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Trivia Questions and Answers
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60 LDS Church Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about LDS Church? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to LDS Church (Religion). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 What was the second temple built by the Saints?
Answer: Nauvoo

The Nauvoo temple was built in Nauvoo, Illinois. It was dedicated in private on April 30, 1846, and a public dedication was on May 1st. The Saints were not able to use it for very long because they were issued with the Extermination Order. It burned to the ground in a suspicious fire on October 9, 1848.
  From Quiz: Latter-day Saint Temples
2 Where was the first temple built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?
Answer: Kirtland, Ohio

The Kirtland Temple was completed in 1836. In order to make the temple beautiful, Saints donated china to be crushed up and mixed with the plaster for the outside. The Kirtland Temple is now owned by Community of Christ.
  From Quiz: LDS Temples
3 What is a title used for the leader of the LDS church?
Answer: prophet

Mormons believe the prophet, or President, is the mouth-piece of the Lord. He delivers messages from God to God's followers.
  From Quiz: Mormonism 101
4 What is the real name of the Mormon church?
Answer: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

One of the main tenets of the LDS faith is that they were commanded to name the church after the Lord, Jesus Christ.
  From Quiz: What About the Mormons?
5 Where did most events in the Book of Mormon take place?
Answer: The Americas

The Book of Mormon relates the story of three different groups who came to America, and very little of the account takes place in the Old World.
  From Quiz: Basic Information About The LDS Church
6 President Young stated that this temple would be built with volunteer labor only, "wages are entirely out of the question. Nevertheless, the temple can be built without any burden to ourselves." The temple is located in the Cache Valley.
Answer: Logan

The skills that the Saints gained in building up the temple not only allowed them to finish it, but it also gave them the tools and knowledge to build their own homes and the community. The temple was dedicated on May 17, 1884.
    Your options: [ Provo ] [ St. George ] [ Logan ] [ Manti ]
  From Quiz: Latter-day Saint Temples
7 Who was the first leader of the LDS church?
Answer: Joseph Smith Jr.

Joseph Smith prayed to God about which church to join. Mormons believe he saw God and God told him that none of the churches were true. Joseph was then charged with restoring the fullness of the gospel to the world.
  From Quiz: Mormonism 101
8 Which book of Mormon scripture includes a section entitled "The Articles of Faith"?
Answer: Pearl of Great Price

The Articles of Faith contain the basic doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Book of Mormon was written by America's ancient inhabitants. The Doctrine and Covenants contains the Lord's instruction to modern prophets. The New Testament is in the Bible. The Pearl of Great Price contains the writings of ancient prophets, and the History of Joseph Smith, and the Articles of Faith.
    Your options: [ The Book of Mormon ] [ Pearl of Great Price ] [ The Doctrine and Covenants ] [ The New Testament ]
  From Quiz: Basic Information About The LDS Church
9 This temple was built in a place without a lot of normal building materials, instead the builders decided to use the natural volcanic rock and coral to make a type of concrete.
Answer: Hawaii

The Hawaii temple is located on the Island of Laie and it was dedicated on November 27, 1919.
    Your options: [ Las Vegas ] [ Alberta ] [ Hawaii ] [ Los Angeles ]
  From Quiz: Latter-day Saint Temples
10 What state was founded by Mormons?
Answer: Utah

After severe persecution back East, the Mormons migrated out West and settled in Utah. They believed they would be safe from persecution way out there.
  From Quiz: Mormonism 101
11 What book of scripture contains exclusively revelations received since 1800?
Answer: The Doctrine and Covenants

The book of Moroni is part of the Book of Mormon, which was transcribed by America's ancient inhabitants. Although it was first published in 1831, the actual text is believed to be much older. The New Testament is part of the Bible.
  From Quiz: Basic Information About The LDS Church
12 This temple is located along the banks of the Snake River.
Answer: Idaho Falls

The Chamber of Commerce of Idaho Falls donated 5 acres of land to the Church for the building of the temple; they recognized the boost to the economy that a temple there would provide. It was dedicated on September 23, 1945.
    Your options: [ Los Angeles ] [ Nauvoo ] [ Idaho Falls ] [ Salt Lake City ]
  From Quiz: Latter-day Saint Temples
13 What was the first temple built outside of the United States?
Answer: Cardston, Alberta

The Cardston Temple was completed in 1923, Bern in 1955, London in 1958 and Johannesburg in 1985.
  From Quiz: LDS Temples
14 What are the special buildings called where Mormons get married and do baptisms for the dead?
Answer: temples

