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Fun Trivia
6 NFL 1960s quizzes and 75 NFL 1960s trivia questions.
  NFL in the 1960s: Part 1   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Pete Rozelle became NFL commissioner in 1960 and led the league to new heights of popularity. Here are 10 easy questions about the NFL in that decade.
Average, 10 Qns, d2407, Jun 26 05
2202 plays
  NFL in the 1960s : Part 2   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
10 challenging questions about the NFL in the 1960s. Hardcore fans with long memories, put on your "thinking helmets" and let's go!
Difficult, 10 Qns, d2407, Jun 26 05
1806 plays
  Match the NFL Champions Part 5    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
This quiz asks a player to match the NFL champion to the year the team won the title.
Easier, 10 Qns, Shadowmyst2004, Jun 05 18
Jun 05 18
522 plays
  Pre-1970 Pro Football Champions   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
This is a fairly difficult quiz involving questions about the pre-1970 NFL and AFL Championship games.
Difficult, 20 Qns, JCWs, Jul 20 07
2100 plays
  NFL Championships 1960-1966   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz on the playoff/championship games held in the NFL from 1960 to 1966, while the league only had the two-conference format.
Difficult, 10 Qns, AdmiralShark, Aug 15 05
997 plays
  Before the NFL-AFL Merger    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Test your knowledge on the NFL-AFL facts up until the 1970 merger. Good luck, it's not easy.
Very Difficult, 15 Qns, stantheman31, Jan 08 09
Very Difficult
1149 plays
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NFL 1960s Trivia Questions

2. "I come to you with clean hands", said Pete Rozelle upon being elected NFL commissioner on January 26, 1960. What was he talking about?

From Quiz NFL in the 1960s : Part 2

Answer: While his nomination was being discussed, he stayed in a bathroom for hours, washing his hands

Rozelle's selection followed the death of commissioner Bert Bell. After a week of stressful meetings in which the owners failed to select a commissioner, Rozelle was suggested as a workable compromise. Asked to leave the room while the owners debated his nomination, he hid in a bathroom for hours. When a reporter or someone who recognized him would enter the bathroom, Rozelle would deflect attention from himself by washing his hands. Rozelle's first act as commissioner was to land a lucrative television contract with CBS, and win agreement from the owners to equally share the revenue.

3. In the AFL's first year in 1960, who led the league in kickoff returns?

From Quiz Before the NFL-AFL Merger

Answer: Ken Hall

Houston Oiler halfback Ken Hall's 31.3 average topped all others, Ken still holds many High School rushing records.

4. This team beat Green Bay, 17-13, in the 1960 NFL Championship game, Vince Lombardi's only championship game loss as a head coach.

From Quiz Pre-1970 Pro Football Champions

Answer: Philadelphia Eagles

Chuck Bednarik was the game's MVP.

5. The Green Bay Packers won their first NFL title since 1944 by shutting out the New York Giants for the 1961 title 37-0. How many points did Paul Hornung account for in the game?

From Quiz NFL Championships 1960-1966

Answer: 19

Hornung scored one touchdown from six yards out. He also kicked three field goals (from 17, 22 & 19 yards) and four extra points.

6. Who was Phil Bengston in the NFL of the 1960s?

From Quiz NFL in the 1960s : Part 2

Answer: Vince Lombardi's successor as coach of the Green Bay Packers

Bengston was the Packers' defensive coordinator and Lombardi's top assistant and hand-picked successor. Unfortunately for Bengston, the aging Packers never finished better than 8-6 under him, and he was fired after three seasons, posting a 20-21-1 record.

7. Who was the first NFL player to throw for 1000 yards in a season?

From Quiz Before the NFL-AFL Merger

Answer: Arnie Herber

In 1936, Green Bay Packer's Herber threw for 1239 yards, as a tailback.

8. In the 1934 NFL Championship game, this team donned sneakers in the second half to overcome an icy field and the Chicago Bears.

From Quiz Pre-1970 Pro Football Champions

Answer: New York Giants

The Bears had beaten the Giants in the first NFL Championship game the year before.

9. The Green Bay Packers won their second consecutive NFL title in 1962, once again defeating the New York Giants. The score this time was 16-7. How did the Giants score their only touchdown of the game?

From Quiz NFL Championships 1960-1966

Answer: Recovered blocked punt in end zone

Erich Barnes blocked Max McGee's punt in the third quarter with the Pack up 10-0. The punt was recovered in the end zone by New York's Jim Collier for the Giants' only touchdown of the game.

10. The NFL realigned into four divisions in 1967 to allow for an expanded playoff season. What were the names of the divisions?

