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  From Here to Eternity    
Classification Quiz
 10 Qns
"From Here to Eternity" (1953) won eight Oscars and had a number of Oscar winners and nominees amongst its cast. You will need to know about these nominations and victories to sort these cast members (listed by character) into the correct "buckets".
Average, 10 Qns, spanishliz, Feb 08 22
spanishliz editor
Feb 08 22
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  "From Here to Eternity" [1953]   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about the 1953 movie "From Here to Eternity". This movie is one of the most entertaining, informative, and best acted of all times.
Tough, 10 Qns, wilspeer1, Jul 29 08
526 plays
  From Here to Eternity Quiz for Experts   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is on the classic 1953 movie "From Here to Eternity".
Average, 10 Qns, bonanza22, Feb 23 18
Feb 23 18
833 plays
  From Here to Eternity: 10 Questions    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This will be a quiz to honour my favourite actor...Montgomery Clift, and his brilliant performance in "From Here To Eternity".
Easier, 10 Qns, irishpuppygal, Nov 30 06
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trivia question Quick Question
Prewitt used to box, until he did something that made him quit. What did he do to his friend that he boxed with?

From Quiz "From Here to Eternity"

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From Here to Eternity Trivia Questions

1. What was the name of the military base where "From Here to Eternity" was filmed?

From Quiz
"From Here to Eternity" [1953]

Answer: Schofield Barracks

According to the credits, this was the location for the movie. Also, in the special features on the DVD, it is mentioned several times. Schofield Barracks is centrally located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The base was actually there during World War II, as it was where my father was stationed; it was there when the movie was filmed in 1952, and it is still an active army base today, as I have just recently visited there while on vacation. The other locations are also on the island of Oahu as well. Wheeler Army Air Field is located adjacent to Schofield Barracks. Fort Shafter is located in the vicinity of Pearl Harbor, and Hickham Air Force Base is located near Honolulu. However, Hickham Air Force Base did not exist during World War II and the United States Air Force had not been organized yet.

2. Prewitt used to box, until he did something that made him quit. What did he do to his friend that he boxed with?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: Blinded him

Robert E. Lee Prewitt, played wonderfully by Montgomery Clift (Best Actor nominee), was a great boxer until he blinded his friend in practice. After this he quit, and later transferred units. The company Captain and a lot of the other men at the fort want Prewitt to box so that their company can win the boxing title that year.

3. Who did Montgomery Clift play in "From Here to Eternity"?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: Robert. E. Lee Prewitt

His character was named after a famous general.

4. When it was discovered, by the inspector general, that Captain Holmes was pressuring Prewitt into fighting, what did the commanding officer do, as punishment to Holmes?

From Quiz "From Here to Eternity" [1953]

Answer: Allowed him to resign for the good of the army

The commanding general considered convening a court martial, but one of the inspectors general offered that if the commander so deemed, he could allow Holmes to resign for the good of the army. The commander agreed and said that the sooner that Holmes was out of the army, the better for all of them and the better for the army. What was interesting here, about the movie, was that the commanding officer allowed Captain Holmes to resign while in the book he was promoted for his actions. The U.S. Army wouldn't cooperate with the making of the movie unless this part was changed, to present a more positive image of the army.

5. What excuse did Prewitt give Captain Holmes for changing companies?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: He lost his position as head bugler,

Prewitt is an excellent bulger, one of the best on the Island, but he lost his position as head bugler when a new man came in. He tells Captain Holmes that this is why he wanted to change companies.

6. Who played Prewitt's love interest?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: Donna Reed & reed

She played the character of Lorene/Alma.

7. Why didn't Warden submit the paperwork to become an officer in the army?

From Quiz "From Here to Eternity" [1953]

Answer: He hated officers.

Becoming an officer was the only way that Warden and Karen could see themselves ever being together. She could divorce her husband and then they could marry. However, Warden never submitted the paperwork to become an officer. Karen told Warden that he was already married to the army. Essentially, Warden wanted to be an enlisted man and couldn't stand the idea of being an officer. This conversation took place near the end of the movie, and was the last time that Karen and Warden ever spoke.

8. What rank does Warden have?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: 1st Sergeant

1st Sergeant Milton Warden (portrayed by Burt Lancaster in an Oscar-nominated role) is a non-commissioned officer who refuses to become a regular officer because of his hatred for them, even when asked to do so by Karen Holmes (his lover and wife of Captain Holmes).

9. What actor played Sergeant "Fatso" Judson?

From Quiz "From Here to Eternity" [1953]

Answer: Ernest Borgnine

Ernest Bornine has been known to be a comedic actor for many years, especially since starring in "McHale's Navy". However, in the role as "Fatso" Judson, the NCO in charge of the stockades, he was very serious. He did an outstanding job and is an excellent actor.

10. What word does Alma/Lorene use when describing the kind of home she wants to have back in the States?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: Proper

Alma/Lorene is a girl who works at the New Congress Club. Prewitt falls in love with her and asks her to marry him. She refuses, saying that in a year she will have enough money to travel back to the States and live a "proper" life and raise "proper" children.

11. Where was the famous love scene in "From Here To Eternity" filmed?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: on the beach

This scene showed Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr having an intimate moment on the beach.

