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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Florida

390 Florida Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Florida? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Florida (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Several places worldwide share this name, including a city in Queensland, Australia. In Florida this is the coast near Miami, where housing prices can be quite high. What coast is this?
Answer: Gold Coast

Surprisingly perhaps, this name for the area only dates to the 1980s, when real estate prices were surging. This stretch of coast was attracting large amounts of gold well before that!
  From Quiz: Florida Coast Promotional Names
2 This little town in Florida's panhandle sounds like a training ground for prep cooks. If your idea of Standard Operating Procedure is dicing and mincing, you should visit ____.
Answer: Sopchoppy

Standard Operating Procedure is often abbreviated SOP. Mincing and dicing are choppy activities, so...Sopchoppy. Really, now, throwing things is unnecessary. In reality, the town draws its name from the river it sits beside, whose name is from a Native American language (which one is in some dispute), and means simply "river".
    Your options: [ Hackeesakee ] [ Sopchoppy ] [ Mincey ] [ Griddel ]
  From Quiz: Distinctive Florida Place Names
3 What city is located at the southern most tip of Florida and is only ninety miles from Cuba?
Answer: Key West

Key West is known as the Conch Republic. It is 130 miles from Miami to Key West. Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffett have had homes there. The famous Seven Mile Bridge connects the Keys together. Don't forget to have a taste of Key Lime Pie while you are in the Keys.
  From Quiz: Florida's Great Places to Visit
4 What type of landform is Florida?
Answer: peninsula

Florida is a perfect example of a peninsula: a piece of land surrounded on three sides by water but connected to a larger landmass. Florida is connected to the states of Georgia and Alabama and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Straits of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.
  From Quiz: Exploring Florida
5 By its name you may think that Key West is the westernmost island in the Florida Keys, but you'd be incorrect. How far west off Key West are the Dry Tortugas? The distance takes approximately two hours fifteen minutes by boat.
Answer: 67 miles

There is no route by automobile from Key West to the Dry Tortugas so you must take either a plane or watercraft of some kind to get there. A group of nine islands known as the Marqueasas Keys are also located west of Key West by about 20 miles.
  From Quiz: Dry Tortugas - The End of the Florida Keys
6 What is the name for the large area of swampland found in southern Florida?
Answer: The Everglades

One of the largest wetlands in the world is the Florida Everglades. Home to thousands of exotic birds, reptiles, and plant life, the Everglades is one of the most unique areas in the state of Florida. The primary feature of the Everglades is the saw-grass prairie which consists of low-lying fields of water, with over 10,000 small islands.
  From Quiz: Florida...the Land of Milk and Honey
7 Nicknamed "The River City," which river is it that runs through downtown Jacksonville and bisects the city?
Answer: St. Johns

Over 300 miles long, Florida's longest river is the St. Johns. It originates south of Melbourne and flows north, at times with a width of three miles, before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville. At certain times of the year, it is not unusual to see manatees and dolphins in the river downtown.
    Your options: [ St. Johns ] [ Crystal ] [ Chattahoochee ] [ St. Lawrence ]
  From Quiz: Destination: Jacksonville
8 Every restaurant you go to in the Keys features conch fritters and conch chowder. What is conch?
Answer: large-type edible shellfish

Conch in its original form is very tough and has to be tenderized to be made edible. In some South American countries, conch is eaten raw in a special cocktail with the conch still squirming around.
  From Quiz: The Florida Keys
9 Which famous person is the city of Jacksonville named after?
Answer: Andrew Jackson

Originally known as Cowford, the city was renamed "Jacksonville" in 1822, taking the name of Florida's first military governor and later US President, Andrew Jackson.
    Your options: [ Michael Jackson ] [ Andrew Jackson ] [ Reggie Jackson ] [ Rev. Jesse Jackson ]
  From Quiz: Jacksonville
10 What county is Pensacola, Florida located in?
Answer: Escambia County

Pensacola is the county seat of Escambia County. The county is Alabama north of Escambia County, FL is also called Escambia County (AL).
  From Quiz: Pensacola, Florida
11 Orlando can trace its history back to what US Army installation built in 1838?
Answer: Fort Gatlin

