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4 Pakistani Government quizzes and 45 Pakistani Government trivia questions.
  The Life of Benazir Bhutto    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The beloved Benazir Bhutto left our world for ever. Lets see how much you really know about her.
Average, 10 Qns, mask100, Apr 05 12
592 plays
  Political History of Pakistan    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I'll give you an event and you give me the year. Good luck!
Tough, 15 Qns, arsalanrizvi, Jun 16 23
Jun 16 23
648 plays
  Jinnah--Father of Pakistan    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Do you think you know much about Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder and father of Pakistan?? Take this quiz to find out.
Average, 10 Qns, arsalanrizvi, Feb 06 20
Feb 06 20
854 plays
  President General Pervez Musharraf    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How much do you know about General Pervez Musharraf, in my opinion, the greatest Pakistani leader after Quaid-e-azam.
Tough, 10 Qns, zamins76, Jun 19 05
508 plays
trivia question Quick Question
When did Jinnah join the Indian National Congress?

From Quiz "Jinnah--Father of Pakistan"

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Pakistani Government Trivia Questions

1. When was Benazir Bhutto born?

From Quiz
The Life of Benazir Bhutto

Answer: 1953

Her age in October 2007 was about 54 and she was born in Pakistan in the city of Karachi. Her family members were prominent Shias in the town of Larkana.

2. When did General Pervez Musharraf overthrow the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif?

From Quiz President General Pervez Musharraf

Answer: October 12, 1999

In October 1999, Musharraf seized power in a bloodless military coup. He took the role of 'Chief Executive' of Pakistan on October 12th.

3. When and where was Jinnah born?

From Quiz Jinnah--Father of Pakistan

Answer: December 25, 1876, Karachi

Jinnah was born in Kharadar, one of the largest neighborhoods of Karachi. His father, Jinnah Punja, was a well-respected merchant.

4. In what year (AD) was the place now called Pakistan invaded by Muslims?

From Quiz Political History of Pakistan

Answer: 711

In 711 AD Mohammad bin Qasim, an Arab general and nephew of Hajjaj bin Yousuf, the caliph at that time, conquered Sindh, now one of Pakistan's provinces, and incorporated it into the Umayyad Caliphate.

5. How is Fatima Bhutto related to Benazir Bhutto?

From Quiz The Life of Benazir Bhutto

Answer: niece

Fatima Bhutto was the daughter of Murtaza who was the younger brother of Benazir Bhutto. Murtaza was killed in 1996 while in Pakistan.

6. Jinnah was a lawyer. Where did he study law?

From Quiz Jinnah--Father of Pakistan

Answer: Lincoln's Inn, London

Lincoln's Inn is one of London's four "Inns of Court" and was founded at some time in the fourteenth century. It is said that Jinnah joined Lincoln's Inn because he saw there a list of famous law-givers and this included the Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam.

7. In what year did the Sepoy Rebellion, or the Indian War of Independence, take place?

From Quiz Political History of Pakistan

Answer: 1857

The Rebellion initially began in Meerut, where Hindu and Muslim soldiers in the British army revolted. They captured Delhi and declared the aged Bahadur Shah "Zafar" II as their sole ruler. The Rebellion was crushed because of several reasons: the British were successful in capturing Delhi and Lucknow; Hindu-Muslim differences; the Sikhs' support for the British; and several Hindu and Muslim traitors among the revolutionaries' midst.

8. When did President Pervez Musharraf visit India for a landmark summit in Agra?

From Quiz President General Pervez Musharraf

Answer: July 2001

The two-day Agra summit between President Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee collapsed and no formal agreement could be reached.

9. When did Jinnah join the Indian National Congress?

From Quiz Jinnah--Father of Pakistan

Answer: 1906

Maybe he was trying to become politically active, maybe he was just bored by a lawyer's dull life. In any case, the Indian National Congress was a political party oriented with the goal of attaining independence for India from British rule.

10. In what year was the Lahore Resolution approved?

From Quiz Political History of Pakistan

Answer: 1940

On March 23 1940, the Muslim League held its annual session at Lahore. The League made its first official demand for the partition of India. The Lahore Resolution called for an independent, sovereign, free Muslim state. The conference was presided over by Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

11. To which city was Benazir deported to when she became an opposition leader in 1992?

From Quiz The Life of Benazir Bhutto

Answer: Karachi

During this time Nawaz Sharif was made prime minister under Ghulam Ishaq Khan and she was ousted to Karachi by Ghulam Ishaq Khan. By that time Ghulam Ishaq had removed her due to corruption charges.

12. Where did he spend his early childhood?

From Quiz President General Pervez Musharraf

Answer: Turkey

Musharraf spent his early childhood from 1949 to 1956 in Turkey owing to his father's deputation in Ankara.

13. When did Jinnah join the Muslim League?

From Quiz Jinnah--Father of Pakistan

Answer: 1913

Jinnah joined the Muslim League in 1913. In 1916, he was elected its president. At that time he hoped that there could be some compromise between the Congress and the League. However, in 1920, Gandhi and the Congress came up with a non-cooperation policy. This was a campaign to boycott all British goods throughout India. Jinnah, who wanted a more moderate transfer of power from the British, disagreed and resigned from Congress.

14. In which year did Pakistan become a separate, independent country?

From Quiz Political History of Pakistan

Answer: 1947

Pakistan was granted independence on August 14, 1947. During partition, many millions of Indian Muslims migrated to Pakistan and millions of Pakistani Hindus moved to India. This was a time of violence in the name of religion.

