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Fun Trivia
3 Galaxy Quest quizzes and 35 Galaxy Quest trivia questions.
  "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
My fellow Questarians: "Never give up, never surrender!" And don't bother correcting my spelling -- the aliens are all phonetic!
Average, 15 Qns, rosadebon, Oct 02 10
4711 plays
  "GalaxyQuest" -- Never Give Up! Never Surrender!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Ten questions about "GalaxyQuest", the Hugo Award-winning sci-fi spoof. If you've seen the movie, some of the questions will be easy, and others may be tricky.
Average, 10 Qns, clp1701, Sep 04 04
3456 plays
  Galaxy Quest    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I've seen the movie "Galaxy Quest" a million times and it's the best movie ever! I thought it would be fun to make a quiz about it. Enjoy!
Difficult, 10 Qns, Galaxyfan, Apr 14 20
Apr 14 20
1698 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What were Sarris' soldiers doing when Fred/Tech. Sgt. Chen digitally conveyed the rock monster, Gorignak, into their midst?

From Quiz ""Galaxy Quest" for Questarians"

Galaxy Quest Trivia Questions

1. When Gwen tells Jason," It was cute when I didn't know you", what was the color of the three ladies hair who were giggling?

From Quiz
Galaxy Quest

Answer: Two blondes and a brunette

If you watch the background, three women in Tawny Madison uniforms are laughing at Jason. The brunette is to the left, and the two blondes are directly behind him.

2. What is the name of the spaceship?

From Quiz "GalaxyQuest" -- Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Answer: NSEA Protector

The name of the ship was the NSEA Protector. NSEA is a reference to the "Star Trek" means of ship numbering, "NCC-1701", etc. Notice how it can be pronounced "N - Sea (C)".

3. At the end of the movie, who joined the cast of the new "Galaxy Quest" series as Security Chief Roc Ingersoll?

From Quiz "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians

Answer: Guy Fleegman

Laliari also joined the cast of the new series as Jane Doe.

4. In the scene when Gwen is talking to Alexander on the phone after the convention, what color robe is Gwen wearing?

From Quiz Galaxy Quest

Answer: red

Her robe is a beautiful red color, with flowers on it. You have to see it to describe it.

5. Which character says the following: "Look, I have one job on this lousy ship. It's stupid, but I'm gonna do it, okay"?

From Quiz "GalaxyQuest" -- Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Answer: Gwen

This is a nod to the long-suffering Lt. Uhura on "Star Trek", whose most frequent line is "Hailing frequencies open, Sir".

6. At "Galaxy Quest" conventions and in interviews, what phrase annoyed the heck out of Tommy Webber/Laredo?

From Quiz "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians

Answer: "Young Laredo, how you've grown!"

His character had been a small boy in the original series.

7. The Thermians take Jason up to the ship in a California limousine. What is the license plate of the limo?

From Quiz Galaxy Quest

Answer: 3WQP722

They show a close-up of the limousine before it's lifted into space, showing the license plate for about 3 or 4 seconds.

8. At the beryllium mining camp, what was Guy doing while the rest of the crew was planning how to get around the miners?

From Quiz "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians

Answer: Looking down the front of Tawney Madison's uniform

Guess he'd read Gwen DeMarco/Tawney Madison's "TV Guide" interview. She complained about how it had only dealt "... with my boobs and how they fit into my uniform."

9. What happened to the pig-like beast that was transported up from the planet?

From Quiz "GalaxyQuest" -- Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Answer: It was turned inside out, then exploded.

Just like in "Star Trek", the transporters never seem to work right when they're needed.

10. When Jason comes to tell the rest of the "crew" about being up in space at the opening of Tech Value Superstore, what is Fred eating?

From Quiz Galaxy Quest

Answer: chips

If you watch carefully, there's a scene where Fred lifts a potato chip to his mouth from the bag, while Jason is speaking.

11. Whose arm was broken during Sarris' first attack?

From Quiz "GalaxyQuest" -- Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Answer: Tommy

Too bad real broken arms can't be healed as quickly.

12. What was the hated line always made Alexander Dane/Dr. Lazarus snap at his fans?

From Quiz "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians

Answer: "By Grabthar's Hammer, you shall be avenged!"

But he said it willingly later on in the movie (and you're just going to have to rent it again to find out when and how).

13. When the crew pile into the van after blowing Jason off, a man walks by the background. What tone of skin does he have, and what is he wearing?

From Quiz Galaxy Quest

Answer: black skin and glasses

In the background, a man walks by reading something, with glasses on, in the right corner of the van. You have to watch or you won't notice him.

14. "That was a hell of a thing." Who said it?

From Quiz "GalaxyQuest" -- Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Answer: Fred

Unflappable Fred Kwan (Tony Shaloub) makes this comment after arriving on board the ship via the transporter device.

