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Fun Trivia
Matthew Reilly's thrillers are noted for their fast pace, twisting plots and intense action.
12 Matthew Reilly quizzes and 145 Matthew Reilly trivia questions.
  Nowhere To Hide    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
You can run but you can't hide in Matthew Reilly's 'Contest'.
Tough, 10 Qns, leith90, Jun 07 19
leith90 gold member
Jun 07 19
97 plays
  Area 7    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
"Area 7" is the sequel to "Ice Station" by Australian author Matthew Reilly. How much do you know about it?
Average, 15 Qns, CalebM, Mar 31 11
177 plays
  The Ultimate Seven Ancient Wonders Quiz   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is on the thrilling and fantastic book "Seven Ancient Wonders" by Matthew Reilly. *WARNING* contains Spoilers.
Average, 10 Qns, emmyangel26, Dec 26 07
524 plays
  "Ice Station" Fanatic    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I recently finished "Ice Station" by Matthew Reilly and I was shocked to discover that there were no quizzes already online about the book. WARNING: If you have not read the entire book from cover to cover, do not do this quiz. It contains MAJOR SPOILERS
Average, 15 Qns, invisible_man, Feb 01 09
288 plays
  Hover Car Racer    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This book by Matthew Reilly is one of the best I have ever read. It zooms along at a frantic pace and combines sport, friendship and a sinister plot. I hope you enjoy this quiz about it. WARNING: Contains spoilers!
Average, 10 Qns, Firestone3, Jun 28 05
324 plays
  Matthew Reilly - Ice Station   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
This is a quiz about Matthew Reilly's second book, "Ice Station". See how well you know this talented author and how much attention to detail you pay.
Tough, 20 Qns, carsonator, Feb 26 09
656 plays
  Scarecrow   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a book by the international best selling author, Matthew Reilly. Caution: Contains spoilers
Average, 10 Qns, J.D., Aug 16 06
513 plays
  Take this Seven Ancient Wonders Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is my fourth quiz on here, and I was very surprised when I tried to search for a quiz on the book and I couldn't find one! So here it is, I made one!
Average, 15 Qns, greg_rocks, Dec 22 06
585 plays
  "Ice Station" - Who Am I?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The characters of "Ice Station" by Matthew Reilly. I will give you information about the character and you will guess who the information belongs to. Spoilers - Do not take if you have not read the entire book.
Average, 10 Qns, CalebM, Feb 09 10
183 plays
  Gruesome Deaths    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Many of Matthew Reilly's characters meet unfortunate and rather gory ends. This quiz will test you on the deaths of characters from the "Scarecrow" and "Jack West" series as well as "Temple", "Contest" and "The Tournament".
Tough, 10 Qns, Oshawott451, Aug 08 14
162 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who is Jason's Mech Chief at Race School?

From Quiz "Jason Chaser, Hover Car Racer"

  Jason Chaser, Hover Car Racer    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Jason Chaser was the star of "Hover Car Racer" the book by Matthew Reilly, but how much do you really know about him?
Average, 10 Qns, Daragh, Mar 18 08
249 plays
  "Hell Island" - Matthew Reilly    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Hard to get book, but worth the read, just like everything else he writes. Includes the great action hero Scarecrow in another interesting mission.
Average, 10 Qns, unigal, Aug 29 14
287 plays
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Matthew Reilly Trivia Questions

1. In "Contest", what kills Bellos, the giant alien who cheated and brought the hoodaya into the Presidian?

From Quiz
Gruesome Deaths

Answer: Crushed by an elevator

Bellos was a Malonian and the most likely to win the Presidian (because he cheated and brought the hoods in), that is, until Holly and Swain crushed him underneath an elevator.

2. In the introduction we learn that a United States Senator died surrounded by mysterious circumstances. Who was the Senator?

From Quiz Area 7

Answer: Jeremiah K. Woolf

Jeremiah K. Woolf was shot dead in a forest in Alaska. What is strange about this is that at the same time Woolf was shot dead, his home in Washington exploded - at the EXACT same time.

3. In which part of Australia does Jason live?

From Quiz Jason Chaser, Hover Car Racer

Answer: Halls Creek

Halls Creek is near the middle of Australia and Jason lives there with his brother and his two adoptive parents.