15. In 1988, an autobiography was published about her. What was its name?

From Quiz The Life of Benazir Bhutto

Answer: Daughter of Destiny

"The Daughter of Destiny" was published in 1988 when she was made prime minister. Her father also had works published during his time like "The Great Tragedy" and "If I Am Assassinated".

16. Who was made Pakistan Army Chief in place of General Pervez Musharraf by Nawaz Sharif on 12th October 1999?

From Quiz President General Pervez Musharraf

Answer: General Ziauddin

Nawaz Sharif, in his capacity as Prime Minster, ordered the Civil Aviation Authority to prevent a Colombo-Karachi Pakistan International Airlines commercial flight, with Musharraf onboard, from landing at Karachi or anywhere else in Pakistan.

17. The League's and the Congress's main differences came in view in the Round Table Conference, which was held in _________.

From Quiz Jinnah--Father of Pakistan

Answer: London

In the Round Table Conference of 1930, Indian representatives and members of the British Parliament met to discuss India's political future.

18. In which year was the first constitution of Pakistan adopted?

From Quiz Political History of Pakistan

Answer: 1956

The Constitution of 1956, as it was called, provided for a single-chamber National Assembly with 300 seats, evenly divided between East and West Pakistan. It also designated Pakistan as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

19. On which charges was Bhutto dismissed?

From Quiz The Life of Benazir Bhutto

Answer: Corruption

Bhutto's government was dismissed two times mainly in 1992 and 1996 on corruption charges. Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Farooq Leghari were the presidents on those occasions.

20. In the elections of 1937, Congress won a majority in _______ of the eleven provinces.

From Quiz Jinnah--Father of Pakistan

Answer: Eight

The Congress refused to form a confederation government with the Muslim League, as Jinnah had earlier proposed. As a result, tensions between Hindus and Muslims quickly increased. In Hindu-majority provinces, many Muslims felt that they were not treated fairly, and at one point Jinnah demanded a royal commission be appointed to inquire into their troubles. Most Muslims concluded that no safeguards could protect them in a united India, where the Hindus would be a majority. That is when, fueled by Dr. Illama Iqbal's philosophy, the idea of a separate country for Muslims began to emerge.

21. In which year did General Ayub Khan, commander-in-chief of the military, take over the Government of Pakistan and assume the title of President?

From Quiz Political History of Pakistan

Answer: 1958

During Ayub's nearly ten year long regime, the government started land reforms that were designed to decrease the political power of the landed aristocracy. Ayub also proclaimed a progressive Islamic law, the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance of 1961, imposing restrictions on polygamy and divorce and reinforcing inheritance rights of women and minors.

22. When was the Pakistan Peoples Party founded?

From Quiz The Life of Benazir Bhutto

Answer: 1967

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir's father formed the Pakistan Peoples Party in 1967. The PPP had a large following in Pakistan. The party calls mainly for democracy in Pakistan.

23. Where did Jinnah and the Muslim League make their first official demand for an independent Pakistan?

From Quiz Jinnah--Father of Pakistan

Answer: Lahore

On March 23, 1940, the Muslim League's annual assembly was held in Lahore. It was presided over by Jinnah. The assembly passed the famous Lahore Resolution, which called for an independent country for the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.

24. In which year did the second war break out between Pakistan and India over Kashmir?

From Quiz Political History of Pakistan

Answer: 1965

The war continued for about six months. After the Tashkent Agreement, which was signed by leaders of both countries in Tashkent on January 1966, the two countries restored diplomatic, economic, and trade relations.

25. From which universities did Bhutto receive her degree?

From Quiz The Life of Benazir Bhutto

Answer: Oxford University and Harvard University

In Oxford University, she was the first Asian women to be elected president of Oxford Union which was a debating society. She studied international law and diplomacy at Oxford. However, she also obtained her political degrees from Harvard university.

26. What is the zodiac sign of President General Musharraf?

From Quiz President General Pervez Musharraf

Answer: Leo

General Pervez Musharraf, the second of three brothers, was born to an educated Syed family on August 11, 1943 in Delhi.

27. In 1940, Jinnah's doctor told him that he was developing a terrible disease. What was this disease?

From Quiz Jinnah--Father of Pakistan

Answer: Tuberculosis

Jinnah forbade his doctor to disclose this to the public. He feared that it would slow down Pakistan's freedom movement.

28. In which year did General Ayub Khan hand over power to General Yahya Khan?

From Quiz Political History of Pakistan

Answer: 1969

Ayub Khan declared martial law and resigned in March 1969. Instead of transferring power to the speaker of the National Assembly, as the constitution said, he handed it over to the commander-in-chief of the army, Gen. Muhammad Yahya Khan, who was the proclaimed martial-law administrator. Yahya then declared himself president.

29. What relation did Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto have with Benazir?

From Quiz The Life of Benazir Bhutto

Answer: Father-Daughter

Benazir Bhutto was the only daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and had two brothers as well who were killed in between 1980s and 1990s. After Zulfikar, Benazir became the head of Pakistan Peoples Party.

30. When did President Musharraf hold general elections?

From Quiz President General Pervez Musharraf

Answer: October 2002

Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam) along with other political parties (NA, MQM etc.) formed the government with Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali as the Prime Minister.

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