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3 Rosemary's Baby quizzes and 35 Rosemary's Baby trivia questions.
  Rosemary's Baby Quiz Challenge   top quiz  
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I love horror movies, and this is one of the most frightening films I've ever seen. Polanski did an excellent job with it. Enjoy the quiz!
Average, 15 Qns, rj211, Sep 27 03
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  Rosemary's Baby Test Your Knowledge    
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Definitely one of the most classic horror films ever made, "Rosemary's Baby" is a movie that sparked controversy, and a lot of good quiz questions! Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, Firedancer002, May 16 03
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  What do you know about Rosemary's Baby?   popular trivia quiz  
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Here is a fantastically titillating quiz just for you!
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trivia question Quick Question
Hutch leaves a book for Rosemary, and she tries to determine what the title is an anagram for. What does she use to help her do this?

From Quiz "Rosemary's Baby"

Rosemary's Baby Trivia Questions

1. Who directed "Rosemary's Baby"?

From Quiz
Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Roman Polanski

"Rosemary's Baby" was Polanski's very first American film. He is from Poland.

2. When Rosemary and Guy are taking the tour of the apartment, the notice the herb garden. What herbs does Rosemary point out?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: mint and basil

Guy responds with, 'no marijuana?'

3. What is Guy's response when Rosemary comes home with her new Vidal Sasoon haircut?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: "What's that?"

The fact that she cuts her hair in the middle of the film adds an element of reality to the situation. Rosemary goes from being an innocent-looking, happy young girl to a ghastly, very sick-looking woman.

4. What is the profession of Rosemary's husband, Guy?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Actor

"He was in 'Luther' and 'Nobody Loves an Albatross' and a lot of television plays and commercials." Rosemary tells anyone who asks about his profession.

5. What was the name of the building Rosemary and Guy moved into?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: The Bramford

It was The Dakota, but the film renamed it The Bramford. It's on Manhattan's upper west side.

6. What does Minnie Castevet serve the Woodhouses for dinner?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Steak and cake

One of my favorite scenes is when Minnie is voraciously eating the grotesquely unappealing cake. Her mannerisms are so extravagant and fantastically farcical.

7. How did Terry die?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: She jumped out a window.

The Castevets told the police that Terry got depressed every three weeks.

8. What background noise is predominantly heard in the film?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: The ticking of a clock

While many of these noises are commonly heard in the movie, the predominant one is indubitably the ticking of the bedside clock. It seeps into Rosemary's dreams, and can be heard whenever there is a scene in the bedroom (which is the most frequent setting).

9. What is in the odd necklace Minnie gives Rosemary?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Tanis root

This is the same necklace Terri wears at the beginning of the film. The director made it a point to have it stand out on Terri's lifeless body after her suicidal jump from her apartment window.

10. What drink do the Castevets serve when Rosemary and Guy eat dinner with them?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Vodka Blush

Roman filled the glasses a bit too much and ended up spilling a little on the floor.

11. Which actor plays the voice of Donald Baumgard?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Tony Curtis

This scene, which happens to be my favorite, has a unique quality to it. Polanski was playing a little joke on Mia and used Tony Curtis, a friend of hers, as the voice of Donald Baumgard. The fact that Farrow was acting out the scene, as well as trying to place the familiar voice, adds an element of curtness and intrigue to the dialog.

12. What happens to Guy's actor friend that allows Guy to step in and take over his role?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: He goes blind

This is one of the first hints that something weird might be going on. After a dinner date, Guy comes home with his friend's tie, and now that the Castevets have an item of his in their posession, they are able to cast a spell and make him go blind.

13. What kind of jewelry do the Castavets give Rosemary?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: necklace

It's the same charm necklace that supposedly brought Terry good luck. It had tanise root in it, which smelled awful.

14. What does Rosemary say to herself in the mirror when she's putting the Tanis Root necklace into her vanity drawer?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: "Tanis, anyone?"

A great, cooky scene. Polanski is brilliant.

15. In what kind of dessert does Minnie disguise a sedative for Rosemary?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: chocolate mousse

After this weird sedative takes over, Rosemary has horrible dreams of being raped by a beast, only it wasn't a dream.

16. What did Minnie Castevet make for Rosemary and her husband on baby night?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: chocolate mousse

She called it 'chocolate mouse' and it was drugged for Rosemary.

17. Who does Rosemary apologize to when being raped by the Devil?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: The Pope

She actually apologizes for not "coming to see him," and proceeds to explain that she "was bitten by a mouse," meaning Minnie's chocolate mousse. The seamless transitions between dream-reality percepts helps give the film a characteristic fluidity.

18. What two names does Rosemary keep calling the baby?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Baby Andy or Jenny

It was Andy for a boy and Jenny for a girl.

19. What work of art was part of Rosemary's baby night hallucination?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Sistine Chapel

She was lying under it on some scaffolding.

20. At what point in the film does Rosemary realize that Dr. Sapirstein is a satanist?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: When the nurse says he smells like Tanis Root

When Rosemary's waiting to see the doctor, the nurse complements her on her perfume, saying it's "an improvement on your regular... Maybe the doctor will follow your example," indicating that the doctor, too, occasionally smells like Tanis Root.

21. What do the Castevets end up naming the Satanic child?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Adrian

The baby was laid in a black, satin bassinette with an upside-down cross as a mobile.

22. What did Dr. Hill want to check, requiring Rosemary to return and give more blood?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: blood sugars

She said she would go back Monday to give it, but ended up with Dr. Sapirstein.

23. In Rosemary's first dream, who does the nun primarily represent?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Minnie Castevet

The nun could actually be representative of many things, but in this instance it's Minnie Castevet. She has Minnie's characteristic voice and mannerisms. In this context, Minnie is yelling at Roman about Terry's death; this auditory stimulus is embedded in Rosemary's dream, which initially concerns mainly Terry, death, and religion in general (they all sort of go hand in hand).

24. Where does Rosemary meet Terri?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: In the basement

Rosemary asks Terri if she's "...the famous actress Victoria Vetri..." The name of the actress who plays Terri is Victoria Vetri.

25. When Hutch is visiting Rosemary, Roman Castevet drops by. What does Rosemary later tell Hutch she had just noticed about him?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: He has pierced ears.

And Hutch replies that the man has 'pierced ears and piercing eyes.'

26. What excerpt from the former tenant's journal did Rosemary read when looking through the apartment?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: "I can no longer associate myself."

This passage sets a somber, frightening mood upon the scene, hampering Rosemary's delight concerning the apartment and enticing the viewer's curiosity.

27. What was the real name of the apartment building in which the movie was shot?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: The Dakota Building

The apartment was renamed "The Bramford" for the movie. In a strange coincidence, Polanski's pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered by the Charles Manson gang. The gang named their murder spree "Helter Skelter", after the Beatles song. In 1980, John Lennon was murdered outside The Dakota Building.

28. After Hutch and Rosemary speak, Guy comes home (to steal the glove) and puts a bunch of cigarette packs on the table. What brand are they?

From Quiz Rosemary's Baby

Answer: Pall Mall

Must have been a product placement.

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