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2 Simon Birch quizzes and 35 Simon Birch trivia questions.
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I think "Simon Birch" is a wonderful movie. If you haven't seen so, then be sure to take this quiz.
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  Simon Birch    
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This is about the 1998 movie, starring Ashley Judd, Joseph Mazzello and Ian Michael Smith.
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trivia question Quick Question
What did Joe's grandma die of in June?

From Quiz "Simon Birch"

Simon Birch Trivia Questions

1. Where does the movie take place?

From Quiz
Simon Birch

Answer: Gravestown, Maine

It takes place around the coast of Maine. Gravestown is a fictional town, where granite is mined. Simon's dad owns a granite company.

2. Where does "Simon Birch" take place?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Gravestown, Maine

It probably wasn't supposed to have a huge population. I looked up the town, and at least now, in the current atlas, there is no such town.

3. Who does Rebecca meet on the Boston & Maine?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Ben Goodrich

Ben is a drama teacher. During his first visit with the Wenteworths, he gets distracted while scooping some peas and talking. He ends up filling most of his dinner plate with peas, and after realizing how much he has, he scoops some of them back into the bowl full of peas. He also brings a present for Joe, which turns out to be a stuffed armadillo. Joe says that he doesn't want it, so Simon asks if he could have it.

4. Who plays Joe as an adult?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Jim Carrey

This is probably the smallest role Jim Carrey has ever had - but I bet it was the most memorable!

5. What are the names of Simon's parents?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Their names aren't mentioned

People call them Mr. and Mrs. Birch. Simon is recorded as the smallest delivery in the history of Gravestown Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Birch never feels any pain and she sneezes Simon out. They ignore Simon, so Simon stays with the Wenteworths most of the time.

6. Simon is always saying he is what?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: a miracle

He might have been deprived, because his parents didn't have anything to do with him, but he was really upbeat - most of the time.

7. What is Simon's best friend's name?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Joe

They play for the tiger little league baseball team. After some games, they go to a lake for a swim.

8. Who plays Joe's mother in the movie?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Ashley Judd

It's too bad she couldn't be in the whole movie.

9. What is Joe's primary goal in life?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: To find out who his father is

Joe doesn't know who his father is because his mom, Rebecca won't tell him. She never even told anyone, not even her mother.

10. When Simon was born, his mother had no labor pains to speak of. What did she do that caused his birth?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: she sneezed

This is after ONE sneeze! If only we could all have babies that easy.

11. Who is the Sunday school teacher Simon and Joe have?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Miss Leavy

Joe states that her name suits her perfectly because she is always leaving class to smoke a cigarette. Nobody likes Miss Leavy, and she doesn't seem to like the students.

12. What was the statement Simon made about God...that he wasn't a(an) what?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: continential breakfast

Simon made A LOT of observations!

13. Who plays the adult Joe Wenteworth?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Jim Carrey

This is probably Jim's shortest role, but likely the most memorable. Adult Joe narrates the movie, since it is a flashback of Joe's childhood.

14. Who is the baseball coach?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Mr. Higgins

Whenever Simon goes up to bat, Mr. Higgins always tells Simon not to swing the bat because Simon's strike zone is minuscule. The only time he tells Simon to swing is on October 30, 1964, which leads to Rebecca's death.

15. What did Ben Goodrich bring to the house the first time he came to visit?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: a stuffed armadillo

It was supposed to be an ice breaker. I think it worked. The armadillo became a favorite of Simon's.

16. What does Simon always practice at the lake?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Holding his breath

Simon already knows how to swim. Although his baseball cards are his prized possession, he never takes them to the lake with him. Simon practices holding his breath because he believes it's his destiny. Toward the end of the movie, there turns out to be a good reason why Simon practiced holding his breath.

17. How did Joe's mother die?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: hit in the head with a baseball

Simon hit the ball - one of the only times he ever actually hit the ball. Simon was closer to Joe's mom than his own. Who can blame him?

18. Who turns out to be Joe's father?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Reverend Russell

After Rev. Russell throws a set of keys to Joe, he catches them with his left hand, and Rev. Russell tells Joe about meeting his mother 13 years ago. Joe then regrets finding out.

19. When did Rebecca, Joe's mom, die?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: October 30, 1964

That was NOT a good day!

20. Who plays Simon Birch?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Ian Michael Smith

Has anyone heard anything about Ian since then...?

21. What is Simon's most prized possession?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: baseball card collection

Simon all but slept with his cigar box of baseball cards- One of his favorite possessions.

22. What became one of Joe's main goals in life?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: to find out who his father was

Joe didn't wonder too much about his father till he was 12 or so - going through life as "the Wentworth bastard" gets to a person eventually.

23. Why did Simon "get" to be the baby Jesus in the Christmas pagent?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: he was the only one that fit into the manger

And I suppose to find a doll would have been too easy?!

24. What did Simon keep practicing when he and Joe went to the lake?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: holding his breath under water

The ability to hold his breath would come in real handy.

25. What was the Bible verse Reverand Russell quoted when he and Simon were talking in his office?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Proverbs 17 Verse 26

Did those two ever know their Bible!

26. What was the name of the Sunday school teacher that both Joe and Simon had?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Miss Agnes Leavy

She ended up taking an extended leave of absence to be with her mother - Simon wore her out.

27. What happened to the boy who played the angel?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: he threw up all over Miss Leavy

He told Miss Leavy he got air sick. Simon would have been the logical choice for the angel.

28. What big thing happened on the way home from the winter retreat?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: the bus went off the road, trying to avoid a deer in the road and went into the lake

And Simon finally figured out "his destiny".

29. Who turns out to be Joe's father?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: Reverand Russell

One thing that is the same about them is that they are both left-handers.

30. Simon broke into Reverand Russell's office to get his baseball card collection back. What else did he find while he was there?

From Quiz Simon Birch

Answer: the baseball that killed Joe's mother.

The proof that was needed to prove who Joe's dad was. Who else would keep the fatal baseball? Wonder if Mrs. Russell knew about Joe?

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