their sting does not harm humans

The jellyfish, that live in the aptly named Jellyfish Lake, have lost their sting as they no longer need to use it to survive. They feed on the algae that lives on the surface of the lake. These jellyfish have also adapted to live in a freshwater environment, as this lake, which is in the Mecherchar Island group, is fed only by rain water.

6. The flag of Palau features a light blue background with a bright yellow disc, shifted slightly to the hoist-side. What does this yellow disc represent?

From Quiz Let's Go! Palau

Answer: The moon

Although Palau used to be a part of the Caroline islands, which then became part of Micronesia, the majority of Palau is actually closer to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea than it is to The Federated States of Micronesia.

7. The Palau National Congress sits at the Capitol of Palau, which is an iconic building that is located in Ngerulmud. The design of the capitol complex, with a prominent dome, bears a close resemblance to the capitol building of which country?

From Quiz Palau - Pristine Pacific Paradise

Answer: USA

Designed by Joseph Farrell, the Capitol of Palau, also known as the Olbiil Era Kelulau Capitol Building, is a replica of the United States Capitol, located on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.. The construction of the Capitol of Palau started in 1999, and the work completed in 2006.

8. Koror was the capital of Palau when it gained independence on 1st October 1994. Twelve years later, on 7th October 2006, ______ became the capital of Palau.

From Quiz Let's Go! Palau

Answer: Ngerulmud

Koror had been long accepted as the capital of Palau as it is the major port. As it was the provisional capital, it was also home to the majority of the 19,500 person population of Palau. Melekeok is a state of Palau and is considered by many groups (including The UN, The EU and The US) to be the capital of Palau. The seat of government is in Ngerulmud, a settlement within Melekeok state.

9. The two official languages of Palau are Palauan and English. Which East Asian language is also recognized as an official language in the state of Angaur, which was a major battle site during World War II?

From Quiz Palau - Pristine Pacific Paradise

Answer: Japanese

In addition to Palauan and English, two other local languages, Sonsorolese and Tobian, are also recognized as official languages in the states of Sonsorol and Tobi, respectively. The island of Angaur is also noted for its phosphate mining industry in the early 20th century.

10. Most people around the world will probably be unaware of Palau's troubled past, but may recognise the country from a TV show that was filmed on the islands in 2004. Which program was this, that featured teams named Koror and Ulong?

From Quiz The Shaking of Palau 123

Answer: Survivor

Koror is Palau's largest island on which lives the majority of the country's population. Ulong Island is part of the mostly uninhabited Rock Islands which lie to the south of Koror. Much of the stone money traditionally used on nearby Yap was quarried on these islands and remnants can still be found, making Palau the only country in the world where money is, literally, left lying on the ground.

11. In 1994, the same year that it gained independence, Palau was accepted into the United Nations. This made Palau the member of the U.N. What is the missing number?

From Quiz Let's Go! Palau

Answer: 185

The history of Palau is quite extensive for such a small country. In 1898, the islands were 'discovered' by the Spanish, who named them 'Los Palos'. A year later, they were sold to Germany, and in World War II, the island of Beliliou (Peliliu) became a battleground. Wrecked planes and bunkers can still be seen on the beaches there. In 1946, Palau became one of the trust territories of the Pacific islands under the governance of the U.S.A, and then, 50 years later, it finally broke free and became an independent country.

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