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3 The Shadows quizzes and 30 The Shadows trivia questions.
  The Shadows   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
As well as being Cliff Richard's backing group, The Shadows had a hugely successful career in their own right. This quiz is about the group and its members. Chart positions are UK specific.
Average, 10 Qns, rossian, Sep 02 10
rossian editor
666 plays
  The Music of The Shadows   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The Shadows are the most successful UK instrumental group ever. They even found time to perform as a backing group for Cliff Richard, of whom you may have heard. How well do you know them and their music?
Average, 10 Qns, shipyardbernie, Sep 02 10
shipyardbernie gold member
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  The Shadows: Quirky Song Titles   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The Shadows, arguably the top U.K. instrumental quartet, formed in 1958. They recorded many self penned tracks over the years. Some of their tunes had tongue in cheek titles, such as 'The Flyder and the Spy' What others can you recall?
Average, 10 Qns, casey317, Sep 02 10
337 plays

The Shadows Trivia Questions

1. Their first UK chart entry and number one hit was named for a native American tribe. Can you name it?

From Quiz
The Music of The Shadows

Answer: Apache

The Shadows spent five weeks at number one on the UK chart with "Apache" in 1960. They never had any chart hits in the US. British guitarist Bert Weedon recorded a version which reached number 24 on the UK chart the same year. Danish Guitarist Jorgen Ingmann's version never charted in the UK but reached number two on the US pop chart in 1961. Sonny James wrote lyrics to the song and had a number 87 hit on the US pop chart in 1961. "Apache" (named after a Burt Lancaster movie) was written by British singer/songwriter Jerry Lordan. He had his only UK top 20 hit with "Who Could Be Bluer" at number 17 in 1960.

2. 'The Shadows' were formed in 1958 when the group members were Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Jet Harris and which drummer?

From Quiz The Shadows

Answer: Tony Meehan

Brian Bennett was Tony Meehan's replacement when Meehan and Harris left the group. Keith Moon was 'The Who's' infamous drummer and Pete Best was the original drummer for 'The Beatles'.

3. When were The Shadows not The Shadows? They were Cliff Richard's backing band on many of his hits before, during and after their own hits. What was their name when they backed Cliff on the UK number one hit "Living Doll" in 1959?

From Quiz The Music of The Shadows

Answer: The Drifters

The American Drifters took out an injunction in the US to prevent them using The Drifters name so The Shadows were born. After many personnel changes there were none of the original UK Drifters still in the line up when Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan became The Shadows. They had changed their name by the time "Travellin' Light" was a UK number one for Cliff Richard & The Shadows in 1959. The Vipers & The Five Chesternuts were groups that various members of the Shadows had been in before they joined The Drifters, later The Shadows. Odd one out was The Quarrymen, it was one of a number of names The Beatles had called themselves.

4. From the 1977 Shadows album 'Tasty' came what Bennett/Marvin/Welch tune with a distinctly British ring to it? Hope this clue doesn't stump you.

From Quiz The Shadows: Quirky Song Titles

Answer: Cricket Bat Boogie

'Cricket Bat Boogie' was among an eclectic list of originals and covers, including The Shadows version of The Stones 'Honky Tonk Woman' and Elton's 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'.

5. In 1966 The Shadows released an E.P. with a catchy title that Lewis Carroll may have found quirky, unless he knew Hank Marvin's home town. What was the name of this E.P?

From Quiz The Shadows: Quirky Song Titles

Answer: Alice in Sunderland

This E.P title suggests a cross reference to Alice in Wonderland meeting the city of Sunderland U.K. which is very close to Newcastle, where both Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch grew up. Apart from this track, written by Bennett/Welch/Marvin/Rostill, there was 'Stingray', 'Dakota' and 'Don't It Make You Feel Good', which, as I recall, was a vocal track. E.Ps (that's a seven inch extended play vinyl record with usually a coloured cover) in the 60s had four tracks, two on each side and were good value for poor but dedicated fans.

6. The Shadows were originally known by a different name, but had to change it due to an American group having the same name. What was it?

From Quiz The Shadows

Answer: Drifters

The American Drifters are well known in the UK, having featured great singers such as Clyde McPhatter and Ben E. King. The Shadows are better known for instrumentals than for their singing abilities.

