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  Calling "Better Call Saul"    
Multiple Choice
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There are enough characters in "Better Call Saul" to fill the entire alphabet! I hope you enjoy this quiz.
Tough, 26 Qns, PootyPootwell, May 20 24
PootyPootwell gold member
May 20 24
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  "Better Call Saul": Season One in Ten Questions   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The first season of "Better Call Saul" started with a peek at the present day, where Saul was working as an Omaha Cinnabon manager named Gene. But the rest of the season took place in the pre-Saul days of Jimmy McGill. Let's revisit season one.
Easier, 10 Qns, PDAZ, Nov 10 21
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Nov 10 21
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  "Better Call Saul": Season Two in Ten Questions   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Season two started with a rehash of the ending scene of season one: Jimmy rejected the offer to work at Davis and Main. But he soon changed his mind and ended up taking the job after a little vacation.
Easier, 10 Qns, PDAZ, Nov 10 21
PDAZ gold member
Nov 10 21
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  "Better Call Saul": Season Four in 10 Questions   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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Season four picked up where season three left off with the aftermath of Hector's collapse and the fire at Chuck's house.
Average, 10 Qns, PDAZ, Nov 10 21
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Nov 10 21
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  "Better Call Saul": Season Three in 10 Questions    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Season three started with the cliffhangers from season two: Who left the message on Mike's windshield, and what was Chuck going to do with the tape of Jimmy's confession?
Average, 10 Qns, PDAZ, Nov 10 21
PDAZ gold member
Nov 10 21
345 plays
trivia question Quick Question
In what unusual place did Jimmy's advertisement appear in the nursing home?

From Quiz ""Better Call Saul": 1.5 "Alpine Shepherd Boy""

Better Call Saul Trivia Questions

1. Much of the first episode of the season focused on Chuck's funeral. Who blamed himself for Chuck's death and suffered mentally during season four?

From Quiz
"Better Call Saul": Season Four in 10 Questions

Answer: Howard Hamlin

Jimmy initially appeared perplexed by Chuck's death. He told Kim that Chuck had been fine the last time he saw him, and he seemed almost stunned, devoid of emotion during the first episode, that is until Howard showed up after the funeral and confessed to Jimmy and Kim that he believed he (Howard) was to blame for Chuck's death. Jimmy immediately perked up, telling Howard that it was his cross to bear. When Jimmy later ran into Howard in a restroom at the courthouse, Howard looked disheveled and told Jimmy that he was suffering from insomnia. Jimmy offered him the name of the therapist that Kim wanted him to see, but Howard told Jimmy that he was already seeing a therapist. When Jimmy stopped by HHM to pick up his inheritance check, he once again found Howard looking less than his usual spiffy self and discovered that HHM was downsizing; the firm was falling apart while Howard was struggling with his personal demons. Jimmy gave Howard a tough-love pep talk, which Howard rebuffed, but by the end of the season, Howard appeared to be his old self.

2. In the first episode of season two, "Switch", before Jimmy accepted the job at Davis and Main, where was he spending his days?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Two in Ten Questions

Answer: At a resort pool

Jimmy was hanging out in a "lazy river" pool, floating on a lounge chair with a cocktail and a tray of chips. When his phone rang (which was also floating in the pool in a plastic bag), he told the caller that he wasn't a lawyer anymore. "So this is what a midlife crisis looks like", Kim stated when she stopped by to find out why he hadn't accepted the job with Davis and Main. "I think my talents are better spent elsewhere", explained Jimmy, to which Kim responded, "Where? Floating in somebody else's pool?". He told Kim that he finally decided "to be me"; then the waiter showed up and asked "Mr. Cumpson" if he wanted another drink. So Jimmy was spending his days at the resort, charging food and drinks to other guests. But after a couple days, he decided to take the job at Davis and Main. Later in the "Bali Ha'i" episode, Kim referred back to Jimmy's days floating in the pool: "You knew what you wanted, and I got in the way". The pool scenes were filmed at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Spa and Resort in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM.

3. B is for Betsy Kettleman, one of Jimmy's early clients. She insisted her husband was innocent despite evidence being in plain sight. What was her husband accused of?

From Quiz Calling "Better Call Saul"

Answer: Embezzlement

Betty's husband, Craig, embezzled over a million dollars from the county. Betsy insisted on Craig's innocence even as they paid Jimmy with the stolen cash. No wonder Jimmy described her as detached from reality, even on a good day.

