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Fun Trivia
Brandon Sanderson's epic fantasy series 'Mistborn' led to him being invited to participate in the completion of Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series when that author died in the middle of writing what was planned as the last book in that series.
10 Brandon Sanderson quizzes and 110 Brandon Sanderson trivia questions.
  "Mistborn: The Final Empire"   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
"The Final Empire" is the first book of three in the "Mistborn" series by Brandon Sanderson. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the bad guy won? Add a thousand years, and that's where this story begins.
Easier, 20 Qns, reedy, May 26 19
reedy gold member
May 26 19
745 plays
  The Magic of "The Stormlight Archive"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"The Stormlight Archive" is set on the world of Roshar in Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere (interconnected worlds and stories). What do you know of how the magic works in this fantasy series?
Average, 10 Qns, reedy, Nov 11 20
reedy gold member
Nov 11 20
448 plays
  The Magic of "Warbreaker"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Brandon Sanderson's "Warbreaker" was published in 2009 and tells the tale of a princess of Idris promised by treaty to marry the God King of Hallandren - to prevent a war. What do you remember of Brandon's magic system, that deals with color and Breath?
Average, 10 Qns, reedy, Feb 16 17
reedy gold member
1620 plays
  The Magic of "Mistborn"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn" series takes place on the world of Scadrial and has a magic system based on metals. What do you know of Allomancy, Feruchemy and Hemalurgy (as revealed in the first trilogy)?
Tough, 10 Qns, reedy, Feb 25 16
reedy gold member
296 plays
  Characters From "The Way of Kings"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz to determine if you know who's who in the first book of Brandon Sanderson's "Stormlight Archive".
Average, 10 Qns, Stormblessed, Apr 28 17
328 plays
  The Orders of the Knights Radiant    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
"Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination." Can you match the "Stormlight Archive" Order of Knights Radiant with its Ideal and its two Surgebinding abilities?
Average, 10 Qns, reedy, Jun 13 20
reedy gold member
Jun 13 20
377 plays
  The Magic of "Elantris"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Elantris" is the first published novel by Brandon Sanderson. How much do you remember about the magic in this story?
Average, 10 Qns, reedy, Nov 27 20
reedy gold member
Nov 27 20
277 plays
  Allomantic Metals Give Me Power!   great trivia quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Match each Allomantic metal to the abilities it provides. All the metals mentioned are from the 1st book, "Mistborn: The Final Empire" by Brandon Sanderson. Warning: Contains spoilers in the interesting information.
Average, 10 Qns, mask100, Jan 06 17
151 plays
  Mistborn: The Final Empire    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a multiple-choice quiz based on the first of the "Mistborn Trilogy" novels by Brandon Sanderson.
Average, 10 Qns, Silver_Knight, Mar 31 21
Mar 31 21
348 plays
  "Mistborn" Series    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The "Mistborn" series of books by Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorites and I see that there is only one quiz about it so far. Such a shame. WARNING: The questions cover the first trilogy.
Average, 10 Qns, Ronin_Nexus, Nov 30 20
Nov 30 20
401 plays
trivia question Quick Question
After Vin's first ball, Kelsier takes her on a night excursion to infiltrate the Lord Ruler's own palace. What is the palace called?

From Quiz ""Mistborn: The Final Empire""

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Brandon Sanderson Trivia Questions

1. Scadrial's first Metallic Art is known as Allomancy. In the first "Mistborn" novel, "The Final Empire", it is stated by Kelsier that there are how many known Allomantic metals?

From Quiz
The Magic of "Mistborn"

Answer: Ten

At the beginning of the series, there are eight base Allomantic metals known to the general populace, plus gold and atium. They are nicely balanced in a system of physical/mental, internal/external, and pushing/pulling metals. Without giving away the answer to question number two, here is a bare bones pairing: Iron with its alloy (steel) - external physical Tin with its alloy (pewter) - internal physical Zinc with its alloy (brass) - external mental Copper with its alloy (bronze) - internal mental Atium and gold are the other two known Allomantic metals at the beginning of "The Final Empire", but unlike the other eight metals, they do not make a nicely matched pair. This is a clue that there may be more Allomantic metals out there to be discovered.

