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  The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Good Morning, Vietnam!" is about renegade DJ Adrian Cronauer, so why not have a quiz on the music heard in it? Have fun and good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, Fivehouse, Sep 15 07
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  Good Morning, Vietnam   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
One of Robin Williams' best films, and probably his funniest. How much do you know about it?
Tough, 10 Qns, bigox, Mar 03 10
1781 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Where were Cronauer and Garlick heading when their jeep hit a mine?

From Quiz "Good Morning, Vietnam"

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Vietnam Good Morning Trivia Questions

1. What is the first song that DJ Adrian Cronauer plays at the correct speed during his first show?

From Quiz
The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Answer: Nowhere To Run

"Nowhere To Run" was a troop favorite during the Vietnam War and since Cronauer has been brought in to provide a personal touch with the troops, one sees several scenes of off-duty troops smiling to this song in downtown Saigon. "Nowhere To Run" by Martha and the Vandellas, peaked at number eight on the Billboard Pop Singles chart in 1965. The correct answer does not involve the track by Freddie and the Dreamers as Cronauer plays their song too fast in order to instantly lighten the mood of the film.

2. When did Airman Adrian Cronauer arrive in Vietnam?

From Quiz Good Morning, Vietnam

Answer: 1965

The opening scene says that it is "Saigon, 1965". We see Adrian Cronauer arriving at Tan Son Nhut airfield.

3. Although there are several Beach Boys songs that Adrian plays in the film, which one does the audience get to see him put on the air during his first show?

From Quiz The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Answer: I Get Around

The Beach Boys' "I Get Around" was a number 1 hit during the summer of 1964 and is yet another cheerful tune that Cronauer plays to lighten the somber mood of the military. Cronauer's success in boosting morale is evidenced in the movie not only by the other DJs dancing to the song, but also by troops bopping along to the music from Saigon to the DMZ.

4. What is Eddie Garlick's middle name?

From Quiz Good Morning, Vietnam

Answer: Montesque

'Private Edward Montesque Garlick, at your service,' he says when he meets Cronauer. Adrian replies that the first thing that need to do is requsition Eddie a new name.

5. After Hauk reprimands Adrian for playing non-regulation music, who is the first acceptable performer Lt. Hauk suggests to Cronauer in the DJs' lounge?

From Quiz The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Answer: Lawrence Welk

Lt. Steven Hauk, played by Bruno Kirby, strictly follows all Army policies in order to gain the respect of his subordinates. Lawrence Welk would seem to be a good musical choice, since he is one of the finest examples of easy listening music, but instead the DJs sarcastically mock Hauk's choice due to its morale lowering qualities...something which is foreign to Adrian Cronauer.

6. Who does Adrian say that Ho Chi Minh reminds him of?

From Quiz Good Morning, Vietnam

Answer: Colonel Sanders

'Ho Chi Minh, Colonel Sanders; are they the same person? You tell me.' He also makes a comparison between Mr. Ed's voice and the voice of (at that time) former Vice President Richard Nixon.

7. Eddie Kirk, the conventional DJ who follows Adrian Cronauer on-air, plays a featurette or "Jubilee" of what easy listening singer's songs?

From Quiz The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Answer: Ray Conniff

Conniff's music is meant to contrast with Adrian's rebellious musical choices and, as such, is played over a scene of monotonous Vietnamese traffic, rather than the happy soldiers seen during Cronauer's music. Ray Conniff, like Lawrence Welk, is another easy listening standard bearer of the '50s and '60s.

8. What American actor does Jimmy Wah have 'a thing' for?

From Quiz Good Morning, Vietnam

Answer: Walter Brennan

Jimmy wants naked photographs of Walter Brennan. His bar is a popular hangout for American military personnel until a Viet Cong bomb destroys it.

9. When soldiers are sunbathing on their PT boats, Adrian plays a song by a British band, The Searchers. What is this song?

From Quiz The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Answer: Sugar and Spice

The scene showing the sunbathing soldiers is meant to convey just how popular Cronauer is becoming with the troops. However, because Adrian continues to play unconventional music choices, he becomes less popular with Lt. Hauk, who has him removed from the air due to insubordination. "Sugar and Spice" is a song that topped out at number 44 in the 1963 American charts.

