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Fun Trivia
5 Ajax Amsterdam quizzes and 55 Ajax Amsterdam trivia questions.
  Dynasty in Focus: Ajax 1965-1973    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Between 1965 and 1973, Ajax embarked on a revolutionary period of dominance on Dutch and European football. Test out your knowledge of the proponents of Total Football.
Average, 15 Qns, TheOracler, Feb 13 20
Feb 13 20
95 plays
  The Curious World of Ajax    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
You thought you knew everything about Ajax? Well, you don't! And here's the quiz to prove that. Have fun, good luck or whatever.
Tough, 10 Qns, jaydel, Aug 13 03
374 plays
  The Curious World of Ajax II    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
More from the remarkable and sometimes bizarre events in the history of Ajax.
Tough, 10 Qns, jaydel, Aug 13 03
307 plays
  History Of Ajax Amsterdam I    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Everybody knows Ajax Amsterdam, so they say. Well, here's al little something to see if you really know the all-time Dutch soccer champions. Enjoy yourselves!
Tough, 10 Qns, Kurf, Aug 13 03
592 plays
  History Of Ajax Amsterdam II    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Enjoyed the first edition of this Ajax Trivia and wanted more? Here's your chance. See if you really know something about the history of one of the worlds greatest clubs. Have fun.
Difficult, 10 Qns, Kurf, Aug 28 17
Aug 28 17
460 plays

Ajax Amsterdam Trivia Questions

1. Ajax won a first Eredivisie title in six years during the 1965-66 season, the first with Rinus Michels as manager. By how many points had Ajax improved upon their tally from the previous year?

From Quiz
Dynasty in Focus: Ajax 1965-1973

Answer: 26

Ajax had registered just 26 points in the 1964-65 season, a mere three points above the relegation zone and 19 points behind champions Feijenoord. Within a year, the team ended the season on 52 points, winning 24 out of 30 games and losing just two. They finished seven points ahead of Feijenoord in 1965-66.

2. On May 7th, 1950, Ajax was involved in a memorable match for all the wrong reasons. What happened?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax II

Answer: Ajax lost 6-5 to Heerenveen after going 5-1 ahead

Ajax had to win this match to keep their chances of winning the title alive. All was going well, and 30 minutes from time Ajax had taken a seemingly unassailable 1-5 advantage. But then the visitors collapsed and somehow lost. The goalkeeper was so distraught that he never played football again, nor could he bring himself to speak about that match every again.

3. Who was the first official trainer in the history of Ajax?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam II

Answer: John Kirwan

Kirwan trained Ajax for five years, from 1910 till 1915.

4. In what year was the Amsterdam Football Club (AFC) Ajax founded ?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam I

Answer: 1900

On the 18th of March, to be exact.

5. September 18th, 1983 marked the biggest Ajax win over Feyenoord in competition of the past century. What was the score?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax II

Answer: 8-2

It was a nice birthday present for me on that rainy day, I can tell you. At first Ajax raced to a 3-0 lead, before Feyenoord came back to 3-2 and looking ominous, but in trying to score the equalizer Feyenoord opened up at the back and Ajax took full advantage, mainly through Marco van Basten and Jesper Olsen. The win was all the more sweeter as maestro Johan Cruyff had done the unthinkable, playing for arch-rivals Feyenoord. Feyenoord won the title that year though.

6. What does Ajax have in common with the likes of Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Munich?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax

Answer: won all three European cup competitions

All the more remarkable, as Ajax doesn't have a strong domestic competition as a backup.

7. Who was the trainer attached to the club for the most years?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam II

Answer: Jack Reynolds

Reynolds had four periodes with a total of 25 years (1915 - 1925, 1928 - 1940, 1945 - 1947 and 1949 - 1950)

8. When did Ajax win their first national title?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam I

Answer: 1918

It was the first in a long, long sequence of championships.

9. Ajax won a first league and cup double in their history in the 1966-67 season, winning both the Eredivisie and the KNVB Cup. Which player scored the winning goal in the cup final that year?