2. The prelude begins from the viewpoint of one of the ten Heralds directly after the last Desolation. This event takes place 4,500 years before the events of the book. What is this Herald's name?

From Quiz Characters From "The Way of Kings"

Answer: Kalak

Founder of the order of Knights Radiant known as Willshapers, Kalak was the last Herald to give up his Honorblade after the events of the Last Desolation. If a Herald dies during a Desolation they automatically return to the realm of Odium where they undergo constant physical and mental torture until the next Desolation. If they survive, they are under obligation to return voluntarily. Only one Herald perished during the Last Desolation, and the other 9 decided to break the Oathpact. Kalak's only regret is leaving his friend Talenel'Elin to endure the tortures of 10 men.

3. In the first chapter of the book (after the prologue), readers are introduced to the ruling family of the country of Idris. What strange ability do they have?

From Quiz The Magic of "Warbreaker"

Answer: They can change the color of their hair at will.

The ability to change their hair color marks them as members of the royal family - no one else in Idris is capable of such a feat. It requires concentration not only to change the color of their hair, but also to hold it as only one color. When we are introduced to Siri, the youngest daughter, she is a carefree adventuresome lass whose emotional state generally overrides her personal control over her hair color.

4. What opening line opens both the prologue AND chapter one of the book?

From Quiz "Mistborn: The Final Empire"

Answer: Ash fell from the sky.

Our first picture of the world that Brandon Sanderson has created is a dreary one: Skaa slaves working their lord's fields; ash ever falling from the sky, dimming the power of the sun and filling every corner of the land; mysterious mists that come every night, hiding mistwraiths. This is life under the iron fist of the Lord Ruler, who has reigned for a thousand years.

5. Where does the first scene of the first book take place?

From Quiz "Mistborn" Series

Answer: Lord Tresting's plantation.

The book starts with Lord Tresting talking to an obligator overseeing his skaa slaves.

6. What was Kelsier's crew hired by the skaa rebellion to accomplish?

From Quiz Mistborn: The Final Empire

Answer: Overthrow the Final Empire

Yeden hires Kelsier's crew to supply him with an army, and to provide a favorable opportunity to seize control of the capital city, Luthadel. The crew is incredulous because in the last one thousand years the rebellion has accomplished nothing except the slaughter of its own members at the hands of the Empire.

7. The first point of view that we see by a main character is Kelsier's. By what other name is he known?

From Quiz "Mistborn: The Final Empire"

Answer: The Survivor of Hathsin

It was commonly known that Kelsier had been sent to the Pits of Hathsin by the Lord Ruler to delve in the depths for atium, the most valuable known metal and the measure of wealth in the world. That he had survived this ordeal and escaped was something that had never been done before by anyone.

8. What is the name of the ability to burn metals in your stomach to gain special powers?

From Quiz "Mistborn" Series

Answer: Allomancy

Feruchemy is the ability to store attributes (speed, eyesight, etc.) in metals and use them later. Hemalurgy is the art of using metal spikes to steal Allomantic or Feruchemical powers from other people. BioChroma is a power that is not used in "Mistborn", but in "Warbreaker", another book by Brandon Sanderson.

9. Trap, who had been the crew's Smoker on previous jobs, was unavailable to assist with this assignment, and was replaced by Clubs. Why was Trap not available?

From Quiz Mistborn: The Final Empire

Answer: He was dead.

"Trap's dead. The Ministry finally caught up with him a couple months ago. Didn't even bother sending him to the Pits -- they beheaded him on the spot." The crew operates out of Clubs' shop, where he and his apprentice Smokers provide protection for the entire crew. A Smoker burns copper, which gives everyone within his "coppercloud" protection from the senses of a Seeker.

10. Kelsier discovers what he believes is a new Allomantic metal, one that he hopes will be the key to defeating the Lord Ruler. What is the metal, and what does it actually do?

