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1985, 1988 and 2011 remake
4 Fright Night quizzes and 40 Fright Night trivia questions.
  "Fright Night" 2011   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz covers the 2011 remake of "Fright Night".
Average, 10 Qns, Gamemaster1967, Feb 10 13
Gamemaster1967 gold member
225 plays
  Fright Night    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz on the classic 80s horror film 'Fright Night.'
Easier, 10 Qns, leAnn7, Jan 15 20
Jan 15 20
3188 plays
  'Fright Night'    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
'Welcome to Fright Night. For real.'
Average, 10 Qns, Erykah_03, Sep 10 01
2514 plays
  'Fright Night Part II'    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Hi! This frightening quiz is over the movie 'Fright Night Part 2.'
Tough, 10 Qns, Erykah_03, Mar 20 04
925 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What did Charlie and his girlfriend put in Regine's coffin?

From Quiz "'Fright Night Part II'"

Fright Night Trivia Questions

1. Who starred as Jerry the vampire?

From Quiz
"Fright Night" 2011

Answer: Colin Farrell

In the original, Jerry was played by actor Chris Sarandon. Chris had a cameo in this film. Jerry killed his character on the highway. Chris was once married to actress Susan Sarandon. Writer Marti Noxon penned this screenplay. Marti used to write for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". She also had a small cameo in the episode "Once More With Feeling". Colin has starred earlier in roles in such films as "Minority Report", "Phone Booth", and "Miami Vice".

2. What is the name of Charlie's new girlfriend?

From Quiz 'Fright Night Part II'

Answer: Alex

3. What is Charlie's last name?

From Quiz 'Fright Night'

Answer: Brewster

4. What year was 'Fright Night' released in the US?

From Quiz Fright Night

Answer: 1985

5. How old was Jery Dandridge, when he was killed in the first 'Fright Night'?

From Quiz 'Fright Night Part II'

Answer: 1000 years

When Regine was talking to Peter, she told him that Jerry was her brother and his blood was spilled when he was only a 1000 years old.

6. What did Charlie have hanging on his bedpost?

From Quiz 'Fright Night'

Answer: Nike shoes

Charlie had white Nike shoes on his bedpost, right under the poster of Mustangs.

7. Who is the main character?

From Quiz Fright Night

Answer: Charlie Brewster

8. What was the name of the neighbor who Charley successfully tried to get out of Jerry's house, who then combusted in the sunlight?

From Quiz "Fright Night" 2011

Answer: Doris

Charley saw her go into Jerry's house and then later heard the loud scream of a woman. He called the police, but Jerry sweet talked them into leaving. Charley witnessed that conversation, but was not able to hear what was said. After Jerry left the house, Charley broke in and hid in his bedroom closet. Jerry came home, but Charley found a hidden room behind the closet. It contained several small compartments, about four feet wide and maybe ten feet high, all locked except one empty one. He saw Jerry drink from Doris, and later picked the lock and sneaked her out of the house. Jerry knew what he was up to, and did not stop him. Doris combusted as soon as the sunlight hit her body. Emily Montague played Doris.

9. How was Regine related to Jerry Dandridge?

From Quiz 'Fright Night Part II'

Answer: Jerry's sister

Regine told Peter that Charlie was going to suffer far worse than Peter.

10. What kind of car poster did Charlie have above his bed?

From Quiz 'Fright Night'

Answer: Mustang

Charlie drove a red, beat-up Mustang in the movie.

11. What is the name of the vampire?

From Quiz Fright Night

Answer: Jerry Dandridge

12. How did Jerry get Charley, Amy and Jane out of the Brewster house?

From Quiz "Fright Night" 2011

Answer: He caused the house to explode into flames.

As a vampire, Jerry needed an invite inside. While Charley was in the middle of trying to convince his mom (Jane) and his girlfriend, Amy, that Jerry was dangerous, Jerry showed up and tried to get Jane on his side. Jane sided with Charley, despite her skepticism, so Jerry pulled up the gas line and set off a gas leak. He then lit the line afire, causing the house to explode. Jane drove them away from the house, via her car in the garage. Jerry followed in his truck and a car chase ensued.

