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Trivia Questions and Answers
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130 Georgia Bulldogs Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Georgia Bulldogs? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Georgia Bulldogs (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 When college football fans think of Georgia Bulldogs players, one of the first names that comes to mind is this 1982 Heisman Trophy winner. Who is this player who first played professional football with the New Jersey Generals of the USFL?
Answer: Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker's Georgia career lived on for many years on the scoreboard at Sanford Stadium in Athens. One particular highlight of Walker running over safety Bill Bates of the University of Tennessee during Walker's freshman year is shown over and over again on UGA highlight reels.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldog Football All-Americans
2 In 1980, Freshman running back Herschel Walker scored his first touchdown against the Tennessee Volunteers in grand fashion. After running right through two men, what did Larry Munson say to describe Herschel?
Answer: "My God, a freshman!"

The Dawgs went on to win the National Championship that year by defeating Notre Dame.
  From Quiz: A Tribute to Larry Munson
3 Hired in 2001, who did Mark Richt replace as head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs?
Answer: Jim Donnan

Jim Donnan coached Georgia from 1996-2000, posting a 40-19-0 record after replacing Ray Goff.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs: The Richt Era
4 Although Georgia has been known for many years as the Bulldogs, their first mascot was which animal?
Answer: Goat

The goat appeared at Georgia's first football game: February 22, 1892, against Auburn. He wore a black coat with the letters, U G on the sides.
    Your options: [ Tiger ] [ Goat ] [ Ram ] [ Bee ]
  From Quiz: How 'Bout That Dawg!
5 During the 20th century, how many times was a Georgia team declared national champion, by at least one poll recognized by the NCAA?
Answer: 5

Georgia was recognized five times as national champion during the following seasons: 1927, by Boand and Poling; 1942, by Devold, Houlgate, Litkenhous, Williamson, Poling and Berryman; 1946, by Williamson; 1968, by Litkenhous; and in 1980, by most all major polls.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football [2]
6 Who caught the winning touchdown pass from Fran Tarkenton, clinching the SEC Title, during Georgia's 14-13 victory over Auburn in the 1959 game?
Answer: Bill Herron

Athens' favorite son, Fran Tarkenton, who was starting his first game ever at Georgia, hit Bill Herron on a fourth-down and 13 pass to give Georgia a 14-13 victory over Auburn. The victory over archrival Auburn gave Georgia its first SEC Title in over 13 years.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football [1]
7 What Heisman Trophy winner began and ended his career playing against Georgia?
Answer: Tony Dorsett

In 1973, Tony Dorsett's rushed for over 100 yards in his first college game in Athens, Georgia. He went on to set the freshman single season rushing record. In his final game, January 1, 1977, he set a Sugar Bowl rushing record of 202 yards as Pittsburgh won the National Championship after defeating Georgia 27-3.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #1
8 What Georgia Bulldog was known as, "The Man Who Broke the Drought?"
Answer: Theron Sapp

During the last game of the 1957 season, Sapp made a great play against Georgia Tech on Grant Field in Atlanta, and earned him Georgia immortality. Georgia had lost eight straight to Tech, but when Sapp scored the winning touchdown from the one on fourth down, the drought had ended. A poem, written by Harold M. Walker, was called, "The Man Who Broke the Drought".
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #2
9 What was the final record of the 1980 Bulldogs?
Answer: 12-0

Georgia looked like they might stumble early, but they fought through and found their identity, largely in the rushing ability of freshman Herschel Walker. Halfway into the season, the Dawgs had come into their own and showed no signs of slowing down. They used their tenacity to finish 12-0 and be crowned National Champions.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football: 1980 Season
10 Georgia only played 2 teams in its first season. What were the 2 teams?
Answer: Auburn and Mercer

In 1892, Georgia defeated Mercer 50-0, but lost to Auburn 10-0. The Georgia-Auburn rivalry has been nicknamed the "Oldest Rivalry in the Deep South". Auburn is ahead overall in the series but Georgia dominated Mercer, going a perfect 22-0-0 in the series, including an 81-0 drubbing in 1941, the last year Mercer had a football team.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football
11 In 2001, Georgia's last second win over Tennessee was a product of a David Greene touchdown pass to Verron Haynes. After the touchdown, Larry Munson made one of his most memorable calls. What did Larry say Georgia did with the hobnail boot?
Answer: Broke their nose

"We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot and broke their nose. We just stepped and crushed their faces."
  From Quiz: A Tribute to Larry Munson
12 What year did Mark Richt win his first SEC Championship at Georgia?
Answer: 2002

Georgia won the SEC Championship in 2002 defeating Arkansas 30-3, and went on to beat Florida State in the Sugar Bowl, 26-13.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs: The Richt Era
13 Their first Dawg mascot appeared in 1894. What kind of dog was it?
Answer: Bull Terrier