Fort Gatlin was built during the Second Seminole War. A commemorative marker stands at the intersection of Gatlin Ave. and Summerlin St. at the spot of the fort. Fort Maitland is at the site of modern Maitland, FL; Fort Mellon is at the site of modern Sanford, FL; Fort Christmas is in the east part of the county and the area still bears that name.
  From Quiz: Orlando, Florida
12 Daytona Beach is the most popular tourist destination in _________ County.
Answer: Volusia

Daytona Beach is known as the "world's most popular beach". Being able to drive your car out on the beach makes it distinctly different from many other beaches along the east coast.
    Your options: [ Brevard ] [ Orange ] [ Flagler ] [ Volusia ]
  From Quiz: Ultimate Central Florida
13 More people in this city are born outside the U.S. than any other city!
Answer: Miami

According to the Guiness Book of World Records 2006, some 55% of people living Miami were born outside the U.S.
    Your options: [ Orlando ] [ Miami ] [ Tampa ] [ Jacksonville ]
  From Quiz: Do You Know Florida!
14 Daytona Beach is on the east coast of Florida, just a bit south of the oldest city in the United States (and definitely the oldest in Florida!) Can you name it?
Answer: St. Augustine

St. Augustine was founded in 1565, and is called "The Ancient City." Lots of interest there -- including Flagler College with its Tiffany windows, and the old Castillo de San Marcos built by the Spanish, which was never conquered.
  From Quiz: Daytona Beach - World's Most Famous Beach
15 This city has the largest Greek Orthodox Diocese in the Western Hemisphere.
Answer: Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs is famous for its large Greek population and once-thriving sponge industry.
    Your options: [ Gulfport ] [ Dunedin ] [ East Lake ] [ Tarpon Springs ]
  From Quiz: Cities of Pinellas County
16 Who was St. Petersburg's first female mayor?
Answer: Corrine Freeman

She became mayor in 1976 and served one term.
  From Quiz: St. Pete - Where the Sun Always Shines
17 Where is the Busch Gardens, Florida theme park?
Answer: Tampa

Each Busch Gardens has a theme. Busch Gardens Tampa has an African theme. SheiKra was the roller coaster that opened there in 2005.
  From Quiz: Cities in Florida
18 What is the county seat of Dade County?
Answer: Miami

Florida's largest metropolitan area, Miami is a city with a tremendous international flavor. This county is also sometimes referred to as Miami-Dade County.
  From Quiz: Florida's County Seats
19 Spanish traveler Ponce de Leon discovered Tampa in what year?
Answer: 1513

Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon first arrived in the Tampa area in 1513. The Spaniards left this area alone and focused their attention on settling in eastern parts of Florida.
  From Quiz: The Tampa Bay
20 This town, famous for providing raw materials for pencils, now holds a popular seafood festival annually.
Answer: Cedar Key

The cedar wood was transported across the state to the pencil factories in Fernandina Beach on one of the first train routes to be built in the state.
    Your options: [ Carrabelle ] [ Anclote Key ] [ Cedar Key ] [ Piney Point ]
  From Quiz: Florida - It's Not Just for Disneyphiles
21 What is Gainesville's nickname?
Answer: Hogtown

Hogtown, sometimes spelled as Hogtowne, pre-dates the founding of the city as a name for the area in which Gainesville is located. "Hogtown" is usually the first thing that new University of Florida students learn upon arrival in Gainesville. Jacksonville is the Bold New City, Valdosta, Ga is Winnersville, and New Orleans is The Big Easy.
  From Quiz: Gainesville Florida
22 In St. Petersburg, you can visit the Hall of Fame of this sport.
Answer: Shuffleboard

Many old timers come to enjoy St. Pete's beaches, sun, and outdoor shuffleboard courts.
    Your options: [ Golf ] [ Badminton ] [ Ping pong ] [ Shuffleboard ]
  From Quiz: Florida Fun Facts
23 Florida was the ____ state to enter the union.
Answer: 27th

William Moseley became the first governor of Florida. He ran against and beat one of Florida's best known figures, former territorial governor Richard Keith Call.
    Your options: [ 27th ] [ 31st ] [ 15th ] [ 24th ]
  From Quiz: Florida History and Information
24 Which attraction listed below is the newest in the Orlando area as of May 2001?
Answer: The Holy Land Experience