4. Hector Salamanca's collapse at the end of season three resulted in a debilitating stroke that initially left him comatose. Who paid for a Johns Hopkins specialist to treat Hector to make sure that he recovered - at least a little?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Four in 10 Questions

Answer: Gus

Although Hector later emerged from the coma, he was still unresponsive and it was uncertain if he would ever regain consciousness or be aware of his surroundings. This did not suit Gus Fring, whom we discovered wanted Hector to be fully cognizant when Gus unleashed his plans for revenge against him: "I decide what he deserves. No one else". When she arrived, the doctor from Johns Hopkins spoke to The Cousins who were standing guard over Hector in his hospital room, and she recommended that even though Hector was unconscious that they speak to him in the hopes that he would recognize their voices. The Cousins had Arturo and Nacho talk to Hector, giving him awkward words of encouragement: "You look good, Don Hector, real good". Hector did eventually wake up and although his ability to communicate was impaired, Gus realized that he was fully aware of what was going on around him after Gus watched him ogle a hospital worker. At that point, Gus thanked the Johns Hopkins doctor for her efforts and despite her protestations that Hector might be able to walk and talk again with continued treatment, Gus released her from her duty, telling her that "we should temper our expectations".

5. Mike's assignment as the bodyguard to the naive drug-dealer Pryce ended when Pryce leased a flashy yellow Hummer, but Mike later helped him out after his house was robbed. What items did Mike recover for Pryce in the "Cobbler" episode?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Two in Ten Questions

Answer: Baseball cards

In the "Switch" episode, Mike refused to get into Pryce's Hummer, and so Pryce decided he didn't need a bodyguard anymore and went alone to meet with Nacho. Nacho took advantage of the situation and took a peek at the vehicle registration, getting Pryce's address. When Pryce discovered his house had been robbed, he called the police because he wanted his baseball card collection back. The police were skeptical of the situation because the electronics hadn't been stolen, and when Pryce was out of the room, they noticed a hiding place in the baseboard behind the couch. Pryce ran into Mike at the parking lot of the courthouse/police station as he was heading in for an interview. Mike knew the police weren't asking him there to discuss his baseball cards, and he told Pryce to leave and forget about the cards, but Pryce was adamant that he wanted the cards back. So Mike tracked down Nacho at his father's auto upholstery shop and convinced him to return the baseball cards and the money for the stolen drugs in exchange for the Hummer. The incident was significant because it made Nacho realize that Mike was more than "the old guy" who stood around while he and Pryce conducted business, and it led to a business relationship between Nacho and Mike. Then Mike contacted Jimmy to get the police to drop the investigation of Pryce, which Jimmy colorfully did using the "Hoboken Squat Cobbler" defense.

6. In the first season, we met Jimmy McGill's brother Chuck, who was a partner at the law firm of Hamlin Hamlin & McGill. From what ailment did Chuck suffer?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season One in Ten Questions

Answer: Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

During the "Uno" episode, we saw Jimmy arrive at Chuck's home, put his watch, phone and key fob in the mailbox and then ground himself before entering the house. It turned out that Chuck had developed this "allergy to electricity", as Jimmy called it, about eighteen months earlier. He had to leave work and now spent his time as a recluse in his home, with Jimmy bringing him ice, food and newspapers. In the "Alpine Shepherd Boy" episode, we discover that Jimmy believed he may be responsible for Chuck's condition because Chuck got worse whenever Jimmy did something questionable. When he promised Chuck that he was giving up his wily ways and taking on serious clients, Chuck appeared to get better.

7. C is for Chuck, Jimmy's older brother and a major influence on Jimmy's character. A successful, respected lawyer, he never approved of or even seemed to like his younger brother. What were Chuck's last words to his brother?

From Quiz Calling "Better Call Saul"

Answer: You've never mattered all that much to me.

A good decade older than Jimmy, Chuck always appeared to look down on his brother. A close reading of the show might reveal the root: their mother seemed to prefer Jimmy. Whatever the cause, Jimmy could never do right in Chuck's eyes, and maybe that's part of the reason he went down bad choice road.

8. Jimmy got a job to sustain him while his law license was suspended in season four. What was he selling that put him in touch with his future criminal clientele?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Four in 10 Questions

Answer: Cell phones

Jimmy was offered the perfect job for him as a copier salesman. He knew the equipment inside and out from his time working in the HHM mailroom and was an enthusiastic salesman, selling himself to the manager of the company. But when he received the job offer, he bitterly declined it, calling out the manager for trusting him on face value without even a background check. He initially turned down the cell phone salesman job also, but when Kim recommended he see a therapist, he quickly accepted the position, using it as an excuse to avoid an appointment. Business was slow in the store so Jimmy decided to drum up his own business by bringing the phones directly to the kind of people who needed confidential communications. His first attempt at selling phones to nocturnal customers at a hot dog stand was a success until he was mugged by a group of teens. But he dealt with that problem and then partnered up with Huell Babineaux to sell the phones on a street corner.