From Quiz NFL in the 1960s : Part 2

Answer: Capital, Century, Coastal, Central

The new format doubled the number of playoff teams to four, as each division winner made the playoffs. The Capital and Century divisions formed the eastern conference; the Coastal and Central formed the western conference.

11. Why did some of his teammates call Cleveland Browns' quarterback Frank Ryan, "Doc"?

From Quiz NFL in the 1960s: Part 1

Answer: Because he had a PhD in mathematics

Ryan led the Browns to two consecutive NFL championship games, including winning the 1964 title. But what made him unique among NFL players was that he earned his PhD from Rice University in 1965, while he was still an active player. After his retirement, Ryan went on to become athletic director at Yale University, then a professor of mathematics at Rice.

12. How many career receiving yards, did all-time great running back Jim Brown have?

From Quiz Before the NFL-AFL Merger

Answer: 2499

Brown, of the Cleveland Browns, caught 262 passes for 2499 yards, and 20 TDs in his 9 year NFL career.

13. In the 1950s, these two teams played each other in the NFL Championship game 4 times.

From Quiz Pre-1970 Pro Football Champions

Answer: Cleveland Browns-Detroit Lions

The Lions won 3 times ('52, '53 and '57) and the Browns just once ('54).

14. During the 1960s, the NFL added four expansion teams. Which of them got off to a rousing start with a win in its first game?

From Quiz NFL in the 1960s : Part 2

Answer: Minnesota Vikings

The 1961 Minnesota Vikings stunned the Chicago Bears with a 37-13 opening day win in Minnesota. The Vikings, coached by Norm VanBrocklin and with rookie quarterback Fran Tarkenton, went only 3-11 that year, but earned their first victory faster than other new teams in the 1960s. The 1960 Dallas Cowboys went 0-11-1 before winning their first two games in 1961. The 1966 Atlanta Falcons were 3-11 after an 0-9 start. The 1967 New Orleans Saints had a great beginning when they ran the opening kickoff in their first NFL game back for a touchdown, but started 0-7 on their way to a 3-11 season.

15. Restless in his office role as a general manager with the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi returned to the sidelines in 1969 as a coach with which NFL team?

From Quiz NFL in the 1960s: Part 1

Answer: Washington Redskins

For Lombardi, the Washington Redskins represented a perfect opportunity. He was offered a small ownership role in the team, giving him the first chance of his life to build wealth. Lombardi and his wife were both "city people", more comfortable in major metropolitan areas than in small-town Green Bay. The Redskins team was bursting with talented players who'd consistently underachieved on the playing field. Only two of the previous 20 seasons had resulted in the Redskins having a winning record. Lombardi, a bit more mellow in temperment than he'd been in Green Bay, coached the 1969 Redskins to a 7-5-2 record, their best year since 1955. Lombardi developed cancer in the offseason and died in September 1970.

16. The last player to lead the AFL in rushing (1969) was who?

From Quiz Before the NFL-AFL Merger

Answer: Dickie Post

San Diego Charger Post, had 873 yards to lead the AFL's final season before the merger.

17. Which team was crowned champion in 1945 when a last-second Washington Redskins' field goal attempt was blown wide by a gust of wind?

From Quiz Pre-1970 Pro Football Champions

Answer: Cleveland Rams

The Rams won, 15-14. The game was their last as the Cleveland Rams. The team moved to Los Angeles for the 1946 season.

18. In the 1964 NFL title game, the Cleveland Browns defeated the heavily favored Baltimore Colts 27-0. What Browns' player scored the three touchdowns in the game?

From Quiz NFL Championships 1960-1966

Answer: Gary Collins

Collins caught touchdown passes from Frank Ryan of 18, 42, and 51 yards in the title game.

19. In 1964, I rushed for 1,169 yards. It wasn't my best season, and I didn't lead the league, but it was my fifth consecutive 1,000-yard season, setting a new NFL record. Who am I?

From Quiz NFL in the 1960s : Part 2

Answer: Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor had the misfortune of playing in the NFL at the same time as Cleveland's Jim Brown. He finished second to Brown in rushing for four seasons, including 1964, winning the title on his own in 1962 when Brown was injured. Taylor's five consecutive 1,000-yard seasons from 1960-64 set a new record, better than even Brown had managed (Brown rushed for 942 yards in his 12-game 1957 rookie season and 996 yards in 1962 when an injured wrist hampered his effectiveness). OJ Simpson tied Taylor's record in 1976, and Franco Harris broke it in 1979 with his sixth consecutive 1,000-yard season. Since the NFL expanded to a 16 game schedule in 1978, several people have attained more than five consecutive 1000 yard seasons.

20. The Baltimore Colts lost to the Los Angeles Rams 10-3 on December 11, 1960, after Johnny Unitas failed to do something he had done 47 consecutive times up until then. What had Unitas failed to do?