Her name was Trilby, and it was her presence and that of her 13 puppies at practices and games that started the University's nickname. She was a solid white Bull Terrier.
  From Quiz: How 'Bout That Dawg!
14 What is the nickname for the annual Georgia vs. Florida game played in Jacksonville, Florida, each season?
Answer: "The World's Largest Cocktail Party"

The annual game between Georgia and Florida, held in Jacksonville, is called "The World's Largest Cocktail Party." Exactly how the name originated is unknown; however, yacht parties along the St. Johns, unlimited tailgating, and an abundance of alcohol consummation inside the stadium likely contributed to this nickname.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football [1]
15 When Georgia's Richard Vonalbade Gammon died in 1897 while playing football for the University of Georgia, who was credited with saving football at both Georgia and in the entire South?
Answer: Gammon's mother

As a result of Gammon's death, Georgia's legislature and State Senate passed a measure prohibiting football at all universities in the state; however, Richard Vonalbade Gammon's mother wrote a letter to Governor W.Y. Atkinson requesting, "grant me the right to request that his death should not be used to defeat the most cherished object of his life." A Bronze plaque was given to the University of Georgia by the University of Virginia commemorating Richard Vonalbade Gammon's death. He had been fatally injured during the Georgia-Virginia game in 1897 at Atlanta's Brisbine Park.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #3
16 Where and what year did Georgia play its first football game?
Answer: Herty Field, Athens, GA, 1892

Georgia played and won its first football game 52-0 against Mercer, at Herty Field. The field, located on the North Campus of the University of Georgia, was named after Dr Charles Herty, the man who introduced football to Georgia.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #1
17 When Georgia played its first intercollegiate football game against Auburn on February 22, 1892, its unofficial mascot was what?
Answer: Goat

He wore a black coat with red "U.G." lettering on each side.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #2
18 What Tennessee defensive back is Herschel Walker famous for running over to score a touchdown?
Answer: Bill Bates

Walker flattened Bates on the 5-yard line before scoring. The freshman made his presence known early, helping the Dawgs pull out a 16-15 win, setting the pace for the season. Oddly enough, both Bates and Walker would later play together for the Dallas Cowboys.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football: 1980 Season
19 Georgia has played in many different bowl games over the years. What was the first bowl game they played in, and what year was it?
Answer: Orange Bowl, 1942

The Dawgs played TCU in the '42 Orange Bowl. They beat the Horned Frogs 40-26.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football
20 In the 1980 Georgia vs. Florida game, Buck Belue hooked up with Lindsey Scott for a 92-yard touchdown reception. After screaming "Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott" all the way down the field, what did Larry do in the press box?
Answer: Broke his chair

Larry did in fact break his chair. A metal steel chair with about a five inch cushion.
  From Quiz: A Tribute to Larry Munson
21 After asking the fans to blackout Sanford Stadium, what team was the victim of Georgia's 45-20 win while debuting their black jerseys in 2007?
Answer: Auburn

The team warmed up in their traditional red jerseys, but ran out of the tunnel wearing black against Auburn in 2007.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs: The Richt Era
22 Who is Georgia's opponent in what is known nationally as the "South's Oldest Rivalry?"
Answer: Auburn

Auburn is Georgia's opponent during the "South's Oldest Rivalry." The first game was played in Atlanta on February 20, 1892.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football [2]
23 When was Coach Dooley's only losing season at Georgia?
Answer: 1977

Coach Dooley suffered his only losing season at Georgia during the 1977 campaign when his Dawgs went 5-6. Heavy graduation loses from the '76 Southeastern Conference Championship season, an extraordinary number of injuries, and some very close games guaranteed Georgia a losing season in 1977. With the exception of the 33-0 loss to Kentucky, Georgia had an opportunity to win or tie any of its games in '77. In fact, Georgia could have conceivably tied the national champions, Alabama, on the final play of the game; however, Georgia lost 18-10, to one of the strongest teams in the history of college football.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football [1]
24 How many seasons did Coach Wally Butt's replacement, Coach Johnny Griffith, coach at Georgia?
Answer: 3 seasons

Unfortunately, Coach Griffith, a member of Georgia's undefeated team of 1946, only lasted three seasons as Georgia's coach. He coached the 1961, '62 and '63 season before being replaced by Coach Vince Dooley. His overall record was 13-16-4.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #3
25 What year did Georgia have its first undefeated season?
Answer: 1896

Coach Glenn Warner guided Georgia to its first undefeated season in 1896. Georgia defeated Wofford, North Carolina, Sewanee, and Auburn to finish 4-0.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #1
26 Which Uga became the first mascot to attend the Heisman Trophy presentation ceremony?
Answer: Uga IV