9. While Gus Fring didn't want Mike to kill Hector Salamanca, he was happy to let Mike disrupt Hector's business. How did Mike take out Hector's truck in season three?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Three in 10 Questions

Answer: Sprinkled drugs on it as it approached the U.S. border inspection

We found out that Gus didn't want Mike to shoot Hector because it would be too easy of a death; apparently, Gus had a plan to make Hector to suffer. But he was willing to let Mike disrupt Hector's distribution system so he arranged for Mike to pick up a bag of drugs in Mexico, which Mike then put into a pair of sneakers. Mike flung the shoes over a utility line that was overhead of a stop sign along the route that Hector's truck traveled. As the truck stopped, Mike shot at the shoes, and the drugs were released, dusting Hector's truck. The drugs were detected at the border, resulting in a D.E.A. raid of Hector's ice cream shop in Albuquerque. Why was this important? After Hector lost his truck, he had to find another way to get his product across the border. First he bullied Gus into carrying it, and despite Gus's claim that his trucks were at capacity, Gus seemed rather pleased with the situation. But then Hector decided to find another way of getting his product across the border, and he decided on Nacho's dad, which drove Nacho to come up with a way to do away with Hector. Ultimately, when Don Bolsa ordered Hector to use Gus's trucks, Hector erupted, cursing him and Don Eladio before collapsing.

10. At the end of the "Amarillo" episode, the Vet called Mike with an assignment and told him that he'd been requested by name. It turned out that Nacho wanted to hire him; what was the job?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Two in Ten Questions

Answer: Kill Tuco

When Pryce had shown up at their exchange without Mike in tow, Nacho had made a comment about "the old guy", but his estimation of Mike was raised after Mike tracked him down at his father's upholstery shop and let him know that he knew Nacho was working deals behind Tuco's back. So when Nacho decided he wanted Tuco gone, he asked for Mike. In the "Gloves Off" episode, Nacho explained to Mike that Tuco was using crystal meth and it made him unstable; he was worried that Tuco might kill him due to his drug-induced paranoia like he did to one of his other workers, a guy named Dawg. Nacho showed Mike a wound on his shoulder that contained a piece of Dawg's skull. Tuco had killed him because he thought Dawg was dishonest but he was really a good worker, and Tuco liked him. Nacho was afraid that he would be next. Mike thought about doing the job, even scoped out sniper rifles, but in the end, he explained to Nacho that it just wasn't a good idea: "No amount of money makes this a good idea... for you." Mike pointed out that the cartel would be looking for who took out Tuco and it would be hard for Nacho to keep his secret. Mike convinced Nacho to make his Tuco problem go away with another solution - he staged a fight and had Tuco arrested. Since Tuco had a gun at the scene, he would be sent to prison for a decade or so.

11. In the first season, we discovered that Jimmy McGill once worked in the mail room at Hamlin Hamlin & McGill. Who remained Jimmy's close friend from his days at the law firm?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season One in Ten Questions

Answer: Kim Wexler

Kim Wexler had also earned her law degree while working at Hamlin Hamlin & McGill, but unlike Jimmy, the firm had paid for her degree, and she had received it at the University of New Mexico - far more respectable than the University of American Samoa. Although we were shown them as friends, there appeared to have been a romantic relationship between them at one point. Kim remained a staunch friend to Jimmy, even risking her own standing in the firm by questioning Howard Hamlin's treatment of him.

12. To Nacho's dismay, Hector decided to use Nacho's father's company to move his product across the border. Nacho was afraid that his father would end up dead, so he decided to get rid of Hector instead. How did Nacho attempt to do away with Hector?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Three in 10 Questions

Answer: Doctored his heart medication

After his company was raided by the D.E.A., Hector had to find another method for moving his product across the border. At first he bullied Gus Fring into carrying his product, but then he wanted to find his own operation, and he decided to use the trucks that Nacho's father used to bring his upholstery fabric across the border. Nacho tried to explain to Hector that his father wasn't in the business, but Hector had made up his mind. Nacho knew that his father wouldn't work with Hector, and he was afraid that his father would go to the police and would then end up dead, so Nacho decided to kill Hector. When Hector had an attack and dropped some of his heart pills on the floor, Nacho kept one of them and then had Pryce/Daniel Wormald get him some empty capsules. He put Ibuprofen into the empty capsules and then switched the pills. The first time Hector took the doctored pills, they didn't affect him, but the next time Hector had a major attack, he took the pills and collapsed. Gus was there when it happened, and he performed CPR on Hector. The last we saw of Hector in season three was when he was loaded into an ambulance. Why was this important? When Nacho contacted Pryce to get the pills, Pryce once again contacted Mike to serve as his bodyguard for the transaction. Mike then advised Nacho to make sure he switched the pills back in case anyone checked the medication. Nacho apparently did just that after Hector had his attack, while Gus was performing CPR, and when the paramedic asked if Hector was taking any medication, Nacho handed over the pill bottle, presumably with the real medication in it. But Gus was looking at Nacho with a rather thoughtful gaze - how much did he know?