Latter-Day Saints have temples where worthy members of the faith go to worship God and do work for their ancestors. To learn more, you could visit
  From Quiz: Mormonism 101
15 The Angel Moroni is often found on which type of building?
Answer: A Temple

Temples are very pretty buildings that often have the angel Moroni on top. Churches usually have just spires, and a stake center is just an (often) bigger church, where wards meet. The church is divided into stakes which are each composed of many wards.
    Your options: [ A Church ] [ A Temple ] [ A Stake Center ] [ A Ward ]
  From Quiz: Basic Information About The LDS Church
16 This temple was the first in two ways: it was the first to built outside of the United States, and it was the first to be built without an assembly hall on the upper floors.
Answer: Alberta

The building of the temple without an assembly hall focused the temple to be a building for the Temple work and not a multi-purpose building anymore. The Alberta temple was dedicated on August 26, 1923.
    Your options: [ Mexico City ] [ England ] [ Alberta ] [ Tonga ]
  From Quiz: Latter-day Saint Temples
17 As the year 2000 grew to a close, how many dedicated temples were there worldwide?
Answer: 102

President Gordon B. Hinckley made it a goal to have 100 operating temples by the end of 2000. The Church made that goal, plus some. As of June 2004, there were 119 dedicated temples and at least 10 under construction.
  From Quiz: LDS Temples
18 How old are children when they are baptized in the LDS church?
Answer: 8 years

The LDS church does not believe in baptizing infants. They believe that children do not become accountable for their actions until they are eight years old.
  From Quiz: Mormonism 101
19 The President and Prophet of the Mormon Church who led the church from the 1990s into the new millennium was ___________ ?
Answer: Gordon B. Hinckley

President Hinckley has been very well loved by the members of the church, and has also appeared on news programs like "Sixty Minutes". He has presided over a great increase in Temple building.
  From Quiz: What About the Mormons?
20 Around the time of World War II the number of Saints that had moved to California increased significantly. The General Authorities felt a need for the people to have a temple there, what was the first temple they built in California?
Answer: Los Angeles

The Los Angeles temple was one of the largest temples when it was built. It had room for as many to participate in ordinances as the Salt Lake City temple. It was dedicated March 11, 1956.
  From Quiz: Latter-day Saint Temples
21 Which Biblical scripture prompted Joseph Smith to pray to God concerning the true church?
Answer: James 1:5

James 1:5 encourages the reader to pray to God when he seeks more knowledge and understanding.
    Your options: [ Acts 11:3 ] [ James 1:5 ] [ Genesis 1:12 ] [ Revelation 13:27 ]
  From Quiz: Basic Information About The LDS Church
22 This temple is one of the most active temples. It helps that it is located near the Missionary Training Center and Brigham Young University.
Answer: Provo

The Provo temple was originally built without an Angel Moroni. However, in 2003 it underwent major renovations and Moroni was added to the temple. It was dedicated February 9, 1972.
    Your options: [ Orem ] [ Ogden ] [ Provo ] [ Logan ]
  From Quiz: Latter-day Saint Temples
23 What is the LDS guidelines for health called?
Answer: Word of Wisdom

The Mormons believe the Word of Wisdom outlines things God wants us to do to stay healthy. It includes not drinking alcohol, not using tobacco, and staying away from coffee.
  From Quiz: Mormonism 101
24 Which famous Mormon quarterback led the San Francisco 49ers to a great Super Bowl victory and participated in several others?
Answer: Steve Young

Young is a descendant of Mormon prophet Brigham Young.
    Your options: [ Jim McMahon ] [ Gifford Nielsen ] [ Steve Young ] [ Joe Montana ]
  From Quiz: What About the Mormons?
25 In 1997 President Gordon B. Hinckley announced during General Conference that a new phase of temples were to be built. These temples would be smaller thus allowing more to be built. Where was the first of the these smaller temples built?
Answer: Monticello

Within three years after the announcement of the smaller temples the number of temples had doubled to over 100. Monticello was dedicated on July 26, 1998.
  From Quiz: Latter-day Saint Temples
26 Who's that guy you see perched atop the temple?
Answer: Moroni

Many temples have a gold statue of the Angel Moroni on top. Moroni was a Book of Mormon prophet, last of the Nephites. It was he who delivered up the gold plates to Joseph Smith for translation. The LDS Church honors this great man by putting him on their temples.
  From Quiz: LDS Temples
27 In the LDS church what does "The authority to act in God's name" refer to?
Answer: Priesthood

Mormons believe the Priesthood is the authority to act in God's name. It is the same power used by Christ in the Bible to raise the dead, heal the blind, and administer to those in need.
  From Quiz: Mormonism 101
28 Approximately when did the Lord lead Nephi and his relatives out of Jerusalem (this is explained in the Book of Mormon)? This happened many years before Christ was born in Bethlehem.
Answer: 600 B.C.