15. When Sarris' soldiers marched them away to be released into space, how did Jason and Alexander turn the tables on their captors?

From Quiz "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians

Answer: By faking an argument

Jason clued Alexander into the trick by telling him, "You're starting to act like you did in Episode 17," and calling him a "scene-stealing hack." They fought convincingly enough to maneuver the surprised soldiers into the cargo bay and release THEM into space, where they went SPLAT! like bugs against the window of Sarris' ship.

16. In what year was the Galaxy Quest television series' unfinished two-parter aired?

From Quiz "GalaxyQuest" -- Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Answer: 1982

The two-parter was apparently a big cliff-hanger. It ends with Commander Taggart activating the Omega 13. The television show never did say what the Omega 13 device did.

17. What were Sarris' soldiers doing when Fred/Tech. Sgt. Chen digitally conveyed the rock monster, Gorignak, into their midst?

From Quiz "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians

Answer: Gambling and smoking

Wonderful bit of detail. Anybody else notice that Sarris' soldiers bear a suspicious resemblance to Ernie Kovacs' Nairobi Trio?

18. Name the three Thermians NOT in the barracks when the oxygen seal was opened.

From Quiz Galaxy Quest

Answer: Laliari, Mathesar and Quillek

When the oxygen seal was opened, Laliari was with Fred and Guy. Quillek avoided capture and stayed with Alexander. Mathesar was unconscious in the room they were just in, from being tortured.

19. What was Guy's last name?

From Quiz "GalaxyQuest" -- Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Answer: Fleegman

20. Who were the members of Brandon's crew who helped Jason and Gwen shut down the reactor core?

From Quiz "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians

Answer: Kyle, Hollister, and a girl who never spoke

Brandon had accidentally picked up Jason's interstellar vox instead of his own when he knocked him down in the garage at Tech Value Superstore. Kyle and Hollister had the utility tunnel system mapped so Brandon could give clear directions to Gwen and Jason. So far as I have been able to find out, the blonde girl who never spoke was played by Kaitlyn Cullum.

21. At the end of the movie (at the second convention), when Jason kisses Gwen, a teenage girl in the audience faints. What was on her t-shirt?

From Quiz Galaxy Quest

Answer: A picture of Commander Taggart

When her friends bend to pick her up, you can see a glimpse of Commander Taggart on their t-shirts.

22. What rank was Tawny Madison (Gwen Dimarco, played by Sigourney Weaver)?

From Quiz "GalaxyQuest" -- Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Answer: Lieutenant

Late in the film, Gwen and Jason (Tim Allen) are having to climb through ductwork in the ship in order to reach the self-destruct mechanism. She moans, "Why is it always ducts?"--a reference to Sigourney Weaver's character of Ripley in the "Alien" movies.

23. At the second convention, when Jason has himself and the crew bow, what order are they in from left to right? (If you were in the audience.)

From Quiz Galaxy Quest

Answer: Guy, Tommy, Jason, Gwen, Alexander, Fred, Laliari

They show a quick picture of them in that order, and you have to have seen it a lot to memorize the order.

24. What does the Omega 13 device do?

From Quiz "GalaxyQuest" -- Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Answer: It is a matter rearranger which affects a 13 second jump to the past.

Jason activates the Omega 13 in order to stop Sarris from attacking them on the command deck.

25. What did the Thermians most resemble without their appearance generators?

From Quiz "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians

Answer: Octopi

The Thermians couldn't quite get human postures right and tended to hold their hands the way dogs hold their paws while standing on their hind legs. Without their voice translators, they spoke in shrill screeches and seal-like barks.

26. What sent Alexander Dane/Dr. Lazarus into a blind rage, trying to kill Sarris' soldiers?

From Quiz "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians

Answer: The death of Quillek

Quillek frankly worshiped Dane's character, Dr. Lazarus, and told him: "I am so very humbled to stand in your presence... I have studied your missions extensively... Though I am Thermian, I have lived my life by your philosophy, by the code of the Mak'tar." He was shot by one of Sarris' soldiers. As he lay dying, Quillek told Dr. Lazarus, "You'll forgive my impertinence, sir, but even though we never before met, I always considered you as a father to me." That did it: Alexander Dane finally understood the importance a TV character could have to his fans.

27. What was the main difference between Jason Nesmith/Commander Taggart's first appearance at the movie's first "Galaxy Quest" convention and his second at the end of the movie?

From Quiz "Galaxy Quest" for Questarians

Answer: He had the whole cast join him in bowing to the audience

Out of all the crowd, he found and saluted Brandon and his crew who had guided them back to Earth. Oh, yeah, and he kissed Gwen Demarco and half the girls in the audience fainted.

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