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Fun Trivia
7 Sharpe quizzes and 75 Sharpe trivia questions.
  "Sharpe" The Complete Saga   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This quiz contains one question from every film in the "Sharpe" series.
Average, 15 Qns, jigz85, Jul 10 22
Jul 10 22
707 plays
  "Sharpe" Episode 2 ("Sharpe's Eagle")   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is based on the second TV episode, as screened in the UK, and not on the book of the same name by Bernard Cornwell.
Average, 10 Qns, april, Feb 20 07
554 plays
  Sharpe and His Chosen Men   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A brilliant program following the exploits of Richard Sharpe during the Napoleonic wars.
Average, 10 Qns, keyili, Apr 13 06
943 plays
  'Sharpe's Rifles'    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I saw that there weren't any 'Sharpe' quizzes so decided to create one. 'Sharpe' is a British drama starring Sean Bean, as the eponymous Richard Sharpe, serving in the British Army during the early 19th Century. This quiz is on the first episode.
Average, 10 Qns, jpsfilm, Aug 06 10
924 plays
  "Sharpe" Episode 1 ("Sharpe's Rifles")   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is based on the first TV episode, as screened in the UK, and not on the book of the same name by Bernard Cornwell.
Average, 10 Qns, April, Feb 19 07
641 plays
  "Sharpe's Eagle" Part 2   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is based on the television episode.
Average, 10 Qns, nadrak, Feb 20 07
507 plays
  "Sharpe's Rifles" Part 2   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
For Sharpe fans, this quiz is based entirely on the first tv episode.
Average, 10 Qns, nadrak, Oct 22 11
463 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who wrote the "Sharpe" books?

From Quiz "Sharpe and His Chosen Men"

Sharpe Trivia Questions

1. "Sharpe's Rifles" - Richard Sharpe meets his first wife in the pilot episode. What is her name?

From Quiz
"Sharpe" The Complete Saga

Answer: Teresa

Teresa (Assumpta Serna) and Sharpe met in this episode and later married. Teresa reveals that she and Sharpe has a daughter in "Sharpe's Enemy". This is also the episode where Teresa is killed. La Marqesa appears in "Sharpe's Honour" played by Alice Krige. Elizabeth Farthingdale is in "Sharpe's Enemy" portrayed by Elizabeth Hurley and Lass in "Sharpe's Sword" is played by Emily Mortimer.

2. Who is Sir Henry Simmerson's nephew?

From Quiz "Sharpe's Eagle" Part 2

Answer: Lieutenant Gibbons.

Simmerson had purchased a commission for his nephew along with his own.

3. When the South Essex regiment arrive at the British army camp, who is commanding them?

From Quiz "Sharpe" Episode 2 ("Sharpe's Eagle")

Answer: Sir Henry Simmerson

Simmerson had bought his commission, a practice common at this time.

4. Who was on the throne of Spain in 1809, when this episode was set?

From Quiz "Sharpe's Rifles" Part 2

Answer: Joseph I

Joseph was, in fact, the brother of Napoleon Bonaparte.

5. What year is the episode "Sharpe's Rifles" set in?

From Quiz "Sharpe" Episode 1 ("Sharpe's Rifles")

Answer: 1809

It was in 1809 that Wellesley was preparing to move into Spain from Portugal.

6. Sharpe gained his commission by saving Wellington's life. How many French soldiers did he kill doing this?

From Quiz Sharpe and His Chosen Men

Answer: 3

Sharpe was a Sergeant and therefore his promotion to 2nd Lieutenant was a big jump in the ranks.

7. What rank is Sharpe promoted to in this episode?

From Quiz 'Sharpe's Rifles'

Answer: Lieutenant

Sharpe is risen from the ranks for saving Wellesley (soon to be Wellington)'s life. This causes major problems for him with the other officers because he's not a proper gentleman, but Sharpe prevails.

8. "Sharpe's Eagle" - What is the name of the Major who asks Sharpe for an Imperial Eagle?

From Quiz "Sharpe" The Complete Saga

Answer: Lennox

Major Lennox was a decorated officer that was killed in this episode by the French. His dying wish was to have an Imperial Eagle implanted by his grave. Sir Henry Simmerson is the arrogant officer in charge who also appears in more "Sharpe" movies. Berry is played by the current James Bond actor Daniel Craig and he is an officer that sides with Simmerson. Dobbs is seen being flogged at the start and Sharpe invites him to become apart of the Chosen Men at the end of the film.

9. When Sharpe first appears, what is Harper using to treat his leg wound?

From Quiz "Sharpe's Eagle" Part 2

Answer: Maggots.

This was not as bad as it sounds because maggots only eat dead flesh and bacteria that could cause infection.

10. When the South Essex are drilling, a soldier is accused of, "dragging his feet", and ordered to be flogged. Who is this?

From Quiz "Sharpe" Episode 2 ("Sharpe's Eagle")

Answer: Dobbs

The South Essex had just arrived after a long march and immediately were expected to carry out drills so that their commander could show off. Sharpe makes the observation that, "Flogged soldiers only know how to turn their backs".

11. In which unit was Sharpe a sergeant at the beginning of this episode?

From Quiz "Sharpe's Rifles" Part 2

Answer: 2nd Battalion, 95th Rifles

The Riflemen of the 95th were trained as skirmishers.

12. Who is Sir Arthur Wellesley better known as?

From Quiz "Sharpe" Episode 1 ("Sharpe's Rifles")

Answer: Lord Wellington

Later in 1809, after the battle of Talavera, Wellesley was ennobled to 1st Duke of Wellington.