It was during the reign of Sedequias, king of Judah, that the Lord led Lehi (Nephi was his son) out of Jerusalem.
  From Quiz: Basic Information About The LDS Church
29 This temple was built with two main spires as many of its predecessors, but it also included four smaller spires. The exterior of the temple was finished with marble chips in plaster giving the temple a fairytale like appearance.
Answer: San Diego

This temple is my favorite as I grew up in San Diego hearing that it would be built and looking forward to it. The temple is often known to people in San Diego as the "Disneyland Castle", as it looks so majestic. It was dedicated April 25, 1993.
    Your options: [ Detroit ] [ Madrid ] [ San Diego ] [ Anchorage ]
  From Quiz: Latter-day Saint Temples
30 How much are Latter-Day Saints expected to pay in tithing?
Answer: 10 percent

A tithe is one-tenth of something, so tithing means paying 10 percent. Mormons pay 10 percent of their net income. This goes to building more temples, supporting the less fortunate, and many other righteous uses. It does not pay for the "luxurious" lives of the leadership of the church.

Many Mormons make larges donations to the Church, but that is in addition to their tithing commitment.
  From Quiz: Mormonism 101
31 Which view of salvation is indicative of what Mormons believe?
Answer: A combination of faith and works is required to fully partake of the Lord's sacrifice.

One of the major tenets of the LDS faith is that mankind is responsible for their own actions. Therefore, the Lord, through his resurrection made it possible for us to live again, and through His atonement, by His Grace, the Lord made it possible so that we, through our own good works and repentance will be able to live with Him again.
    Your options: [ Salvation comes only to those who pray loudly, and vocally, to be heard of men. ] [ We need do nothing, only believe to be saved. ] [ A combination of faith and works is required to fully partake of the Lord's sacrifice. ] [ We cannot be saved. ]
  From Quiz: What About the Mormons?
32 What's the name of the most ancient inhabitants spoken of in the Book of Mormon? These inhabitants aren't spoken of much until nearly the end of the Book of Mormon.
Answer: Jaredites

The book written by the Jaredites spans thousands of years, beginning when the Lord confounded the people's language during the time of the Tower of Babel (to learn more about this account, read Genesis). The Nephites, Lamanites, and Mulekites existed many thousands of years after the first Jaredites.
  From Quiz: Basic Information About The LDS Church
33 This temple was to be another of many firsts, it was the first temple to be built "overseas." It also was the first temple to not have English as its main language.
Answer: Swiss

The Swiss temple was dedicated on September 11, 1955. However, on October 23, 1992 it was rededicated following extensive renovations and is now known as the Bern Switzerland temple.
    Your options: [ Nuku'alofa ] [ London ] [ Swiss ] [ Santiago ]
  From Quiz: Latter-day Saint Temples
34 Temples include the inscription over the door: "Holiness to the _____".
Answer: Lord

Over the door to the temple appears the tribute "Holiness to the Lord." When you enter any dedicated temple, you are in the house of the Lord.
For more information on temples or The LDS Church, please visit
  From Quiz: LDS Temples
35 What is the name of the best-known college affiliated with the LDS church?
Answer: Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University is a primarily LDS college. It is a very prestigious college. Even those who are not LDS that attend BYU are required to take some type of religious class ranging from the Old Testament to the Book of Mormon.
  From Quiz: Mormonism 101
36 The Book of Mormon includes a sub-title. What is it?
Answer: Another Testament of Jesus Christ

The Book of Mormon is a book about Christ's appearance among the people of the Western hemisphere, namely, North and South America. It is considered by Mormons to be the cornerstone of their religion and along with The Bible, The Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price comprises the four standard works of the LDS church.
  From Quiz: What About the Mormons?
37 When was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints organized?
Answer: April 6, 1830

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was formally organized on April 6, 1830 with Joseph Smith and five other men as the first members.
  From Quiz: Basic Information About The LDS Church
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