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3 quizzes and 35 trivia questions.
  "A Star is Born" (1976 Version)   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on the 1976 version of "A Star is Born". It's one of my top favorite films and a real tear jerker. I hope you enjoy it!
Average, 10 Qns, Julie-N-Carol, Jan 14 05
1165 plays
  "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
These 10 questions conclude my quiz on the classic Judy Garland vehicle (restored in 1983).
Tough, 10 Qns, tjoebigham, Jan 13 06
352 plays
  "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is the first part of a quiz on one of the all-time Hollywood classics. George Cukor's musical remake is superior to the 1937 original, and the wretched Streisand version. Judy Garland would never again have a plum movie like this!
Average, 15 Qns, tjoebigham, May 14 05
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trivia question Quick Question
Where does Norman propose to Esther?

From Quiz ""A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2"

A Star is Born Trivia Questions

1. Where does producer Oliver Niles (Charles Bickford) first hear Esther sing?

From Quiz
"A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2

Answer: through his office window

Norman finally wrangles to have Niles hear Esther reprise "Man That Got Away" through his open office window. When he catches on at last, he is impressed with what he hears and will give Esther her shot. Bickford was in many a 50's film.

2. Who produced the film, and what's the name of the production company?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: Sid Luft, Transcona Enterprises

Producer Luft married Garland, after her first marriage to Vincente Minnelli ended. This film was the only one done by Transcona, and distributed by Warners Bros. Hughes, Hawks and British director-producer Guest ("Penny Princess") had nothing to do with it.

3. Who played Esther Hoffman?

From Quiz "A Star is Born" (1976 Version)

Answer: Barbra Streisand & Streisand

This was Barbra's 10th film. She played the "discovered" star Esther Hoffman.

4. Where does Esther have Norman stop at, when they drive to her debut picture and she's scared?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2

Answer: an oil derrick

Esther is so scared her picture will flop she must stop someplace, perhaps to vomit in fear. When Norman asks if she's all right, she replies, "Fine. I wish I was dead." This scene is obviously designed to show the ugly underbelly of Hollywood. But Esther's debut is a smash and her career starts off with flying colors.

5. Who wrote the screenplay?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: Moss Hart

Hecht, Odets and Anderson ("Tea and Sympathy") are known for other projects. Renowned playwright Hart, best known in Hollywood for scripting "Gentlemen's Agreement" and "Hans Christian Andersen", updated the original script by Robert Carson, Alan Campbell and Dorothy Parker. Hart's autobiography "Act One" is a classic.

6. What was the name of the man who discovered Esther?

From Quiz "A Star is Born" (1976 Version)

Answer: John Norman

John Norman Howard was played by Kris Kristofferson. For some reason Esther feels the need to call him by his first and middle name.

7. In the "Born In A Trunk" song sung by Esther's film character, what town did she sing she was born in?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2

Answer: Pocatello, Idaho

"I was Born In A Trunk at the Princess Theatre in Pocatello, Idaho..." Leonard Gershe's song must have brought back memories of her early vaudeville days for Garland, who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan herself. George M. Cohan was born in Providence, R.I.

8. What's the name of the charity benefit that opens the film?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: Night of the Stars

An announcer at the event pompously intones "...Hollywood always takes care of its own." Yeah, right, just look what happens to Norman Maine! (James Mason, stereotyped as the elegant villian, gives a powerhouse performance as the washed-up, drunk ex-star.)

9. Where does Norman propose to Esther?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2

Answer: a recording studio

At first, Norman rejects Esther's love, saying he will ruin her. But later, he repents and proposes to her on the studio where she's recording "Here's What I'm Here For". Two sound technicians impishly record their conversation and Esther laughingly says, "That's too public a proposal to reject. I accept!" Another funny gem of a scene!

10. What Shakespearean play does Norman quote in his drunken spree at the benefit?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: Richard III

Norman tipsily cries "A horse! My kingdom for a horse!" the famous line from "Richard III". A rodeo act is playing on stage after all, and Norman mounts one of the steeds. Fortunately, Garland's Esther Blodgett saves his bacon when he crashes her act. Later Norman soberly quotes "Once more, into the breach, dear friends", from "Henry V", to Esther.

11. Where do Norman and Esther marry?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2

Answer: a jail

The two wed in a small jail outside Los Angeles. Ironically, Norman will wind up IN a jail for drunk driving, after his career is washed up. Agent Matt Libby (Jack Carson), furious at being double-crossed in his plans for an absurd overblown ceremony for them, vows revenge on Norman and later is delighted in Norman's downfall.

12. Who played the gum-chewing pianist of the orchestra Esther sang for?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: Tom Noonan

Noonan was Danny McGuire, the pianist who's against Esther's quitting the Glen Williams orchestra when she is persuaded by Norman that she's a great singer, and should try Hollywood. Later, when Esther mourns Norman's suicide and refuses to go to a benefit, Noonan rips into her for her self-pity, and harangues her that she's Norman's only legacy. A far cry from his rich wimp in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"! Levant acted in other films, Wilson is known for "Caasablanca" (and be grateful I didn't include Liberace instead of the late, great Borge!)

13. What does Esther say to Mr. Howard after she finds him with another woman?

From Quiz "A Star is Born" (1976 Version)

Answer: "You can trash your life, but you're not going to trash mine."