13. With which regiment did Sharpe not serve?

From Quiz Sharpe and His Chosen Men

Answer: East Yorkshire Regiment

Sharpe was eventually given command of the South Essex by the Duke of Wellington after the battle of Waterloo.

14. What is the name of the Irishman who is a Chosen Man?

From Quiz 'Sharpe's Rifles'

Answer: Harper&Pat Harper&Patrick Harper

Patrick Harper and Sharpe don't start off very well, what with the headbutting, but they become friends and Harper is promoted to Sergeant.

15. "Sharpe's Company" - One of Sharpe's greatest adversaries makes his first appearance in this film. What is his name?

From Quiz "Sharpe" The Complete Saga

Answer: Sergeant Hakeswill

Obediah Hakeswill is played brilliantly by Pete Postlethwaite. Hakeswill murders Sharpe's wife Teresa and is eventually killed by a firing squad in "Sharpe's Enemy". Lord Wellington is in command of the British army and Sergeant Harper is Sharpe's closest friend. Sir Farthingale reluctantly accepts Sharpe to find his wife Elizabeth, also in "Sharpe's Enemy".

16. What is the "special remedy" that Sharpe orders for the soldier after he has been flogged?

From Quiz "Sharpe" Episode 2 ("Sharpe's Eagle")

Answer: A pint of rum, half and half.

Harper explains that the pint of rum was to be, "Half in your belly and half on your back".

17. Who is leading the search party to find the missing banker?

From Quiz "Sharpe's Rifles" Part 2

Answer: Major Dunnett

Major Dunnett was not a believer in promoting from the ranks. Unfortunately, he died in the attack by the French Hussars.

18. What was the "damn bad turn" that Wellesley did for Sharpe?

From Quiz "Sharpe" Episode 1 ("Sharpe's Rifles")

Answer: He gave him a field commission.

This was unusual and seen as a "bad turn" as not many soldiers were promoted from the ranks and in being so they were disliked by the men and by the officers - hence they found it difficult to fit in.

19. This private is unusual as he not only reads and writes, but knows literature and speaks several foreign languages. Who is the intellectual of the Chosen Men?

From Quiz Sharpe and His Chosen Men

Answer: Rifleman Harris

In Sharpe's Mission Harris' education comes in handy as he knows enough classical poetry to spot a literary fraud when he sees one.

20. Which actor plays Major Hogan?

From Quiz 'Sharpe's Rifles'

Answer: Brian Cox

Major Hogan is always sniffing snuff. Brian Cox has carved out a niche as a baddie in such films as 'The Bourne Identity' and its sequel and 'X-Men 2', but in 'Sharpe' he's a good guy.

21. "Sharpe's Enemy" - What nationalities are the army of deserters that capture two women that Sharpe and the Chosen Men have to rescue?

From Quiz "Sharpe" The Complete Saga

Answer: British, French and Spanish

The army of deserters is led by Sharpe's nemesis Sergeant Hakeswill. After the mission, Sharpe is promoted to Major and given command of the 60th Rifles.

22. The chosen men were not enthusiastic about the mission because they had not been paid, who persuaded them to go?

From Quiz "Sharpe's Eagle" Part 2

Answer: Sergeant Harper.

The prospect of sitting in a tavern and waiting for a ship to England was certainly more attractive to the unpaid Riflemen. However, Harper's powers of persuasion prevailed.

23. What does Simmerson believe to be a cure for, "A spleen brought on by a flogging"?

From Quiz "Sharpe" Episode 2 ("Sharpe's Eagle")

Answer: Being bled.

This is what Simmerson is having done when Sharpe first meets him.

24. What vice does Major Hogan have?

From Quiz "Sharpe" Episode 1 ("Sharpe's Rifles")

Answer: Taking snuff

Major Hogan is seen throughout the episodes to be snuffing and sneezing!

25. In which episode was Sharpe sent to whip into shape an Irish company in Spanish service and finds himself in extreme peril from both the French and his new command?

From Quiz Sharpe and His Chosen Men

Answer: "Sharpe's Battle"

"Battle" is a tale of the battle of Fuentes d'Onoro, a bloody struggle on the Portuguese frontier which deteriorated into a gutter fight in the narrow alleys of a small village. It was a French defeat, but they still chiseled it into the Arc de Triomphe as a victory.

26. What regiment is Sharpe a member of?

From Quiz 'Sharpe's Rifles'

Answer: 95th

Sharpe very proudly wears the green uniform of the 95th regiment.

27. "Sharpe's Honour" - Which ruler is willing to sign a treaty to end the conflict with France?

From Quiz "Sharpe" The Complete Saga

Answer: King Ferdinand VII of Spain

All the other men were actual rulers of their countries in 1813 in which this episode was set in.

28. What was the penalty for striking an officer?

From Quiz "Sharpe's Eagle" Part 2

Answer: Death.

Gibbons had mistaken Sharpe for a common soldier in the alley. Fortunately, for him, Hogan pointed out his mistake before Gibbons could take it further.

29. What did Major Hogan say after Sharpe proved to Simmerson that he could teach the men to fire three rounds a minute, and, in the case of Dobbs, four rounds.

From Quiz "Sharpe" Episode 2 ("Sharpe's Eagle")

Answer: "Stop showing off, Sharpe".

The ability to fire three rounds a minute in any weather was Sharpe's idea of what made a good soldier. Simmerson did not believe that his soldiers would be able to fire more than two rounds a minute.

30. After the attack by the French Hussars, what does Sharpe tell Perkins to "Protect with his life"?

From Quiz "Sharpe's Rifles" Part 2

Answer: The Regimental Pennant

It was considered the ultimate shame to lose the Regimental colours to the enemy.

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