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6 Gran Turismo quizzes and 75 Gran Turismo trivia questions.
  "Gran Turismo 4" Lap 2    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
Well, as the last round seemed to do so well, I decided to make another one! All questions are based on the UK version of the game for the PS2. Start your engines!
Difficult, 25 Qns, KiwiDean, Apr 14 23
Apr 14 23
422 plays
  "Gran Turismo 4"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz will test every aspect of "Gran Turismo 4", from prize cars to race lengths. Are you ready? Get set. Go! Questions are based on the UK version of the game, for the PS2.
Difficult, 10 Qns, KiwiDean, Feb 19 08
676 plays
  "Gran Turismo 4" (PS2)   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is my first quiz about one of my favorite games, "Gran Turismo 4" (PS2).
Difficult, 10 Qns, delorean88mph, Dec 24 16
850 plays
  "Gran Turismo 4" - Prize Cars    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about one of the best PS2 driving simulators ever: "Gran Turismo 4"!
Tough, 10 Qns, PoorLeno, Jan 15 15
1388 plays
  Gran Turismo 5    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The fifth game in the "Gran Turismo" series was the first game in the series to have online features. The game is for the PlayStation 3. The online features lasted for quite long before getting permanently shut down in May 2014.
Tough, 10 Qns, Thesuperyoshi, Dec 14 18
Thesuperyoshi gold member
Dec 14 18
94 plays
  "Gran Turismo 3"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is all about Polyphony Digital's "Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec" on the PlayStation 2. This is a cool game for car enthusiasts.
Average, 10 Qns, teejaybagain, Mar 25 13
156 plays
trivia question Quick Question
How many different tracks are there in "Gran Turismo 4"?

From Quiz ""Gran Turismo 4" - Prize Cars"

Gran Turismo Trivia Questions

1. What is the car that is featured in the beginning of the opening video?

From Quiz
"Gran Turismo 4" (PS2)

Answer: Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II

This car can be acquired after defeating Professional Hall. The Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II is the prize car for the Gran Turismo World Championship.

2. How much money do you start the game with in "Gran Turismo 4"?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" - Prize Cars

Answer: $10,000

You start put with $10000, but that's all you need to get a good used car. A smart move is to buy a car with 4WD, like a Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer or Nissan Skyline.

3. The Delorean DMC-12 makes an appearance in this game. What is its model year?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" (PS2)

Answer: 2004

The Delorean in the game is a Delorean DMC-12 S2 which is a '04 model. The original model, first sold in 1981, was featured in Back to the Future in '85.

4. Which car is the odd one out?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4"

Answer: Toyota Celica TA22

The TA22 is the odd one out, because all the rest of the cars were made in 1954. The TA22 was made in 1970, and a beautiful car it still is.

5. When you're watching the demo, which car is first seen and showed?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 3"

Answer: Castrol Supra GT

This is a car in the Japanese Grand Touring Championship. It's one of the best cars in the game.

6. After some time, four black racing cars can be bought in all the used car showrooms. What day do they appear?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" - Prize Cars

Answer: Day 694

The cars are hidden treats in the game. If you don't know of them, they are pretty hard to spot. If you want to buy all four of them, you will have to have about 8.5 million Cr.

7. What race track does the first endurance race take place on?

From Quiz Gran Turismo 5

Answer: Grand Valley

Grand Valley is a fictional race track that appears in every "Gran Turismo" game. The opponents you face in this endurance race are Japanese sports cars, varying from around 290 bhp to around 320 bhp.

8. How much does the Formula Gran Turismo weigh?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" (PS2)

Answer: 550kg

This car can be acquired by getting 100% completion, winning it in Endurance Hall, or waiting 600 days to buy it from the used car lot. The car comes in about ten colors.

9. Everyone knows that "Gran Turismo" means 'great race', but in what language?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" Lap 2

Answer: Spanish & Portugese

"Gran Turismo" was originally going to be called just "Great Race", but the people in charge decided that that name was too boring, and put a foreign twist to it by Translating it into Spanish! It also means the same in Portugese, but it's more of a slang saying in Portugese than it is in Spanish.

10. Which car here is the most powerful without any tuning added?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4"

Answer: Honda LIFE step van

The Honda LIFE is the most powerful, even if its box shape does prevent any form of decent performance. All the rest of the cars will struggle to reach 20BHP, while the Honda has a 'mighty' 31BHP when you first get it.

11. The race track, Cote d'Azur, is similar to what Formula 1 track?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 3"

Answer: Monaco Circuit

This is a technical circuit. It has many twists and turns just like the Seattle Circuit. This track doesn't have a reverse track.

12. How many 24-hour races are there in "Gran Turismo 4"?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" - Prize Cars

Answer: Three

"Nurburgring 24 Hours Endurance", "Sarthe Circuit 24 Hours 1" and "Sarthe Circuit 24 Hours 2". Just find a good car, use the "b-spec mode", and there should be no problem.

13. What makes the Formula Gran Turismo car special?

From Quiz Gran Turismo 5

Answer: Its rarity

Getting the Formula Gran Turismo is a real tearjerker. It only has a 5% chance of appearing in the used car dealership, and it never appears in the new car dealerships. What makes it even more frustrating to get is the fact that there's a race exclusively for that car. However, if you complete all endurance races, you will get a Level 24 ticket, which may get you one. If you are unlucky, you get a Ferrari F1 car.

