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93 Jumanji Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 For what reason do Martha, Bethany and Fridge decide to go back to Jumanji?
Answer: To help Spencer get back out

When Spencer doesn't show up for a planned reunion, Martha, Bethany and Fridge go looking for him at his home. When they find his cellphone and jacket in the basement next to the gaming console that took them to Jumanji in "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle", they realise he's gone back into the game. Despite their hesitation, they agree that he won't be able to get back out again without their help so they too decide to return to Jumanji.
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What is the second thing offered to Alan to escape the quicksand?

2 The 1995 movie "Jumanji" starred which actor in the lead role of the adult Alan Parrish?
Answer: Robin Williams

Robin Williams originally turned down the role because he didn't like the script, but after several re-writes, he agreed to the role. There was also some initial trepidation on behalf of the film-makers that Williams, well known for his improvisation, would not stick to the script, but he agreed to play the role exactly as written.

The director originally wanted Tom Hanks to play the role of Alan Parrish, followed by Bruce Willis, who was unavailable.
3 What are Spencer, Bethany, Martha and 'Fridge' doing when the get sucked into the Jumanji game?
Answer: They are in detention.

They have all received detention and are supposed to be taking the staples out of magazines when they find the old video game console and decide to play "Jumanji". Little do they know the adventure that awaits them.
4 Who played Alan?
Answer: Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a very famous actor. He also played in "Flubber" which I personally disliked. He also played in "Hook" as Peter Pan.
Question Reference: Quiz: Jumanji.
5 What street is the Parrish home on?
Answer: Jefferson Street

In the scene where Aunt Nora stops Carl and asks him for a ride home he asks, "Where do you live?". She then responds by saying, "Jefferson Street, the old Parrish place". You don't see much of the street itself, but the street is home to both the "Parrish" residence as well as Sarah's house.
6 What is the name of the younger boy who buries Jumanji in 1869?
Answer: Benjamin

At the beginning of the movie, Caleb and Benjamin bury Jumanji to try to get rid of it. They seem terrified of it, whatever it did to them. At one point, Benjamin falls into the pit with the game and shouts,"Caleb, it's after me!" Caleb tells him they have to get rid of it, and nobody finds it until Alan in 1969.
7 The first riddle of "Jumanji" calls up a flock of African Bats. Where do they first appear? "They fly at night, you'd better run These winged things are not much fun."
Answer: the fireplace

You hear the bats squeak right after the riddle appears, but they don't appear until after Alan is sucked into the board game. They chase Sarah down the street and one scares Peter in the attic.
8 What was the name of the police officer in "Jumanji" who used to work for Alan's father?
Answer: Carl

When the older Alan (played by Robin Williams) sees Carl's name tag ("C. Bentley") when he works as a police officer in 1995, he realizes that he is the same C. Bentley who worked at his father's factory in 1969. The others used to call him "Sole Man."
9 Who would always pick on Alan when he was younger?
Answer: Billy Jessup

Billy and his gang ruined Alan's bike and Sarah returned it.
Question Reference: Quiz: Jumanji.
10 Spencer's grandpa Eddie used to run what type of establishment with his best friend Milo?
Answer: Restaurant

The restaurant was called 'Milo and Eddie's' and the two best friends ran it together until Milo decided he was done. This left Eddie feeling betrayed and by the time Milo shows up on the doorstep wanting to talk, they hadn't spoken for 15 years. Milo ends up getting more than a conversation - he also gets an unexpected introduction to the world of Jumanji!
11 The Parrish family were owners of what type of business?
Answer: Shoe factory

The movie opened to a scene of a young Alan Parrish being chased by bullies. After he made it safely to the family business and took refuge inside, it was revealed to be a shoe factory run by his father.

The "Olde Woolen Mill" in North Berwick, Maine, was used for the exterior scenes of the factory and had "Parrish Shoe Company" painted on the outside. The sign "Four generations of quality" seen above the portico in the movie has since been removed.

