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3 New Order quizzes and 30 New Order trivia questions.
  Multiple Choice Quiz about New Order   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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I noticed there wasn't already a quiz on this new wave band, so I decided to write one myself.
Average, 10 Qns, Dizart, Jul 05 14
Dizart gold member
235 plays
  The Ultimate New Order Quiz    
Multiple Choice
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A quiz about the famous Manchester band New Order. It may cause "Confusion", but hopefully not "Regret"!
Tough, 10 Qns, Pelican22, Jul 05 14
208 plays
  Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!    
Multiple Choice
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New Order are, in my humble opinion, one of the most influential bands of all time. From early electronica to modern guitar rock, they cross genres with ease and sound as fresh today as when they started out. How much do you know about the band?
Average, 10 Qns, eddielang, Jul 05 14
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trivia question Quick Question
Which single from New Order's "Republic" album had official remixes called "Sabres Slo 'n' Lo" and "Sabres Fast 'n' Throb"?

From Quiz "New Order"

New Order Trivia Questions

1. After the death of Joy Division's lead singer Ian Curtis, the remaining members reformed as New Order. Their debut single consisted of two songs that used Curtis' lyrics: "Ceremony" and which other?

From Quiz
New Order

Answer: In A Lonely Place

"In A Lonely Place" appeared as the B-side to "Ceremony". "A Means To An End" was a Joy Division song issued on their second album "Closer". The other songs were New Order originals: "Chosen Time" appeared on the album "Movement", and "Cries And Whispers" on the 12" single of "Everything's Gone Green".

2. New Order were formed out of the ashes of which other UK band?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Joy Division

Joy Division were formed in 1976, and had a huge hit in 1980 with "Love Will Tears Us Apart". In May of that year, vocalist Ian Curtis committed suicide. The remaining band members wanted to carry on, but under a different name - thus New Order was born.

3. What year was New Order formed?

From Quiz Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!

Answer: 1980

The band was formed in 1980, following the suicide of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. Although initially unwilling to continue, Bernard Sumner was persuaded to become the new frontman of the band.

4. Complete the following unusual statement made in New Order's 1988 single "Fine Time": "I've met a lot of cool chicks, but I've never met a girl with..."

From Quiz New Order

Answer: All her own teeth

New Order would often give songs placeholder titles based on what they sounded like; famously, "Your Silent Face" was originally called "KW1" (the Kraftwerk One, because they thought it sounded like the German synth band) and the working title found its way onto some copies of the "Power, Corruption and Lies" album. They decided that the first single from the "Technique" album was going to be called "Fine Time" before they decided which song it would be, and eventually chose the song previously known as "Balearic Beat".

5. New Order are associated with the music scene of which UK city?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Manchester

All of the members of New Order come from the city of Manchester or the surrounding area. They are one of a number of bands that are associated with Madchester, a music scene from that city that developed in the late 1980s.

6. What was New Order's first album release?

From Quiz Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!

Answer: Movement

The band released "Movement" in November 1981. It sounds very similar to Joy Division's work, although the band had started to introduce synthesizers on severa tracks.

7. New Order's first official concert video "Taras Shevchenko" was filmed at the Ukrainian National Home in which city?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: New York

Taras Shevchenko is a famous Ukrainian writer whose portrait is prominently displayed in the venue and is seen at the beginning and end of the video, as well as in many of the long shots.

8. Who is both the lead singer and lead guitarist of New Order?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Bernard Sumner

Bernard Sumner was lead guitarist with Joy Division, and added lead vocals to his repertoire with New Order. In 1989, he collaborated with Johnny Marr of The Smiths in the short-lived band, Electronic. Gordon Sumner (better known as Sting) and Andy Summers were both members of The Police; Steve Summers was lead singer with Pretty Boy Floyd.

9. What is the best-selling 12" single of all time?

From Quiz Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!

Answer: Blue Monday

"Blue Monday" is the definitive New Order song. With a thumping drum beat, heavy use of synth and some frankly weirded out vocals, it set the template for all electronic music which followed.

10. New Order's first top ten UK single, which set a then record for the biggest-selling 12 inch single ever, was which 1983 release?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Blue Monday

"Blue Monday", with an original running time of around seven and a half minutes, has been remixed and re-released a number of times, and is generally regarded as the quintessential New Order song. The track didn't appear on any of the band's original studio albums, but is widely available on greatest hits compilations.

11. Which year did New Order co-write the official theme song for England's Football World Cup campaign?

From Quiz Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!

Answer: 1990

It was the year of Italia 90 and the peak of the dance music boom. The record was officially released under the band name, EnglandNewOrder.

12. The catalogue numbers of New Order's UK singles on Factory Records all shared a distinctive characteristic. What was it?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: They ended in "3"

This was the case all the way through from their first single on Factory, "Ceremony" (FAC-33) to their last, "World In Motion" (FAC-293). However, this does not mean that all Factory catalogue numbers that ended in a 3 were New Order singles. FAC-83 was a party at the Hacienda, FAC-113 was a single by The Wake, FAC-203 was a plastic ruler, and FAC-233 was a collection of financial accounts!

