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Specific television shows that begin with the letters A, B, and C.
5,634 Television A-C quizzes and 78,876 Television A-C trivia questions.
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  'Broadchurch' - Series 1   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The first series of British TV crime drama 'Broadchurch' followed the police investigation into the death of a young boy named Danny Latimer. How much about it do you remember?
Average, 10 Qns, Fifiona81, Jun 11 19
Fifiona81 editor
Jun 11 19
295 plays
  'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - A Tribute   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Another 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' quiz, as a tribute to the best script, characterisation and performances that a television audience could ever ask for. (Some details from Paul Armstrong's excellent 'A.W.P.' site on Geocities)
Average, 10 Qns, swbhoy, Jan 17 03
3895 plays
  'Angry Beavers' On Nick    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Last time I checked, there wasn't a trivia quiz for this cartoon. That seemed unfair, so if you laugh through it as much as I do, you shouldn't have any trouble with this little quiz.
Average, 10 Qns, bravomoose, Jul 28 01
4840 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What firm is the front for the SD-6 cell in Los Angeles?

From Quiz ""Alias"...You Better Watch Your Back"

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Television A-C Trivia Questions

1. The first series of crime drama series 'Broadchurch' followed the investigation of the murder of a young boy in the small (fictional) seaside town of Broadchurch. Which actors played the investigating detectives, DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller?

From Quiz
'Broadchurch' - Series 1

Answer: David Tennant and Olivia Colman

Hardy and Miller had a rocky start to their working relationship as Miller had expected promotion to the post of Detective Inspector on her return from maternity leave. However, she returned to the police station to discover that a decidedly grumpy Scottish bloke named Alec Hardy had taken her job. David Tennant is probably best known for his role as the tenth version of the Doctor, in the long-running BBC sci-fi show, 'Doctor Who'. Olivia Colman is a British comedy actress whose TV credits include 'The Peep Show' and 'Green Wing'. She also appeared in the film 'The Iron Lady' as Margaret Thatcher's daughter, Carol. Andrew Buchan and Jodie Whittaker played Mark and Beth Latimer, the parents of the murdered boy. Nathaniel Parker and Sharon Small played DI Tommy Lynley and DS Barbara Havers in the TV series 'The Inspector Lynley Mysteries'. Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes played DCI Gene Hunt and DI Alex Drake in the science fiction/crime show 'Ashes to Ashes'.

2. What are the full first names of the Angry Beavers?

From Quiz 'Angry Beavers' On Nick

Answer: Norbert and Daggett

3. The first ever episode 'If I were a carpenter', first graced our screens on which date?

From Quiz 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - A Tribute

Answer: 11th Nov 1983

'Nien, for Dusseldorf they need now only two bricklayers, and some carpenters' 'Ah well we're alright then cos' this lad heres a carpenter.'

4. Where was the body of the eleven year-old victim, Danny Latimer, discovered?

From Quiz 'Broadchurch' - Series 1

Answer: On the beach, at the bottom of the cliffs

Danny's body was discovered on the beach the morning after his death. Although the body had been arranged to look like Danny had fallen from the cliff, forensic evidence soon showed that it was not a tragic accident and that he had in fact been strangled. Danny's mother, Beth, had spent part of the morning searching for her son after discovering he had failed to turn up for his school sports day. She saw the commotion on the beach and went over, only to see her son's body lying there. The cliff-top summer house, the abandoned boat and the local Sea Brigade hall are all significant locations or clues in the murder case.

5. Why did the Beavers get kicked out of their parents' dam?

From Quiz 'Angry Beavers' On Nick

Answer: to make room for new babies

It was explained in one of those pseudo-documentaries that pop up from time to time.

6. Which member of the cast has an extensive film résumé including; 'Batman the Movie', 'Alien 3' and 'The Fifth Element'?

From Quiz 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - A Tribute

Answer: Christopher Fairbank

Although mostly smaller roles, Christopher Fairbank has seen more of Hollywood than any of the other lads.

7. The last sighting of Danny Latimer was CCTV footage of him out skateboarding on the night of the murder. Which mysterious member of the Broadchurch community had Danny's missing skateboard hidden in their cupboard?