7. Two members of The Shadows left the group and had UK chart success as a duo. Who were they?

From Quiz The Music of The Shadows

Answer: Jet Harris & Tony Meehan

Jet Harris & Tony Meehan had a UK number one for three weeks with their very first single after leaving The Shadows, "Diamonds" in 1963. It knocked "Dance On" by The Shadows off the top spot which in turn had knocked Cliff Richard & The Shadows double A-side "The Next Time"/"Bachelor Boy" off the top spot. To top it all, "Diamonds" was written by Jerry Lordan who had written The Shadows first number one "Apache". Tony Meehan left The Shadows in 1961 to work as an A&R man at Decca UK. He also played as a session man on various records including hits by Billy Fury and Frank Ifield. Jet Harris left The Shadows in 1962 after disagreements and an alleged liaison between his wife and Cliff Richard.

8. The Shadows had a UK chart hit in 1961 named for the craft that Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl sailed across the pacific ocean in, in 1947. What was the name of the craft?

From Quiz The Music of The Shadows

Answer: Kon-Tiki

"Kon-Tiki" by The Shadows was their second UK number one and it hit the top spot for one week in 1961. The Kon-Tiki expedition by Thor Heyerdahl was to see if a craft built from Balsa wood and other available materials of the time, could have been sailed across the pacific from South America to Polynesia century's before. After a 4,300 mile journey which lasted over 100 days the Kon-Tiki ran aground on a reef in the Tuamotu Islands, proving it could have been done.

9. Can you complete the title of this Marvin/Welch/Bennett tune, found on The Shadows 'Hits Right up Your Street' album from early 1980s? They called it 'Hats off To _________________'

From Quiz The Shadows: Quirky Song Titles

Answer: Wally

To me, it's a play on the 1961 world wide hit for Del Shannon called 'Hats off To Larry'. Also on the album such diverse covers as the beautiful 'One Day I'll Fly Away' and 'The Third Man'.

10. 'You can't do that, the Stones have used it already', screamed The Shadows' manager as they compiled the running order for the album called 'Rockin' with Curly Leads'. So what did The Shads rename the track in question?

From Quiz The Shadows: Quirky Song Titles

Answer: Jumpin' Jack Input

Farrar/Bennett/Marvin/Welch share writing credits for this song. John Farrar is an Australian guitarist who grew up in Melbourne, and played with a very popular group called The Strangers who were Melbourne's Shadows and went on to back many local artists on the T.V. teen shows of the era. Imagine what John thought years later when he became a Shadow? But there's more. As a 'baby' bass player I was in a big band in Melbourne in the late 60s and several times we backed John's future wife, vocalist Pat Carroll. Four degrees of separation to The Shadows?

11. Which nice place were The Shadows in with their biggest hit single? It was their longest stay at number one on the UK chart.

From Quiz The Music of The Shadows

Answer: Wonderful Land

"Wonderful Land" spent eight weeks at number one on the UK chart in 1962. It was the most weeks at number one for any Shadows record and the most for any record in 1962. "Wonderful Land" was the second and last number one single written by Jerry Lordan for The Shadows. "Wondrous Place" was a number 25 hit on the UK chart in 1960 for Billy Fury. "Wonderful World" was a number 27 hit on the UK chart in 1960 and reached number two on re-release in 1986 for Sam Cooke. It reached number 12 on the US pop chart in 1960. "Wonderful World Of The Young" was a number eight hit on the UK chart for Danny Williams in 1962.

12. 'I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur' was the B side of what 1965 Shadows single that made the UK charts?

From Quiz The Shadows: Quirky Song Titles

Answer: War Lord

'Arthur' was written by bass player John Rostill. John was the last fully-fledged (and longest serving) permanent bass player with The Shadows. He joined after Brian 'Liquorice' Locking left in 1964 and played with them till they went their separate ways in the late 60s. He then became Tom Jones' bass player. Sadly in November 1973 he died after accidentally being electrocuted in his home recording studio. 'Shimmy Like My Sister Kate' was a popular tune from well before the 1950s.

13. In 1975 The Shadows were chosen by the BBC to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. Can you name the song they sang from these lyrics? "I'll even bring along a magic moon Just to make you feel alright"

From Quiz The Music of The Shadows

Answer: Let Me Be The One

"Let Me Be The One" came second to "Ding-A-Dong" by The Teach-In's from Holland in the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest. In spite of that ignominious defeat "Let Me Be The One" reached number 12 on the UK chart in 1975. Most of The Shadows hits were instrumentals but they did make the UK chart with some vocal hits. All of the alternate titles were vocal hits by The Shadows. "Mary Anne" reached number 17 in 1965. "I Met A Girl" reached number 22 in 1966. "Don't Make My Baby Blue" reached number 10 in 1965.

