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4 Mafia quizzes and 55 Mafia trivia questions.
  Tommy Angelo - Hero or Villain?   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In 2003, it's been 75 years since that bloody massacre at the Art Gallery of Lost Heaven took place. A single gangster (Angelo) took on an army of mobsters - with no survivors except for Angelo! (from the game 'MAFIA'- spoilers present)
Average, 10 Qns, ace_sodium, Mar 25 04
908 plays
  "Mafia" - The Hit Game (No Pun Intended)    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
In 2003 "Mafia" was a new PC game which won awards and made many PC gamesters very happy. Can you remember much about it? (WARNING: This quiz contains SPOILERS)
Average, 20 Qns, Doug_from_NZ, Sep 18 06
648 plays
  Mafia (PC)    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
"Mafia", the game that resembles "GTA III", but in the 30's.
Average, 15 Qns, Street Rider, Mar 25 04
Street Rider
1131 plays
  "Mafia 2"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on the story of "Mafia 2" for Xbox 360. Hope you enjoy!
Tough, 10 Qns, sillymonkey123, Dec 30 19
Dec 30 19
202 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What task is Vito and Joe appointed to at Freddy's bar by Henry Tommasino?

From Quiz ""Mafia 2""

Mafia Trivia Questions

1. What operation did Vito Scaletta attend while in the army?

From Quiz
"Mafia 2"

Answer: Operation Husky

Vito took part in the 504th Paratrooper unit. You play as Vito in Sicily on Chapter One.

2. Which character was the hero of this story (the one the player controls, in other words)?

From Quiz "Mafia" - The Hit Game (No Pun Intended)

Answer: Tommy

Tommy used to be a taxi driver until some unpleasant brushes with gangsters made him lose his job (and nearly his life too). He thought it would be wiser to join the Mafia than the numerous bread-lines of the Great Depression.

3. It was well known that Tommy was a man with a "golden heart". He never wanted to be a gangster, but circumstances forced him to become one! What was his profession before he became a gangster?

From Quiz Tommy Angelo - Hero or Villain?

Answer: Taxi Driver

In the opening video of 'An Offer You Can't Refuse', we see that Tommy was a cab driver during the days of Depression and Prohibition. How exactly Tommy became a gangster is mentioned in the first two chapters (or missions) of the game.

4. What is the name of the main character?

From Quiz Mafia (PC)

Answer: Thomas Angelo

Tommy is the cab driver that gets involved in a car chase between two mobs and decides he can earn a lot of money with his new job.

5. Where does Joe meet Vito after Vito gets off the train home from the army?

From Quiz "Mafia 2"

Answer: Train station

Joe Barbaro is Vito's best friend. They met in school.

6. Which Don do you serve in "Mafia"?

From Quiz "Mafia" - The Hit Game (No Pun Intended)

Answer: Don Salieri

Salieri and Morello are the two Bosses fighting for control in the city. They were originally both captains in Don Pepponi's family, until the early 20s when they decided to whack him and split the city between them. Their friendship went sour after that...

7. Tommy became a prized weapon in the hands of his boss 'Don Salieri' -a man revered by his henchman and feared by his rivals. Who amongst the following is NOT a victim of Tommy's gun?

From Quiz Tommy Angelo - Hero or Villain?

Answer: Luigi

Luigi was the barman at 'Salieri's Bar'. Morello was the rival gang leader of Lost Heaven. Billy was the kid of the city councilor.

8. Where does this whole gang war take place?

From Quiz Mafia (PC)

Answer: Lost Heaven

It is a replica of New York in the '30's. Liberty City is the city in "GTA 3" and London is the city where "The Getaway" takes place.

9. In what year was Vito Scaletta born?

From Quiz "Mafia 2"

Answer: 1925

Vito's birth date is introduced on the first cutscene of the game. He is in his apartment in Oyster Bay.

10. What's the name of the fictitious 1930s city where the game takes place?

From Quiz "Mafia" - The Hit Game (No Pun Intended)

Answer: Lost Heaven

The developers certainly did an impressive job designing this city! It's very lifelike and realistic. Parts of Lost Heaven are named after real US places, like Hoboken, Chinatown, Little Italy and New Ark (or "Newark"). They also have a good replica of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge which connects two thirds of the city.

11. Who kills Paulie in the end?

From Quiz Mafia (PC)

Answer: Sam

Sam betrays Paulie in return for money. Unfortunately he gets killed by Thomas at the end.

12. In which chapter did the gangsters go to Clark's Motel to pick up some money?

From Quiz "Mafia" - The Hit Game (No Pun Intended)

Answer: Ordinary Routine

Tommy, Paulie and Sam had traveled to Clark's Motel, just outside the city. It was Tommy's first mission (unless you count him blowing up Morello's cars beforehand) and they expected it to be a quick visit. At the end of the visit Tommy had shot about ten rival gangsters, saved Sam and Paulie's lives, chased and killed a man who'd stolen their money, and nearly caused a dozen car accidents. He muttered "If this is regular routine I'd hate to see what the next job's going to be!"

13. Who is the bartender of Salieri's bar?

From Quiz Mafia (PC)

Answer: Luigi

Luigi also has a daughter who marries Thomas. He is the guy that does the least in the game on Salieri's side.

