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12 Cinderella Man Trivia Questions & Answers

Cinderella Man
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1 When little Rosie is hungry and wants a second piece of bologna, Braddock gives his daughter his piece, telling Rosie that he had a dream the night before in which he was eating at what restaurant?
Answer: The Ritz

He tells Rosie that he had a big, juicy steak and went back for ice cream three times. He says he's stuffed and asks Rosie if she wants to help him out with his piece of bologna.
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
2 What does young Jay steal from the butcher's?
Answer: Salami

After returning the salami to the butcher, Jay admits why he stole it. One of his friends was sent away by their parents because they had no food and he didn't want to be separated from his family. Braddock promises he wouldn't ever send the kids away.
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
3 After Braddock breaks his right hand in a fight, what does he cover the cast with so it won't get noticed down at the docks?
Answer: Shoe polish

Mae is worried because she thinks he won't be able to get a job down at the docks to help out any. Braddock says to cover it with shoe polish, and goes down to the docks the next day where he does get picked for a shift. He proves that his hand won't slow him down any. He needs the money.
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
4 Braddock meets a new guy named Mike Wilson at the docks and they go to a bar after their shift. What does Braddock tell Mike he used to own in New York City, that he thought would be "gold for the grandkiddies"?
Answer: Taxi company

During the Great Depression, even the taxi company that Braddock owned failed. He remarks, "How do you lose money on cabs in New York City, right?"
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
5 Mae sends the kids away. To what relative does she send the boys?
Answer: Her father

She says the boys are with her father in Brooklyn. Rosie goes to Mae's sister's house. Jimmy gets mad because he promised Jay he wouldn't send them away.
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
6 Braddock wants to pay the heat and electric bills to get the kids back. He gets help from the relief fund of New Jersey but it isn't enough. Who does he then ask for help?
Answer: The boxing commission

He asks for help from the boxing commission and they help out a lot. His old manager, Joe Gould, is there and takes care of the couple of dollars that Braddock still needs.
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
7 Why does the boxing commission let Braddock fight another fight?
Answer: The person who is supposed to fight dropped out at the last minute.

Nobody will fight Corn Griffin without training, and they need somebody. He is pretty much a piece of meat, but proves them wrong by winning the fight.
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
8 During the beginning of the movie, Braddock broke his hand, but that wasn't the only thing that gets broken. What else does Braddock break in the movie?
Answer: Ribs

During the fight with Art Lasky, his ribs get broken. Lasky hit him with a hard right and they crack. Braddock sticks it out and beats Lasky though.
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
9 Where does Sarah Wilson say her husband, Mike, has been spending his nights at, after he got fired?
Answer: Hooverville

Hooverville is set up in Central Park in New York City. People highly affected by the Great Depression are living in shacks there. Braddock goes to find Wilson, only to find him dying. He tells Braddock to tell Sarah that he won't be late, and then dies.
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
10 While Mae and Jimmy are enjoying a nice dinner with the Gould's, Max Baer shows up and decides to run his mouth a little. Who is it that throws a glass of wine in Baer's face?
Answer: Mae

Baer tells Mae that she's too pretty to be a widow, but he'll take care of her after Mr. Braddock is gone. Mae throws the wine in his face and Braddock tells him just to send him the cleaning bill.
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
11 Jimmy Braddock finally gets his own robe after having to borrow somebody else's for the longest time. What is on the back of his robe, besides his name of course.
Answer: Bulldog

Braddock's nickname is "The Bulldog of Bergen, so it's fitting. He's also called, "The Pride of New Jersey", and of course, "The Cinderella Man".
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.
12 The championship fight goes through all the rounds with no knockouts, so the vote goes to the judges to decide who will win. So, who does end up being the world heavyweight champion?
Answer: James J. Braddock

James J. Braddock becomes the new world heavyweight champion. What kind of movie would this be if he lost after all of his hard work, really?
Question Reference: Quiz: Cinderella Man.