14. The Shadows released many an E.P. over their recording career. The title to this E.P. (and a track on it) was NOT 'Rhythm & Blues' but what?

From Quiz The Shadows: Quirky Song Titles

Answer: Rhythm & Greens

"Rhythm & Greens". Oh how I remember that EP cover. 'The Shads' in a punt dressed all medieval. Probably the first EP I purchased, and the actual 'Rhythm & Greens' track had LYRICS. As I write this I am singing them. 'Yeah, baby, ohh, ahh, Yeah, baby, ohh, ahh, Yeah, baby, ohh, ahh, Yeah, baby, ohh, ahh' and you get the picture.

15. This instrumental was The Shadows fifth and final UK number one. You can hear it every Saturday as it introduces "Sounds Of The Sixties" with Brian Matthew at 8.00am on BBC Radio 2. Do you know the title?

From Quiz The Music of The Shadows

Answer: Foot Tapper

"Foot Tapper" was written by Shadows Hank Marvin & Bruce Welch. It took over the UK number one spot from "Summer Holiday" by Cliff Richard & The Shadows which was written by Shadows Bruce Welch & Brian Bennett. "Foot Tapper" was number one for one week in 1963. The next UK number one was "How Do You Do It" by Gerry and The Pacemakers, followed by "From Me To You" by The Beatles, followed by "I Like It" by Gerry & The Pacemakers. A whole new era had begun and many fell by the wayside in it's wake. All the alternate titles are by The Shadows. "Atlantis" reached number two in 1963. "Shindig" reached number six in 1963. "Geronimo" reached number 11 in 1963.

16. Correctly name the title of a tune from The Shadows L.P. 'Out of The Shadows' by selecting the missing words from the song title 'Theme From ___________ Place'.

From Quiz The Shadows: Quirky Song Titles

Answer: a Filleted

Subtle, subtle, I would have called it 'Theme From a Filleted Plaice', but then I had nothing to do with the writing of it, Harris/Marvin/Welch get the credits. The Percy Faith Orchestra had a huge world wide hit with 'The Theme From a Summer Place' (not Sumner) in 1960, following the success of the film of the same name. It's very possible this helped The Shadows in having a basis to name their tune.

17. Following the break-up of the group, Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch went on to form a singing group with which man?

From Quiz The Shadows

Answer: John Farrar

Farnham & Rowles were solo singers and Sebastian is from the 'Lovin' Spoonful'. Farrar came from Australia, where he worked closely with Olivia Newton-John (yes, her again). Marvin, Welch and Farrar released two albums in 1972 and 1973, but had no hit singles. John Farrar wrote the songs 'Hopelessly Devoted to You' and 'You're the One That I Want' for the film version of 'Grease'.

18. The Shadows had one double A-sided hit on the UK chart. One side was "Man Of Mystery", what was the title of the other side?

From Quiz The Music of The Shadows

Answer: The Stranger

"Man Of Mystery/The Stranger" was The Shadows second UK hit and reached number five in 1960. It was their only double sided hit in 21 years of UK chart hits, 1960 to 1981. All the alternate titles are by The Shadows. "Quartermaster's Stores" was the B-side of the 1960 number one hit "Apache". "Peace Pipe" was the B-side of the 1961 number 10 hit "The Savage". "Stars Fell On Stockton" was the B-side of the 1962 number one hit "Wonderful Land".

19. 'Wonderful Land' was a number one hit record for The Shadows in U.K. and Australia circa 1962. Like all singles there was a B side. I recall a four bar whistling chorus on the 'flip' side. Can you select the quirky title the lads gave it?

From Quiz The Shadows: Quirky Song Titles

Answer: Stars Fell on Stockton

'Stars Fell on Alabama'(Parish/Perkins) was a very popular tune long before The Shadows recorded 'Stars Fell on Stockton'. Stockton U.K. is reasonably close to Newcastle (Bruce and Hank territory originally) so here maybe is the source for the twist in the title?

20. The Shadows returned to the charts in 1978, reaching number 5 with an instrumental version of which song from a musical?

From Quiz The Shadows

Answer: Don't Cry For Me Argentina

From 'Evita', of course. The other choices are all from musicals, 'Carousel', 'Chess' and 'Cats'. They followed this hit with 'The Theme From the Deerhunter (Cavatina)' which reached number 9 in 1979 and a few more minor hits before disappearing from the charts again. As already mentioned, the group has reformed for their 50th anniversary tour. Hank, Bruce and Brian Bennett are all part of this group, with Mark Griffiths on bass.

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