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Fun Trivia
4 Stephen King quizzes and 40 Stephen King trivia questions.
  Stephen King: Horror and So Much More   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Stephen King is a writer who has created elegantly-written works in the genres of horror and fantasy. I hope this quiz, my first, motivates you to pick up any of his books and enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, austinnene, Jun 25 12
2098 plays
  Stephen King: What a Great Actor!...Not!   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Stephen King is one of my favorite authors, but his talent as an actor might be questionable, to say the least. Here's a quick little quiz about his cameo appearances in a few movies or TV mini-series, most based on his novels or stories. Have fun!
Tough, 10 Qns, doorsfan58, May 20 15
986 plays
  The Stephen "King of Horror"   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Stephen King's horror stories are very well known - but how much do you know about the man himself?
Average, 10 Qns, The_Cyclist, Mar 08 17
313 plays
  The Life and Times of Stephen King   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here are some fairly difficult questions about Stephen King's life and career.
Difficult, 10 Qns, filmmaker03, Jun 10 08
682 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Following graduation from college, King was unable immediately to find work related to his degree. Where did he work in the meantime?

From Quiz "Stephen King: Horror and So Much More"

Stephen King Trivia Questions

1. One of Steve's first roles was in which 1981 biker action flick directed by his good friend George Romero?

From Quiz
Stephen King: What a Great Actor!...Not!

Answer: Knightriders

"Knightriders" (1981), about a band of entertainers performing medieval acts from town to town (such as jousting on motorcycles) starred Ed Harris, Gary Lahti, and Tom (Makeup and Special Effects Artist Extraordinaire) Savini. The main theme of the film concerned the internal problems and strife of the troupe, along with the continuous harassment they encountered from local authorities. Steve, along with his wife Tabitha, got the small parts of Mr. and Mrs. Hoagie Man, as he was already on the set collaborating with Romero for the then upcoming "Creepshow". Steve's character was an obnoxious guy sitting in the bleachers eating a sandwich at the fairgrounds. Stephen King has won a multitude of writing awards for his body of work, including the Hugo Award for the 1982 non-fiction, "Danse Macabre", the O. Henry Award for 1996's "The Man in the Black Suit", the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters (2003), the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award (2003), as well as numerous wins and nominations for the Bram Stoker Award, the Horror Guild, the World Fantasy Awards, and the Locus Awards.

2. What degree did King receive from the University of Maine at Orono?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Stephen King

Answer: English

King got his Bachelor's in English, with a minor in speech. He was also very interested in drama.

3. While at college, King wrote a column for the student newspaper. What was the column called?

From Quiz The Stephen "King of Horror"

Answer: Steve King's Garbage Truck

King studied English at the University of Maine between 1966 and 1970. While at college he wrote for the university newspaper, 'The Maine Campus', including a column which he says the editor named 'Steve King's Garbage Truck'. Although he is now famous for writing horror stories, the newspaper column was not based on horror.

4. Steve starred as the main character in a segment from "Creepshow" (1982), titled "The Lonesome Death of..." whom?

From Quiz Stephen King: What a Great Actor!...Not!

Answer: Jordy Verrill

"The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill" was the second of five separate horror segments of "Creepshow" (1982, directed by George Romero). The film was hosted by the Creep, an animated skeletal apparition which came to life from a comic book, and provided comments on each segment much like the Cryptkeeper in HBO's "Tales from the Crypt". The film also paid homage to the classic horror comics of the 1950s. Stephen's son, Joe, made a cameo appearance in the beginning of the film, as the young boy reading the "Creepshow" comic book. Steve's character, obviously not the brightest bulb in the bin, basically got infected by an alien spore and was turned into a plant. King wrote the fantasy-themed "The Eyes of the Dragon" (1987) for (and dedicated it to) his daughter Naomi.

5. Following graduation from college, King was unable immediately to find work related to his degree. Where did he work in the meantime?

From Quiz Stephen King: Horror and So Much More

Answer: industrial laundry

Although he did have some sales of short stories to a few publications right after college, King worked for an industrial laundry for several months to make ends meet. He tells a few funny, gross stories about the experience in his nonfiction work, "On Writing".