4. How many days of his life was Captain Jack West missing?

From Quiz Seven Ancient Wonders

Answer: Four

Captain Jack West was missing four days of his life from when he was injured fighting in the war and woke up four days later. Little does he know what happened to him while he was unconscious.

5. What is the little girl's name?

From Quiz Seven Ancient Wonders

Answer: Lily

Lily was born as part of a prophecy, but there was only meant to be one child!

6. At the beginning of the book, who is the last man standing?

From Quiz "Hell Island" - Matthew Reilly

Answer: Razor

He was the last of over 600 US Marines.

7. What year was this book copywritten?

From Quiz Scarecrow

Answer: 2003

This book was first published in Australia by Pan Macmillan.

8. Who is the main character in "Hover Car Racer"?

From Quiz Hover Car Racer

Answer: Jason Chaser

Jason Chaser and his brother, The Bug, were brought up by their adoptive parents, Martha and Henry Chaser, in Halls Creek, WA. Jason is the pilot for his hovercar, the Argonaut, with his 12 year old brother The Bug as the navigator.

9. What is the name of the ice station where the "spaceship" is discovered?

From Quiz "Ice Station" Fanatic

Answer: Wilkes Ice Station

Little America IV is a previous research station that got washed out to sea. "Area 7" is the name of the sequel to "Ice Station", and I just made the other name up.

10. How old is Shane Schofield at the beginning of the book?

From Quiz Matthew Reilly - Ice Station

Answer: 32

The hero of the book and 2 subsequent books, Shane Schofield is described as being 32 years of age (which is young to be in command of a Recon Unit), 5ft 10, lean and muscular, with a handsome, creased face.

11. The arena where the contest takes place is called the labyrinth, and luckily for Swain the current event is held on Earth. Where in the world is this labyrinth?

From Quiz Nowhere To Hide

Answer: New York State Library

In the interests of fair play each Presidian is held in a different world. This time, on Earth the labyrinth is the NY State Library. In 'Contest'(1996) the library is one hundred years old and heritage listed, much like the real NY Public Library. Reilly's State Library has three floors (four counting the ground floor) and two sub-levels. The two sublevels house the staff-accessed bookshelves and offices and also share space with two small underground car parks. The library is surrounded by a grassy area with oak trees and a rotunda. The real NY State Library is located in the Cultural Education building, an 11 storey structure in Albany, NY.

12. In "The Tournament" what happens to Sinon, Cardinal Cardoza's servant?

From Quiz Gruesome Deaths

Answer: Drowned in two feet of water

Sinon was the murderer of Pietro's parents, under Cardoza's orders of course. He was trapped under an iron grating and drowned in a puddle of water.

13. Former USAF (United States Air Force) Lieutenant General Charles Samson Russell, call-sign Caesar, was sentenced to death via lethal injection for high treason. At what institution was Russell kept at?

From Quiz Area 7

Answer: Leavenworth

Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary is one of the most well-known prisons in the world. In "Area 7" the inmates have an unusual sense of patriotism as inmates convicted of treason, desertion and spying are often killed within days of entry into the facility.

14. What is the name of Jason's hover car?

From Quiz Jason Chaser, Hover Car Racer

Answer: Argonaut

This is a very good reference by Matthew Reilly to the ancient Greek legend of Jason and the Argonauts. At the end of the book there is a part where Jason has to retrieve a golden fleece just like his classical namesake.

15. What is the name of Captain Jack West's bird?

From Quiz Seven Ancient Wonders

Answer: Horus

Horus is Captain Jack's bird who helps the team with their mission and helps save all of their lives.

16. What country is Jack West from?

From Quiz Seven Ancient Wonders

Answer: Australia

We find out he is from Australia; he has a little pot of sand from Australia in his office.

17. In what ocean was the aircraft carrier docked?

From Quiz "Hell Island" - Matthew Reilly

Answer: Pacific

The aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz, stays docked due to a large tsunami.

