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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Georgia

210 Georgia Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Georgia? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Georgia (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Georgia is known for producing what kind of fruit? This fruit's name also appears in the state's nickname, as well as the "main street" of Atlanta.
Answer: Peach

Georgia is well known for producing peaches. Georgia's nickname is the Peach State! Peachtree Street is often called Atlanta's "main street".
  From Quiz: The Beautiful State of Georgia
2 Which city was the capital of Georgia during the U.S. Civil War?
Answer: Milledgeville

Milledgeville, located on the Oconee River, is considered the antebellum capital of Georgia. In the Museum District, you can visit author Flannery O'Connor's farm, Andalusia.
    Your options: [ Atlanta ] [ Milledgeville ] [ Savannah ] [ Macon ]
  From Quiz: Georgia on My Mind
3 The smallest of the Golden Isles, this island is privately owned but has been turned into a resort area for a very small number of guests at a time.
Answer: Little St. Simons

The island can only be accessed by boat. As late as 2010, there is no phone, no TV, and no more than 32 guests per night.
    Your options: [ Ossabaw ] [ Little St. Simons ] [ Tybee ] [ Cooper ]
  From Quiz: The Golden Isles, Georgia, USA
4 What was the first place outside of Asia to house whale sharks?
Answer: Georgia Aquarium

Funded primarily by Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, the Georgia Aquarium opened in 2005. There are busts of Bernie and his wife Billi next to the food court, and they are frequent visitors to the aquarium (and get special behind the scenes access).
  From Quiz: Family Vacation: Atlanta, Georgia
5 What does the word "Okefenokee" mean in the language of the Seminoles?
Answer: Land of the Trembling Earth

The Seminoles gave it this name because when marsh grows over swamp water, it creates a thick, hardened surface; however, this surface will quiver when someone walks onto it. The Okefenokee covers approx. 400,000 acres of land. It provides sanctuaries for thousands of species of wildlife. It became the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in 1937.
  From Quiz: Georgia's Peach State
6 What date was Georgia admitted into statehood?
Answer: January 2, 1788

Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies which made up the United States. Georgia was named after King George II of England.
  From Quiz: The Peach State
7 This is the largest city in Georgia, USA, and is also the capital. There's an old saying, "if you die before you get to Heaven you'll have to change planes in _________"?
Answer: Atlanta

Atlanta has always fascinated me. It was our Mecca when I was a teenager and the in thing to do was to go to downtown Atlanta and try to sneak in bars. I hope the statute of limitations covers me on this one. Atlanta is a large city with a very diverse population. It also has an unsavory reputation because it has a very high crime rate. I still love it though and it never fails to move me when I am going into the city and I can see the skyline on the horizon.
  From Quiz: Places to See in Georgia USA
8 The Indians who first inhabited Jekyll Island were the__________?
Answer: Guale

The Guale Indians inhabited many of the coastal barrier islands.
  From Quiz: Jekyll Island-Georgia's Jewel
9 What is the county seat of Fulton County?
Answer: Atlanta

Atlanta is the county seat of Fulton County. Although the other three cities are all in Fulton, they would not have been in Fulton when it was originally created. Milton County and Campbell County were merged into Fulton when they went bankrupt during the Depression, hence Fulton's odd shape.
  From Quiz: Georgia County Seats
10 Located in West End, Atlanta's oldest neighboorhood, the home of Joel Chandler Harris, the creator of the Uncle Remus stories is now a museum. What is his home called?
Answer: The Wren's Nest

Harris, who liked to sit on the porch of the Wren's Nest and write his stories, is recognized as someone who helped preserve black culture by recording African folk tales he heard from slaves while growing up in Eatonton, Georgia.
  From Quiz: Things To Do and See in Atlanta
11 What landmark restaurant sits at the corner of Highway 120 and U.S. 41 in Marietta?
Answer: The Big Chicken

The Big Chicken has been around since the 1960's and was designed by a Georgia Tech graduate. The years took its toll on the mighty bird, and in 1993 it was repaired and restored to its former glory.
  From Quiz: All About Atlanta
12 Who was Georgia named for?
Answer: King George II

Georgia became the first southern state to join the union, on January 2, 1788.
  From Quiz: Georgia On My Mind
13 Without using a map or an atlas, how many states border Georgia?
Answer: 5