14. What is the odd one out?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" (PS2)

Answer: BMW M3 GTR Race Car

The Beemer is the odd one because all the other cars are made in Japan. BMW is a German company. The German companies in the game are BMW, Mercedes-Benz, RUF (Porsche), Opel, Volkswagen, and Audi.

15. How much does the Jay Leno Tank Car weigh?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4"

Answer: 3,500 kg

The Jay Leno Tank Car is a special car that you can only win one of (by winning racing missions 9 to 16). It has nearly 1000BHP, but weighs 3.5 tonnes, and can't be raced, so it seems a little redundant. You can only use the Jay Leno Tank Car on Free Runs and Time Trials. Shame, really.

16. When was the oldest car in "Gran Turismo 4" made?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" - Prize Cars

Answer: 1886

The oldest car in "Gran Turismo 4", is "Mercedes-Benz Patent Motor Wagon 1886". The second oldest car is "Mercedes-Benz Daimler Motor Carriage 1886".

17. There are 8 racing licenses in the game ranging from difficulty: B, A, IC, IB, IA, S. The ninth test in the S-class is an one-lap race on the historic Le Mans circuit. What car do you control on this license?

From Quiz Gran Turismo 5

Answer: Lexus LFA

Unlike the previous games in the series, licenses are not needed to enter races. They are instead just for levelling up and getting new cars. To pass the license test this question was about, you must finish the race in at least seventh place. Winning the race will result in a Gold award.

18. What is the 300 mph club?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" (PS2)

Answer: It's group of people who can hit 300 mph regardless of the track or car.

To get in the 300 mph club, you will need a group C race car. It is a relatively easy club to get into compared to the 5 minute club.

19. How many laps does the Laguna Seca 200 mile endurance race have?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" Lap 2

Answer: 90

If you pick an American car for this race, there's a good chance that you'll have an all American competition. You'll normally face things like a Saleen S7, a Shelby Series 1 Supercharged, a Ford GT and a Callaway C12 among others. The Saleen is easily the biggest threat out of these competitors.

20. What was the first name of the guy who started Honda?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4"

Answer: Soichiro

Soichiro Honda started off by producing bicycles, but he then moved to cars, starting with the S500 in the early 1960's. Honda is one of the world's largest car companies.

21. Which F1 car can you win by finishing the Super Speedway 150 mile race?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 3"

Answer: F090/s

This car has great handling and can be used to win races easily. Additionally, this car can be used to finish the Japanese Championship, European Championship, American Championship and Deutsch Tourenwagen Championship in amateur league.

22. How many different tracks are there in "Gran Turismo 4"?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" - Prize Cars

Answer: Fifty

Many of the tracks in "Gran Turismo 4" are from well known places, such as New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seattle. There are also many of the original "Gran Turismo" tracks.

23. "An ultra-hardcore race on the toughest of tracks." Which race's description is this?

From Quiz Gran Turismo 5

Answer: 24 Hours of Nürburgring

This is the description of the race in-game. This race is the last race in the Endurance series. In this race, you'll find very fast cars, the fastest ones being LMP cars.

24. What car do you win from racing in the Tuning Car Grand Prix?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" (PS2)

Answer: Nissan Option Stream Z

Along with getting the Nissan Option Stream Z, you also get 20,000cr for defeating the championship. You can tune your new Nissan in tuner village or at the manufacturer.

25. What Japanese company revolutionized the rotary engine?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" Lap 2

Answer: Mazda

Mazda was the first company to widely use the rotary engine with the 110S back in 1968. After that, the many breeds of RX-7 and RX-8 all started off using them, too.

26. I've just won the Minolta Toyota 88C-V Race Car. What endurance race did I win?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4"

Answer: El Capitan 300km

If you win the Nurburgring 4hr, you'll win the Chapparal 2D Race Car, a cute little thing from 1967 with around 420BHP, and only 3 gears. The Laguna Seca 200 mile will reward you with the Ford GT Race Car, and the New York 300km will give you a Dodge Charger Super Bee. The Minolta is by far the most coveted car here.

27. Which course is used when getting your license?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 3"

Answer: Complex String

This track can also be accessed by going Home, then Run & Setting. Also, by completing Areas A-F in arcade mode then going to 2 player mode, you can access it. This also has a reverse track and can also be used in Free Run and 2 Player Battle.

28. In the event exclusively to NASCAR cars, how many events take place in America?

From Quiz Gran Turismo 5

Answer: Three

Two ovals: Indianapolis and Daytona. The other one is Laguna Seca. The other events take place on fictional tracks, Grand Valley and High Speed Ring.

29. How many gears does the Formula Gran Turismo have?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" (PS2)

Answer: Seven

The Formula Gran Turismo is the only car that cannot have new parts put on it. That means that in Endurance Hall, you will be driving this car with Racing Medium Tires.

30. What special prototype car can ONLY be driven on the Nurburgring?

From Quiz "Gran Turismo 4" Lap 2

Answer: Auto Union V16 Streamline & Auto Union & Auto Union V16

Waaaaaaaaay back in 1937, the people at Auto Union (which became Audi in the near future) created a monstrous prototype car built purely for racing on the Nurburgring. Like all other special cars, it can't be raced, and it's nearly impossible to turn if you go off course (for whatever reason). You can only use the Auto Union in Time Trial and Free Run on the Nurburgring.

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