Yes, believe it or not, the newest attraction, in Orlando, is based on the Bible.
    Your options: [ The Holy Land Experience ] [ Islands of Adventure ] [ Disney's Animal Kingdom ] [ Discovery Cove ]
  From Quiz: Orlando, Disney and Beyond
25 Which beach is known as the world's most famous?
Answer: Daytona Beach

This is the name that was given to Daytona many years ago.
    Your options: [ Miami Beach ] [ Fort Lauderdale Beach ] [ Panama City Beach ] [ Daytona Beach ]
  From Quiz: Florida
26 The Miami Seaquarium was home to the famous dolphin, Flipper. Footage in the show was filmed on this location. What city is The Miami Seaquarium in?
Answer: Key Biscayne

The Miami Seaquarium is located on Virginia Key, which is an island on Biscayne Bay. The University of Miami has its Marine & Atmospheric Science school on Key Biscayne. There is still a functioning lighthouse on Cape Florida at the end of the beach on Key Biscayne.

Believe it or not, Key Biscayne is lined with beaches and is only five miles long and an average of one and a half miles wide. Key Biscayne is within miles of downtown Miami, where there are more attractions like museums, libraries, shops and restaurants to visit. The tennis match, the Miami Open, is held there once a year during the month of March.

If you are a basketball lover, you can watch NBA teams like the Miami Heat play at AA arena, located downtown. It's just a short drive to the mainland.
  From Quiz: Florida's Great Places to Visit
27 What is Britton Hill, Florida's claim to fame?
Answer: It is the lowest high point of any U.S. state.

At 345 feet (105 m) above sea level, Britton Hill is the highest point in Florida and the lowest high point of any U.S. state. It is located near Lakewood, in the Florida panhandle.
  From Quiz: Exploring Florida
28 In Florida, I knew it was flat but not that FLAT. There appeared to be a hill ahead as I flew south down I-75 at 70mph. What was likely to have caused this rise?
Answer: The Interstate had to rise to allow a perpendicular road to travel underneath

Florida is very flat. The highest point is Britton Hill, located in the western panhandle near the Alabama border. The hill stands a mere 345 feet above sea level and is the lowest highest point across all fifty states.
Cheaha Mountain is the highest point in neighbouring Alabama. Mt McKinley is the highest point in the USA and is situated in Alaska.
  From Quiz: Flying Round the Freeways of Florida
29 What Florida county, sharing its name with an early U.S. President, contains part of the Everglades and all of the Florida Keys including the Dry Tortugas?
Answer: Monroe County

More than 80% of the land area of Monroe County is uninhabited Everglades land. Monroe County was formed in 1823 during the tenure of James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States. Monroe County is the largest county in Florida by total area, and more than 70% of its area of 3,738 square miles is water.
  From Quiz: Dry Tortugas - The End of the Florida Keys
30 When Yankees Wayne and Emily land at Miami's airport, they are greeted by a blast of warm air as the plane door opens. Emily asks the steward, "Say, do ya know what the weather is like in the Florida Keys?"
Answer: Balmy and sunny except during hurricanes

Weather in the Florida Keys is sun, sun and more sun, except for hurricanes! The Keys are sub-tropic, warmed by the Gulf Stream and the Gulf of Mexico. In February the average temperature is a consistently balmy high of 76, low 66 (24 and 19 Celsius). Coming from heaps of snow and biting winds, that's perfect weather for a Yankee to walk the beach, visit the Eco-Discovery Center or sit in a cafe sipping a Rum Runner. In winter, the winds can be too high for snorkeling. Hurricanes are more frequent in the 21st century, but it was back in the 1919 Key West storm that 600-900 died. The season is June to November, with a big storm on average every 4.5 years. However for "snow birds" visiting south in frigid months, hurricanes are just a speck in the distance.
  From Quiz: Florida Keys Enduring a Yankee Tourist
31 What does the word "Florida" mean?
Answer: Flowery

