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2 Louisiana History quizzes and 20 Louisiana History trivia questions.
  "Pass a Good Time" in Louisiana   great trivia quiz  
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All U.S. states have unique histories, but Louisiana even more so! Test your history skills with this quiz on the state whose motto is "Union, Justice and Confidence."
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Mar 24 21
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  Louisiana Fun Facts   great trivia quiz  
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How much do you really know about the Pelican state?
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Louisiana History Trivia Questions

1. Louisiana is home to the Watson Brake, the earliest of its kind in North America. What is this human-made phenomenon, which is older than Stonehenge?

From Quiz
"Pass a Good Time" in Louisiana

Answer: Human mound complex

The Watson Brake is an archeological site of a large human-made complex of mounds. Scholars aren't certain what the mounds were used for, but hypotheses include burials, rituals, structural support, housing, defense, and public houses.

2. How many counties does Louisiana have?

From Quiz Louisiana Fun Facts

Answer: 0

Louisiana is the only state in the Union (apart from Alaska) that does not have counties. Its political subdivisions are called parishes.

3. In 1682, the explorer René-Robert Cavelier planted a wooden cross in the ground and claimed the territory in name of a certain monarch, one referred to as the Louis le Grand. Who was this ruler?

From Quiz "Pass a Good Time" in Louisiana

Answer: Louis XIV of France

Normandy-born Cavelier may not have been the first European to see the Mississippi, but he was the first to claim the entire 2,300-mile Mississippi River for Louis XIV. Louis XIV had a long reign (1643-1715), during which France colonized areas in Africa, the Americans, and Asia. The current state of Louisiana is just a small piece of what was considered the French colony.

4. Who was Louisiana named after?

From Quiz Louisiana Fun Facts

Answer: Louis XIV

In 1682 the French explorer Sieur de La Salle, the first to descend the Mississippi to its mouth, took possession "of the country known as Louisiana," and named it for the reigning monarch of France, Louis XIV (reigned 1643-1715).

5. The Seven Years' War resulted in a change in Louisiana. What was that?

From Quiz "Pass a Good Time" in Louisiana

Answer: Louisiana went from French colony to Spanish colony

The Seven Years' War, also called the French and Indian War, was a battle between France and England that affected their respective global territories. At the end of the war, France ceded what they had held east of the Mississippi to England and what was west of the river to Spain. People with French and Spanish roots and their descendants eventually came to be known as Creoles.

6. What was the first permanent settlement in Louisiana?

From Quiz Louisiana Fun Facts

Answer: Fort St. Jean Baptiste

In 1714 Louis Juchereau de St. Denis founded Fort St. Jean Baptiste, present-day Natchitoches, the first permanent settlement in Louisiana.

7. Another result of the Seven Years' War was Acadia's move from French to British rule. Many French Acadians made their way to Louisiana to resettle. Where was Acadia located according to a present-day map?

From Quiz "Pass a Good Time" in Louisiana

Answer: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island

The French Acadians, who were largely Catholic, were expelled from Acadia when Protestant Britain took over the area of what is present-day Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, all provinces in the most eastern part of Canada. Louisiana welcomed the newcomers, as the government wanted to expand the territory. These French Acadians are the predecessors of the people known as Cajun.

8. How many states were carved out of the Louisiana Purchase?

From Quiz Louisiana Fun Facts

Answer: 13

Thirteen states were carved out of the Louisiana Purchase territory. Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado. The original area also included parts of Texas and New Mexico and even extended some way into Canada.

9. When was New Orleans founded?

From Quiz Louisiana Fun Facts

Answer: 1718

In 1718 New Orleans was founded and named for Philippe duc d'Orleans.

10. What happened in 1812 that definitely demarcated Louisiana?

From Quiz "Pass a Good Time" in Louisiana

Answer: Louisiana became the 18th state to join the union

In 1812, during the War of 1812, Louisiana joined the United States. This strengthened the U.S., as Louisiana included the Mississippi river system, an advantage for trade, defense, and mobilization. The state's subtropical climate and fertile soil made it agriculturally and financially productive.

11. What is Louisiana's state bird?

From Quiz Louisiana Fun Facts

Answer: Brown pelican

The brown pelican became Louisiana's official bird on July 27, 1966.

12. How much did the Louisiana Purchase cost the US?

From Quiz Louisiana Fun Facts

Answer: $15 million

In 1803 the United States paid France $15 million for the Louisiana Territory - 828,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River. The lands acquired stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border. Even by the standards of the time it was very good value for the U.S.

13. Who was governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932? He was a populist leader known for taking on Big Oil and also consolidating gubernatorial power. There's a bridge in Jefferson Parish named after him.

From Quiz "Pass a Good Time" in Louisiana

Answer: Huey Long

Huey Long was born in the small town of Winnfield in 1893. He was a lawyer before running for governor. During his administration, he saw the expansion of bridges and transportation in the state and the establishment of Louisiana State University. He later became a senator, though his term was cut short when he was assassinated by the son-in-law of a political rival.

14. What is the Louisiana state tree?

From Quiz Louisiana Fun Facts

Answer: Bald cypress

The Bald cypress was made the state tree in 1963.

15. Louisiana has a legal system unlike any other state in the country. The other states draw upon common law, but Louisiana turns to a different system. What is the name of this system, which harkens back to the area's years as a European colony?

From Quiz "Pass a Good Time" in Louisiana

Answer: Napoleonic Code

Louisiana courts turn not to common law but to Napoleonic Code for jurisprudence. The effective difference is that other states rely on previous legal findings, while judges in Louisiana are expected to interpret the written civil code.

16. At the highest point in Louisiana how far above sea level is one?

From Quiz Louisiana Fun Facts

Answer: 535 feet

The highest point in Louisiana is Driskill Mountain at 535 feet above sea level.

17. In 2005, Katrina came to town and made lasting change to Louisiana, especially the coastal regions. Who or what was Katrina?

From Quiz "Pass a Good Time" in Louisiana

Answer: A category-five hurricane

Katrina hit the shores of southern Louisiana. New Orleans was particularly damaged, as its levee system was overwhelmed and 80% of the city was flooded. With so many homes and businesses wiped out, thousands of residents moved to neighboring states, some never to return.

18. At the lowest point in Louisiana how far below sea level is one?

From Quiz Louisiana Fun Facts

Answer: 8 feet

The lowest point in Louisiana is 8 feet "below" sea level in New Orleans. This is one of the lowest points in the country.

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