From Quiz The Magic of "Mistborn"

Answer: Malatium - allows an Allomancer to see into another person's past

Kelsier pins his hopes and plans on using the metal in an effort to defeat the Lord Ruler. He believes that it will either reveal the Lord Ruler's weakness, or be the thing capable of defeating him. Malatium is not one of the base metals; it is an alloy of atium and gold. What Kelsier doesn't know (but is slowly revealed through the trilogy) is that there are actually 16 base Allomantic metals. The Lord Ruler, of course, knows all of them, and has only allowed his nobles to know of the physical and mental ones (plus gold and atium). The other eight base metals are in the categories of Enhancement and Temporal. Of these, only gold is known of at the beginning of the trilogy, while aluminum and duralumin are revealed later. Chromium (Leecher) wipes the Allomantic reserves of someone else (external/enhancement/pull) Nicrosil (Nicroburst) enhances the Allomantic burn of someone else (external/enhancement/push) Aluminum (Aluminum Gnat) wipes internal Allomantic reserves (within self) (internal/enhancement/pull) Duralumin (Duralumin Gnat) enhances the next Allomantic metal 'burned' (within self) (internal/enhancement/push) Cadmium (Pulser) slows down time (external/temporal/pull) Bendalloy (Slider) speeds up time (external/temporal/push) Gold (Augur) reveals your past self (internal/temporal/pull) Electrum (Oracle) reveals your own future (internal/temporal/push)

11. Most people have one Breath, but it is possible to have more. How many Breaths are needed to reach the First Heightening, and gain the ability of Aura Recognition?

From Quiz The Magic of "Warbreaker"

Answer: 50

A Breath cannot be forcibly taken from someone; it must be freely given. In Hallandren it is common for people to sell their Breaths for the essentials needed for living, or to acquire some perceived need. It is also impossible for people to give someone else only a portion of the Breaths that they have (if they have more than one) - it's all or nothing. Losing your Breath is not fatal, but those who do so are called 'drabs' - figuratively, all the color has gone out of their lives. It also affects their life sense - you know that feeling you get sometimes when someone's watching you? Drabs don't get that. At the First Heightening (50 Breaths), one receives the ability of Aura Recognition, described as granting "a person the ability to see the Breath auras of others instinctively. This allows them to judge roughly how many Breaths the person contains and the general health of that Breath."

12. Vin is introduced at the beginning of the first chapter and we see that she is part of a 'crew' of thieves. What is the name of the brutal thiefmaster, or crewleader?

From Quiz "Mistborn: The Final Empire"

Answer: Camon

Camon uses Vin for her 'luck', or her ability to affect other people for favorable decision-making. She is able to dampen or soothe emotions, making them less suspicious or less hostile, and more susceptible to what Camon wants of them. Unknown to Vin at this time is the fact that this ability is only a small part of what she is capable of.

13. What is the name of Kelsier's Allomancy teacher?

From Quiz "Mistborn" Series

Answer: Gemmel

Sazed is the Terris steward that accompanies Kelsier. Mennis is the old man Kelsier talks to in the beginning of the first book. Marsh is Kelsier's older brother.

14. Mare, the wife of Kelsier, was an Allomancer. She died after being sent to the Pits of Hathsin. What was her specialty?

From Quiz Mistborn: The Final Empire

Answer: She was a Tineye.

Mare and Kelsier were captured by the Lord Ruler himself, and sent to the Pits. He "snapped" when she died, which allowed him to use his Allomantic abilities. A Tineye burns tin, which enhances all of his senses.

15. It turns out that Atium is not a proper Allomantic metal, but is actually a 'god' metal; the body of Ruin. What is the name of the other 'god' metal (of Preservation) that can turn someone into a full Mistborn?

From Quiz The Magic of "Mistborn"

Answer: Lerasium

Without getting into too much of Brandon Sanderson's greater cosmere, take it as a given that Scadrial is under the influence of two 'gods' named Ruin and Preservation. Atium happens to be a physical distillation of Ruin, while Lerasium is a physical distillation of Preservation. It is possible for atium and lerasium to be combined with each of the sixteen base Allomantic metals to make two more sets of sixteen, but apart from malatium, none of these other potential alloys is seen in the trilogy.

