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 NCAA Football
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1 The first season of football at the University of Virginia is considered to be 1887. In which season, did a Virginia team have its first winning season?
Answer: 1888

To be fair, the entire 1887 season was one game--a November 13 meeting between Virginia and Pantops Academy (a private school in Charlottesville, VA). That meeting between the two schools ended in a 0-0 tie. The next year, November 20, 1888, Virginia defeated Pantops Academy in a re-match, 20-0. The team would also suffer its first defeat (and first intercollegiate) game against Johns Hopkins University on December 4, 1888, 36-0. For the 1888 season, the team went 2-1.
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What former Cardinal linebacker became a fixture on ESPN's Game Day as an NFL analyst?

2 Beginning in 1927, Ole Miss played which rival in the "The Battle for the Golden Egg"?
Answer: Mississippi State University

Ole Miss and Mississippi State have competed in the "The Battle for the Golden Egg" every year since 1927. The Golden Egg trophy presentation started after a riot occurred between the fans after the 1926 game between the two schools.
3 Frank Sinkwich was one tough back. In fact, he was the first halfback from the SEC to ever win the Heisman Trophy (1942). From which great SEC program did Sinkwich find great success?
Answer: University of Georgia

Frank Sinkwich was as gifted a passer as a runner, so his coaches at Georgia insisted he play halfback instead of fullback. In that era, the halfback was sort of a hybrid mix between the quarterback and the running back, as he would handle both duties.

During his 1942 campaign, his on-field play was so dominant that was selected to win the Heisman Trophy with 99.69% of the total vote. His best college game may have been the last one he played. His Georgia team beat Texas Christian University 40-26. In that game, Sinkwich rushed for 139 yards, passed for 243 yards, and scored three touchdowns. After graduating from UGA, Sinkwich went on to the Marine Corps, but was medically discharged. That opened the door for him to be drafted by the Detroit Lions and then go on to win the National Football League MVP award in 1944.
4 What is the name of the vehicle that takes the field before home games?
Answer: Ramblin' Wreck

The Ramblin' Wreck is a 1930 Ford Model A Sport coupe. It ushers the team and cheerleaders onto the field prior to home games, and it has made appearances at away games. The Wreck, along with Buzz, is a mascot of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.
5 Under head coach Chuck Amato, which quarterback took his Wolfpack team to four straight bowl games from 2001-2004?
Answer: Philip Rivers

Rivers, an Alabama native, led a very promising team to four straight bowl games. He would be named the MVP in three of them (two Tangerine Bowls and a Gator Bowl). Marcus Stone would be quarterback over the next couple seasons after. Russell Wilson took the job in 2008, and Charlie Whitehurst played quarterback for Clemson at the same time as Rivers.
6 The Minnesota Golden Gophers played their first game on September 29th, 1882. The final score of the game was 4-0, with the Gophers coming out on the winning end. Who did they play?
Answer: Hamline University (St. Paul, MN)

The Gophers only played two games in their first year of existence. Both games were played against Hamline University. Hamline won the second game on October 7 by a score of 2-0.
7 The first college football game was played on November 6, 1869, when Rutgers hosted what Ivy League university?
Answer: Princeton

Rutgers defeated Princeton, then called the College of New Jersey, 6-4. The rules were quite different from modern football.
8 Which former TCU player set a NCAA Division 1-A record for most rushing yards in a single game in 1999 game against UTEP?
Answer: LaDanian Tomlinson

LT led the NCAA in rushing for the 1999 and 2000 season. In 2000, Tomlinson won the Doak Walker Award given to the best running back in college football.
9 1906 is officially noted as the first year of football at the University of Florida (known as FAC or Florida Agricultural College at the time), but in which year was the first University of Florida (FAC) football team actually organized?
Answer: 1899

The first team was organized in 1899 and coached by Lt. N.H. Cox.
10 The University of Kentucky changed their jerseys in 2008. What is written across the chest of the new Kentucky jerseys?
Answer: Kentucky

Coming off two consecutive winning seasons, the Wildcats came into 2008 with a new look. Both home and away jerseys had two stripes on the rib area of the jerseys, with KENTUCKY written across the chest, and the pants had two strips down each side.
11 Which Pac-10 team's mascot is the Wildcats?
Answer: University of Arizona