6. What was the title of the first story King sold professionally?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Stephen King

Answer: The Glass Floor

"The Glass Floor" was sold to "Startling Mystery Stories" in 1967. "I Was a Teenage Grave Robber" was previously published, but it was not sold.

7. What is the name of King's wife who he met at college?

From Quiz The Stephen "King of Horror"

Answer: Tabitha Spruce

King met his wife Tabitha while they were both studying at the University of Maine. He first met her in the Folger Library at the University after attending a writing workshop run by Burton Hatlen. The couple married in 1971 and have three children.

8. Which 1995 made-for-TV "flight to nowhere" film featured King in the role of Tom Holby?

From Quiz Stephen King: What a Great Actor!...Not!

Answer: The Langoliers

"The Langoliers" (1995, directed by Tom Holland, starring Patricia Wettig, Dean Stockwell, and David Morse), was adapted from the Stephen King novella of the same name, published in "Four Past Midnight" (1990). The film centered on a group of airline passengers who fell asleep during their flight, and woke up to discover that the majority of the crew and passengers who were on the aircraft had vanished without a trace. A surviving pilot on board was able to land the plane in Maine, only to find that there was no one to be found, and that they were completely alone. King played a business executive conducting a meeting in a dream sequence. In his semi-autobiographical, semi-tutorial book "On Writing" (2000), Steve related that his first "really good idea" came about in the late '50s while watching his mom stick the old green S&H trading stamps into the stamp-book. Unfortunately, "Happy Stamps" (about a guy doomed to lick over 11 million counterfeit S&H stamps) never did get published.

9. King met his future wife while they were both college students. Her name is Tabitha. What is her occupation?

From Quiz Stephen King: Horror and So Much More

Answer: writer

Tabitha King (nee Spruce) has a number of published works of fiction and nonfiction. She and King met in the stacks at the library at the University of Maine.

10. "Carrie" was published by Doubleday in 1974, but when did King sell it to Doubleday?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Stephen King

Answer: 1973

King sold "Carrie" to William Thompson in 1973. He finished it only after his wife dug it out of the trash and convinced him that it was worthwhile.

11. What career did King qualify for after leaving college?

From Quiz The Stephen "King of Horror"

Answer: High school teaching

After graduating, King gained a high school teaching certificate and wanted to teach English. However, after getting his certificate he struggled to find a teaching job and instead took a series of manual jobs to make ends meet. It was while working these jobs that he started selling stories to magazines as a way of increasing his income.

12. Based on one of his most popular novels, King had a small speaking role as Teddy Weizak in which 1994 apocalyptic television mini-series?

From Quiz Stephen King: What a Great Actor!...Not!

Answer: The Stand

In my opinion, this is one of the best film or TV adaptations of King's work. It was directed by Mick Garris, and featured the talents of a wonderful group of actors, including Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Ray Walston, and Ossie Davis (among others). Kathy Bates, who had earlier won the Oscar for her role in "Misery" (1990), had the small, uncredited part of Rae Flowers. The film was basically a "good vs. evil" story, and separated the survivors of a world-wide plague into one of the two categories. The "good" survivors converged on Boulder, CO., under the direction of Mother Abigail (Ruby Dee), while the "bad" groups gravitated to Randall Flagg (Jamey Sheridan) in Las Vegas, NV. Steve played one of the "good" survivors of the plague in Boulder. Stephen worked for many years to get "The Stand" to the big screen, but simply could not cut down the screenplay enough to make a film version work to his satisfaction. He finally decided to go with the TV mini-series option.

13. What was King's major in college?

From Quiz Stephen King: Horror and So Much More

Answer: English

In addition to a Bachelor's degree in English, King earned certification to teach at high school, which he did for a couple of years following the laundry job. King's mother urged him to go to college so he would have something to fall back on in case writing wasn't successful.

14. How many books did King publish under his pseudonym, Richard Bachman?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Stephen King

Answer: 7

The books published under the Bachman name include "Rage", "The Long Walk", "Roadwork", "The Running Man", "Thinner", "The Regulators" and in 2007 "Blaze".