From Quiz Dynasty in Focus: Ajax 1965-1973

Answer: Klaas Nuninga

Ajax faced off against NAC Breda in the 1967 KNVB Cup Final, a team that had only finished 12th in Eredivisie. Despite Ajax being heavy favourites, Breda held their own. Cruyff scored the opening goal in the 64th minute, but Karel Vesters equalised for NAC with just two minutes left in the game to force extra time. Nuninga scored in the 99th minute with what was ultimately the winning goal. Neeskens and Keizer also scored winning goals in KNVB Cup finals, with Neeskens netting the winner in a 2-1 win against Sparta Rotterdam in the 1971 final and Keizer scoring the deciding goal a year later against FC Den Haag.

10. What was so particular about the penalty Johan Cruyff took against Helmond Sport in the 1982-1983 season?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax II

Answer: He took it together with another player

December 5th is a national holiday. Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas in Dutch) gives the children presents. Johan Cruyff played that generous role for the spectators attending this particular match that day. At 1-0 Ajax got awarded a penalty. Cruyff passed the ball to Jesper Olsen from the spot, got it back and scored. The goal stood, as the ball was always played forward. Ajax won 5-0 by the way.

11. What do the years 1969, 1988, and 1996, mean for Ajax?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax

Answer: they lost a final in Europe

In 1969 Ajax could have made history by being the first Dutch club to win the European Cup, but they lost 1-4 to a rampant AC Milan. In 1988 they couldn't retain the Cup-Winners Cup, losing 0-1 to Belgian side KV Mechelen, and in 1996 they went down on penalties to Juventus in the Champions League final, after drawing 1-1 at full-time.

12. Like every other club, Ajax has its own all-time topscorer. But who is it?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam II

Answer: Piet van Reenen

He scored 273 goals, surpassing Cruyff who scored 271 goals for Ajax.

13. During the seventies Ajax won the European Champions Cup three times. In which years?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam I

Answer: 1971, 1972 and 1973

After Real Madrid they were the second to win it in three consecutive seasons.

14. Ajax won their third consecutive Eredivisie title in 1967-68. Which of their achievements from the previous year did they also replicate?

From Quiz Dynasty in Focus: Ajax 1965-1973

Answer: +75 goal difference in the league

In 1966-67, Ajax scored a remarkable 122 goals in 34 games and conceded just 34 for a +88 goal difference. They followed this up by scoring 96 goals to a concession of just 19 goals in 1967-68, a +77 difference. While Ajax beat Feijenoord to the title by five points in 1966-67, they only beat their rivals to the championship by three points the following year. Ajax lost the final of the cup, losing 2-1 to ADO Den Haag. Cruyff won the Eredivisie golden boot in 1966-67, but Feyenoord's Ove Kindvall scored 28 in 1967-68, the league's best scoring record.

15. Sjaak Swart, a through and through Ajax-man uttered a famous one-liner in a television show after a match against Benfica in which he scored the only goal. What did he say?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax II

Answer: Well, I had to go that way anyway

It was the 1971-1972 season, arguably one of the best years Ajax had, winning the triple: national title, national cup, European Cup. In the semi-final on April 5th, 1972, Ajax met the Portuguese side Benfica and won 1-0, thanks to that one goal. It was enough to reach the final as the second leg drew a blank.

16. Sjaak Swart is also known as Mister Ajax, the man with the most matches for the club. How many games did he play ?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam II

Answer: 603

In all those matches he scored 228 goals. He never played for any other club.

17. Who were the coaches that lead Ajax to these three cup wins ?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam I

Answer: Rinus Michels and Stefan Kovacs

Michels won the first, Kovacs the other two.

18. In 1941, during German occupation, Ajax was involved in one of the most amazing matches in its history. What happened?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax

Answer: Ajax drew 6-6 after falling 6-0 behind

It could have become a rout, after V.U.C. went 6-0 ahead at the interval. But after halftime Ajax went for it and came back, scoring the last goal from the spot.

19. In later years Swart had competition as Mister Ajax. A player with not even a third of his games was also rewarded with this honorable title. Which player was it?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam II

Answer: Stefan Pettersson

Pettersson, the lovable Swede, was enormously popular with the fans. They gave him the most glorious goodbye in club history.