In 1982, Uga IV became the first mascot to attend the Downtown Athletic Club's Heisman Trophy presentation ceremony. He flew to New York on Delta Airlines. Also aboard the aircraft was the eventual winner of the award, Herschel Walker.
    Your options: [ Uga III ] [ Uga I ] [ Uga IV ] [ Uga II ]
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #2
27 What was Georgia ranked for the 1980 Clemson game?
Answer: 10

The Dawgs, especially All-American Scott Woerner, played tough against the Tigers, knocking them off 20-16. Woerner had two long punt returns, one for a TD, and a long interception return that set up another TD. Georgia would beat TCU 34-3 and Ole MIss 28-21 in the next two games.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football: 1980 Season
28 Who coached the Georgia team in their first bowl game?
Answer: Wally Butts

Butts coached from 1939-1960. He led the Dawgs to eight Bowl appearances, four SEC championships, and one National Title (1942).
  From Quiz: Georgia Football
29 This Georgia All-American is better known to college football fans today as a coach for one of Georgia's long-time rivals, Auburn. Who is this former Bulldog, who was a lineman and two-time All-American in 1959 and 1960?
Answer: Pat Dye

Despite his stellar college credentials, Pat Dye never played in the National Football League or American Football League. Instead, his playing career was spent entirely in Canada with the Edmonton Eskimos.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldog Football All-Americans
30 At the end of the 1982 Auburn game, Larry Munson proclaimed that something was falling from the sky. What was it?
Answer: Sugar

"Look at the sugar falling from the sky."
  From Quiz: A Tribute to Larry Munson
31 Under Richt, Georgia produced a number one overall pick in the NFL Draft. Who was this player?
Answer: Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford was selected number one overall by the Detroit Lions in 2009.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs: The Richt Era
32 One of the most recognized mascots in college is Uga. He was named the 'Nation's Best Mascot' by which magazine?
Answer: Sports Illustrated

The date was April 28, 1997. Uga V appeared on the cover.
    Your options: [ Newsweek ] [ Sports Illustrated ] [ Sporting News ] [ Time ]
  From Quiz: How 'Bout That Dawg!
33 Prior to Herschel Walker's arrival to Georgia in 1980, who was Georgia's all-time leading rusher?
Answer: Frank Sinkwich

Prior to Herschel's arrival, Frank Sinkwich was Georgia's career leading rusher with a total of 2,271 yards over a three-year span.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football [2]
34 Prior to Herschel Walker's arrival in 1980, when was the last time a Georgia team won the Sugar Bowl?
Answer: 1947

The last time Georgia won the Sugar Bowl, prior to Herschel's arrival in 1980, was the 1947 Sugar Bowl against North Carolina. Georgia, led by the great Charlie Trippi, in front of 73,000 fans, defeated a powerful North Carolina team, led by Charlie Justice, 20-10.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football [1]
35 What Georgia football game did Prince Charles (of the UK) attend at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia?
Answer: 1977 Kentucky game

Prince Charles attended the 1977 Kentucky game and witnessed what Coach Vince Dooley would later recall as one of his worst defeats at Georgia, a 0-33 loss to Kentucky.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #3
36 How many Southeastern Conference Championships did Coach Vince Dooley win during his 25 years as head coach at Georgia?
Answer: Six

Coach Dooley won his six SEC championships at Georgia in 1966, '68, '76, '80, '81, and '82.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #1
37 What game and year did Uga I get dog-napped by a group of fraternity boys?
Answer: North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1956

Uga I's first road trip was to Chapel Hill, on October 13, 1956, and he was dog-napped by a group of fraternity boys for the University of North Carolina.
  From Quiz: Georgia Bulldogs Football #2
38 Two eventual Heisman Trophy winers played in the '80 Georgia-South Carolina game. Walker was one, the other was what star South Carolina running back who would win the 1980 Trophy. Who was he?
Answer: George Rogers

Rogers fumbled the ball late in the game and Georgia recovered. This closed the door for the top ten ranked Gamecocks, as the Dawgs pulled out a 13-10 win. Rogers went on to win the trophy that year, despite being outplayed by Georgia's freshman sensation.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football: 1980 Season
39 Who does Georgia play against, in the rivalry series that has been dubbed, "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party"?
Answer: Florida

The game was held annually in Jacksonville, a neutral site. These two teams have made for some interesting matchups. In Georgia's 1980 national championship run, it took a miracle 93 yard pass to eek out a 26-21 win. In 2002, the Gators knocked off the Dawgs 20-13, the only blemish on an otherwise perfect season.
  From Quiz: Georgia Football
40 What was Larry's favorite saying when Georgia needed a big defensive stop?
Answer: "Hunker Down"

One of the most memorable times is the 1982 Auburn game. "Hunker down, you guys! If you didn't hear me, you guys, hunker down!"
  From Quiz: A Tribute to Larry Munson
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