13. In the "Gloves Off" episode, Kim once again found herself banished to the basement - this time she was sent to work in doc review. Why was Howard punishing her?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Two in Ten Questions

Answer: She hadn't told him about a commercial Jimmy made.

At Davis and Main, Jimmy was in charge of acquiring clients for the lawsuit, and he mentioned the possibility of running a commercial to Clifford Main but went ahead and made it without Cliff's approval. When he showed it to Kim, he led her to believe that it had been approved. But when she was called into a meeting with Howard and Chuck the next day, she found out that wasn't the case. Howard asked her if she knew about the commercial, and when she said yes, he asked her why she hadn't said anything about it. She started to say "I didn't realize..." but then covered for Jimmy and said that "at the time, I didn't think it was necessary". Jimmy found out about her demotion when he went to see her that evening and her office was empty. He wanted to tell Howard that it was his fault, but Kim wanted to solve the problem herself: "If you go to Howard, you and I - we're done". "So we're not done now?" responded Jimmy. Jimmy then went to see Chuck and told him, "Don't punish Kim. If you're mad at me, take it out on me". Jimmy told Chuck that he had implied to Kim that the commercial had been approved so Chuck then knew that Kim had been covering for Jimmy in the meeting with Howard. Meanwhile, Jimmy's commercial nearly got him fired from Davis and Main, but Clifford Main decided to give him one more chance but apparently assigned fellow lawyer Erin to keep Jimmy on the straight and narrow.

14. By the end of the first season, Mike Ehrmantraut had embarked on a part-time career as a "fixer", but where was Mike working when Jimmy McGill first met him?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season One in Ten Questions

Answer: In the courthouse parking lot booth

Former Philadelphia police officer Mike Ehrmantraut was working as the parking lot attendant at the courthouse. Jimmy and he did not start off on the best foot; Mike was a stickler for the rules regarding the number of requisite stickers needed for validation, and Jimmy didn't want to pay for parking so he had to go back in the courthouse a few times to get more stickers. The banter between the two of them was amusing, with Jimmy calling Mike "the employee of the month" and mocking him, "like a troll under a bridge, you must have the stickers or you won't pass".

15. E is for Ehrmantrout, Mike. He played a large part in both "Better Call Saul" and "Breaking Bad." In a flashback, we see his arrival to Albuquerque. When his daughter-in-law met him at the train station, what was Mike hiding from her?

From Quiz Calling "Better Call Saul"

Answer: Bullet wound in his shoulder

Part sniper, part MacGyver, part Kaley's Pop-Pop, Mike came to Albuquerque bleeding from a bullet wound he'd received while facing off with two men who killed his son and got away with it. He tried to leave crime behind when he left Philadelphia, but it wasn't long before he was tied up with drug dealers and a crooked lawyer in Albuquerque.

16. Kim was still working with Mesa Verde bank, but she appeared to have lost interest in her work. What became her new passion in season four?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Four in 10 Questions

Answer: Public defender work

Kim seemed to be doing well. She had a new paralegal, Viola ("Gilmore Girls" Lane Kim (Keiko Agena)) to assist her with her workload, but after seeing models of Mesa Verde CEO Kevin Wachtell's expansion plans, she handed her work over to Viola and went to the courthouse to observe minor criminal case proceedings. After determining that Kim didn't have a case on the docket, Judge Munsinger called her into his office and correctly determined her motive: "Don't think that you are the first to try to rediscover their love of the law by trolling my court". He threatened to put her to work as a public defender if he saw her in his courtroom again, but that was exactly her desire. Unfortunately the public defender work caused her to lose focus on Mesa Verde, leading to a tense confrontation with Mesa Verde counsel Paige Novick, so Kim decided to get some extra personnel on the Mesa Verde account to free up her time. She brought the Mesa Verde account to Rich Schweikert's firm and was given a partnership in exchange for the client. So she was able to continue her public defender work while collecting memorial plaques for each of the Mesa Verde branch openings for assisting with their legal needs. But while Kim's professional life was flourishing, her position at Schweikert & Cokely was heartbreaking for Jimmy - he still had hopes of resurrecting the law offices of Wexler and McGill once he had his license back.