15. In another TV mini-series, 1997's "The Shining", what was the profession of Steve's cameo character Gage Creed?

From Quiz Stephen King: What a Great Actor!...Not!

Answer: Big band conductor

This was another good adaptation (I personally liked the mini-series better than the Stanley Kubrick film version, but a lot of people will disagree), again directed by Mick Garris, and starring Steven Weber and Rebecca De Mornay. It's been a while since I read the book version or saw Kubrick's film, but I'm fairly sure the character of Gage Creed was written for the TV version exclusively, although another character of that name can be found in the book "Pet Sematary" (1983). He can be seen during Jack Torrance's (Weber) hallucinations. Many of Steve's ideas came to him while working in various part-time jobs when he was in his teens or early 20s. He got the inspiration for "Carrie" (1974) while working as a janitor at a high school, cleaning the women's showers. He states he really didn't like the characters (or even the book) very much, and actually almost abandoned the entire storyline. However, he was convinced by his wife to go through with the project, which was obviously a good thing, as "Carrie" became his first published novel, selling over a million paperback copies within its first year.

16. Which author did not perform with King in the band, The Rock Bottom Remainders?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Stephen King

Answer: Dean Koontz

The band was formed many years ago by a group of authors who had become friends. They play covers of popular songs. King plays the guitar in the band.

17. Steve followed up "Creepshow" with a cameo in "Creepshow 2". In which segment did he have a small role as a truck driver?

From Quiz Stephen King: What a Great Actor!...Not!

Answer: The Hitch-Hiker

"Creepshow 2" (1987, directed by Michael Gornick, Screenplay by George Romero) also starred George Kennedy, Dorothy Lamour (her last film), and Tom Savini (as the Creep). The "Hitch-Hiker" and "Old Chief Wood'nhead" were adapted from unpublished King short stories (at least I've never seen them in print), and "The Raft" was published in 1985 as part of the "Skeleton Crew" short story collection. The "Crate" was a segment in the original "Creepshow". There was not a lot of screen time for King in this roll, just one quick sequence. Steve met future wife-to-be Tabitha (also a published author) in 1969 while both were students at the University of Maine.

18. What was the fourth novel King published?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Stephen King

Answer: Rage

"Rage" was released fourth, in between "The Shining" and "The Stand." It was released under the Richard Bachman pseudonym.

19. Which Major League Baseball team is King publicly a fan of?

From Quiz The Stephen "King of Horror"

Answer: Boston Red Sox

King is a Boston Red Sox fan and often attends their games. He has even written a book called 'Faithful' along with fellow fan Stweart O'Nan which details their experiences of supporting the team during the 2004 season when the Red Sox won the World Series.

20. What was the name of Steve's character in the film adaptation of "Thinner", his novel about extreme weight loss and the importance of maintaining good relationships with gypsies? (Hint - think Steve's home state)

From Quiz Stephen King: What a Great Actor!...Not!

Answer: Dr. Bangor

"Thinner" (1996) was directed by Tom Holland ("The Langoliers", 1995) and starred Robert J. Burke, Michael Constantine, and Joe Mantegna. This film was not a bad adaptation (in my opinion), and the book, while not his best work, had a fairly decent storyline. The profession of Dr. Bangor was a pharmacist. King contributed stories and articles to his brother Dave's small newspaper - "Dave's Rag" - while still in high school.

21. In the early 1990s, King and several other writers joined together to form a rock band. What was it called?

From Quiz Stephen King: Horror and So Much More

Answer: The Rock Bottom Remainders

The band, which was started for fun and does not pretend to much talent, is an on again, off again endeavor. Some of its other members are Dave Barry, Amy Tan, and Barbara Kingsolver. It's been said of them (by a member of the group) that they play music as well as Metallica writes novels...

22. What does King have in common with a character from "Carrie?"

From Quiz The Life and Times of Stephen King

Answer: both worked in a laundry

King worked at a dry cleaners' before marrying his wife in 1971. Margaret White, the mother from "Carrie" also worked at a laundry.

23. King has made small appearances in a number of films and TV shows, usually ones based on his works. What is the name for appearances such as these?