In Easter of 1513, Ponce de Leon named the state of Florida 'Pascua Florida' which translates to "Flowery Easter". The name was given on Easter day and comes from the Spanish Easter tradition of the "Feast of Flowers". Even today, Florida is home to thousands of different kinds of flowers.
  From Quiz: Florida...the Land of Milk and Honey
32 Where is Jacksonville located within the very large state of Florida?
Answer: Just 25 miles south of the Georgia border on the Atlantic side

Called a "best kept secret" by the Jacksonville Beaches website, the beach communities of Mayport, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach in Duval County and Ponte Vedra Beach in St. Johns County are less densely populated than many of Florida's better-known beach communities. This makes them a haven for surfers, beach volleyball players, walkers, joggers, fishers, bird watchers, and those who just want to soak up some rays or play in the surf.
  From Quiz: Destination: Jacksonville
33 Key Largo is part of the island chain in the Florida Keys. What do the words Key Largo mean?
Answer: long island

Key Largo is the first island you meet once you leave the Florida mainland. Key Largo is one of the most northern islands of the Florida Keys.
  From Quiz: The Florida Keys
34 Which two college football teams play in Jacksonville each October in a game dubbed "The World's Largest Cocktail Party"?
Answer: University of Florida and University of Georgia

This game is one of the great college football rivalries and was first held in Jacksonville in 1915. The weekend of the game sees tens of thousands of college student invade Jacksonville, and their annual revelry has led to the event's nickname.
    Your options: [ Georgia Tech and Bowling Green State University ] [ University of Florida and University of Georgia ] [ Florida State and The University of Alabama ] [ Florida A&M and Texas A&M ]
  From Quiz: Jacksonville
35 Castillo de San Marcos, a Spanish fort in St. Augustine, is one of the few structures in the world built from what semi-rare type of limestone?
Answer: Coquina

Coquina is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of shell fragments. Since shells are made of calcium carbonate, coquina is considered a form of limestone. It is formed on very active beaches, which help to sort the sediment.

Castillo de San Marcos was built in 1672 after the 1688 attack of English pirate, Robert Searle. While under U.S. rule it was known as Ft. Marion from 1821 to 1942 and Ft. St. Mark while under British control from 1763 to 1784. It has a long history of multiple attacks and reconstruction, and today is a tourist attraction performing reenactments.
  From Quiz: St. Augustine, Florida
36 What is NOT a college located in Pensacola?
Answer: Florida Institute of Technology

The Florida Institute of Technology is located in Melbourne, Florida. The University of West Florida, Pensacola Junior College, and Pensacola Christian College are all in Pensacola.
  From Quiz: Pensacola, Florida
37 Another of Florida's named coasts is the First Coast. Using your logic and your knowledge of American history, where will you find Florida's First Coast?
Answer: near Saint Augustine

Florida's First Coast is located on the Atlantic side, or east coast of Florida roughly from the Florida/Georgia state line running south to Marineland, just north of Flagler Beach. It was named the First Coast for two reasons. First, because St. Augustine, the first city in the U.S.A., is located near the center of this coast, and second because it is the first of Florida's coasts a traveler encounters when traveling down the eastern edge of the state.
  From Quiz: Florida, State of Many Coasts
38 What is the most common tale of the origin of Orlando's name?
Answer: Orlando Reeves, a US soldier

Orlando Reeves was acting as a sentinel and was able to alert the soldiers at Fort Gatlin of an approaching Indian attack before being felled by arrows. He was buried in the area that is now part of Lake Eola Park. A marker at the southeast corner of the lake asserts that this is the origin of the city's name, but there is no proof.
  From Quiz: Orlando, Florida
39 Which city in Central Florida hosts the annual Florida Strawberry Festival?
Answer: Plant City

The Strawberry Festival is held in February or early March each year, and people come from all over the state to attend.
    Your options: [ Lake Mary ] [ Mt. Dora ] [ Oveido ] [ Plant City ]
  From Quiz: Ultimate Central Florida
40 From Miami I go about 30 miles west. What national park do I find?
Answer: Everglades National Park

The Everglades has an area of 730 square miles, and contains over 10,000 islands!
  From Quiz: Do You Know Florida!
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