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4 quizzes and 35 trivia questions.
  Springbok Rugby Players and Their Nicknames    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
South Africa is a Rugby mad nation. The Springboks the World Cup for the 4th time in 2023 (1995, 2007 and back-to-back in 2019 & 2023). Many of the players played in 2019 & 2023. Some of them have interesting names and nicknames. Can you spot them?
Average, 10 Qns, verbatimsa, Dec 07 23
verbatimsa gold member
Dec 07 23
96 plays
  Characters of South African Rugby   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz to see how much you know about South African rugby.
Average, 10 Qns, kino76, Jan 19 16
kino76 gold member
222 plays
  Currie Cup Champs    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Something for all the fans who think they know.
Difficult, 10 Qns, jaco1270, Jun 28 08
1307 plays
  South African Giants    
Multiple Choice
 5 Qns
Its here! The ultimate in testing your general knowledge on recent greats, that have emerged on the international arena!
Average, 5 Qns, widdle, Jan 11 03
1933 plays
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South Africa Rugby Trivia Questions

1. Captain, Siya Kolisi - What is his real name?

From Quiz
Springbok Rugby Players and Their Nicknames

Answer: Siyamathanda

Siya has a really interesting back story rising from living in poverty in the Eastern Cape to becoming an international superstar. He captained the team to World Cup victory in 2019 & 2023. He is the first player of colour to captain the Springboks and his leadership style has molded these players of such diverse backgrounds into an extremely unified team.

2. Barry "Fairy" Heatlie, former Springbok captain in 1896 and 1903, had to leave South Africa swiftly due to rumoured embezzlement. Which South American country did he flee to?

From Quiz Characters of South African Rugby

Answer: Argentina

Barry Heatlie played six tests for South Africa of which he captained two. He remained in Argentina for 20 years until such time as the money was repaid after which he returned to South Africa.

3. Which province set a record for the most consecutive Currie Cup final wins, when they won 5 in a row?

From Quiz Currie Cup Champs

Answer: Western Province

They achieved this record of five consecutive final wins in the period from 1982 until 1986.

4. Who played flyhalf for the Springboks, during the 1995 rugby World Cup finals?

From Quiz South African Giants

Answer: Joel Stransky

He kicked South Africa to victory and contributed all the points on the day for the side (3 penalties & 2 drop goals). South Africa won 15-12.

5. One player in the team has only ever been known as RG Strydom. What are his given names?

From Quiz Springbok Rugby Players and Their Nicknames

Answer: Rudolph Gerhardus

RG has played a lot of rugby in Ireland but his Afrikaans roots are strong, so his initials are given Afrikaans pronunciation - Err Ghee rather than Ar G. He played in both the 2019 & 2023 World Cup as is a member of the so called "bomb squad" that notoriously enters the match after 60 minutes or so have been played and exert tremendous physical pressure on tiring opponents. RG is easilly recognised both by his height and mohawk style haircut.

6. Former Springbok, Northern Transvaal and Rovigo flyhalf Naas Botha tried out for the NFL team the "Dallas Cowboys", but was unsuccessful. Which rugby team did he play for while in America?

From Quiz Characters of South African Rugby

Answer: Dallas Harlequins

Naas Botha played rugby for the Dallas Harlequins leading them to the 1984 USA National Club Championships. Aside from this, he won two National Championships with the Rovigo Rugby Club in Italy as well as the South African Currie Cup nine times with his provincial side Northern Transvaal (former name of the Blue Bulls).

7. Which Union won the Currie Cup for the first time in their centenary year?

From Quiz Currie Cup Champs

Answer: Natal

Natal was the big surprise of the 1990 season. They've beaten Northern Transvaal 18-12 in the final. They went on to win the Cup again in 1992, 1995 and in 1996.

8. Which former Springbok was known as "slap chips"?

From Quiz South African Giants

Answer: Pieter Rossouw

He has an unorthodox style of running, a journalist once noted that, "it seems as if he is going to fall over his own feet".

9. Manie Libbock, a young flyhalf, became the darling of the South African Fans with his "no look" kicks out to the wings but was equaly condemned for his erratic place kicking. What is his given name?

From Quiz Springbok Rugby Players and Their Nicknames

Answer: Immanuel

Manie is a highly talented fly half who plays for the Stormers. His general play and marshalling of the backline is outstanding. He was new to the Springbok setup at the 2023 World Cup where he was selected as the sole fly-half in the squad. His place kicking went a bit awry during the early rounds of the championship but South Africa were able, because of injury to other squad members, draft Handre Pollard back into the squad. Pollard had been injured at the time the original squad was announced and was the first choice fly-half at the 2019 World Cup.