16. Having sensed Vin's use of allomancy, Kelsier finds and rescues her from her situation. Who accompanies Kelsier into the thieving crew's den?

From Quiz "Mistborn: The Final Empire"

Answer: Dockson

Kelsier and Dockson enter the thieves' den and simply take over. Kelsier uses his allomancy to soothe everyone's emotions and prevent them from reacting unpredictably, and he also puts Camon out of commission by slamming him against the wall with an allomantic 'push'.

17. What was the source of Elantrian magic?

From Quiz The Magic of "Elantris"

Answer: AonDor

Elantrians drew power from AonDor, a vast source of power that can only be tapped by properly forming Aons -- the more complex or powerful the need or use of AonDor, the more complex the crafting of Aons was required. While it might have been possible to create something from nothing, the power and skill required to do so would have been enormous.

18. What is the most powerful out of all of the Allomantic metals?

From Quiz "Mistborn" Series

Answer: Atium

Atium allows you to see what someone will do a few seconds before they do it. Steel lets you push on a metal object, sending it flying away from you (if it is lighter than you), or you away from it (if it heavier than you). Aluminum depletes all of your other metals. Duralumin greatly enhances the effect of other metals burned at the same time while simultaneously depleting them. Aluminum and duralumin are paired opposites.

19. The second Metallic Art, Feruchemy, is an inherent power within the bloodlines of what people of Scadrial?

From Quiz The Magic of "Mistborn"

Answer: The Terris

Feruchemy acts in much the same way as Allomancy in that there are some few among the Terris who are full Feruchemists and can use all of the Feruchemical metalminds, while there are others who can only use one type of metalmind. The latter are called 'ferrings'. Under the Lord Ruler's reign, a breeding program was instituted to try and eliminate Feruchemy from the entire race. They still managed to hide some with the ability, and they became part of a secret sect called 'Keepers'.

20. The bodies of the dead, too, can be awakened to become (generally) soldiers in the army of Hallandren. What are these unfortunate creatures called?

From Quiz The Magic of "Warbreaker"

Answer: Lifeless

Awakening Lifeless is not limited to creating an unstoppable force of soldiers. Many people also have Lifeless as servants (for simple tasks), and even animals can be awakened. To awaken a Lifeless once used 50 Breaths, but developments by the Five Scholars made it possible to do so using only one Breath. With the cost of creating Lifeless greatly reduced, new vast armies were created, prompting the beginning of the Manywar. The Five Scholars classified Lifeless as 'Type II' Awakened.

21. How many Allomantic metals exist?

From Quiz "Mistborn" Series

Answer: 16

The sixteen metals are iron, steel, copper, bronze, tin, pewter, zinc, brass, aluminum, duralumin, atium, malatium, gold, electrum, chromium, and nicrosil. At the end of the first book, ten metals are known: eight base metals and two higher metals. During the second and third books, four more are discovered. At the end of the series, two more are revealed but not named, bringing the total to sixteen.

22. Which member of the crew trained the skaa army in the Arguois Caverns? He was later replaced by Yeden when he returned to Luthadel to infiltrate the Garrison.

From Quiz Mistborn: The Final Empire

Answer: Ham

Ham, the crew's Thug, trained the rebel army in the Arguois Caverns, where the Lord Ruler was reluctant to send his forces. General Ham was replaced by General Yeden when Kelsier decided he needed Ham in Luthadel to gather intelligence at the Garrison - he was the only one with military contacts. It also gave the army a chance to get used to being led by Yeden, which was important since the army was to be turned over to him. A Thug burns pewter, which enhances his physical abilities.

23. To emulate the powers of those ten legendary men and women, humans and certain types of spren formed a bond that granted the same skills as swords of power. What is the name of that special bond?