17. In the "Hero" episode, we discovered that Jimmy came up with the "Saul Goodman" name from the expression "It's all good, man" back in his Cicero, Illinois, days. What nickname did Jimmy have back then?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season One in Ten Questions

Answer: Slippin' Jimmy

We found out in the "Uno" episode that in the old days back in Cicero, Jimmy was a two-bit criminal who made money by pulling scams, and he'd earned the nickname "Slippin' Jimmy" because he would fake falls. It was his background as Slippin' Jimmy that helped him identify the skateboarders' scam and plan the scam with them involving Mrs. Kettleman's car in the first episode. In the "Hero" episode, we discovered that Jimmy's scams could be a bit more involved. In the episode, Jimmy McGill was wandering the streets of Cicero late one night with an acquaintance when they came across a wallet. They soon found the owner of the wallet laying in the alley, and he appeared to be drunk. The acquaintance said that he was keeping the $1000 from the wallet, and Jimmy went for the man's watch, but when the acquaintance saw that it appeared to be a Rolex, he decided to take the watch instead and give Jimmy the cash. Jimmy insisted the watch was worth $3,000, so the man gave Jimmy an additional $580 and then ran off, thinking he got the better of the deal. But then the victim, Marco, stood up and slapped hands with Jimmy; they were in the scam together and had more watches to use on other marks.

18. Since he was unable to practice as a lawyer, Jimmy needed to sell the television advertising he had purchased. What name did he use for his advertising agency?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Three in 10 Questions

Answer: Saul Goodman Productions

Jimmy wasn't allowed to advertise as a lawyer during his twelve month suspension, so he had to cancel his commercials, but he was dismayed to find out that he couldn't get his money back for the unaired spots. But his contract allowed him to create and air other commercials during the time slot, so he decided to sell his airtime using the Saul Goodman persona. He even returned to his Slippin' Jimmy skills to sell the airtime. When the owners of a music store reneged on purchasing additional ads after Jimmy had given them a free trial, Jimmy slipped on a drumstick in their store and was rewarded with the sale of his remaining spots, an autographed Richie Blackmore guitar, and a sore back. Why was the use of the name important? We'd seen Jimmy use the "Saul Goodman" moniker in season one in a flashback to his Slippin' Jimmy days when he told one of his marks that his name was 'Saul Goodman - like it's all good, man'. But here he used it a little more formally and included the flashy Saul Goodman persona on a commercial. Even Kim was a bit surprised by the character, commenting that he had a lot of energy. One step closer to the real Saul Goodman...

19. Hector Salamanca made his first appearance on the series at the end of the "Rebecca" episode when he sat down at Mike's table at a diner to discuss Tuco. What did he want Mike to do?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Two in Ten Questions

Answer: Tell the police that Tuco's gun was his

Hector Salamanca was Tuco's uncle, and he apologized to Mike on behalf of the family, telling Mike that Tuco was a "hothead" and deserved to spend time in prison, but just not as much time as he would spend for having a gun. He wanted Mike to tell the police that the gun was his; he said that since Mike was an ex-cop, the police would go easy on him. Without the gun charge, Tuco would only have to serve for a battery charge, according to Hector. For his troubles, Hector told Mike he'd give him $5k. In the "Bali Ha'i" episode, Mike found out that Hector wasn't going to accept no for an answer. He sent two goons to Mike's house to rough him up but Mike ambushed them and sent them away with some damage to their heads. But then when Mike was at the hotel pool with Kaylee, he saw two men standing on a rooftop watching them, and one of them pointed their fingers at Kaylee like a gun and "shot" her. Mike realized he had to accept the offer and went to meet with Hector but demanded $50k to which Hector ended up agreeing. Nacho went to Mike's house to deliver the money, and Mike gave half of it to Nacho, telling him that he had made a deal to get rid of Tuco and now Tuco would soon be back. As it ended up, Mike didn't have to tell the police that the gun was his; Jimmy went with him to the prosecutor's office and told them that the only thing Mike could say was that the gun wasn't Tuco's.

