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2 Hurling quizzes and 20 Hurling trivia questions.
  Hurling: World's Fastest Game   popular trivia quiz  
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This quiz deals with the rules of the game of hurling and also with its history.
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  Hurling   popular trivia quiz  
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Hurling is arguably the fastest game on the planet.
Average, 10 Qns, mcdede, Jan 10 07
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Hurling Trivia Questions

1. Hurling differs from many other field games in that the positions on the pitch are mainly rigidly fixed. However, one position which is the same in nearly all games is the person who guards the goals. What is this person called in hurling?

From Quiz
Hurling: World's Fastest Game

Answer: Goalkeeper

There are 15 players on a hurling team, the goalkeeper, three in the full back line, three in the half back line, two in midfield, three in the half forward line, and three in the full forward line. The positions are generally very fixed, but in recent times more modern techniques have introduced positions such as the sweeper, who is a forward who falls back to midfield to gather the ball.

2. Where did hurling originate?

From Quiz Hurling

Answer: Ireland

Hurling is Europe's oldest field game. The exact date is unknown, but hurling is a part of ancient Irish mythology.

3. The stick used to play the game is known as a hurl, or a hurley. What wood are they traditionally made of?

From Quiz Hurling: World's Fastest Game

Answer: Ash

Hurleys are quite difficult to make, and they are only made from ash wood as it is the most supple wood available. The wood used to make the hurleys has to be very supple, as if it were too inflexible, the hurley would be quite brittle and would break easily. As it is, hurleys do break quite a lot, and they are in constant demand. Hurley making is quite a master craft, and a really good hurley is hard to find and treasured once it is found.

4. How many players does each team have on the field?

From Quiz Hurling

Answer: 15

There is one goal keeper, three fullbacks, three halfbacks, two midfielders, three half-forwards, and three full-forwards. Quite the crowd! Luckily, the field is huge and the game is so grueling that players may welcome the respite when another player is responsible for the ball.

5. When taking a sideline ball, the ball is placed on the ground. The player then tries to hit it in such a manner that it will rise and travel up to 20 meters. What is the name of this maneuver?

From Quiz Hurling: World's Fastest Game

Answer: Sideline Cut

This maneuver requires a great deal of skill, with some players able to make it almost as valuable as a free puck. In 2005, the G.A.A. pioneered a new rule which meant that a ball going over the bar from a sideline cut would be worth two points; however, it did not integrate well, and was dropped the same season.

6. What is the stick called that's used to hit the ball?

From Quiz Hurling

Answer: Hurley

The stick is called a caman in Irish. It is made of ash wood and they frequently break. Efforts to keep a hurley from breaking include keeping it in the bathroom to absorb moisture and rubbing linseed oil on it.

7. What is the ball called?

From Quiz Hurling

Answer: Sliothar

The ball is similar in size to a slightly smaller baseball, but softer and with raised ridges for better control.

8. A player is allowed to take only four steps with the ball in his hand. However, it may be thrown onto the hurley and balanced there. Once the ball is on the hurley, the player can take as many steps as he wishes. What is this technique called?

From Quiz Hurling: World's Fastest Game

Answer: Soloing

Soloing is one of the harder elements of hurling. It requires one to have an excellent sense of balance and very good hand/eye co-ordination. However, once developed it is a very useful skill and can be used to get out of many tricky situations. It is an excellent move for turning defensive play into attacking play.

9. How many points does a team get for putting the ball under the crossbar of the goal?

From Quiz Hurling

Answer: 3

One point is awarded for putting the ball over the crossbar. The goal is about as wide as a rugby goal, but the crossbar is lower than rugby and higher than soccer.

10. The G.A.A. is the body which governs hurling, and also Gaelic football and handball. What does G.A.A. stand for?

From Quiz Hurling: World's Fastest Game

Answer: Gaelic Athletic Association

The Gaelic Athletic Association was founded in 1884 as part of the Gaelic cultural revival. It not only promoted the sports, but also Irish music, dance and language. It is a hugely successful organization, with branches in nearly every village in Ireland, both north and south.

11. How many officials are there for a game?

From Quiz Hurling

Answer: 7

There is one referee, two linesman and four umpires. Lots of eyes on the field.

12. How many steps are allowed while holding the ball?

From Quiz Hurling

Answer: 4

You can bounce the ball on the hurley and then back to the hand for four more steps. You can also run the length of the field and back again if you have the ball balanced on the hurley the entire time.

13. The first All Ireland Hurling Championship was contested in 1887. The final was played in the following year, on 1st April 1888, between Tipperary and Galway. Who was the victor?

From Quiz Hurling: World's Fastest Game

Answer: Tipperary by a goal and a point

The All Ireland competition is over one hundred years old, and has seen many strange and wonderful matches. However, one of the strangest was the 1890 final (played on 16th November 1890), between Cork and Wexford. The Cork team and managers walked off the pitch, complaining that the Wexford team was too rough. On consideration, the officials agreed with them and awarded the match to Cork, leaving the game unfinished (Cork were actually winning by a point at the time of the stoppage!). It would never be allowed these days!

14. When was hurling banned?

From Quiz Hurling

Answer: 1366 and 1918

The statutes of Kilkenny banned hurling in 1366 because of the popularity it was gaining with the Normans. It was also banned in 1918 by the British because of perceived nationalistic elements.

15. One of the greatest exponents of the game of hurling was Corkman Jack Lynch. After his retirement from sport, he went into politics. What political position did he attain?

From Quiz Hurling: World's Fastest Game

Answer: Taoiseach

Lynch was an amazing hurling player, winning five All-Ireland medals, and six medals at a provincial level. He was named on a 'team of the century' in 1984, and just after his death in 1999 he was named on the 'team of the millennium'. After going into politics, he became leader of Fianna Fáil, and when they secured a majority in the Dáil, he became Taoiseach (equivalent to Prime Minister). As for the other answers, Tánaiste is equivalent to Deputy Prime Minister, rí means king and bréagóir means liar.

16. What is the term for when the goalie may advance the ball from his hand after the opposing team has scored a goal or hit over the end line?

From Quiz Hurling

Answer: Puckout

A sliothar hit over the sideline requires the opposing team lifting the sliothar with the hurley and then striking.

17. Hurling is an extremely ancient game, indeed, it pre-dates recorded in Irish history. It is first mentioned in papers on which are written fragments of law. From what time do these papers date?

From Quiz Hurling: World's Fastest Game

Answer: A.D. 400

Hurling is thought to be related to a game in Scotland and to a game called cammag on the Isle of Man. Hurling is mentioned in many Irish myths and legends, including the Legend of Cúchulainn and the Táin Bó Cuailgne.

18. What is a high snig?

From Quiz Hurling

Answer: Hitting the ball away from behind, when your opponent throws up the ball to strike

There is also a low snig.

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