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Trivia Questions and Answers
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40 Arizona Cardinals Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Arizona Cardinals? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Arizona Cardinals (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Prior to arriving in St. Louis in 1960, in which city did the Cardinals play their home games?
Answer: Chicago

The Cardinals were founded in 1898 in Chicago, and underwent a number of name changes, including Morgan Athletic Club and Racine Normals. As the Chicago Cardinals, they won two NFL championships in 1925 and 1947. Despite those two successes, losing seasons were the norm for the Cardinals, along with low attendances, as they tried to compete with the crosstown Bears. With the new AFL looking to expand into St. Louis, the NFL and the team owners agreed a deal to move the team to the Missouri city.
    Your options: [ Boston ] [ Washington ] [ Chicago ] [ New York ]
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2 What year did the Cardinals move to Arizona from St Louis?
Answer: 1988

The Cardinals relocated to Arizona after the attempts at getting an all-football stadium in St. Louis failed. They were in St. Louis from 1960-1987.
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3 Which Cardinal was NFC MVP of the league in 1974?
Answer: Jim Hart

In '74, Hart threw for 2,411 yards and 20 TDs, with only 8 Ints.
    Your options: [ Jim Hart ] [ Larry Wilson ] [ Jim Otis ] [ Dan Dierdorf ]
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4 Which player wore number 16 in the 2000 season?
Answer: Jake Plummer
    Your options: [ Dave Brown ] [ Scott Player ] [ Chris Greisen ] [ Jake Plummer ]
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5 The Cardinals first home game in St. Louis was a 35-14 loss to the New York Giants and took place at which stadium?
Answer: Busch Stadium

Formerly known as Sportsman's Park, Busch Stadium was also home to the baseball Cardinals. Until 1953, it had also hosted the home games of the St. Louis Browns baseball team. The Cardinals recorded their first win there in week 5 over the Dallas Cowboys. They ended the season with a 6-5-1 record, their first winning season since 1956. In 1966, the Cardinals would move to the new Busch Memorial Stadium.
    Your options: [ Edward Jones Dome ] [ Cardinals Field ] [ Busch Stadium ] [ League Park ]
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6 What city claimed the Cardinals prior to St. Louis?
Answer: Chicago

Dating back to 1898 and as an amateur club in Chicago, the Cardinals are the oldest existing football club in the U.S. They turned professional by 1913.
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7 Which Cardinal never recorded 1,000 rushing yards in a single season?
Answer: MacArthur Lane

Lane came closest when he totaled 977 rushing yards and 13 combined TDs. Anderson set a franchise record with five 1,000-yard years from '79 to '84 (excluding the '82 strike season), including 1,605 in his rookie year. Mitchell had 1,006 rushing yards in '85. Hearst had 1,070 in 1995.
    Your options: [ MacArthur Lane ] [ Garrison Hearst ] [ Stump Mitchell ] [ Ottis Anderson ]
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8 Who was the first coach in Cardinals NFL history?
Answer: Paddy Driscoll

He was coach at the Chicago Cardinals. In their first season, 1920, the Cardinals came 4th with a 6-2-2 record. John 'Paddy' Driscoll was coach from 1920 to 1924 and finished with 17-8-4 during those seasons.
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9 The Cardinals remained competitive throughout most of the 1960s, behind the arm of which Pro Bowl quarterback?
Answer: Charley Johnson

Johnson, from New Mexico State University, wasn't drafted until the 10th round of the 1960 NFL draft, but proved to be a major player for the Cardinals. He passed for over 3000 yards in both 1962 and 1963, going to the Pro Bowl in the latter season.
    Your options: [ Norm Snead ] [ Paul Hornung ] [ Charley Johnson ] [ Don Meredith ]
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10 What stadium did the Cardinals called home in 2007?
Answer: University of Phoenix Stadium

After moving to Arizona, the Cardinals called Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, home until moving to the new University of Phoenix Stadium located in Glendale in 2006. The stadium is in name-only for the University's corporate sponsorship as they did not have any intercollegiate athletics programs. The stadium featured a retractable roof, roll-out grass field, and air conditioning system in order for the games to be played in the hot desert weather.
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11 Who became the first Cardinal to catch passes for over 1,500 yards in one season?
Answer: Roy Green