12. In the final scene of the movie, Alma told Karen that her fiance, Robert E. Lee Prewitt, was killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. What occupation did she say he had in the military?

From Quiz "From Here to Eternity" [1953]

Answer: Pilot

Alma didn't want anyone to know that Judson had actually stabbed Prewitt during their fight and that Prewitt was AWOL when the attack on Pearl Harbor took place. In Alma's mind, she wanted to portray Prewitt as hero. However, Karen really knew different. She knew who Prewitt really was because Warden had told her about him.

13. What was the nickname of the man who was in charge of the stockade, played the piano and had a particular dislike for Maggio?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: Fatso

Fatso, played by Ernest Borgnine, insulted Maggio's (Frank Sinatra in an Oscar-Winning role) sister and later pulled a knife on him. Maggio gets himself thrown into the stockade for skipping guard duty. When he gets there, Fatso is waiting for him, and he torments Maggio. Not being able to take the torture much longer, Maggio escapes the stockade, only to fall off the back of the truck he was on. He dies in Prewitt's arms.

14. Why was Prewitt discriminated against in the Army?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: He refused to fight.

Prewitt wouldn't fight because he once blinded an opponent who was a friend. This frightened him and he didn't want to hurt anyone like that again.

15. What was the name of the song that the soldiers were singing when Prewitt and Warden went and sat in the middle of the road near the end of the movie? This was right before Maggio showed up, after he had fallen off a garbage truck.

From Quiz "From Here to Eternity" [1953]

Answer: Reenlistment Blues

Many songs were written, during this time period, that had the military as a background. "Reenlistment Blues" was just one of those that told the story of a lonely soldier, far from home, that really didn't have anything else to do with his life. As Prewitt had said earlier in the movie, "I'm a 30-year man."

16. What is the name of the Sergeant that Prewitt fights?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: Galovitch

Galovitch was one of the Sergeants that taunted Prewitt the most for not fighting. Finally, after taking so much torment, Prewitt fights him. Captain Holmes doesn't stop it for a while because he hopes that Prewitt will want to fight in the boxing tournament.

17. What instrument did Prewitt play?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: bugle

In his previous regiment, he was First Bugler.

18. On what army base, on the mainland, did Sergeant Maylon Stark tell Warden that Karen Holmes "took up with a lot of men"?

From Quiz "From Here to Eternity" [1953]

Answer: Fort Bliss

This interaction took place as Warden (Burt Lancaster) and Stark (George Reeves) were about to go out for liberty one evening. This led Warden to start thinking that maybe Karen Holmes wasn't as desirable as he had originally thought. During the famous beach scene in the movie, Karen Holmes told Warden why she took up with a lot of men. It was because her husband had started cheating on her and because of his drunkenness and adulterous ways, she gave birth to a stillborn baby.

19. How long did Karen say she was married to Holmes before she found out he was cheating on her?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: 2 years

Warden finds out from one of the men at the fort that Karen was known for being with many men. When he questions her after the famous beach scene, Karen tells him that Captain Holmes had been cheating on her even when she was pregnant.

20. What was Captain Holmes' nickname?

From Quiz "From Here to Eternity" [1953]

Answer: Dynamite

Holmes was the regimental boxing coach and he wanted to win a championship in 1941 so it would look good for him and ultimately get him promoted. In the end, the attack on Pearl Harbor happened and there was no boxing championship in 1941.

21. Who killed Sergeant Judson?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: Prewitt

After Maggio dies, Prewitt seeks revenge on Sergeant Judson, aka Fatso. Anticipating that Fatso would be carrying a knife, Prewitt brings the one Fatso left in a bar after a fight with Maggio. After a brief struggle, Prewitt comes out successful. Fatso was dead.

22. Where was the film set?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: Hawaii

It was set during the time of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

23. What state was Alma originally from?

From Quiz "From Here to Eternity" [1953]

Answer: Oregon

Alma wanted to return to Oregon after she had saved enough money to go home and build a new house for her mother and her. She also wanted to marry and live a proper life.

24. What nationality of people were dropping bombs towards the end of the film?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: Japanese

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The Americans in turn dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

25. What was the woman's name who ran the New Congress Club in Honolulu?

From Quiz "From Here to Eternity" [1953]

Answer: Mrs. Kipfer

Mrs. Kipfer was the pretentious woman who ran the New Congress Club. We met her when Maggio first carried Prewitt to the club and Prewitt became a member. Mrs. Kipfer was very adamant that the New Congress Club was a good social club where enlisted men could go to enjoy soft drinks, dancing, and recreation. She made the point very clear that drinking wasn't permitted and offered her disapproval with Maggio because he was drunk when he and Prewitt arrived. In the book, the New Congress Hotel was a house of prostitution where the enlisted men went to drink and carouse with the other sex. For the movie, the site had to be toned down in order for the studio to make the picture.

26. The last scene in the movie is after important event in WWII. Which event leads to this scene?

From Quiz From Here to Eternity

Answer: Bombing at Pearl Harbor

When Warden is talking to Karen on the telephone you can see the date on the wall says "December 6". The next morning, a Sunday, the men at the Fort are eating breakfast when the planes attack at Pearl Harbor. The last scene is the women on the ship, leaving Pearl Harbor. I hope you enjoyed the quiz and "From Here to Eternity"!

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