13. What was the title of New Order's official World Cup song?

From Quiz Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!

Answer: World In Motion

"World In Motion" set the high watermark for official England World Cup songs and was released to accompany the Italia 90 campaign. Featuring the quite-decent rap stylings of Mr John Barnes!

14. Which single from New Order's "Republic" album had official remixes called "Sabres Slo 'n' Lo" and "Sabres Fast 'n' Throb"?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Regret

These two contrasting remixes by Andrew Weatherall appeared on one side of the "Regret" 12" single, with mixes by Fire Island on the other side. Fire Island's Pete Heller had previously collaborated with Weatherall on remixes for the "World In Motion" single.

15. New Order teamed up with the England soccer team on the track "World in Motion"; which tournament was this song recorded for?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: 1990 World Cup

Officially recorded under the name "Englandneworder", "World in Motion" gave the band their first UK number one in June of 1990. The official team song for the World Cup in Italy, several members of the England squad performed backing vocals.

16. New Order went on hiatus in the 1990s. What side project did Bernard Sumner start with ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr?

From Quiz Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!

Answer: Electronic

Monaco was a revenge project set up by Peter Hook. Not to be left out, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris set themselves up as The Other Two. Me Me Me was a mid-90s band formed by Blur bass player Alex James and 80s star Stephen Duffy.

17. Which future Academy Award winner directed the video for New Order's 1987 single "Touched By the Hand Of God", in which the group appeared as a parody heavy rock band?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Kathryn Bigelow

Kathryn Bigelow became the first female winner of the Academy Award for Best Director in 2010 for "The Hurt Locker".

18. "Regret", released in 1993, was their biggest US hit of the 20th century, reaching number 28 on the Billboard chart. Which UK number one album was this track taken from?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Republic

"Republic" was the band's first studio album for three years and reached number one in the UK and number 11 in the USA. "Regret" made it to number four on the UK singles chart.

19. Which original band member left the group in 2001?

From Quiz Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!

Answer: Gillian Gilbert

Gillian left the group in 2001 to raise the family she had started with bandmate (and husband) Stephen Morris. She was replaced by Phil Cunningham, who occupies a slightly different role within the band, playing more guitar and less synthesizer.

20. The members of New Order have also appeared in various other bands over the years. "Twist of Fate", "Shine Like the Sun" and "Dynamo" are all songs recorded by which side project?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Bad Lieutenant

Bad Lieutenant was the side project of Bernard Sumner and Phil Cunningham, and all of these songs appeared on their 2009 album "Never Cry Another Tear".

21. New Order broke up in 1993 before getting back together again in 1997. They didn't make another album until "Get Ready" in 2001; which track off this album gave them their first top ten single in seven years?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Crystal

"Crystal" reached number eight on the UK singles chart, while its parent album, "Get Ready", made it to number six.

22. Which band took their name from a fictional band in New Order's video for the 2001 hit, "Crystal"?

From Quiz Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!

Answer: The Killers

The fictional band in the video for "Crystal" is named "The Killers" (the name can be seen on the bass drum in the video). This name later inspired four guys from Las Vegas to call their band by the same moniker. In 2005, at Scotland's T in the Park festival, New Order performed "Crystal" with The Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers singing the main vocals in a guest performance

23. New Order wrote the theme for a programme in BBC2's "youth TV" strand, DEF-II. Which programme?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Reportage

They later reworked this theme to create the number one hit "World In Motion" - much to the annoyance of the BBC, who thought they were getting an exclusive piece of music!

24. The 2005 album "Waiting for the Siren's Call" was the band's first studio album not to feature which long-standing band member?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Gillian Gilbert

Gillian Gilbert was a keyboard player, guitarist, and occasional backing vocalist who joined the band in 1980. She married fellow band member Stephen Morris in 1983 and was absent from the 2005 album "Waiting for the Siren's Call" while she brought up their children. Phil Cunningham was brought in to replace her.

25. Which artist is associated with the packaging of New Order albums?

From Quiz Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!

Answer: Peter Saville

Peter Saville is a London-based graphic designer who has received widespread praise for his work on New Order album covers, particularly 1983's "Power, Corruption & Lies".

26. John Denver's publishers successfully claimed for plagiarism over New Order's 1989 single "Run 2". Which well-known song had the group unwittingly copied?

From Quiz New Order

Answer: Leaving On A Jet Plane

New Order consulted an expert musicologist who told them that the disputed passages were practically identical, so they decided not to contest the claim. Denver's estate still gets a cut of the royalties.

27. What is the title of New Order's 2005 album?

From Quiz Power, Corruption and Lies. A New Order Quiz!

Answer: Waiting For The Siren's Call

After the guitar-driven rock of 2001's "Get Ready", "Waiting For The Siren's Call" represented a return to the electronic stylings of songs such as "Blue Monday". "Guilt Is A Useless Emotion" is arguably their most uplifting, euphoric track since "Blue Monday". The album also featured Scissor Sisters' Ana Matronic guesting on "Jetstream".

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