Green had 1,555 receiving yards and 12 TDs in '84 for St. Louis. Boldin had 1,377 in 2003 for Arizona.
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12 When did the Cardinals move to Phoenix?
Answer: 1988

The Cardinals last season at St. Louis was 1987.
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13 The Cardinals had a number of head coaches during their stay in St. Louis, but the arrival of which one in 1973 transformed the club into a playoff contender?
Answer: Don Coryell

After a successful stint with the San Diego State Aztecs, Coryell arrived in St. Louis in 1973. After a disappointing debut campaign, he led the team to successive division titles in the following two seasons.
    Your options: [ Wally Lemm ] [ Charley Winner ] [ Don Coryell ] [ Bud Wilkinson ]
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14 What are the main team colors?
Answer: Red and white

The team has had red and white as the dominant colors since early 1900s. With the hot desert weather to contend with, they mainly wore the white jersey for home games, but after the stadium was opened in 2006, they were able to have the choice of wearing red or white without having to deal with the elements.
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15 The Cardinals had one of the best front fours in the in 1998. Who led the Cardinals in sacks during the 1998 season?
Answer: Simeon Rice

Rice had ten sacks that year, one more than Smith. Wadsworth finished third on the team with five and Swann only had four.
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16 From 1920 to 2000: who had the most career rushing yards in Cardinals history?
Answer: Ottis Anderson

He rushed 7,999 yards from 1979 to 1986. He also holds the single season record (1920 to 2000) with 1,605 yards in 1979.
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17 The Cardinals failed to progress in the playoffs in both 1974 and 1975, losing their opening game to which two teams?
Answer: Minnesota Vikings & LA Rams

The Vikings and Rams were two of the most dominant franchises in the mid-1970s, and the Cardinals also had the disadvantage of playing both of them on the road. Minnesota won 30-14 in 1974, and Los Angeles prevailing 35-23 the following season.
    Your options: [ Chicago Bears & Atlanta Falcons ] [ Green Bay Packers & Washington Redskins ] [ Minnesota Vikings & LA Rams ] [ Dallas Cowboys & San Francisco 49ers ]
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18 After moving to Arizona, how many seasons did the Cardinals make the playoffs in their first 20 seasons?
Answer: 1

From 1988-2007 in Arizona, The Cardinals saw playoff action only once in 1998. They survived the first round Wild Card game by beating the Dallas Cowboys 20-7, then were defeated in the Divisional Playoffs by the Minnesota Vikings 41-21.
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19 Who was the Cardinals first round draft pick in 1965?
Answer: Joe Namath

He went on to become famous with the Jets.
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20 A key player in the mid-1970s Cardinal team was which offensive tackle, who would later go on to have a successful TV broadcasting career?
Answer: Dan Dierdorf

Dierdorf was a second round draft pick out of Michigan in 1971. He played his entire NFL career with the Cardinals and was selected to six Pro Bowls. After retiring, he was part of "ABC's Monday Night Football" team for 12 years.
    Your options: [ Al Michaels ] [ Pat Haden ] [ Dan Dierdorf ] [ Greg Gumbel ]
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21 Which Cardinal was nicknamed "The Snake"?
Answer: Jake Plummer

In college, quarterback Jason "Jake" Plummer was tough to tackle, so he was nicknamed "Jake the Snake". He played for the Cardinals from 1997-2002, and retired in 2006.
    Your options: [ Frank Sanders ] [ Dave Brown ] [ Jake Plummer ] [ Michael Pittman ]
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22 Who became the first Cardinals tight end to gain 1,000 receiving yards in one season?
Answer: Jackie Smith

In 1967, Smith 1,205 receiving yards, a 21.5 average, and 9 TDs.
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23 After Coryell left St. Louis in 1978 to take over at the San Diego Chargers, the Cardinals fortunes slumped, before a brief revival in the early 1980s under which coach?
Answer: Jim Hanifan