14. What car does Vito steal with Joe?

From Quiz "Mafia 2"

Answer: 42 Jefferson

The 42 Jefferson is found in front of Guissepie's store. The vehicle is wanted by the police as soon as you enter it.

15. Where is the prison located in chapter 17?

From Quiz Mafia (PC)

Answer: In the north part of Central Island.

This is the prison that you have to enter to shoot a politician from the very top of the building.

16. What does Vito's mother want him to do for a living at the start of Chapter Two?

From Quiz "Mafia 2"

Answer: Get a job

Vito's father worked at the Port. That is why his mother wanted him to work there too.

17. In chapter eighteen, you have to steal some expensive cigars, but instead you find something else in the crates. What is it?

From Quiz Mafia (PC)

Answer: Diamonds

This is where Paulie and Tom suspect the Don for using them, since he said that there were cigars in the crates, which is a total lie.

18. How much money did Vito's father borrow from a loan shark before he died?

From Quiz "Mafia 2"

Answer: $2000

Vito finds out about the money when he beats up someone who is threatening his sister for the money. It is Vito's sister who tells him about the money.

19. How many cab passengers did Tom pick up on his last day as an ordinary taxi driver (the day he was nearly killed by Morello's goons, in other words)?

From Quiz "Mafia" - The Hit Game (No Pun Intended)

Answer: Five

He had just dropped off passenger number #5 in Little Italy when suddenly he was attacked by two of the Morello gangsters who'd chased his cab the other night. He ran before they could shoot him, thinking this was probably a good time for the Salieri Family to repay the favour they promised. The Morello thugs foolishly chased Tommy into the Salieri Bar, and they were never seen again...

20. Tommy was, more than anything else, a family man. He was deeply in love with his wife - who, incidentally, wasn't aware of his activities. He first met her at Salieri's Bar, where her father was working as a bartender. What was her name?

From Quiz Tommy Angelo - Hero or Villain?

Answer: Sarah

Sarah was Luigi's daughter. Tommy escorts her from the bar to the house in the mission 'Sarah' (Chapter 6) because she was being troubled by some thugs along the way. Tommy was hurt in the process and had to be bandaged at Sarah's house. Soon one thing led to another...

21. Where does Sam hide in the farm?

From Quiz Mafia (PC)

Answer: In the barn

He hides from Morello's guys when they trash the farm and try to take the whisky.

22. How did Vito lie over the phone to his mother at the beginning of Chapter Three?

From Quiz "Mafia 2"

Answer: Vito tells his mother that he went to the Port and he was told to go by the next the day

Vito had just woken up t Joe's when he recieved a worried phone call from his mother. After that he goes to the Port right away.

23. Where does Frank flee to when Salieri is after him?

From Quiz Mafia (PC)

Answer: Europe

This is at the end of "Chapter 10 : Omerta". Tom needs to hunt down Frank, but he says he had to do it under pressure. They would kill his family if he didn't co-operate with the bad guys. This is when you help out Frank at the airport.

24. How is Vito informed that he needs to go to Freddy's bar in Chapter Four?

From Quiz "Mafia 2"

Answer: A note left at Joe's apartment

The note is written by Joe. Joe had never been able to read or write very well.

25. What was Paulie's surname?

From Quiz "Mafia" - The Hit Game (No Pun Intended)

Answer: We are not told

There is a picture on the back of the game's box of Paulie at his table, dead and bloodstained. At first I thought that was a bit of a giveaway, but it turns out later on he's actually lying on *the floor* when Tommy finds him dead.

26. What happens in "Chapter 12 : Visiting Rich People"?

From Quiz Mafia (PC)

Answer: You have to steal delicate information in a mansion from a vault

This is where you need to find that information about Salieri unseen and escape in the dark.

27. What task is Vito and Joe appointed to at Freddy's bar by Henry Tommasino?

From Quiz "Mafia 2"

Answer: Robbing a jewelry store

At the jewelry store, Vito and Joe encounter an Irish gang who are also going to rob the shop. Their leader is Brian O'Neil.

28. Tom is telling the story of his life in the Mafia to a police detective named Norman and promising to repeat it all in court. Why does this happen?

From Quiz "Mafia" - The Hit Game (No Pun Intended)

Answer: Salieri wants to kill Tom

Detective Norman meets Tom at the very start of the game. The Irish, unshaven detective makes his disgust for wiseguys very clear, and he tolerates Tom at best. As soon as Tom says who he works for, he has Norman's undivided attention.

29. How did Tommy die?

From Quiz Tommy Angelo - Hero or Villain?

Answer: Shot by Salieri's men

After the trial, Tommy is sent to the other side of the U.S of A and worked as the driver for a reputed company. However, in the Epilogue cutscene, he is shot dead by Salieri's men ("Salieri sent you his greetings")! When exactly this took place is not mentioned; all we know is that it occurred after the Second World War.

30. Who helps out Tom at the end of the game to get a new identity?

From Quiz Mafia (PC)

Answer: The detective that sits in front of Tom when he tells his story

He helps you out when you decide to tell the whole story to the court and thereby locking Salieri up for life and even giving some of his punks the electric chair.

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