20. Johann Cruyff left Ajax in 1974 for Barcelona, but The Legend returned to Ajax. Which year was it ?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam I

Answer: 1981

It was on 6th December 1981 against Haarlem, and Cruyff scored a legendary goal in his first appearance.

21. For which European competition did Ajax qualify for in the 1969-70 season as a result of the previous year's domestic results?

From Quiz Dynasty in Focus: Ajax 1965-1973

Answer: Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

Set up in 1955, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup was originally established to promote international trade fairs, hence the name. By 1968, many referred to it as the "Runner-up Cup" as it often featured teams who had finished the previous season as the runner-up in their domestic league. Ajax qualified for the competition as a result of finishing second in the 1968-69 Eredivisie while champions Feijenoord participated in the European Cup. Ajax got to the semi-finals of the tournament, losing to eventual winners Arsenal.

22. In their rise to fame, Ajax once trounced Liverpool 5-1 in a strange match. What was so strange?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax II

Answer: Nobody saw it happen as a heavy fog had descended over the Olympic Stadium

On December 7th, 1966, many thought that the match would be postponed. However, both goals could be seen from halfway across the pitch and so the game was on. It wasn't strange that under those circumstances Sjaak Swart left the pitch after what he thought was the whistle for half-time. But he was summoned back by an Ajax-official, re-entered the pitch unnoticed and scored 4-0 a few seconds later.

23. In 1980 Ajax was hit for six, at home! Who was the culprit, scoring 6 goals at Ajax's home ground?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax

Answer: MVV Maastricht

The score was 3-6. What was surprising was not the margin or scoreline, but the fact that such modest opposition was able to inflict that upon them was quite humiliating! Curiously enough, a few weeks later Ajax won the title.

24. Ajax is one of the few clubs in Europe that completed the European trilogy (European Champions Cup, European Cup-Winners cup and the UEFA Cup). In which year did they win the last of those three cups?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam II

Answer: 1992

In 1992 they won the UEFA Cup, after the European Champions Cup (first won in 1971) and the Cup-Winners cup (1987).

25. With Cruyff as coach Ajax won the European Cup-Winners Cup. In which year was that?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam I

Answer: 1987

The final was played on 13th May 1987 in Athens against Lokomotiv Leipzig of East Germany (1-0).

26. Ajax dominated the domestic scene in the 1969-70 season, losing only one of their league games en route to a domestic double. Which team was the last to take points off Ajax that year?

From Quiz Dynasty in Focus: Ajax 1965-1973

Answer: ADO Den Haag

On 24 May 1970, Ajax drew their final game of the season away at ADO Den Haag, drawing 1-1. The other teams listed were able to take points off the champions that year too. Telstar got a 1-1 draw with Ajax on 10 May 1970, while NAC Breda had achieved the same result a week earlier on 3 May. On 1 February, MVV Maastricht got a 1-1 draw against Ajax. Ajax's historic rival Feijenoord was the only team to defeat them in the Eredivisie in 1969-70, earning a 1-0 victory on 2 November 1969.

27. Who was the first Finn to play for Ajax?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax II

Answer: Petri Tiainen

He came to Ajax in 1986 and went in 1988. He did not make a big impact: he played a mere 8 matches during that time.

28. Ajax has a positive score against bitter rivals Feyenoord. But that doesn't mean that it hasn't suffered some crushing defeats, the biggest of them in the 1960s. What were the scores?

From Quiz The Curious World of Ajax

Answer: 9-4 and 9-5

It might surprise you, but in the sixties Ajax wasn't the swinging, fluent playing club it became later on. That role was for Feyenoord. And when the Rotterdam club was on a roll, it could produce some dazzling performances, as Ajax found out in 1960 and 1964.

29. Which club was their opponent in the 1992 UEFA Cup Final?

From Quiz History Of Ajax Amsterdam II

Answer: Torino

Away Ajax played 2-2, and in their own Olympic Stadium a 0-0 draw was sufficient.

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