10. Dirk Cloete Jackson was given which girl's name as a nickname?

From Quiz Characters of South African Rugby

Answer: Mary

"Mary" Jackson played three test matches for South Africa in 1906. He was nicknamed Mary due to the fact that his mother was Scottish and made him wear a kilt on Scottish national days.His friends insisted that if he was going to wear a dress, then they would call him "Mary". The name stuck throughout his life.

11. Both the 1979 and 1989 finals ended in a draw. Which two provinces were involved in these two finals?

From Quiz Currie Cup Champs

Answer: Northern Transvaal and Western Province

The 1979 final ended 15-15 after Naas Botha scored a drop goal late in the match. The 1989 final ended 16-16 after Carel Du Plessis scored the equiliser almost in injury time.

12. Duane Vermeulen played his final international game at the 2023 World Cup. What is his nickname?

From Quiz Springbok Rugby Players and Their Nicknames

Answer: Thor

Duane played in both the 2019 & 2023 Rugby World Cup finals and is recognized as being one of the "hard men" of the team. He has twice been voted SA Rugby Player of the year and was nominated as International Player of the year in 2014. He signed off as an international rugby player after the 2023 World Cup Final. He too, is not actually "Duane", but is actually Daniel Johannes.

13. Three of South Africa's rugby coaches from 1994 - 2015 have been former Springboks themselves. A fourth was chosen for the team, but never played and was never capped. Who is he?

From Quiz Characters of South African Rugby

Answer: Andre Markgraaff

Carel du Plessis (12 caps), Nick Mallett (2 caps) and Rudolf Strauli (10 caps) all played for South Africa. Andre Markgraaff was chosen for the Springboks, but was an unused substitute and was never capped.

14. Freestate played in eight Currie Cup Finals from 1970 until 2002. How many times did they win the Cup in that period?

From Quiz Currie Cup Champs

Answer: 1

Freestate first won the Currie Cup in 1976 when they beat Western Province in the final 33-16. The score was a record at the time. They have lost in the finals against Northern Transvaal in 1973, 1975, 1977, 1978 and in 1981. They lost against Transvaal in 1994 and against Western Province in 1997.

15. Name the player who was part of the 1995 World Cup team, who took over as coach of the national squad from Harry Viljoen.

From Quiz South African Giants

Answer: Rudolf Straeuli

He took over the position as head coach, after the resignation of Harry Viljoen. He came on as a replacement during the 1995 World Cup finals.

16. The Kwagga is an extinct species of Zebra. He doesn't often wear stripes, but what did Kwagga Smith grow up being called by his parents?

From Quiz Springbok Rugby Players and Their Nicknames

Answer: Albertus Stephanus

Kwagga Smith rose to prominence paying for the Springboks 7 a side team the Blitzboks. He has successfully transformed himself into a fantastic 15 a side player and was called up for the 2023 World Cup Squad. He has very highly developed defensive and ball turnover skills which comes from his years playing 7's. These skills give coaches the confidence to have the audacity to have a substitution bench or "Bomb Squad" made up primarily of forwards to give the team greater grunt in the last quarter of the match. The risk in this is that if a backline player is injured and needs to be substituted it would be by a forward and a player like Kwagga can easily play a backline role.

17. Two brothers played for the Springboks in the 80's and two brothers in the 2000's. Both pairs have exactly the same surname. What is it?

From Quiz Characters of South African Rugby

Answer: du Plessis

Michael and Carel du Plessis played together for the Sprinboks in 1982. Carel and other brother Michael played together for the Sprinboks in 1984 and 1986. Bismark and Jannie du Plessis played together for the Sprinboks up until the last World Cup in 2015.

18. The 1980 Currie Cup Finla established a record for the biggest winning margin in a Currie Cup Final: how many points was the margin?

From Quiz Currie Cup Champs

Answer: 30

Northern Transvaal (Blue Bulls) beat Western Province in the 1980 final 39-9.

19. Who took over the captaincy from Bob Skinstad when Rudolf Straeuli took over as coach in 2002?

From Quiz South African Giants

Answer: Corne Krige

Corne Krige has been appointed captain by the new coach Straeuli ahead of Bob Skinstad.

20. Makazole Mapimpi scored tries in virtually every match and was the first to score a try for the Springboks in a World Cup Final in 2019. His name is a bit difficult to pronounce. Do you know his second given name, which is simpler?