From Quiz 'Broadchurch' - Series 1

Answer: Susan Wright

Susan Wright lived in a caravan park near the beach and was the caretaker of the cliff-top summer house where Danny's murder took place. She was a loner who spent most of her time walking her dog around the town, but threatened the editor of the local newspaper when she discovered and threatened to publish her dark secret. It turned out that her real name was Elaine Jones and that she was the biological mother of murder suspect, Nigel Carter. Wright was portrayed by Pauline Quirke, who is best known for her role as Sharon in the BBC sitcom 'Birds of a Feather', which first aired in 1989. Jack Marshall owned the local newsagents shop; Nigel Carter was a plumber who worked for Danny's father; and Steve Connelly was a self-proclaimed psychic who claimed to have spoken with Danny's spirit.

8. What is the Beavers' favorite thing to watch on television?

From Quiz 'Angry Beavers' On Nick

Answer: cheesy horror movies

And all the 'actors' seem to be reading from cue cards!

9. Mark Latimer lied to police about his whereabouts on the night his son was murdered because he didn't want his wife to discover he was having an affair with which woman?

From Quiz 'Broadchurch' - Series 1

Answer: Becca Fisher

Becca Fisher was the Australian owner of the Traders Hotel where DI Hardy lived throughout the events of the first series of 'Broadchurch'. She was portrayed by the actress Simone McAullay, who also appeared in the popular Australian soap opera 'Home and Away'. Danny Latimer's father, Mark, gave the police a completely unbelievable explanation of his whereabouts on the night of his son's murder, leading Hardy and Miller to suspect that he was involved. He was in fact with Becca Fisher at the time, but refused to tell the truth in case his wife, Beth, discovered his infidelity. Sadly for him this was a waste of time as Beth had followed him and seen him kissing Becca anyway. Maggie Radcliffe was the editor of the local newspaper; Karen White was a national newspaper journalist who came to Broadchurch to report on the murder; and Lucy Stevens was the mother of local journalist Olly Stevens (and the sister of DS Ellie Miller - one of the investigating police officers).

10. Who is the Beavers' favorite actor?

From Quiz 'Angry Beavers' On Nick

Answer: Oxnard Montalvo

Mr Montalvo played a pivotal role in their Halloween episode.

11. How did the lads catch McGurke (the Ghost) at Thornley Manor?

From Quiz 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - A Tribute

Answer: Glue on the fridge door

McGurke, 'the gentleman of the road' had been pilfering food from the lads fridge... and terrifying Barry.

12. Local journalist, Olly Stevens, discovered a dark secret in the past of Jack Marshall - the local newsagent who employed Danny Latimer as a paperboy. For what crime had Jack served time in prison?

From Quiz 'Broadchurch' - Series 1

Answer: Sex with a minor

Jack Marshall's painful history, including a conviction for having sex with a minor, was exposed in episode four of the series. The people of Broadchurch were extremely quick to judge him, with false stories about his inappropriate behaviour with young boys soon published in the local paper. Jack refused police help with the harassment he was suffering and instead ended up committing suicide by jumping off a cliff - the same one under which Danny Latimer's body had been found. The sad part of the whole story was that Jack's conviction was actually for under age sex with a teenage girl. She had later married him and they had a son together. The couple divorced after their son was killed in a car accident.

13. What's the name of Norbie's hippie girlfriend?

From Quiz 'Angry Beavers' On Nick

Answer: Treeflower

Well, she was a hippie the first time they met.

14. With which building society did Barry keep his savings?

From Quiz 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - A Tribute

Answer: West Bromwich and District

A careful saver, Barry wasnt as keen to squander his savings as the others.

15. Throughout the murder investigation DI Alec Hardy was attempting to hide a serious health problem from his colleagues. What was it?

From Quiz 'Broadchurch' - Series 1

Answer: Heart condition

DI Hardy was battling a serious heart condition throughout the events of 'Broadchurch'. In the early episodes of the series small hints were dropped to the audience that all was not well with Hardy's health, however the severity of his condition did not become clear until he collapsed in his bathroom at the Traders Hotel after having dinner with Ellie and Joe Miller. Keen to hide his health problems from his colleagues, he checked himself out of hospital and headed back to his desk - despite looking distinctly unwell! However, when Hardy collapsed with a heart attack while chasing a suspect he could no longer hide his condition. His boss gave him 24 hours to solve the case before being invalided out of the police service - luckily he managed it.

16. When the Beavers made their hit disco record, what was its name?

From Quiz 'Angry Beavers' On Nick

Answer: Beaver Fever

'More Beaver Fever' was the failed follow-up.

17. When Bomber's daughter Tracey runs away from home and ends up in Germany, who do the lads nominate to look after her for the evening?

From Quiz 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - A Tribute

Answer: Wayne

Wayne proves to be more of a gentleman than anyone expects when he spurns Tracey's advances.

