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51 Anger Management Trivia Questions & Answers

Anger Management
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1 Where does Buddy say he found the poem that Linda writes and gives to Dave?
Answer: On the floor

As mentioned early on in the film, Linda is a poetry teacher. Apparently, she writes Dave a poem, which he obviously doesn't care too much for, and tosses on the floor. Before Dave and Buddy leave for Boston, Buddy comes down to meet Linda, and he surprises her by reciting the poem she wrote for Dave. She asks him where he found it, and he replies that he found it on Dave's floor, crumpled up behind the sports pages. She is obviously crushed to learn that Dave hasn't appreciated it, and she thanks Buddy for "rescuing it from the floor".
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Who says, "Ohhhh, the anger sharks are swimming in my head"?

2 Who says, "Look, I'm seriously serious; you don't want to go there"?
Answer: Lou

Lou says this while telling the Fury Fighters' group about his confrontation with his boss. His boss asked him for a doctor's note to explain all his "sick days".
3 Who said, "Well, you're batting 1000... in craziness"?
Answer: Dave Buznik

Adam Sandler (Dave Buznik) says this to Jack Nicholson (Buddy Rydell) after he smashed the window of the Lexus.
4 Who plays the role of David Buznik?
Answer: Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler also was in other movies like "Little Nicky", "Big Daddy", and "Happy Gilmore". He is probably the funniest actor ever (besides Mike Myers).
5 What is the name of the charater played by Adam Sandler?
Answer: David Buznik

David Buznik, the shy yet good-hearted assistant who has a wee bit of a temper.
6 Who says, "that's why I'm proud to be an American"?
Answer: Dave

After Buddy moves in with Dave, in order to start an intense anger management treatment, he ends up sleeping in the same bed with Dave. Dave only has one bed, and no couch in his apartment. Before going to sleep, Buddy tells Dave that it is not uncommon for three or four men to share a bed in Europe. Dave replies with the comment that he's proud to be an American.
7 Who says, "Ohhhh, the anger sharks are swimming in my head"?
Answer: Nate

Nate says that the anger sharks are swimming in his head after Allen Iverson missed a lay - up at the buzzer and the Philadelphia 76ers lost.
8 Who plays the role of Dr. Buddy Rydel?
Answer: Jack Nicholson

All throughout the movie, Nicholson plays jokes and does other other funny things to Adam Sandler. They make a great comedy pair!
9 What is the name of the character played by Jack Nicholson?
Answer: Buddy Rydell

Buddy Rydell, the leader of a highly unorthodox, yet effective anger management class.
10 What is Dave's apartment number?
Answer: 51A

We briefly see the number on the door as Dave and Linda return to his place after being at the sports bar. We also see it again after Dave and Linda start their "trial separation". Dave returns home only to find that a few guys from his anger management group are waiting for him in the hallway outside his door.
11 According to Buddy, what is "anger's ugly cousin"?
Answer: Sarcasm

After Dave makes a sarcastic comment about how life is going to be impossible, living with all the restrictions Buddy has enforced, Buddy tells him that "sarcasm is anger's ugly cousin", and that it will no longer be accepted.
12 Who said, "Man, we were like Butch and Sundance back there"?
Answer: Buddy Rydell

He says that Dave and himself were like Butch and Sundance after they beat up the monks.
13 What was the name of the person in the Anger Management class who told his boss not to talk about how many sick days he took?
Answer: Lou

Chuck becomes David's "Anger Ally". An "Anger Ally" is someone who is supposed to follow you around and calm you down whenever you're about to lose your temper.
14 Sandler was diagnosed with TAS, what do these initials stand for?
Answer: Toxic Anger Syndrome

Buddy told David's boss, Mr. Head, about this diagnosis when he first met him in his office.
15 Who says, "Because I do whatever I want, when I want, you little Spanish fruit-topping"?
Answer: Chuck

Chuck replies with this answer, when Lou asks Buddy why Chuck is allowed to smoke in the anger management session.
16 Who said, "Welcome back, Mr. Buznik"?
Answer: Judge Daniels

Judge Daniels says this every time Dave appears in court.
17 Where did David think would be the perfect place to propose?
Answer: At a Yankees game

At the Yankees game, Buddy used the scoreboard to congradulate him.
18 When Nicholson is telling Sandler about the rage enhancing substances he may not use while in therapy, what was the fifth thing he mentioned?
Answer: Slippy-Flippies

"You may not use any rage enhancing substances such as: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, crack cocaine, SLIPPY-FLIPPIES, jelly stingers, trick sticks, bing-bangs or flying willards." I don't know about you, but I was with him until "slippy-flippies."
19 In the beginning of the movie, which seat is Dave supposed to have on the airplane?
Answer: 26F

The number appears on Dave's ticket when he is walking through the airport, and we can see it again as he reaches his assigned seat on the plane. He finds that another man is sitting there, and doesn't have any desire to move. Dave has to sit in a different seat which he isn't too happy about, and that starts the whole chain of events that leads him to Buddy Rydell's anger management group.
20 Who says, "Eskimos seem nice"?
Answer: Lou

Lou makes this comment after Buddy explains to the anger management group, that the word "goosfraba" is derived from an old Eskimo word that mothers use to calm their children.
21 Who said, "You're on my side of the armrest. We're not gonna have problems here, are we"?
Answer: Buddy Rydell

When Buddy and Dave are on the plane, their arms are on the same armrest. Buddy asks Dave if there's going to be any problems.
22 In the deleted scene, titled "Candy Store", what kind of candy bar did David buy?
Answer: 3 Musketeers

When he opens the candy bar, he notices that there is already a bite in it.
23 In Nicholson's anger group, which person is the most likely to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder?
Answer: Chuck

Apparently Chuck was involved in the situation in Granada which left him scarred for life. "Wasn't that only like 12 hours long?"
24 What word is spelled out in Buddy's Alpha-bits cereal?
Answer: Chill

After Buddy throws his plate of eggs at the wall behind Dave,
saying he wanted them cooked over easy, he gets himself a bowl of Alpha-bits. Dave is worrying and stressing out about getting to work on time, so Buddy tells him to stop and take a look at the word "chill" floating in his bowl.
25 Who said, "Miss? Excuse me Miss? Is this "Slow and Stupid Waitress Day"?
Answer: Chuck

Chuck says that to one of the waitresses when Dave and himself are in the bar.