Some of the movie's street scenes were filmed in Keene, New Hampshire and an advertisement for "Parrish Shoes" was painted on a wall on the corner of West and Main Streets. Seen in the movie after Alan returned from the jungle, the image was retained by the local council, and flowers and tributes were laid there after Williams' death in 2014.
12 What is Bethany obsessed with?
Answer: Her phone

One of the first things she says after being sucked into the game is "Where's my phone?" She is also horrified to discover that her avatar is a middle-aged man, Professor Shelly Oberon.
13 A bunch of bats scared me out of the Parrish home. Who played me?
Answer: Laura Bell Bundy

Bundy, a native of Euclid, Ohio portrayed a young Sarah Whittle. Sarah apologized to Alan at his home since her boyfriend beat him up. When Alan told her about a board game he found, Sarah commented on how she did not care to play board games anymore but reluctantly agreed to play with Alan. When she rolled the dice, nothing at first happened but then it was a couple minutes later when a bunch of bats flew out of the fireplace. This scared Sarah and she ran out of the house. Bundy guest starred on the TV series', "How I Met Your Mother", "Cold Case" and "Veronica Mars".
14 What is Judy and Peter's last name?
Answer: Shepherd

This information I found on the Wikipedia page about the film, "Jumanji".
Judy and Peter can be seen throughout the movie as players of "Jumanji" with Sarah and Alan.

~Judy is portrayed by Kirsten Dunst who plays Mary Jane Watson in the "Spiderman" trilogy. Judy is a young but very smart girl, that knows what to do in certain situations. She is a very fast thinker.
~Peter is portrayed by Bradley Pierce who also plays Flounder on "The Little Mermaid". Peter is a young boy, who is very shy but brave at the same time.
15 What vegetable do we see Aunt Nora eat at the dinner table?
Answer: carrots

Aunt Nora is upset about having to see Judy's principal after their first day of school, and suggests that they talk about something else. Judy proceeds to tell her about what the exterminator said about Alan Parrish's history. Aunt Nora thinks it's a lie and grounds her. During Judy's "lie," you can see Aunt Nora eating carrots.
16 What is the first part of Alan to be sucked into the board game when we hear "In the jungle you must wait/Until the dice read five or eight?"
Answer: hands

Alan glances at his hands, sees them fading into the board game and begins to scream. Once he has disappeared, the bats appear and chase away Alan's only means of escaping the game.
17 What are the names of the two children in the movie who continue the game of "Jumanji" that Alan and Sarah started in 1969?
Answer: Judy and Peter

Alan and Sarah started playing a game of "Jumanji" in 1969, and Judy and Peter continued it in 1995 after they moved into Alan's old house. The only way to reverse the effects of the game was to finish it.
18 What is Sarah's last name?
Answer: Whittle

At the end of the movie when she marries Alan she changes her name to Parish.
Question Reference: Quiz: Jumanji.
19 Who is Nigel Billingsley?
Answer: Their guide in the game

Nigel gives them all their first instructions about what they need to do to win the game. This character is played by New Zealand actor Rhys Darby.
20 What other thing came out of the game when Alan came out?
Answer: A lion

Alan came out of the game after Peter rolled a five. He came out with the lion which he trapped in Aunt Nora's room.
Question Reference: Quiz: Jumanji.
21 Who rolls the stampede out of the game?
Answer: Judy

In the library when Alan and Sarah are arguing, Judy rolls the dice a gets a six, and reads the fortune: "Don't be fooled it isn't thunder, staying put would be a blunder".

~Judy is portrayed by Kirsten Dunst who plays Mary Jane Watson in the "Spiderman" trilogy. Judy is a young but very smart girl, that knows what to do in certain situations. She is a very fast thinker.
22 What does Sarah Whittle say she has spent two thousand hours doing?
Answer: therapy

Alan, Judy, and Peter need Sarah Whittle to help them finish the game. When Alan tries to bring it up, Sarah freaks out and tells him that she has spent 2000 hours in therapy convincing herself that Jumanji doesn't exist. Alan finally tricks Sarah into rolling the dice, forcing her to continue playing.
23 What does Judy use to fight the giant mosquitoes that come from the following riddle? "A little bite will make you itch Make you sneeze, make you twitch."
Answer: a tennis racket

She bats one right through a window and the others follow through the hole it makes.
24 What must a player say once s/he has completed the game of "Jumanji?"
Answer: Jumanji

In order to reverse the effects of the game, a player must roll the dice enough times to advance his or her token to the dome-like structure in the middle of the board and call out "Jumanji!"
25 Who played Judy?
Answer: Kirsten Dunst

The older Alan is played by Robin Willams.
Question Reference: Quiz: Jumanji.