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2 Hayao Miyazaki quizzes and 20 Hayao Miyazaki trivia questions.
  Hayao Miyazaki Creations    
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Hayao Miyazaki is the director of some classic animated creations. Test your knowledge on his films.
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  Hayao Miyazaki    
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This quiz is based on the movies made by famed Japanese Anime director, Hayao Miyazaki.
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Who voiced the evil Col. Muska from "Castle in the Sky"?

From Quiz "Hayao Miyazaki"

Hayao Miyazaki Trivia Questions

1. In which film does the heroine meet a living scarecrow?

From Quiz
Hayao Miyazaki Creations

Answer: Howl's Moving Castle

Sofi, a girl who has a curse placed upon her, meets a Scarecrow who isn't all that he seems in "Howl's Moving Castle". As Sofi tries to live with her curse she learns that some people have lives harder than she does. Markl, Calcifer, Howl and Sofi share many experiences as they try to keep their beloved castle form falling apart.

2. This is the story of a young witch learning magic in the big city. Which movie is this?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki

Answer: Kiki's Delivery Service

In the story of "Kiki's Delivery Service", Kiki is a witch in training who must go to a city of her choice and live on her own for one year. She lives in a bakery and operates a delivery service since the only witch craft she is good at is broom flying.

3. Ashitaka is the focal character of which Hayao Miyazaki movie?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki Creations

Answer: Princess Mononoke

On a journey to find a way to rid his body of an incurable disease, Ashitaka must head to the east. When he arrives he finds himself in the middle of a battle between giant forest animals and an iron mining town. The Leader of this town is trying to kill the forest spirit but the animals must stop her because the death of the spirit will mean destruction for all. Ashitaka and Princess Mononoke must find a way to save the forest spirit from being killed.

4. Which movie is about a five year old boy and his princess goldfish?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki Creations

Answer: Ponyo on the Cliff

"Ponyo on the Cliff" is an adventure about a boy and his royal fish. The fish desperatley wishes to be human, to fulfill her goals, and in doing so befriends a five year old boy. The five year old boy is based on Hayoa's son when he was five.

5. In this world, pigs can fly. Which movie is this?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki

Answer: Porco Rosso

In "Porco Rosso" an ace pilot named Marco Rossolinni has his face transformed into that of a pig. Even with his new features, he continues to fly his plane, fighting seaplane pirates for bounty.

6. In the movie "Spirited Away", Chihiro befriends which combination of characters?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki Creations

Answer: No Face, Haku, Boh

When Chihiro arrives at the bath house, she meets No Face, who is horrible monster that eats everyone until he is extremely obese. He does not try to eat Chihiro, instead he offers her a great deal of gold. Boh is the baby of the Bath House owner Yubaba; he is humungous and very stupid. When Yubaba's twin sister arrives, she turns Boh into a mouse. Chihiro takes Boh because his mother doesn't recognise him. Haku is a young boy who has forgetton his name, little does he know that he is a sacred river spirit. Haku is the first to befriend Chihiro in an attempt to save her life.

7. The world is post-apocalyptic. I fight against those who would stop the world from rejuvenating. I am a friend of the bugs. Who am I?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki

Answer: Nausicaä

"Nausicaä and the Valley of the Wind" tells the tale of a world destroyed by polution. Those who survived the catastrophe try to live while defending themselves against giant teretorial insects and clouds of poison mist. Jiji is Kiki's cat from "Kiki's Delivery Service", Lady Eboshi is the leader of an all woman work force in "Princess Mononoke" and Dola is the captain of the Dola Pirates in "Castle in the Sky" also known as "Laputa".

8. In the Movie "Princess Mononoke", who has been raised by wolves?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki Creations

Answer: San

San is Princess Mononoke and she lives and has been raised by wolves. They live together in the forest with other packs of animals, such as the Boars.

9. The name of this movie was "Laputa" in Japan. What was new name for the overseas release?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki

Answer: Castle in the Sky

In the story of "Castle in the Sky" we follow the journey of a boy named Pazu who dreams of finding the lost city of Laputa. He joins with a girl named Sheeta who turns out to be a Laputian Princess.

10. Which movie has a main character named Satsuki?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki Creations

Answer: Tonari no Totoro

Satsuki is the main character of Tonari no Totoro. When her father moves them to an old rural Japanese house, Satsuki must learn to live in her new surroundings - even if that means befriending those who she might not have before. Things get worse before they get better, when her mother becomes ill.

11. What are the words to the ancient Laputian spell as spoken in "Castle in the Sky"?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki

Answer: Leetay latuparita ulus arialos balu netoreel

These magic words were taught to Sheeta by her grandmother. They translate from the ancient language of the Laputians as "save me and revive the eternal light". When cast, this spell reveals the location of the lost city, Laputa.

12. In "Howl's Moving Castle", who or what is Markl?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki Creations

Answer: He is Howl's assistant.

Markl is a boy who works for Howl and helps him. He is no more then six years old but is beginning to practice his magic skills, and is becoming rather good at it. Howl looks after Markl as a friend and almost as a son. This happy-go-lucky child always has a smile on his face.

13. Who voiced the evil Col. Muska from "Castle in the Sky"?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki

Answer: Mark Hamill

After making the "Star Wars" movies, Mark Hamill's career went downhill. However, he made a comeback by becoming a voice actor for cartoons and voiced several wonderful characters such as Col. Muska and even the Joker from "Batman: The Animated Series". James Van Der Beek voiced Pazu, who is also from "Castle in the Sky", Billy Crudup voiced Ashitaka from "Princess Mononoke" and Matthew Lawrence voiced Tombo from "Kiki's Delivery Service".

14. In the English version of "Howl's Moving Castle", who does Calcifer's voice over?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki Creations

Answer: Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal is the voice of Calcifer, the flame that keeps Howl alive. Calcifer is a very important character and Crystal brings that out with his witty one liners, as the heart of Howl. Crystal's distinct voice cannot be mistaken when he takes on this role as the fire headed complainer.

15. Who voiced Sheeta in "Castle in the Sky"?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki

Answer: Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin from "X-Men" voiced Sheeta as well as James Ray Steam from Otomo's "Steamboy". Gillian Anderson voiced Moro and Claire Danes voiced Mononoke both from "Princess Mononoke". Kirsten Dunst voiced Kiki from "Kiki's Delivery Service".

16. What is the Japansese title of "Laputa: Castle in the Sky"?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki Creations

Answer: Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta

"Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta" means "Castle in the Sky" and was the original Japanese title for the movie. "Castle in the Sky" is about a young boy and girl with a magical crystal. They must fight off pirates in search of a hidden floating castle.

17. In "Spirited Away", what is Haku's real name?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki

Answer: Kohaku River

Haku is actually the spirit of the Kohaku River. After his river was filled in and apartments were built in its place, Haku forgot who he was and wandered into the trap of Yubaba, living his life in servitude until Chihiro remembered his name.

18. At the end of "Spirited Away" who do we find out Haku really is?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki Creations

Answer: The Kohaku river spirit

Haku had forgotten his real name but Chihiro reminds him at the end of the movie that he really is the Kohaku River Spirit. Although Haku doesn't leave the bath house, he is greatful to Chihiro for reminding him of his name. Now that both Chihiro and Haku know their real names they are able to leave anytime they want, just as long as they don't forget.

19. What is the name of Hayao Miyazaki's studio?

From Quiz Hayao Miyazaki

Answer: Ghibli

Studio Ghibli is the animation studio that was created by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. For more information, visit the following website.

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