13. What was Richie always borrowing from Charlie?

From Quiz 'Fright Night Part II'

Answer: ties

14. How long had Amy and Charlie been dating when the movie started?

From Quiz 'Fright Night'

Answer: almost a year

'We've been dating almost a year now, and all I ever hear is Charlie stop it.'

15. Who played the vampire?

From Quiz Fright Night

Answer: Chris Sarandon

16. Charley tried to enlist the help of a celebrity "vampire expert" named Peter Vincent. What was Peter's stock and trade?

From Quiz "Fright Night" 2011

Answer: Illusion and magic

Peter had a show in Las Vegas, where the film characters all lived, and it was called "Fright Night". Charley posed as a reporter to get to Peter, who became alarmed at Charley's questions and threw him out of his hotel suite. Charley left behind some photos he'd taken, and Peter later realized that they matched at least one drawing of vampire artifacts he had saved from his collecting. After the close call on the highway, Charley got a call from Peter at the hospital. He and Amy went to see Peter, who offered to help, though he would not be joining their "Scooby Gang". That line was a direct nod at "Buffy", as that was what she and her team were called on the show. Of course, the original reference was from the actual "Scooby Doo" cartoon series. Actor David Tennant played Peter. He may be best known for playing Doctor Who, but he also played Barty Crouch, Jr. in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".

17. What did Regine's limo driver eat?

From Quiz 'Fright Night Part II'

Answer: bugs & insects

When they cut his stomach open, the only things that came out were thousands of bugs.

18. What was the name of Jerry's roommate?

From Quiz 'Fright Night'

Answer: Billy Cole

19. Who is the 'Great Vampire Killer'?

From Quiz Fright Night

Answer: Peter Vincent

20. While still inside it, how did Charley kill the vampire that came to visit him at Peter's hotel suite?

From Quiz "Fright Night" 2011

Answer: Stake through the heart

Charley's friend Ed arrived at the hotel, and posed as a delivery man. This gained him an invite inside, for which he used to try and kill Charley. He was a little irritated Jerry had been able to turn him into a demon. Charley did try to cut his head off, but was not strong enough to get the blade all the way through his neck. So, Amy used a mace to get Ed off of Charley, and Charley had time to stake him. Jerry was also in the hotel, and I am not sure how he was able to get into the hotel suite himself, as Peter was alive and hiding inside a panic room. Amy did douse Jerry with holy water. And, on her show Buffy did once trick a vampire into drinking it to kill him.

21. What did Charlie buy from Evil?

From Quiz 'Fright Night'

Answer: a cross

Charlie paid Evil Ed about 8 dollars for that cross.

22. Who played the 'Great Vampire Killer'?

From Quiz Fright Night

Answer: Roddy McDowall

He was great in this movie.

23. What did Charlie's girlfriend stuff into the mouth of the werewolf?

From Quiz 'Fright Night Part II'

Answer: roses

24. While down underneath Jerry's house, how did Charley get the pack of vampires off of Peter?

From Quiz "Fright Night" 2011

Answer: Exposed them to direct sunlight

After he staked Amy (but did not kill her), he ran out to find Peter. He was being feasted on by several vampires Jerry had buried in the earthen walls. Charley used a shotgun to put holes in the floor above them, which allowed sunlight to stream down upon them. They jumped off of Peter, who was still alive, but on his way to turning into a vampire as well.

25. What did Charlie have on his neck?

From Quiz 'Fright Night Part II'

Answer: a cut

Charlie had cut himself shaving and Regine kept on taking blood from Charlie's cut.

26. What was Charlie's address?

From Quiz 'Fright Night'

Answer: 101 Oak St.

27. How did Jerry describe the smell of Charley's fear?

From Quiz "Fright Night" 2011

Answer: Intoxicating

Jerry: "You smell that? It's your fear. It's intoxicating. It's a very specific scent Charley. Amy's scent, now that was exquisite." He then thanked Charley for bringing Amy to him. He said she made him feel young again.

28. What did Charlie and his girlfriend put in Regine's coffin?

From Quiz 'Fright Night Part II'

Answer: holy wafers

Charlie and his girlfriend made the wafers into a shape of a cross inside the coffin.

29. What do you have to have in order for a cross to work on a vampire?

From Quiz 'Fright Night'

Answer: Faith

30. How is the vampire Jerry killed?

From Quiz Fright Night

Answer: sunlight

He is finally killed by sunlight.

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