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79 Casablanca Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 On what date does Major Strasser arrive in Casablanca?
Answer: December 3

After being greeted at the airport by Louis Renault, the Prefect of Police, the German officer is informed that an arrest will be made that evening at Rick's. At the "Cafe Americain" we see Rick signing a marker, which bears the date of December 3.
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Who said, "I blow with the wind"?

2 In the beginning of the film, the narrator speaks of a refugee trail for people attempting to escape Europe during World War II. Many people are delayed in Casablanca, attempting to obtain exit visas. How many times does the narrator repeat the word "wait" in succession?
Answer: 3

Before arriving in Casablanca, refugees were forced to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Marseille to Oran, then to cross the North African desert.
3 "You know, Rick, I have many a friend in Casablanca, but somehow, just because you _________ me, you are the only one I trust." (Said by Ugarte)
Answer: despise

He tells Rick this and then entrusts him with some letters of transit he has stolen.
4 In the opening of the movie, the narrator decribed the "tortuous route to freedom". He said it was from Paris to Marseilles, from Marseilles to Oran, and from Oran to Casablanca. On which leg of the journey were the two German couriers killed for the letters of transit they carried?
Answer: Oran to Casablanca

When the dispatcher in the town of Casablanca broadcasted the alert to the police, he said the two couriers were murdered on the train from Oran.
5 'Everybody comes to Rick's'?
Answer: Capt Louis Renault (Claude Rains)

Renault says this early in the movie to Strasser when detailing to him how they will catch Ugarte. The play the movie was based on was called 'Everybody Goes To Rick's'. Rains was the first supporting actor chosen to be in the film.
6 What did Rick have that everybody wanted?
Answer: Letters of Transit

7 How old is Rick Blaine?
Answer: 37

Given that Rick has previously fought for the loyalists in the Spanish Civil War, and run guns to Ethiopia, the Germans have a complete dossier on him. While chatting at a table at Rick's, Major Strasser produces a notebook with this information, including Rick's age.
8 What type of street performer is featured in an opening city scene?
Answer: Juggler

The man is using three white balls in his performance. Apparently the glut of refugees has placed a strain on the North African city, and quality entertainment is scarce.
9 "Tell me, who was it you left me for? Was it Laszlo, or were there others ___________? Or -- aren't you the kind that tells?" (Said by Rick Blaine)
Answer: in between

He says this to Ilsa late at night in the cafe. He has been drinking for quite some time, and when she shows up to apologize to him, he says several cruel things to her.
10 'What right do I have to think?'
Answer: Ugarte (Peter Lorre)

Also early in the movie, when we first meet Ugarte. He is talking to Rick.
11 Who said 'play it again Sam'?
Answer: No one

This line was never uttered in the movie:

Rick: You played it for her, you can play it for me.

Sam: But, I don't think I can remember ...

Rick: If she can stand it, I can... Play it!
12 What is the profession of the man Rick bars from entering the gambling room?
Answer: Banker

While Rick professes political neutrality, he cannot totally hide his contempt for Germans, as he refuses to allow the banker to enter the gambling room. After tearing up the banker's business card, Rick tells him: "Your cash is good at the bar". Observing Rick's actions, Ugarte comments about Rick's treatment of the Deutsche Bank.
13 An airplane transporting Nazi Major Heinrich Strasser lands in Casablanca. What are the markings on the side of the aircraft?
Answer: D-AGDF

Strasser lands in Casablanca to oversee the capture and arrest of a man suspected of murdering two German couriers. He is met at the airport by the prefect of police and ranking German and Italian officers.
14 "As the leader of all illegal activities in Casablanca, I am an influential and __________ man." (Said by Senor Ferrari)
Answer: respected

Senor Ferrari runs the Blue Parrot, one of the other cafes in Casablanca.
15 What was the name of the doorman at Rick's?
Answer: Abdul

Carl told Abdul to open the door when he was carrying a box into the cafe.
16 'Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship'?
Answer: Rick

That was an easy one. The closing line of the movie. The role of Rick was origionally planned for Ronald Reagan, and then George Raft. There were plans to film an ending were Rick and Ilsa get on the plane, but after seeing this ending, they never filmed the alternate one.
17 What color dress was Ilsa wearing when she and Rick were in Paris?
Answer: Blue

We know the color of her dress because Rick mentions it when they are reminiscing. He says: "The Germans wore gray. You wore blue." Ilsa comments that she "put that dress away."
18 While chatting outside the bar with Captain Renault, Rick is approached by one of his casino employees for money to pay a big winner. How much does the employee need?
Answer: 20,000 francs

The casino employee is extremely upset that someone has won such a large amount at the roulette table. He promises that it will not happen again. Rick tells him that it is all right.
19 Before Rick's face is seen, we see his hands as he approves a gambling marker. How much is the amount of the marker?
Answer: 1000 francs

The pre-printed form is in French, and the filled-in amount is "mille". The numeral "1000" is written in the upper right hand corner. The remainder of the writing is mostly illegible.
20 "How _____________ you are, throwing away women like that. Some day they may be scarce." (Said by Captain Louis Renault)
Answer: extravagant

Rick dismisses a young girl and Renault scolds him for it. Renault is himself a scandalous womanizer.
21 After Carl told some patrons of the cafe that Rick "never drinks with customers", one of the men at the table reacted indignantly. He said that he was the second leading banker in Amsterdam. What did Carl tell him about the leading banker in Amsterdam?
Answer: That he is now the pastry chef in the kitchen.

Carl also said that the banker's "father is the bellboy".
22 'How extravagant you are, throwing away beautiful women like that'?
Answer: Renault

When Rick sends Yvonne home because she is drunk. Claude Rains has so many great quotes in the film.
23 Why did Ilsa leave Rick waiting at the train station?
Answer: She was married

24 Where was Rick born?
Answer: New York City

When Major Strasser first asks Rick his nationality, Rick replies, "I'm a drunkard". Rick later advises Strasser that he was born in New York City, and warns the major that there are certain parts of that city the Germans should not try to invade.
25 A woman seated in Rick's Cafe Americain is selling diamond bracelet. How much is she offered for her jewelry?
Answer: 2,400

After examining a bracelet with a jeweler's loupe, a fez-wearing man pays the lady 2,400, despite her plea for a little more money. The purchaser explained, "everybody is selling diamonds". Since Rick's was located in French Morocco, one could assume that the man and woman were speaking about French francs, but the precise type of currency was not mentioned.