20. The failure of a skateboard accident scam didn't deter Jimmy McGill; his next scam was much more public. He staged the rescue of a worker who had fallen from what object?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season One in Ten Questions

Answer: A billboard

Jimmy had a personal vendetta against Howard Hamlin, his brother's partner in Hamlin Hamlin & McGill. Hamlin had suggested to Chuck that Jimmy change the name of his law firm since it could be confusing to clients, so in the "Hero" episode, Jimmy apparently decided to really confuse clients by turning himself into a Hamlin clone and buying a billboard with the same logo as HHM. After Hamlin showed Kim Wexler the billboard, she went to see Jimmy at the salon. She gave him a "cease and desist" notice. Kim asked him why he was making it personal which he denied. She pointed out that the billboard "was a declaration of war" but Jimmy claimed that Hamlin "fired the first shot" by trying to keep Jimmy from using his own name. When a judge ruled that the billboard had to come down, Jimmy hired some college kids to film it and while they were doing so, the worker fell from the catwalk of the billboard and was hanging by his harness. Jimmy then climbed up to the billboard and rescued the worker, but the whole thing was staged. The "worker" was actually one of his public defense clients from the "Mijo" episode.

21. Jimmy and Kim had been growing apart during season four, as Kim took a more traditional role with her career, and Jimmy went in a shadier direction, but they rekindled their relationship when they collaborated on what?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Four in 10 Questions

Answer: A scheme to get a reduced sentence for Huell

The decline in Jimmy and Kim's relationship was beautifully portrayed in the opening montage sequence of the "Something Stupid" episode as the increasing separation between the two over nearly a year was displayed on a split screen. But they were brought together when Huell Babineaux was arrested for assaulting an undercover police officer, and Jimmy approached her to help Huell avoid a prison sentence. Kim was aghast to find out that Jimmy had been selling burner phones and initially seemed reluctant to help Jimmy, but once she realized that Huell was being offered a much steeper sentence than similar defendants, she became interested in the case. But when she told Jimmy that the prosecutor wasn't backing down and that Huell was "gonna have to put on his big boy pants and go to jail. At least for a little while", she realized that Jimmy wasn't going to accept that answer, and she came up with a plan to prevent Jimmy from taking matters into his own hands. She had Jimmy go to Huell's Louisiana home town and mail bags of letters of support to the judge, apparently from the townfolk but actually written by Jimmy and co-conspirators he employed on the bus trip to Louisiana. Kim and Jimmy then set up a website for a church to which Huell allegedly belonged, featuring pictures of a smiling Huell participating in various church activities, and they added a fund-raising page to help pay for Huell's defense. When the sacks of mail arrived at Judge Munsinger's office, he asked the prosecutor if she was going after Santa Claus and told her to settle the case. The prosecutor called some of the phone numbers included on the letters and reached Pastor Hansford who was actually Jimmy disguising his voice. She eventually gave up, and Huell received four months probation. Kim had such a rush from the scam that she wanted to pull another one - this time getting a Lubbock clerk to switch out Mesa Verde drawings without changing deadlines.

22. During this season, we literally saw Howard climb over walls in deference to Chuck's needs, but what change took place in Howard and Chuck's relationship by the end of the season?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Three in 10 Questions

Answer: Howard forced Chuck out of the firm.

In one of the great scenes this season, Howard climbed over the backyard walls of Chuck's neighbors to reach the back entrance to Chuck's house, taking time to straighten his suit and tie after each wall. He did so because Chuck didn't want anyone to be seen entering his house in case Jimmy was watching. Howard was losing patience with Chuck over the cost for the round-the-clock private investigator who was hanging out in Chuck's house in case Jimmy broke in. As it turned out, they did catch Jimmy breaking in, but not quite the way that Chuck predicted. Howard grew increasingly frustrated with Chuck after that. He hadn't wanted Chuck to testify at Jimmy's hearing, but Chuck wouldn't listen to him, and Howard was later forced to do damage control with clients who had heard about Chuck's breakdown at the hearing. When the malpractice insurance premiums for HHM's attorneys were increased due to Chuck's breakdown, Howard at first pursued a solution with the insurance company, but when Chuck suddenly threatened to sue them, it was the last straw for Howard. He told Chuck that his behavior had become increasingly unpredictable and suggested that Chuck retire. Chuck rejected that option and threatened to sue HHM for breach of contract. This further enraged Howard because the firm couldn't afford to buy Chuck out of his partnership, which meant that Chuck would be destroying the firm. Chuck later met with the senior partners and offered to let bygones be bygones, but instead, Howard cleared the room and handed Chuck a personal check for a third of his buyout payment, explaining that he would personally be making all of the payments since the firm couldn't afford it. Why was this important? Chuck's whole life was HHM. He looked utterly in shock when Howard handed him a check to buy him out rather than accept him back into the firm. Chuck's dismissal from the firm was undoubtedly a factor in his actions in the season finale.