18. Which 'Broadchurch' character discovers that she is pregnant during the course of the first series?

From Quiz 'Broadchurch' - Series 1

Answer: Beth Latimer

Beth Latimer discovered that she was pregnant again shortly after the death of her son Danny. However, she was unsure whether she wanted to keep the baby because of both Danny's death and her discovery of her husband's affair with Becca Fisher. The only person she confided in about the pregnancy was the local vicar, Paul Coates, who helped her after she broke down in the middle of the local supermarket. She did eventually tell her husband and Reverend Coates helped them both by providing counselling. Although Chloe Latimer, Danny's teenage sister, had a secret boyfriend, she did not fall pregnant during the series. Ellie Miller had only just returned to work after maternity leave at the start of the series.

19. Who or what caused Norbie to become an evil descructive biker Beaver?

From Quiz 'Angry Beavers' On Nick

Answer: Pond Scum

20. When Moxy gets in trouble with the law (again) which false identity does he assume, much to the amusement of the others?

From Quiz 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - A Tribute

Answer: Brendan Mulcahy

Oz tests the strength of 'Special Agent Mulcahy''s new identity by pretending to see a snake in the grass.

21. Throughout the first series of 'Broadchurch' DI Alec Hardy is haunted by his apparent failure to solve a similar child murder case while at his previous posting. What was the name of that tragic case?

From Quiz 'Broadchurch' - Series 1

Answer: Sandbrook

Alec Hardy transferred to Broadchurch following his failure to solve a similar child murder in Sandbrook. The case still haunted DI Hardy as Karen White, a journalist from a national newspaper, came to Broadchurch with the express purpose of exposing what she saw as Hardy's incompetence following Sandbrook. Karen also persuaded Beth Latimer to meet the mother of one of the girls who was murdered in the Sandbrook case - an experience which Beth soon regretted. Hardy eventually gave local journalists, Maggie and Olly, the exclusive story of the truth behind Sandbrook. Although he had been blamed for losing the evidence that meant the Sandbrook killer walked free, it turned out that he was covering up for his ex-wife. She had actually lost the evidence while having an affair with a colleague. Hardy took the blame in order to ensure their daughter didn't find out about her mother's affair. 'Gracepoint' is the name of a US adaptation of 'Broadchurch', also starring David Tennant. West Bay, Dorset and Clevedon, Somerset were two of the key locations where major parts of 'Broadchurch' were filmed.

22. Dag likes to dress up in a stuffed sweatshirt, briefs, throw a sock on his head, and fly around the countryside in a red wagon. What superhero does he think he is?

From Quiz 'Angry Beavers' On Nick

Answer: Muscular Beaver

His brother plays along sometimes as Baron Bad Beaver.

23. When stocking up on supplies for Thornley Manor, which British supermarket do the boys visit (as given away by a short sequence on their return to the manor)?

From Quiz 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - A Tribute

Answer: Asda

A quick rendition of the Asda jingle and a slap of the hip pocket from Moxy and Oz give the location away.

24. In the 'musk' episode, what did each of the boys try to mark for his own, only to find that they'd wasted all their musk on each others' belongings?

From Quiz 'Angry Beavers' On Nick

Answer: the Wonder Tree of Wowee

And in turn, they got musked by a couple of lumberjacks.

25. In the final episode, which exotic location are the lads last seen heading for?

From Quiz 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - A Tribute

Answer: Tangiers

An expected visit from the customs officials see the lads whisked off to North Africa.

26. In the final episode of the series the murdered boy's phone was mysteriously switched back on and DI Hardy traced its location to reveal the identity of the murderer. Who killed Danny Latimer?

From Quiz 'Broadchurch' - Series 1

Answer: Joe Miller

Joe Miller was DS Ellie Miller's husband and the father of Danny Latimer's friend Tom. The motive for the murder was Danny's threat that he would expose Joe's inappropriate relationship with him. Joe killed Danny in a fit of rage at the cliff-top summer house, then carried his body down to the beach and left it to be found on the sand the next morning. Mark Latimer, Nigel Carter and the local vicar, Paul Coates, were all suspected of the murder at some point during the series.

27. What inanimate friend do the boys fight over?

From Quiz 'Angry Beavers' On Nick

Answer: Stump

28. Who ruins the planned sporting evening by stealing the dartboard?

From Quiz 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' - A Tribute

Answer: MacGowan

In Bomber's absence, the lads had real trouble dealing with the rough and ready MacGowan (Michael Elphick)

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