10. What band's record did Adrian first play during his debut shift on the air?

From Quiz Good Morning, Vietnam

Answer: Freddie and the Dreamers

He played the record on the wrong speed and told the audience that if they were 'recovering from a hangover, that's going to sound just right.'

11. What type of detested old-fashioned music does Lt. Hauk play while he is filling in for the suspended Cronauer?

From Quiz The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Answer: polkas

Lt. Hauk's choice to play the polka, which comes from the Czech word "pulka" meaning half-rhythm, promptly results in the mail room being flooded with letters from angry soldiers requesting that the more exciting Cronauer be reinstated. As the commanding general likes Cronauer's wild style as well, the troops get their wish and Adrian is returned to the air much to the chagrin of Lt. Hauk.

12. When he arrives in Vietnam, Cronauer is wearing no military clothing except his U.S. Air Force hat. What type of uniform does he tell Sgt. Major Dickerson he is wearing?

From Quiz Good Morning, Vietnam

Answer: Cretan Camouflage

'If you want to blend in to a crowd of drunken Greeks, there's nothing better.'

13. What Louis Armstrong song is heard during a montage of violent scenes?

From Quiz The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Answer: What A Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong, whose nickname Satchmo came from his unique satchel-mouthed embouchure, saw this song as a reminder of the good in the world. This is why Cronauer plays the song for the troops: to remind them that there is still good in the world, even though everything seems to be unraveling as the Vietnam War starts to escalate.

14. Who filled in for Cronauer when he was temporarily suspended from the radio?

From Quiz Good Morning, Vietnam

Answer: Lt. Hauk

Hauk insisted on going on the air, despite the fact that the entire station crew advised him that his comedy was not funny. He bombed, and the troops sent some very negative letters demanding that he be removed from the airwaves. General Taylor reinstates Cronauer after hearing the negative affects his absence is having in regards to troop morale.

15. After Garlick introduces Adrian to the convoy of troops in the middle of Saigon, Cronauer jokes that what musician looks like a photo negative of Little Richard?

From Quiz The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Answer: Mick Jagger

Adrian Cronauer does not realize how popular he is with the troops until after he meets a convoy of troops who know all of the lines from his radio show. Cronauer makes their day by doing an impromptu stand-up routine, including this joke, which subsequently makes Cronauer understand that his show truly makes a difference on the front lines, despite what the staid Lt. Hauk may think.

16. Where were Cronauer and Garlick heading when their jeep hit a mine?

From Quiz Good Morning, Vietnam

Answer: An Lac

The road had fallen under Viet Cong control 48 hours prior. Dickerson sent Cronauer and Garlick anyway, hoping to rid himself of the troublesome DJ.

17. What title movie song do Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello sing when Adrian goes to see this movie with his Vietnamese love interest and her family?

From Quiz The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Answer: Beach Blanket Bingo

"Beach Blanket Bingo" is one in a series of beach party films that Avalon and Funicello made together. The beach party films, much like easy listening music, were meant to expose American troops and the native Vietnamese to "wholesome" American culture. However, as one sees in "Good Morning, Vietnam!" such beach party films are not very entertaining. Several family members of Adrian's love interest have blank looks on their faces.

18. By what name is Tuan known among his Viet Cong comrades?

From Quiz Good Morning, Vietnam

Answer: Phan Duc Tho

Unbeknownst to Adrian, Tuan is a VC guerilla. His friends were responsible for the bomb that was planted at Jimmy Wah's bar.

19. What is the name of the song that we hear when Adrian is playing baseball with his Vietnamese friends at the end of the film?

From Quiz The Music of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

Answer: California Sun

"California Sun" was a huge hit in the summer of 1964, but the band that sings this song, The Rivieras, were not from California but South Bend, Indiana! It is very apropos that this song is heard during the baseball game as it is a cheerful song that sums up the power that upbeat music can have over the mood of people: such is the moral of "Good Morning, Vietnam!"

20. Where does Dickerson get transfered to once he makes sure that Cronauer is forced to leave the country?

From Quiz Good Morning, Vietnam

Answer: Guam

'Guam? But there's nothing going on in Guam!'

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