From Quiz NFL in the 1960s: Part 1

Answer: Throw a touchdown pass in the game

Unitas's string of throwing a touchdown pass in 47 consecutive games is considered by many to be the closest thing football had to Joe DiMaggio's "unbreakable" 56-game hitting streak in baseball. He had begun the streak almost exactly four years earlier, also against the Rams during his rookie season. Seven Colt players caught 102 touchdown passes from Unitas during those 47 games.

21. Who was the player that succeeded with a dropkick, in 1941, and was the last to do it in the century?

From Quiz Before the NFL-AFL Merger

Answer: Ray McLean

McLean did this with a PAT for the Chicago Bears on December 21, 1941. The Bears went on to win the Championship. Dutch Clark of the Detroit Lions made the last successful dropkick field goal in the NFL, in a 16-7 win over the Chicago Cardinals on September 19, 1937.

22. Which two teams played in a playoff game after tying for the NFL Western division title in 1941, the winner advancing to championship game?

From Quiz Pre-1970 Pro Football Champions

Answer: Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears

Both ending the season with a 10-1 record, the one game playoff saw Chicago defeat the Packers 33-14, then go on to beat the Giants in the championship game.

23. To advance to the 1965 NFL title game, a one-game playoff was needed to settle a tie for the Western Conference title. In the game, the Green Bay Packers beat the Baltimore Colts 13-10 in overtime. Where was the game played?

From Quiz NFL Championships 1960-1966

Answer: Lambeau Field- Green Bay, WI

A crowd of 50,484 at Lambeau Field saw the Packers' Don Chandler tie the game with a 27-yard field goal with 1:58 left in regulation and then win the game with a 25-yard field goal with 1:21 left in the first overtime period.

24. What Hall of Fame halfback was known as, "The Gray Ghost of Gonzaga"?

From Quiz Before the NFL-AFL Merger

Answer: Tony Canadeo

Tony Canadeo from Gonzaga College, who played for the Green Bay Packers from 1941-52, rushed for 4197 yards, threw for 1642 yards, and caught passes for 579 yards in his Hall of Fame career.

25. The Philadelphia Eagles won the lowest-scoring NFL Championship game, winning the 1948 title, 7-0. Which team did they beat?

From Quiz Pre-1970 Pro Football Champions

Answer: Chicago Cardinals

A blizzard dumped a large amount of snow on the field in Philadelphia, resulting in very little offense from either team.

26. In the 1965 NFL title game, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Cleveland Browns on a muddy field. What was the final score of the game?

From Quiz NFL Championships 1960-1966

Answer: 23-12

Green Bay scored their 23 points on three Don Chandler field goals (15, 23 & 29 yards) a 47-yard touchdown pass from Carroll Dale from Bart Starr, and a Paul Hornung 13-yard touchdown run. Cleveland scored on a Gary Collins 17-yard touchdown pass from Frank Ryan and two Lou Groza field goals (24 and 28 yards) but Groza missed his only extra point attempt.

27. What long forgotten offense did San Francisco coach Red Hickey use, to briefly blow away his opposition in 1961?

From Quiz NFL in the 1960s: Part 1

Answer: Shotgun

The shotgun, in which the quarterback lines up seven yards behind the line, had been developed in the early days of football, but by 1961, virtually all teams used a T-formation with the quarterback lined up directly behind the center. Hickey used the shotgun to neutralize the pass rush, and to give his three quarterbacks several options they'd not have with a more conventional offense. After five weeks, they were 4-1, including big shutout wins over Detroit and the Rams. When they faced Chicago in their sixth game, the Bears put linebacker Bill George right over the 49ers center, who George would knock over before he had a chance to look up. The Bears won the game 31-0, the 49ers went 3-4-1 for the rest of the season, and the shotgun was dead for the rest of the decade. Tom Landry's Cowboys revived the offense in the 1970s, and most modern NFL teams use it at least part of the time.

28. Who threw the most touchdown passes in the NFL in 1950?

From Quiz Before the NFL-AFL Merger

Answer: George Ratterman

New York Yanks Ratterman, threw 22 touchdowns and also topped the league with 24 interceptions.

29. The New York Giants claimed two NFL championship game victories in the 1930s. What other team tied with the Giants for most championship game wins in that same decade?

From Quiz Pre-1970 Pro Football Champions

Answer: Green Bay Packers

The Giants beat the Bears (1934) and Packers (1938), while the Packers beat the Boston Redskins (1936) and Giants (1939). The championship game was introduced in 1933. For 1932 and prior there was no championship game; the winner was determined by the win-loss record for the season.

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