23. In what type of law did Jimmy McGill decide to specialize in the first season?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season One in Ten Questions

Answer: Elder law

After the publicity stunt with the billboard, Jimmy had several crazy clients try to hire him, and when he moaned to Kim Wexler that all he had done was wills and living trusts, she recommended that he consider elder law. He found a niche there. The clients were easy to handle, the work was simple, and best of all, the clients paid him! He made a concerted effort to drum up business by advertising on Bingo cards and on Jell-O cups at a rest home, and he worked to gain the trust of his clients by wearing a similar suit to that of Ben Matlock, the senior citizen television attorney played by Andy Griffith.

24. H is for Howard Hamlin, supervising partner at the law firm HHM, where Chuck was a founder and where Jimmy started in the mail room. Toward the end of the series, Howard's New Mexico's vanity license plate was showcased. What was on it?

From Quiz Calling "Better Call Saul"

Answer: NAMAST3

Howard and his "NAMAST3" license plate so annoyed Jimmy that he went out of his way to find a bowling ball and throw it on Howard's car. At this point in the series, Howard was more sympathetic than he was in earlier seasons, where he seemed to be Jimmy's antagonist; it was later that we learned much of Howard's harshness to Jimmy was on Chuck's orders. "LWYRUP" belonged to Jimmy's Cadillac; "PLAYUH" belonged to another character; and "327 2153" appeared in "Breaking Bad."

25. Desperate for money, Jimmy decided to revisit the Sandpiper class action lawsuit, as he was entitled to a portion of the settlement. What did he do to convince class representative Irene Landry to accept the settlement offer?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Three in 10 Questions

Answer: Turned her friends against her

When Jimmy visited Irene and found out that a multi-million dollar settlement offer had been made by Sandpiper, he asked Irene why she hadn't accepted it, and she told him that Erin from Davis and Main law firm told her that there would be a better offer. But Jimmy needed cash now, and when he calculated his cut at over a million dollars, he decided to force Irene into accepting the settlement offer. He decided that she would do so if her friends turned against her because she hadn't accepted it. So he spent his time poisoning their minds against her, even buying Irene a fancy pair of sneakers and then telling her friends that Irene just doesn't need the money because she can afford nice things on her own. His plan worked; they shunned her, and she ended up in tears, unaware of why they had turned on her. When Jimmy suggested that it might be the settlement, she agreed to accept it, but her friends wouldn't accept her back. Why was this important? This was the end of Jimmy's elder law practice. Despite his attempts, he couldn't reunite Irene and her friends, so he decided to sacrifice himself. He staged a fake conversation between Erin and himself, which was overheard by the Sandpiper residents during a chair yoga session. He belittled his clients and made it clear that he had used Irene to get his money: "If the only thing standing between me and a million bucks is some old lady's tears, then I suggest investing in Kleenex". Irene and her friends were reunited, and as Jimmy told Kim, he would have to find a new business model when his license was reinstated because his name was being bashed by seniors across the southwest.

26. In the "Fifi" episode, Kim turned in her notice at HHM, managing to take the Mesa Verde case with her, but Chuck quickly convinced the Mesa Verde CEO to come back to HHM. What did Jimmy do to get the client back for Kim?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Two in Ten Questions

Answer: Changed the address of the proposed bank branch in Chuck's files

Kim had been courted by Schweikart & Cokely, the firm that was representing Sandpiper Retirement Communities; she went to an interview with their partners and was expecting an offer from them, but in the end, she decided to go into practice with Jimmy as separate sole practitioners sharing office space and expenses. Jimmy had originally proposed that they have a joint practice, but Kim wasn't comfortable with his "colorful" way of practicing law so she preferred for them to keep their practices separate. Howard was somewhat pleasant to her when he found out that she was "hanging up her own shingle" as opposed to going to the competition; he wistfully told her that he had wanted to do the same thing when he left law school, but his father wanted another Hamlin for the law firm name. But after he wished her well, they both focused on Mesa Verde. Kim had a meeting with the CEO and the Senior Counsel (her friend Paige) that went very well and she got their business, but when Howard told Chuck they'd lost the client, Chuck went into super lawyer mode - heading to a meeting with them without his space-blanket-lined suit. While he initially made it sound as if they made the right decision ("she's young and exciting"), he managed to convey that the boring HHM had the experience for the bank's complicated needs, and the CEO decided to stay with HHM. However the meeting wore Chuck out, and when Jimmy arrived at his house to confront Chuck for stealing the case from Kim, he found Chuck passed out on the sofa. While Chuck was sleeping, Jimmy went through the Mesa Verde files that Chuck had at the house, pulled every document with the address of the new branch and went to an all-night printing store where he changed the address from 1261 to 1216. When Chuck and Howard went to the banking commission hearing with their clients, the discrepancy in the address was noticed and caused the branch opening to be delayed for six weeks. Chuck knew he didn't make a mistake and was rude to the clients, claiming that they were incorrect, which made the CEO claim that he "knew the address of his own... bank". Not surprisingly, the Mesa Verde CEO took his business back to Kim while Chuck embarked on his campaign to prove that Jimmy had sabotaged him.