She tells him this in the peak of her rage. She finally expresses to him that she does actually have confidence in herself, and doesn't need him.

14. What's the name of the motel where Esther and Norman stay after the wedding and where she sings "It's A New World" to him?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2

Answer: Lazy Acres

The song "It's A New World" must have had particular resonance for Garland; she must have dreamt of a "new world" of her own, that the film could provide for her, one of new-found fame, perhaps free of studio pressures. Alas, it wasn't to be.

15. What's the name of Mr. Howard's band?

From Quiz "A Star is Born" (1976 Version)

Answer: Speedway

John tours with Speedway in the beginning scenes of the film, but they eventually leave for his lack of devotion. This lack of devotion was caused by John falling in love with Esther.

16. Where does Libby goad Norman into a fight?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2

Answer: race track

Smugly satisfied at Norman's dire straits, Libby, not forgetting how Norman and Esther ruined his grandiose wedding plans for them, now needles Norman further. Still resentful over having to endure Norman's drunken sprees over the years, Libby sneers about Norman's dependency on his wife. The "fight" is over in a second, as Libby knocks Norman out. This is the turning point for Norman, as he descends into total alcoholism.

17. When Norman tries to convince Esther she's a great singer he quotes a real-life stage actress from the past. Name her.

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: Ellen Terry

Ellen Terry was a great stage star of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Norman quotes her definition of star quality as "that little something extra" to apply to Esther's singing. (Of course Garland always had it!) Berhardt and Le Gallienne never said it, neither did Bette Davis' character from "All About Eve"!

18. What song does Esther sing her first time on an actual stage at the benefit concert?

From Quiz "A Star is Born" (1976 Version)

Answer: Woman in the Moon

She sings this song after John forces her on stage to take his place. This is her break-through song.

19. After Norman commits suicide (so Esther won't quit her career), what poet does Matt Libby quote to himself while preparing his eulogy?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2

Answer: T.S. Eliot

Perhaps Gray's line "The paths of glory lead but to the grave" (from his "Elegy") and Milton's "...sunk tho he may be to the watery floor..." (from "Lycidias") would be too pompous. Libby quote from Eliot's "The Hollow Man": "This is the way the world ends/not with a bang but a whimper". Libby was obviously letting a rare flash of sympathy for Norman show though.

20. How many Golden Globe Awards was the movie nominated for?

From Quiz "A Star is Born" (1976 Version)

Answer: Five

The film won all five awards. They were for best picture (musical or comedy), best actor in a leading role (musical or comedy), best actress in a leading role (musical or comedy), best original film score, and best original song.

21. Earlier, Esther wins the best actress Oscar. What is the movie she wins it for?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2

Answer: A World For Two

"Happiness Ahead" is the title of one of Esther's early films, "Cavalier" is the name of the film in "Singin' In The Rain". "Happy Endings" is the film done by Judy's daughter, Liza Minelli, in Scorsese's "New York, New York", patterned after the "Born In A Trunk" sequence. In the original, Frederic March's Norman gives a drunken, sour harangue of the Oscars, turning us further against him, but Mason's Norman humbly asks the producers for a job, grabbing our hearts!

22. What does Esther do to help her think or relax?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: wash her hair

Roll ball bearings in her hand? You knew it from Catain Queeg in Wouk's "Caine Mutiny", didn't you?

23. In real life, what actress got the 1954 Oscar over Garland?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 2

Answer: Grace Kelly

Kelly was awarded the Oscar for "The Country Girl", a melodrama with a similar theme as "Star": wife watches washed-up hubby become drunk. It was decidedly inferior to "Star" to boot! But today, Kelly's role is largely forgotten, while Garland and her film are regarded as classics, thanks in large part to the film's 1983 restoration. Hope you enjoyed the quizzes!

24. What job does Esther take after quitting the band that allows her to sing?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: a TV shampoo ad

Esther's always washing her hair, so naturally she lands a gig singing for a TV marionette for "Trinidad Cononut Oil Shampoo", one of the funniest bits in the film! While she's not a singing waitress, she does work as a drive-in waitress in one of the restored cut scenes. And Garland did a catoon voice-over in real life: Mewsette in the 60's cartoon "Gay Purr-ee".

25. What song won an Oscar, two Grammys, and a Golden Globe for the film's female star?

From Quiz "A Star is Born" (1976 Version)

Answer: Evergreen

This song won Barbra these awards and it was her debut in song writing.

26. What held up Norman from finding a movie job for Esther?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: a bout of flu after a shoot

Norman got the flu after he got soaked while doing a pirate movie on location. Esther thought Norman stood her up, but Norman was determined to find her and set things straight.

27. What was the name of the apartment building Esther first stayed at?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: Oleander Arms

Esther was dropped off there after she saved Norman's sozzled bacon at the benefit. Later, after she left, Norman remembered the hotel's name was that of a flower, and when discovering the name, snapped to the landlady, "I bet you never saw an oleander in your life!"

28. What's the name of the hotel where Norman finally finds Esther?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: Lancaster

Norman finally locates Esther at the two-story Lancaster while she dries her hair on the roof.

29. What's the body part that three makeup artists at the Niles studio agree is Esther's worst?

From Quiz "A Star Is Born" (1954), Part 1

Answer: nose

Starting with the nose, the three men give Esther such a horrendous makeup job that Norman laughs hysterically! Fortunately, he gives Esther a more natural job in his dressing room.

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