A former assistant with the Cardinals under Don Coryell, Hanifan took over the head coaching post in 1980. He led them to one playoff spot in 1982, when they lost 41-16 to Green Bay.
    Your options: [ Buddy Ryan ] [ Gene Stallings ] [ Jim Hanifan ] [ Larry Wilson ]
  From Quiz: St. Louis Cardinals Football
24 What college did Jake Plummer attend prior to being drafted by the Cardinals?
Answer: Arizona State University

Jake attended ASU and was a second round, 47th overall draft pick by the Cardinals in 1997.
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25 The Cardinals didn't make many appearances on Monday Night Football during their final years in St. Louis, but one notable exception was in 1983, when they were involved in a rare tied game with which NFC East rival?
Answer: New York Giants

The Cardinals and Giants met in week eight in St. Louis. Both teams had struggled to 2-5 records at this point in the season. In a rivalry stretching back to 1926, the teams had only played to a tie once before, in 1964, in the days before overtime existed. With the score tied at 20-20 at the end of regulation, Neil O'Donoghue had three chances to kick a winning field goal for St. Louis in overtime, but missed them all.
    Your options: [ Philadelphia Eagles ] [ Dallas Cowboys ] [ New York Giants ] [ Washington Redskins ]
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26 What Arizona Cardinal turned down a 3-year deal to enlist in the U.S. Army?
Answer: Pat Tillman

Pat was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in April 2004. His jerseys from college and the Cardinals were retired. Tillman was a career Cardinal safety from 1998-2001.
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27 How many playoff appearances did the Cardinals make during their years as the Phoenix Cardinals, from '88 to '93?
Answer: Zero

The closest they came was in 1988, when they went 7-9.
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28 Which quarterback drafted out of Portland State in 1981, did much to keep the Cardinals competitive during their last few seasons in St. Louis?
Answer: Neil Lomax

Lomax was selected in the second round of the 1981 draft, and became the team's starting QB in 1982. He threw for over 22,000 yards and 136 touchdowns in a Cardinal uniform in a career which ended in Phoenix in 1988.
    Your options: [ Willard Harrell ] [ Jim Hart ] [ Neil Lomax ] [ Gary Hogeboom ]
  From Quiz: St. Louis Cardinals Football
29 Who was the coach during the first season in Arizona?
Answer: Gene Stallings

Gene Stallings was coach from 1986-1989. He has also had coaching jobs with Alabama and Texas A&M.
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30 Which team did the Cardinals merge with, during the World War II in 1944?
Answer: The Pittsburgh Steelers

The team went 0-10 under the coaching of Hall of Famer Walt Kiesling and Phil Handler.
    Your options: [ The Pittsburgh Steelers ] [ The Detroit Lions ] [ The Chicago Bears ] [ The New York Giants ]
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31 At the end of the 1987 season, the Cardinals relocated to Phoenix after which owner failed in his attempts to persuade the city of St. Louis to build him a new stadium?
Answer: Bill Bidwill

The Cardinals played their last home game in St. Louis on December 13, with just 29,623 fans on hand to see them defeat the Giants 27-24. The NFL would return to the city in 1995 when the Rams relocated there from Los Angeles. Ironically, a new divisional alignment in 2002 placed the Cardinals and Rams in the same division, which meant that the Cardinals would be visiting their former home city every year in the regular season.
    Your options: [ Georgia Frontiere ] [ Robert Irsay ] [ Bill Bidwill ] [ Alex Spanos ]
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32 What was Arizona's win-loss record from 2004-2006, under the watchful eye of head coach Dennis Green?
Answer: 16-32

He has also been head coach of Northwestern and Stanford Universities, and the Minnesota Vikings. He had a year left on the Arizona contract when he was released from the team.
  From Quiz: All About the Cardinals
33 Kicker Jim Bakken set a single game record with hold many field goals in a game?
Answer: 7

This record was later tied by the Broncos' Rich Karlis, and Cowboys' kickers Chris Boniol and Billy Cundiff. Send me a message if you really liked my quiz.
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