From Quiz Springbok Rugby Players and Their Nicknames

Answer: Drex

Makazole grew up in rural Eastern Cape, an area with high mortality rate due to AIDS and other viruses. At one point Springbok players were given the opportunity to create the numbers on their jerseys using mini portraits of their family. He was only able to provide a picture of himself as his parents and siblings had all died. Sadly, he was injured in the second of the round robin matches of the 2023 tournament and had to return to South Africa but when the Springboks made the Final he was flown back to Paris to celebrate the victory with his team mates.

21. By which name was Francois du Toit Roux known as? It is an Afrikaans word for multiple little men.

From Quiz Characters of South African Rugby

Answer: Mannetjies

"Mannetjies" Roux, former Springbok and Westerns Province centre and wing scored six tries in a Springbok career spanning from 1960 - 1970. His name is used in the title of an Afrikaans hit song sung by Laurika Rauch called "Stuur Groete aan Mannethies Roux" -(Send greetings to Mannetjies Roux).

22. Which captain of Transvaal played in Four finals, but never had the priviledge of lifting the cup?

From Quiz Currie Cup Champs

Answer: Jannie Breedt

Jannie Breedt played in the 1986, 1987, 1991 and 1992 final for Transvaal in the loosing side. After Breedt's retirement, Transvaal won the Cup in 1993.

23. Scrum-halves are busy players who often fight above their weight in confrontations with opponents. Faf de Klerk is no exception. What name appears on his birth certificate?

From Quiz Springbok Rugby Players and Their Nicknames

Answer: Francois

With his flowing blond hair, he is difficult to miss on the field and is often seen getting in the face of opponents. Apart from him being part of both the 2019 & 2023 winning team his other claim to fame is wearing a Speedo swimsuit patterned to match the South African flag.

24. Which former Springbok and Blue Bulls scrumhalf was diagnosed in 2011 with motor neurone disease?

From Quiz Characters of South African Rugby

Answer: Joost van der Westhuizen

More specifically he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis which is a form of motor neurone disease. He tirelessly campaigns for his J9 Foundation, a charity for issues relating to MND.

25. How many times during the 35 seasons from 1968 to 2002, have Northern Tranvaal/Blue Bulls and their arch rivals, Western Province contested the Currie Cup final?

From Quiz Currie Cup Champs

Answer: 9

They played in the final in 1969, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1988, 1989, 1998. Blue Bulls won four, Western Province won three and two were drawn.

26. Ox Nche obviously got his nickname from his strength, but it could also be argued that his given name is so long that friends gave him this nickname before he even held a rugby ball. What is his name?

From Quiz Springbok Rugby Players and Their Nicknames

Answer: Retshegofaditswe

His friends didn't give him the nickname Ox, but rather shortened his name to "Tshego". Ox, although already having already, played for the Springboks, was not selected for the 2019 squad having to play second fiddle to the great Tendai "the Beast" Mtawarira. Another interesting fact being that he is the second Springbok to be given the nickname Ox - the first being Os (ox in Afrikaans) Durant who is the first South African player to receive 2 RWC winners medals in 1995 & 2007.

27. How many times did Northern Transvaal/Blue Bulls played in the Currie Cup final in the twenty year period from 1983-2002?

From Quiz Currie Cup Champs

Answer: 9

Northern Transvaal/ Blue Bulls played in the finals of 1983, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1998, 2002. Of the nine finals they won five times, lost three times and played to a draw once.

28. Stephen Kitshoff, a strong front row forward and regular member of the Springboks, so called "bomb squad". Do you know his nickname?

From Quiz Springbok Rugby Players and Their Nicknames

Answer: Spicy Plum

This nickname in all likelihood originated at the Stormers where he was teammates with the likes of Jean de Villiers and Schalk Burger who latched on to this name due to his flaming red hair! Kitshoff was part of the "Bomb Squad" in the 2019 team in the final that year but was in the starting team in 2023.

29. Who was known as the "Rolls Royce of Fullbacks" in Springbok rugby?

From Quiz Characters of South African Rugby

Answer: Andre Joubert

Andre Joubert played 34 tests for South Africa and played for both the Cheetahs and Sharks from 1986 - 1999 playing in a combined total of 128 matches. He has represented various Barbarian sides and was part of the Springbok Sevens team from 1992 - 1994.

30. Natal created an upset when they beat Freestate in the semi final. They went on to lose against Western Province in the final 19-9. What year am I talking about?

From Quiz Currie Cup Champs

Answer: 1984

The 1984 final was a great anti-climax. Everybody looked forward to a Western Province v. Freestate final. Natal, playing in the B section of the Currie Cup, created a upset though, when they beat Freestate in the semi-final. They were no match for the mighty Western Province who won their third consecutive Cup that year.

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