From Quiz The Magic of "The Stormlight Archive"

Answer: Nahel bond

As readers, we are first introduced to the power of an Honorblade in the hands of the Assassin in White, while the concept of the Nahel bond is revealed bit by bit as one of the primary characters (Kaladin Stormblessed) forms a relationship with an Honorspren named Sylphrena. We eventually learn that the speaking of 'Ideals' (an oath) by the human sets the basis for the Nahel bond with the spren, and that there are different levels of Ideal that grant further powers. The powers granted depend on the type of spren and the Ideal spoken - they then relate to the same paired Surges that the Honorblades accessed. The Nahel bond is intimate; a linking of spirits. This is why strong, spoken Ideals are associated with the forming of the bond. If the bond (and the Ideals) are abandoned, it is not good for the spren.

24. Who is the man who has hired Kelsier (and his crew) to attempt to overthrow the Lord Ruler?

From Quiz "Mistborn: The Final Empire"

Answer: Yeden

Yeden is the leader of the skaa rebellion against the Lord Ruler. Over the Lord Ruler's millennial rule, there have been many attempts at rebellion, but never to any measurable success. Skaa and noble bloodlines are forbidden to be mixed, for the reason that allomantic abilities are carried down through noble genes. Thus, not only do nobles hold the economic power, they also hold the allomantic power, making the chances of successful rebellion remote, to say the least.

25. According to legend, what must Vin do at the Well of Ascension?

From Quiz "Mistborn" Series

Answer: Release the power into the world

According to the Terris legends, the Hero of Ages (Vin) must release the power. Doing so actually releases Ruin (who changed the legend for his own purpose).

26. What was the primary method of transportation used by Kelsier to commute between the city of Luthadel and the Renoux Estate in Fellise?

From Quiz Mistborn: The Final Empire

Answer: The Spikeway

The Spikeway was composed of bronze bars planted in the ground at fixed intervals along the main road from Luthadel to Fellise. The bars allowed Coinshots to travel the distance between the cities twice as fast as a man on horseback. A Coinshot burns steel, which allows him to push off of nearby metals.

27. The human history on Roshar tells of a time when the bond between human and spren was more commonly known. With their own special Shardblades and Shardplate, by what name were these warriors known?

From Quiz The Magic of "The Stormlight Archive"

Answer: Knights Radiant

The bonded spren would itself turn into a Shardblade (or any other weapon as needed), and the Shardplate was essentially a living armor also created through the bond. Unfortunately, that same history told of the 'Day of Recreance', when the Knights Radiant chose to abandon their bonds, leaving Shardblades (killing their spren and leaving them frozen in that form) and Shardplate behind as relics of power that the commoners proceeded to fight and kill each other to own. In the 'present' time that that the books describe, the few Shardblades and Shardplate to be had are held by those in power, and are sought after and fought over, with kingdoms in the balance. Those who own Plate or Blade are called 'Shardbearers'.

28. In order to survive, a Returned must receive a Breath from one of their worshippers every how often?

From Quiz The Magic of "Warbreaker"

Answer: Every week

This fact is learned about in the novel through the perspective of Lightsong, one of the Returned, in his first appearance (Chapter 3). When Lightsong wakes up, he notes that it is his feast day, and that he will be weak until he 'eats' a Breath freely given to him by a worshipper.

29. What is unique about the Steel Inquisitors?

From Quiz "Mistborn" Series

Answer: Their creation is very messy

The koloss and kandra also have metal spikes piercing their bodies. The Lord Ruler can also use Allomancy and Feruchemy. Ruin can control anyone with metal piercing their skin. Near the end of the first book, Marsh states that the creation of Inquisitors is messy when asked about it.

30. Returned can do one thing with their one powerful breath, but they must give their own life up to do it. What?

From Quiz The Magic of "Warbreaker"

Answer: Completely heal someone else

Despite having become Returned because of some heroic act in their previous lives, Returned have no memories of their previous lives at all. As members of the pantheon, they are spoiled, doted upon by their priests and by worshippers, and they live an indolent and carefree lifestyle. Returned, consequently, very rarely use their ability to completely heal someone else. Part of Lightsong's duties (as organized by his priests) was to hear petitions from his worshippers - usually family members asking on behalf of sick loved ones for his sacrificial gift of healing.

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