Georgia borders five states: Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina. The Atlantic Ocean is to the east.
  From Quiz: The Beautiful State of Georgia
14 Which Atlanta author penned "Gone with the Wind" and has a local tourist destination in his or her honor?
Answer: Margaret Mitchell

The Margaret Mitchell House is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in downtown Atlanta. The premiere of the film was held in Atlanta in 1939.
    Your options: [ Alice Walker ] [ Margaret Mitchell ] [ Conrad Aiken ] [ Dr. Seuss ]
  From Quiz: Georgia on My Mind
15 The statue of Casimir Pulaski is NOT located in Pulaski Square. In what square will you find it?
Answer: Monterey Square

Count Pulaski was born in Poland and came to America in 1777. A Civil War fort at Tybee Island is named after him.
  From Quiz: All About Savannah!
16 What coastal city was the original capital of Georgia?
Answer: Savannah

Georgia's government operated from Savannah at the time of its statehood in 1776. In January 1780, because of the English invansion of Savannah, Augusta became the designated capital. Atlanta, the current capital, became the fifth city to be designated capital of Georgia in 1868. Other cities to serve as capital of Georgia were Louisville and Milledgeville.
  From Quiz: Georgia's Peach State
17 In Georgia what animal may not be kept in a bathtub?
Answer: Donkey

It is illegal to keep a donkey in a bathtub in the state of Georgia. It is also illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp.
  From Quiz: The Peach State
18 The Guale Indians referred to the island as________?
Answer: Ospo

One of the millionaire cottages owned by Walter Jennings was fittingly named Villa Ospo
  From Quiz: Jekyll Island-Georgia's Jewel
19 What is the county seat of Forsyth County?
Answer: Cumming

No doubt one of Northerners' favorite county seats with which to make fun of Georgians, Cumming is the seat of Forsyth County. Cumming is infamous as the site of a white supremacist march in the town in the mid-1980s that gained national acclaim, including a spot on Oprah. The march was followed by an even larger one in support of civil rights. Cumming and Forsyth County are nearly unrecognizable from those days now, having become part of Atlanta's ever-expanding suburbs.
  From Quiz: Georgia County Seats
20 Located on historic Auburn Avenue, this memorial to America's principal spokesman for racial equality is only a block from the house he was born in. Who was he?
Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Also in the area is Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. King shared the pulpit with his father.
  From Quiz: Things To Do and See in Atlanta
21 What is Georgia's state bird?
Answer: Brown Thrasher

The male brown thrasher has the largest repertoire of songs of any North American bird. In 1935, Governor Eugene Talmadge proclaimed it the state bird, but is was another 30 years before the Georgia Assembly made it official.
  From Quiz: Georgia - The Peach State
22 In the State of Georgia, you could spend many years in jail and have a large fine if you put a ________ in your bathtub?
Answer: donkey
  From Quiz: Georgia On My Mind
23 Who was elected mayor of Atlanta in 2001?
Answer: Shirley Franklin

Shirley Franklin was elected to a landslide victory in November 2001. She was the first female mayor of Atlanta and the first African-American female to be mayor of a major Southern city.
  From Quiz: All About Atlanta
24 Who is the first US President born in the state of Georgia?
Answer: Jimmy Carter

James Earl Carter was the 39th President of the US, from 1977 to 1981. Born in the small farming town of Plains, he was the governor of Georgia from 1971 to 1975.
  From Quiz: Georgia Fun Facts
25 All these are nicknames attributed to Georgia, except?
Answer: The Garden State

The Garden State is the New Jersey's nickname.
  From Quiz: Georgia On My Mind
26 Technically, soon after Georgia was first established, its western border extended all the way to the Mississippi River. What two states now comprise the land that lies between it and Georgia?
Answer: Alabama and Mississippi

In 1732, Georgia's westernmost boundary was the Mississippi River, but on January 7, 1755, Georgia officially ceased to be a trustee or a "penal colony" and became in actuality a true colony of the crown of England.

In 1758, the province of Georgia was divided into eight PARISHES; another four were added to those in 1765. These lay pretty much along the Atlantic Coastal region. In 1777, the original eight COUNTIES of Georgia were created.

