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  "M*A*S*H" Season 10, "Sons and Bowlers"   best quiz  
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When Hawkeye misses the big tournament so he can take a phone call from his hospitalized father, Margaret happily takes his place on the team. Let's test your knowledge of what happen in this 4077th quest for glory...
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  "Goodbye, Cruel World"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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Klinger wants out of Korea after being targeted for laughs after he redecorates his office with Lebanese "doo-dads." Meanwhile, Potter and the medical staff also deal with a reluctant war hero harboring deep-seeded guilt. See what you remember here.
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Halfway through the show, BJ gets orders to go home. How far does he get before he is called back for duty at the 4077th?

From Quiz "'M*A*S*H'-The Series Finale"

M*A*S*H - Seasons and Episodes Trivia Questions

1. At the opening of this episode, what sport had Colonel Potter and the 4077th just played against the Marines... and lost miserably?

From Quiz
"M*A*S*H" Season 10, "Sons and Bowlers"

Answer: Softball

Although the 4077th lost by a score of 24 - 4, Colonel Potter credits Margaret with the loss because she "killed a rally." Much later in the episode, the Marines rub it in a little further when one of them says, "Houlihan? I thought she was still someplace between third and home!"

2. When he first sees Klinger's office "doo-dads," Potter takes note of the hanging cheese, whose smell he likens to _______.

From Quiz "Goodbye, Cruel World"

Answer: Feet

Klinger's decorations include a Mud Hens baseball pennant.

3. Also at the opening of this episode, what sport did Colonel Potter and the 4077th then decide to attempt against the Marines next?

From Quiz "M*A*S*H" Season 10, "Sons and Bowlers"

Answer: Bowling

Out of frustration, Colonel Potter suggests bowling as the next sport of choice... even though there are no bowling alleys in Korea at the time. He's forced to rely on Klinger's scrounging abilities and his own ingenuity to get the necessary supplies and make their own lane.

4. Winchester's particularly nasty comment about Klinger's new office furnishings is _____________.

From Quiz "Goodbye, Cruel World"

Answer: "I see why Toledo is kept in Ohio!"

Among the funnier furnishings are a statue with a clock in the tummy, gypsy-styled lamps and a Toledo Mud Hens baseball team pennant.

5. While at Rosie's, Klinger finds out that the Marines sneakily had a "pro" transferred into their unit, Sergeant Marty Ubanchic. What nickname of Marty's does Klinger mention when giving Colonel Potter the news?

From Quiz "M*A*S*H" Season 10, "Sons and Bowlers"

Answer: The Trenton Tornado

Although Marty "The Trenton Tornado" Ubanchic, who supposedly placed third in the U.S. Open Bowling Championships before being drafted, sounds believable enough, he was purely fabricated for this episode of "M*A*S*H."

6. During his pleading to Potter, Klinger tells the colonel that his father was _________________ three times during the Depression.

From Quiz "Goodbye, Cruel World"

Answer: Bowler of the Year

Klinger's dad was rarely referred to in the series.

7. Colonel Potter decides to enlist Margaret's help in putting Marty out of commission. Potter suggests that Margaret should occupy Marty with "an evening of __________ and getting his hopes up."

From Quiz "M*A*S*H" Season 10, "Sons and Bowlers"

Answer: Boilermakers

Appropriately and humorously so, Margaret replies, "Colonel, they may have a pro... but you don't!"

8. What petname does Marty use for Margaret several times throughout this episode?

From Quiz "M*A*S*H" Season 10, "Sons and Bowlers"

Answer: Dollface

Although 'Dollface' is a period-correct petname from 1950's Americana, most fans of the "M*A*S*H" series know Maraget by her common nickname, 'Hot Lips.' However, few realize that the 'Hot Lips' nickname originated from an infamous scene in "M*A*S*H, The Movie" in which Margaret is played by Sally Kellerman. During an intimate encounter with Frank Burns, Margaret is unaware that the public address microphone has been planted underneath their cot, broadcasting details of their rendezvous throughout the camp. Everyone overhears her saying to Frank, "kiss my hot lips."

9. Klinger tells BJ his plan will work and land him back in Toledo, where he won't be found because he'll be living under which assumed alias?

From Quiz "Goodbye, Cruel World"

Answer: Sven Lundgren

The swarthy Klinger will have a tough time passing for a Nordic man named Sven. But that doesn't stop him from mailing the fake discharge orders.

10. Hawkeye describes to Charles how, when he was young, his dad began making breakfast when his mom became seriously ill. What breakfast does Hawkeye mention his dad was up to when Hawkeye's mom finally passed away?

From Quiz "M*A*S*H" Season 10, "Sons and Bowlers"

Answer: French toast and sausages

This conversation illustrates Hawkeye's ultimate point that, to some degree, he dislikes the fact that his dad has a tendency to keep important details from him because he doesn't want him to worry.

11. The bowling pro, Marty, developed a small problem after a trip to the latrine. His urine had turned a different color. What medicinal agent did BJ and Charles use to accomplish this?

From Quiz "M*A*S*H" Season 10, "Sons and Bowlers"

Answer: Methylene Blue

Methylene blue has a number of past and current medicinal uses such as assisting in the identification of pre-cancerous lesions, acting as an antidote to potassium cyanide poisoning, assisting in the treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning and being part of a treatment regimen for malaria. Ironically, it disappeared as an anti-malarial agent during wars in Asia, such as the Korean conflict on which "M*A*S*H" is based, due to personnel disliking two inevitable, fully reversible side effects: blue sclera and turning urine... green.

12. Shrink Sidney Friedman visits Yee and hypnotizes him. Once completed, Yee believes he has been asleep for five minutes, but he was under much longer. How much time was he under Dr. Friedman's trance?

From Quiz "Goodbye, Cruel World"

Answer: Two hours

The ever-maternal Nurse Kelleye tells Yee just how long he was under Dr. Friedman's spell just before giving him his medication.

13. Colonel Potter is getting tired of his cigar-chomping Marine counterpart's continued gloating each time they beat the 4077th at a sport. What's the first name of Potter's Marine counterpart?

From Quiz "M*A*S*H" Season 10, "Sons and Bowlers"

Answer: Vince

The part of Marine Colonel Vincent Potts was played by Dick O'Neill. Dick was no stranger to the "M*A*S*H" series. He also played Navy Admiral Cox in the 1977 episode entitled "38 Across" as well as Army General Marian Prescott in the 1979 episode entitled "BJ Papa San."

14. What's discovered is that Yee is harboring feelings of guilt, which built up inside him and led to his suicide attempt. What was the root of his guilt?

From Quiz "Goodbye, Cruel World"

Answer: He was native Chinese fighting against other Chinese for the US.

To put him under, Sidney had him stare at a brown pencil.

15. Dr. Friedman programmed which response from Yee when the guilt feelings became overwhelming?

From Quiz "Goodbye, Cruel World"

Answer: One of his hands would twitch.

He no longer needed restraints.

16. At the very end of the episode, Charles and Hawkeye are sitting down to a drink in the O-Club. Charles proposes a toast, "to our fathers..." How does Hawkeye finish this toast?

From Quiz "M*A*S*H" Season 10, "Sons and Bowlers"

Answer: "...and their sons."

A touching way to end the toast, this scene ends one of the first and only episodes in which Charles bonds with Hawkeye... or any other character. Other first and onlys for this 1982 episode include the first and only "M*A*S*H" appearances by experienced bit-players Roger Hampton (playing the part of 'Second Marine') and William Lucking (playing the part of 'Marty Ubanchic').

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