27. In the "Five-O" episode, we discovered that Mike Ehrmantraut was being investigated by the Philadelphia police. What crime did he commit?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season One in Ten Questions

Answer: Murdered two police officers

The episode "Five-O" was almost solely devoted to Mike's back story. We found out that Mike had a son, Matt (aka Matty) who, like Mike, had been a Philadelphia policeman. Matt had died in an apparent ambush, but Matt's wife was suspicious because she had heard Matt having a heated phone conversation in the wee hours one morning shortly before he died, and she believed he'd been talking to Mike. Mike initially denied it, which led to tense relations between Mike and her. Later we found out that Matt's partner had asked him to take a bribe, and Matt had planned to turn him in for being a dirty cop, but Mike had talked him out of it and told him to take the bribe; he told Matt that he did the same thing. Mike said that letting Matt know that his father was a dirty cop "broke my boy". Matt did take the bribe, but his partner and sergeant knew his heart wasn't in it, so they decided to stage the ambush so that he couldn't turn them in. Mike was devastated by Matt's death so he staged his own ambush on the cops who killed Matt. He then left for Albuquerque to be with his daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

28. In the season finale "Winner", Mike performed his first kill for Gus Fring. Who was the unfortunate victim?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Four in 10 Questions

Answer: Werner Ziegler

Mike had killed before - he took out the cops who killed his son before he left Philadelphia and moved to Albuquerque. But with the exception of Hector Salamanca, he tried to avoid killing people. After Werner broke out of the engineers' compound to meet his wife for a weekend getaway, Mike talked Gus into letting him bring Werner back instead of killing him, telling Gus that if Werner didn't return, Gus would be left with a giant hole in the ground. Gus agreed initially, but once Gus found out that Lalo knew about Werner, Gus decided that he had to be eliminated. Mike tried to talk him out of it but quickly realized that Gus had made up his mind. Mike had developed somewhat of a friendship with Werner, so he told Gus that he would do it, perhaps thinking he'd be easier on Werner than Gus's other goons. Werner was a bit clueless as to the amount of trouble he was in; he was trying to get Mike to let him go see his wife, not realizing that he should have been begging for his life at that point. When Mike pointed out that "nothing you can say or do will make anyone trust you again", Werner finally realized his predicament. Mike let him call his wife to convince her to go back to Germany so that she wouldn't be killed, and he told Werner that his men would also be sent home. Then as Werner slowly walked off into the desert, Mike shot him from behind.

29. Despite losing his main source of income, Jimmy was managing to pay his share of the expenses so that he and Kim could keep their office. What event finally caused them to close up shop?

From Quiz "Better Call Saul": Season Three in 10 Questions

Answer: Kim had a car accident.

When Jimmy's license was suspended, Kim assumed that they would need to close their office, but Jimmy wanted to keep the office open. He told Kim he would find a way to pay his half of the expenses, and although he struggled, he was managing to meet the obligation. But Kim was concerned, particularly after Jimmy hurt his back, so she took on another client besides Mesa Verde. She was already sleeping at the office to handle the Mesa Verde case, so she was completely overwhelmed with her workload. While she was driving to a client meeting, she blacked out and ran off the road, crashing into a boulder. She fortunately only ended up with a broken arm, but the accident was a wake-up call for her and Jimmy. She decided to reduce her workload by letting the other client go, and Jimmy told her that they would sublet the office since she could work from home. Unfortunately, they had to let Francesca go, but she was able to get her old job at the Motor Vehicle Division back. Why was Kim's accident important? Over the first three seasons we had seen what a workaholic Kim was, and in this season, we even saw montage of her morning routine - showering and dressing at the gym across the street after catching a few hours' sleep on the couch in her office. But after the accident, she decided to take it easy; she let go of one client, and instead of rushing back to work with Mesa Verde, she embarked upon "Relaxathon 2003", as Jimmy called it - loading up on Blockbuster videos and snacks while she recuperated from her accident. Kim's accident also had a dramatic effect on Jimmy. After Chuck had taped his confession, he had cut Chuck out of his life, but the accident made him decide to try and make amends with Chuck. He also decided to take a drastic step to fix things for Irene Landry.

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