The University of Arizona was founded in 1885, making it Arizona's first university. It is located in Tucson, Arizona.
12 Who was the first Wildcats player inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and what year did this happen?
Answer: George Blanda, 1981

Blanda played for 26 years with the Bears, Colts, Oilers, and Raiders. He retired as the all-time leading scorer in NFL history. Dawson was a standout center for the Steelers during the '90s and Van Note spent the '70s and '80s with the Falcons.
13 Nicknamed "The Golden Arm", this lengendary quarterback wore jersey #16 and played for the Cardinals from 1951 to 1955.
Answer: Johnny Unitas

Unitas is ranked #5 of 100 best football players according to TSN Sporting News. Unitas is best known for throwing at least one touchdown pass in 47 consecutive games (between 1956-1960) during his NFL career. This record is unsurpassed today. A statue of Unitas stands on the north end of Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium. Players rub the statue for good luck as they enter the playing field. Unitas passed away in 2002.
14 Since what year has Troy continuously fielded a football team?
Answer: 1946

They were coached by Albert Choate and went 3-4 in the season.
15 What round did the former Ute, Steve Smith, go in the NFL draft to the Carolina Panthers in 2001?
Answer: 3rd Round

He went in the third round and it kinda is amazing now. He is one of the best receivers around.
Question Reference: Quiz: Utah Utes.
16 In the 2005 special edition of Street and Smith's best college football programs, Clemson was named number 18 despite having only one national championship on their record. What year was that championship?
Answer: 1981

It was 1981. They suffered a loss to Baylor in the 1979 Peach Bowl in Danny Ford's first year as head coach. In 1980, they ended with two straight losses and a 6-5 record. There was unrest among both coaches and players, but as the summer of '81 rolled around, there was new life in Clemson, and as they beat team after team, including a 13-3 win over defending champion Georgia (the bulldogs turned it over 9, yes, 9 times), everyone started to take notice. And before you knew it, they had a 12-0 record and a spot in the Orange Bowl.
17 Which school is termed as the Mecca of college football in South Bend?
Answer: Notre Dame

The home to the college football Hall of Fame.
18 Who was the first official Head Coach of the MSU football team?
Answer: Henry Keep

Taking the reins in 1897, Henry Keep coached the Spartans for 2 years leading them to a record of 8-5-1 (.607). Before Keep, there was no established head coach.
19 In 1997, UNM lost the WAC championship game to what team?
Answer: Colorado State

Colorado St. 41, New Mexico 13.
20 What town plays home to Louisiana Tech?
Answer: Ruston, LA

Ruston, Louisiana, in the piney hills of North Louisiana has been Tech's home since 1894.
21 Who was the running back in 2003 that led NIU to a 9-3 record?
Answer: Michael Turner

Turner rushed for over 1000 yards in each of his starting years, and because of this was nicknamed Michael "the Burner" Turner. He also had his own hot sauce in DeKalb restaurants.
22 The Army Academy was founded in 1802, and first fielded a football team in 1890. What city in New York was the Army Academy located?
Answer: West Point

The first and only game played by Army in the 1890 season was a 24-0 defeat at the hands of the Naval Academy.
Question Reference: Quiz: Army Football.
23 What was the original Arizona State mascot?
Answer: Bulldog

The Bulldog was adopted as the mascot in the early years, but in 1946 the student body voted to change the mascot to the Sun Devils.
24 Akron spent 40 years in the smaller college divisions of NCAA competition, then in 1980 they moved up to Division 1-AA. In 1987, they moved up to college football's top tier. What division ranking did they hold in 2005?
Answer: Division 1-A

In their final season of Division 1-AA competition, Akron needed just one victory to earn a playoff berth. They just needed to beat Youngstown State University which had a 1-9 record so far that season. YSU, completed two hail-mary passes that were both completed, the second for a touchdown and a 40-39 victory, thus ending Akron's season.
Question Reference: Quiz: Akron Football.
25 The Air Force football program started in 1955, but what year did Falcon Stadium open?
Answer: 1962

Falcon Stadium had a capacity of 52,480 fans in 2005.