On April 24, 1802, Georgia relinquished parts of its western-most territory over to the U.S. Congress. This strip of land, along with adjacent territories, came to be known as the Mississippi Territory and eventually became the states of Alabama and Mississippi.
  From Quiz: Georgia, Jewel of the South # 2
27 When was Georgia named a state of the union?
Answer: January 2, 1788

Georgia was named a state exactly a week before Connecticut became a state. Georgia was the fourth state admitted to the union.
  From Quiz: The Beautiful State of Georgia
28 How many states border Georgia?
Answer: 5

The states that border Georgia are Florida to the south, Tennessee to the northwest, South Carolina to the northeast, Alabama to the west, and North Carolina to the north. Chattanooga, Tennessee is only about two hours from metro Atlanta.
  From Quiz: Georgia on My Mind
29 Approach to the islands can be made either by causeway or boat from the mainland city proclaimed by George Washington as one of the five points of entry to the newly formed United States.
Answer: Brunswick

The Port of Brunswick today is one of the busiest automobile ports in the United States.
    Your options: [ Darien ] [ Brunswick ] [ Savannah ] [ Cumberland ]
  From Quiz: The Golden Isles, Georgia, USA
30 Which "lost" historic square was refurbished, featuring a statue of Johnny Mercer, a play fountain, and an enormous underground parking garage?
Answer: Ellis Square

City Market was demolished, rebuilt, and a parking garage was built on top of where Ellis Square once was. The parking garage was demolished in 2006, and a project to restore the square began.
    Your options: [ Lafayette Square ] [ Ellis Square ] [ Calhoun Square ] [ Whitefield Square ]
  From Quiz: All About Savannah!
31 Where can you see giant pandas, as well as one of the largest gorilla populations in North America?
Answer: Zoo Atlanta

The zoo was founded in 1889. It was created when a traveling zoo went bankrupt and was stranded in Atlanta.
  From Quiz: Family Vacation: Atlanta, Georgia
32 What city, known as the Classic City, is home to the USA's oldest state supported university, the University of Georgia?
Answer: Athens

The University of Georgia was incorporated in January 1785 and became the first state to charter a state supported university. The previous year, 1784, Georgia's General Assembly had set aside 40,000 acres of land to endow a college.
  From Quiz: Georgia's Peach State
33 How many counties are in Georgia?
Answer: 159

Burke County, Camden County, Chatham County, Effingham County, Glynn County, Liberty County, and Richmond County are the original seven counties of Georgia. There is only one county that begins with an "N": Newton County.
  From Quiz: The Peach State
34 After claiming the island, James Olgethorpe renamed it Jekyll Island after his good friend________________?
Answer: Sir Joseph Jekyll

James Olgethorpe played a major role in military operations and securing the entire Georgia Coast.
  From Quiz: Jekyll Island-Georgia's Jewel
35 What is the county seat of Floyd County?
Answer: Rome

While these choices show off Georgia's international flair (all are towns in the state), Rome is the proper county seat of Floyd County. Showing off Georgians' penchant for turning Old World tradition into New World charm, Vienna is pronounced "VIE Enna" and Cairo is pronounces "Kay-Ro," as in the syrup.
  From Quiz: Georgia County Seats
36 This museum, on Peachtree Street, houses Atlanta's best collection of fine art. What is it called?
Answer: The High Museum of Art

The building that houses the High Museum is considered to be a work of art itself.
  From Quiz: Things To Do and See in Atlanta
37 What is the state flower?
Answer: Cherokee Rose

In 1916, The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution nominated the Cherokee rose as Georgia's state flower to honor the Cherokee Indians, who were forced to leave their lands in 1838. The azalea is the state wildflower.
  From Quiz: Georgia - The Peach State
38 In what Georgia city is it illegal to throw rocks at birds?
Answer: Dublin

Dublin is a bird sanctuary. It has been as such for many years.
  From Quiz: Georgia On My Mind
39 How many times were the Braves in the World Series in the 1990's?
Answer: 5

Despite this amazing streak of success, the Braves only won once out of these five appearances. In 1995, they conquered the Indians with a six-game triumph. It was their first World Series win in 38 years, and the first world championship title for any professional sport in Atlanta.
  From Quiz: All About Atlanta
40 What Georgia city did the British capture in a surprise attack on December 29, 1778?
Answer: Savannah
  From Quiz: Georgia Fun Facts
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