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2 Fatal Attraction quizzes and 30 Fatal Attraction trivia questions.
  "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my simple quiz on a classic movie. If you're a thrill-seeker, then I'm sure you liked "Fatal Attraction" as much as I did.
Average, 15 Qns, Lori D, Apr 11 06
Lori D
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  Fatally Attracted   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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"Fatal Attraction" is a chilling tale of how a one-night stand can turn into a long-standing nightmare. This is the movie that made many men think twice about cheating!
Average, 15 Qns, vixnn, Apr 11 06
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trivia question Quick Question
What is the name of the babysitter at the beginning of the movie?

From Quiz "Fatally Attracted"

Fatal Attraction Trivia Questions

1. What is the name of the babysitter at the beginning of the movie?

From Quiz
Fatally Attracted

Answer: Christine

Interestingly enough, the babysitter was played by Jane Krakowski, who starred in Ally McBeal. We only see her briefly though, when she comes to babysit Ellen.

2. Where do Alex Forrest and Dan Gallagher first meet?

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: A book release party

They first meet at a book release party. The second time they are introduced is at a business meeting, and they dine together at the local restaurant after the meeting.

3. Dan meets Alex for the first time at a launching party for what?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: An exercise manual

The exercise manual is based on "ancient Samurai discipline". We first see Alex when Jimmy, Dan's friend, notices her and says, "Hi there." Alex says nothing, gives him a heated look, and walks away. At the bar, where she and Dan first meet, Dan says to her, "I was glad I wasn't on the receiving end of that one."

4. What did Alex tell Dan that her dad died of?

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: Heart attack

Dan pretended to pass out while they were playing in the park. Alex didn't think that was funny and explained that her dad had died of a heart attack. After Dan apologized, she admitted with a smirk that her dad was actually alive and well.

5. What drink does Dan order at the bar of the launching party?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: Champagne

After he orders the champagne and briefly talks to Alex for the first time, he notices Beth waving at him to go. Alex notices this and says, "Is that your wife? Better run along."

6. Dan and Beth have one daughter. What is her name?

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: Ellen

One part of the movie shows Ellen watching her parents fighting, and she begins to cry. To actually make her cry while filming, the director threatened to take away her stuffed animal.

7. What is Alex's last name?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: Forest

She tells Dan her full name when they first meet at the bar of the launching party. Alex is 36 years old, and an editor at Robbins and Hart. She has only been with them a couple of weeks at this point. Dan does all the legal work for her company.

8. What is Dan and Beth's last name?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: Gallagher

When Dan first introduces himself to Alex at the launching party, he uses his full name. The Gallaghers have been married for 9 nine years, live in an apartment in New York City, and have a 6-year old daughter, Ellen.

9. What is Alex and Dan's favorite opera?

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: Madame Butterfly

Dan explained that when he was younger, he was terrified knowing that the woman in the opera was going to commit suicide. Dan later had to deal with the real thing when he tried to break off the affair with Alex (she cut her wrists).

10. What is the name of Dan and Beth's dog?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: Quincy

After returning home from the launch party, Dan says to the dog, "Quincy, let's hit it, pal," and takes him for a late-night walk. After spending the weekend with Alex, Dan goes home and feeds Quincy the leftover spaghetti sauce Beth had told him was in the fridge. He also messes up the bed covers so that Beth is not suspicious when she gets back home from her parents' house.

11. Glenn Close's wardrobe was specifically chosen to be all solid colors. This was to make Alex appear more ________.

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: Vulnerable

A little piece of movie trivia.

12. What is Alex and Dan's favorite opera?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: Madame Butterfly

They first discuss this when having lunch at Alex's apartment. Then, Alex shows up unexpectedly at Dan's office one day, apologizing for what happened (when she cut her wrists to prevent Dan from leaving) and asks him to go see "Madame Butterfly" with her as a peace offering. He declines.

13. When the Gallagher family returned home, what did they find that Alex had killed?

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: bunny & rabbit & hare

This was a given. When the Gallagher's returned home, Beth found Ellen's pet bunny boiling in a huge pot on the stove.

14. Why does Dan stay with Alex a second night?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: Because she slits her wrists

After their afternoon in the park, they head back to Alex's apartment for lunch. After sleeping together again, Dan starts getting ready to leave, but when he goes to hug her goodbye, he is shocked to find out she slit her wrists. He ends up staying the night because he is worried about her, but she thinks it's because he must like her.

15. The Gallagher's daughter learns something from her grandfather every time she goes to visit him. What is it?

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: Card tricks

Several scenes in the movie illustrate that Ellen loves to show off her card tricks.

16. To get her way into Dan and Beth's apartment, Alex pretends she is what?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: Looking for an apartment

Dan and Beth are leaving their apartment in the city to move out to a house in Bedford. After the Gallaghers change their home number to an unlisted one because of all the hang-up calls from Alex, she shows up at their apartment with this excuse. Beth then unknowingly gives her their new number.

17. Where does Alex take Ellen when she picks her up from school?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: The fair

Alex picks up Ellen after school before Beth can get there. She takes her to the fair, then eventually drops her off at home. Meanwhile, Beth gets really anxious when Ellen is not at school when she goes to pick her up. She drives around, searching for her, and slams into another car because she is so distressed. She ends up in the hospital, injuring her arm.

18. After Alex and Dan spent a day at the park together, they returned to Alex's apartment for dinner. What did she cook?

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: Pasta

She cooked pasta - spaghetti to be exact. When Alex was trying to coax Dan into spending the day with her, she claimed to be a great cook.

19. Near the end of the movie, what is found at Dan and Beth's house in a boiling pot of water?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: A rabbit

This was Ellen's pet. At the same time that Ellen discovers the rabbit is gone, Beth opens the lid of the boiling pot to discover it inside. Dan tells Beth that night that he knows who did it, and admits to his affair with Alex.

20. What caused Beth to get into a car accident?

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: She was frantically searching for her daughter

When Beth went to pick up Ellen at school and found that she was missing, she frantically searched for her. As Beth hysterically looked around while driving, she didn't notice the car stopped in front of her until it was too late.

21. Who ends up killing Alex?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: Beth

Alex breaks into the Gallagher's country house while Beth is running a bath and Dan is in the kitchen making her tea. Alex attacks Beth with a knife, and when Dan hears the screaming, he dashes upstairs. Dan and Alex struggle, then he ends up strangling her underneath the water in the bathtub. She appears to be dead, but then somehow comes back to life. Before she can get out of the tub, however, Beth shoots her with the gun that Dan keeps in the house.

22. What is Dan's occupation?

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: Lawyer

Dan is a lawyer and does all the legal work for the publisher that employs Alex.

23. Where does Alex finally die?

From Quiz Fatally Attracted

Answer: In the bathtub

After being shot by Beth, she slumps back down in the bathtub. Though the Gallaghers have moved away from the city, Alex follows Dan in his car to the new house, finding out where they now live. This is how she eventually breaks in, intent on killing Beth.

24. When Alex kidnaps the Gallagher's daughter, where does she take her?

From Quiz "Fatal Attraction" Is A Classic

Answer: Amusement park

Although Alex does buy Ellen an ice cream cone, they are in an amusement park. Remember the scene where they're on the roller coaster?

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