18. How many names were on the bounty list, and how many were of U.S. nationality?

From Quiz Scarecrow

Answer: 15/7

1. Ashcroft, William H. UK 2. Cristie, Alec P. UK 3. Farrel, Gregory C. USA 4. Khalif, Iman AFGH 5. Kingsgate, Nigel E. UK 6. McCabe, Dean P. USA 7. Nazzar, Yousef M. LEBN 8. Nicholson, Francis X. USA 9. Oliphant, Thompson J. USA 10. Polanski, Damien G. USA 11. Rosenthal, Benjamin Y. ISR 12. Schofield, Shane M. USA 13. Weitzman, Ronson H. USA 14. Zawhiri, Hassan M. SAUDI 15. Zemir, Simon B. ISR

19. What colour did Jason paint his hovercar?

From Quiz Hover Car Racer

Answer: Blue and Silver

The Argonaut was painted blue and silver, and has the number 55 and the wings. Sally McDuff, Jason's mech chief, says "Hell, I even like the paint job".

20. Who is the first of Schofield's marines to be shot (with a gun) by the French?

From Quiz "Ice Station" Fanatic

Answer: Augustine "Samurai" Lau

Although Samurai is the first marine down, he doesn't actually die until after the battle. His body simply goes into hibernation until that time.

21. What is Oliver Todd more commonly known to his teammates as?

From Quiz Matthew Reilly - Ice Station

Answer: Hollywood

'Hollywood' Todd was helping 'Book' Riley when he was killed by 3 fragmentation grenades... poor guy

22. In the labyrinth each contestant has a guide, a being who ensures that the rules are obeyed. Who is Swain's guide, who faces the unenviable task of convincing him that leaving is not an option?

From Quiz Nowhere To Hide

Answer: Selexin

Selexin is a short alien around four feet tall and is dressed all in white. Due to the size of the people on his planet, they are too small to participate in the contest but volunteered to act as guides and witnesses for every Presidian, sending info back to the officials who act as referees. It is pitch black when Swain first meets Selexin and he has no idea where he is or what's going on. Once the light is switched on he sees Selexin and realises they are at the top of a stairwell. All Swain wants to do is get out and go home, but Selexin explains that no-one can leave until the Presidian is over. Once admitted to the labyrinth, contestants are unable to leave. The building is electrified, as much to prevent people leaving as to prevent them entering.

23. In "Six Sacred Stones" who is the first man Wolf orders to shoot Black Dragon?

From Quiz Gruesome Deaths

Answer: Black Dragon

Black Dragon was the major in charge of raiding West's farm and securing the Firestone. However, he failed, so Wolf ordered him to shoot himself for failing. Black Dragon refused to do so, and Wolf ordered Rapier to carry out the order.

24. The President is visiting a remote facility known only as 'Area 7'. In which state is Area 7 located?

From Quiz Area 7

Answer: Utah

Area 7 is in Utah, not far from Lake Powell, a complex labyrinth of rivers in the Earth, dwarfed only by the Grand Canyon. It is here that the American government carries out research into deadly biological weapons.

25. What is the name of Jason's younger brother?

From Quiz Jason Chaser, Hover Car Racer

Answer: Bug

The Bug, as everyone calls him, will only talk to his mother and to Jason and even then only in whispers. He is also a mathematical genius and at twelve years old is the youngest kid at the Race School.

26. How did Captain Jack West save Lilly?

From Quiz Seven Ancient Wonders

Answer: He discovered a second baby in her mother's stomach after she had passed away

Captain Jack West discovered that her mother was still pregnant with a child just after she passed away, then he risked his life to save her and ended up losing his arm in the process.

27. What rank is Jack West?

From Quiz Seven Ancient Wonders

Answer: Captain

He is a Captain. He is ex-SAS and has a bionic arm.

28. Hell Island is also known as what?

From Quiz "Hell Island" - Matthew Reilly

Answer: Grant Island

It is 1000 kms south of the Bering Strait and 500 kms from its nearest island neighbours, and is on no maps.

29. The soviet installation that Shane Schofield was heading to at the beginning of the book was Krask-__.

From Quiz Scarecrow

Answer: 8

The counter-terrorist unit from Delta Detachment, led by Greg Farrell and Dean McCabe, was the first team sent in. Schofield's team was sent in as reinforcements.

30. Who won the first 3 races at the Race School?

From Quiz Hover Car Racer

Answer: Xavier Xonora & Xonora

Xonora, or Prince Xavier, won the first three races of the year driving his black Lockheed-Martin, emblazoned with a white number 1 on the side. Xavier easily wins the whole competition for the year and goes with Jason to race in the Italian Run.

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