From Quiz The Stephen "King of Horror"

Answer: Cameos

A cameo is the turn used for a small part or even just appearance in a film or TV show usually by someone with a tie to the work such as the director or writer. King has had cameos in many adaptations of his works, including as a pizza deliverer in 'Rose Red' and as a funeral minister in 'Pet Sematary'.

24. Steve drove a truck in "Creepshow 2", but what did he drive in his cameo for 1991's TV version of the "Golden Years"?

From Quiz Stephen King: What a Great Actor!...Not!

Answer: A bus

This is one I have to admit I have yet to see, but I do plan on renting it one of these days. The series was directed by Kenneth Fink and Allen Coulter, and starred Felicity (TV's "Desperate Housewives", 2004) Huffman, Ed Lauter, and R.D. Call. Steve's character drove for Greyhound. Steve was watching a movie at a Bangor, ME. drive-in with a buddy when Tabitha went into labor with their son Joe. According to King, he (and everyone else) was informed of this event by an announcement from the manager, which came through the drive-in speakers. Fellow movie-goers congratulated him by honking their horns and flashing their lights as he left.

25. King received widespread publicity in June 1999 when misfortune befell him. What happened?

From Quiz Stephen King: Horror and So Much More

Answer: He was involved in car accident and seriously injured

While walking along a road near Lovell, Maine, King was struck by a van whose driver had been distracted by something his dog was doing inside the vehicle. King had orthopedic injuries to his hip and leg which required a number of surgeries to correct. He didn't sue the driver of the vehicle.

26. When was King hit and injured by a van?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Stephen King

Answer: June 19, 1999

King reportedly later bought the van and smashed it with a hammer on the anniversary of the accident.

27. King has been quite vocal when it comes to politics; which US political party did he openly support in 2008?

From Quiz The Stephen "King of Horror"

Answer: Democratic Party

King has stated that he supports the Democratic Party and during the 2008 US Presidential election was vocal in his support of Barack Obama. He has also been critical of the Republican Governor of Maine, Paul LePage. King has also voiced his desire for increased gun control in the US including writing an essay called simply 'Guns' in 2013 in which he called for a ban on automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

28. King played a minister in 1989's "Pet Sematary", but must have somehow fallen out of favor, for he was demoted to what profession in 1992's "Sleepwalkers"?

From Quiz Stephen King: What a Great Actor!...Not!

Answer: Cemetery caretaker

This was a film directed by Mick Garris, and starred Brian Kraus (TV's "Charmed", 1998), Madchen Amick (TV's "Joey", 2004 and "ER", 1994), and Ron Perlman ("Hellboy", 2004). "Sleepwalkers" was also based on another unpublished King novel. Other cameos included Mark Hamill ("Star Wars", 1977), John Landis ("An American Werewolf in London", 1981), Joe Dante ("The Howling", 1981), Tobe Hooper ("Poltergeist", 1982), and Clive Barker ("Hellraiser" 1987). This was a very impressive line-up of the genre's representatives, if I may say. Steve had a very small role, with no lines as far as I recall. Much of the pain that Steve went through after being struck by a van in 1999 was described in the novel "Dreamcatcher" (2001), in which Gary Jones (one of the central characters) was injured much in the same way. King wrote the novel in longhand as a self-prescribed therapy.

29. King has written under a pseudonym. What is it?

From Quiz Stephen King: Horror and So Much More

Answer: Richard Bachman

King adopted the pseudonym to get around the publishing convention that an author should put out only one book a year. He could potentially double his production by using the Bachman identity. Indications are that King enjoyed the Bachman phenomenon and played with it to suit his fancy. Bachman was reported to have died of "cancer of the pseudonym" in 1985. At that time, five novels were credited to him. Happily for Bachman fans, a sixth novel, The Regulators, was discovered in his basement some years after his "death" and published "posthumously" in 1996. Reportedly, following Bachman's demise, King commented that he was, "A nasty man...I'm glad that he's dead."

30. What type of building in Maine inspired King to create the Marsten House in "'Salem's Lot?"

From Quiz The Life and Times of Stephen King

Answer: a church

It was a church near where King lived. He thought it would make a good location for a horror story.

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