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Trivia Questions and Answers
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70 Monday Night Football Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Monday Night Football? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Monday Night Football (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Which Hall of Fame half-back/wide-receiver, who played for the New York Giants from 1952-1964, was a commentator on Monday Night Football from 1971-1997?
Answer: Frank Gifford

Frank Gifford was a first round draft pick in the 1952 draft. He played his entire career with the New York Giants. He was a very adaptable player who was known to play half-back, wide-receiver as well as defensive back. Inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 1977, Frank Gifford was a football icon for over 40 years.
    Your options: [ Eli Manning ] [ Y.A. Tittle ] [ Phil Simms ] [ Frank Gifford ]
  From Quiz: The Voices Of Monday Night Football
2 The very first regular season game on ESPN was an inter-conference matchup between which two teams?
Answer: New York Giants vs New England Patriots

On November 8, 1987, ESPN televised its very first regular season NFL game. It was a Week Nine contest between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots which the Giants won, 17-10.
    Your options: [ San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns ] [ New York Giants vs New England Patriots ] [ Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Oilers ] [ Detroit Lions vs Kansas City Chiefs ]
  From Quiz: Sunday Night Football on ESPN
3 On a 1999 telecast of ABC's "Monday Night Football", Jets punter, Bryan Barker, kicked the football an incredible distance. How many yards did it travel?
Answer: 83

On October 11, 1999, Bryan Barker booted a punt an astounding 83 yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars. That punt was one of the few Jets' highlights (if you can call it that) as Jacksonville defeated the Jets, 16-6.
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 2
4 Which two teams played in the first ever Monday Night Football game on ABC?
Answer: Cleveland Browns / New York Jets

The first ever Monday Night Football game pitted the Browns against the Jets on September 21, 1970. Cleveland won the contest, 31-21.
    Your options: [ San Diego Chargers / Oakland Raiders ] [ Dallas Cowboys / Washington Redskins ] [ Cleveland Browns / New York Jets ] [ Chicago Bears / Minnesota Vikings ]
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 1
5 What player set a Monday Night Football record with 221 yards rushing in a game in 1987?
Answer: Bo Jackson

Jackson tore through the Seattle Seahawks for 221 yards on November 30, 1987. This was the game in which Jackson ran over the highly touted Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth. The Raiders won the game in Seattle, 37-14.
  From Quiz: Tuesday Morning Quarterback
6 Which blond athlete played quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1984-1992 before becoming a commentator on Monday Night Football from 1998-2000?
Answer: Boomer Esiason

Norman Julius "Boomer" Esiason played in the NFL from 1984 until 1997. While most of his career was with the Cincinnati Bengals, he did spend two years with the New York Jets, and one year with the Arizona Cardinals before he went back for one more year with the Bengals. Esiason only worked for two seasons for Monday Night Football, mostly because of personal conflicts between him and play-by-play announcer Al Michaels. He went on to work for the CBS show "The NFL Today" and radio work.
    Your options: [ Joe Namath ] [ John Elway ] [ Dan Marino ] [ Boomer Esiason ]
  From Quiz: The Voices Of Monday Night Football
7 Which two teams were the last to play on ABC's "Monday Night Football" in 2005 before the show was moved to the ESPN network for the 2006 season?
Answer: New England Patriots / New York Jets

"Monday Night Football" closed out its run on ABC on December 26, 2005, by coming full circle on its final telecast. The game was the Patriots vs. Jets, with New York losing their last appearance just as they did their first by the exact same score, 31-21.
    Your options: [ New York Giants / Carolina Panthers ] [ Denver Broncos / Indianapolis Colts ] [ New England Patriots / New York Jets ] [ New England Patriots / Miami Dolphins ]
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 1
8 Who was the first NFC team to win a Monday Night Football game?
Answer: Detroit Lions

It's fairly widely known that Cleveland beat the New York Jets 31-21 on September 21, 1970, winning the first Monday Night Football game. That contest featured an epic performance by Jets receiver George Sauer, who caught 10 passes for 172 yards, but saw his team lose as the Browns intercepted Joe Namath three times and ran the second half kickoff back for a touchdown. In MNF's second game, the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs thumped the Baltimore Colts (who would go on to win that season's Super Bowl), 44-24, as Johnny Robinson of the Chiefs intercepted Johnny Unitas three times and also returned a Colt fumble for a touchdown. The Detroit Lions won the third game, becoming the first NFC team to win on Monday night as they beat the Chicago Bears, 28-14.
  From Quiz: Monday Night Football: Early Years
9 Which quarterback set a Monday night record with 458 yards passing in a game in 1989?
Answer: Joe Montana

Montana torched the Rams on the night of December 11, 1989. 49ers wide receiver John Taylor also set a Monday night record during the game with 286 yards receiving. That record was broken by his teammate Jerry Rice six years later.
    Your options: [ Chris Miller ] [ Dan Marino ] [ Joe Montana ] [ Warren Moon ]
  From Quiz: Tuesday Morning Quarterback
10 Which dandy voice was heard on Monday Night Football starting in 1970 after an nine year career as the gritty quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys?
Answer: Don Meredith

"Dandy" Don Meredith was always a crowd favorite, both on the field and in the broadcast booth. His lighthearted delivery was the polar opposite to partner Howard Cosells intellectual, and stolid play by play. After his career on Monday Night Football, he did multiple appearances on televisions shows and did bit parts in movies. He may be best remembered by football fans for his renditions of Willie Nelson's song "The Party's Over" at a time in the game when he thought that the victor had been decided and no comeback was possible.
    Your options: [ Dan White ] [ Jim Plunkett ] [ Troy Aikmen ] [ Don Meredith ]
  From Quiz: The Voices Of Monday Night Football
11 In which year did former Washington Redskins quarterback, Joe Theismann, join Mike Patrick in the booth as a color commentator?
Answer: 1988

In 1988, Joe Theismann began his broadcasting career as a color analyst on ESPN's Sunday night NFL telecasts. He and Patrick would continue as a two-man team until 1998 when they would be joined by former Buffalo Bill and NBC color analyst Paul Maguire.
    Your options: [ 1989 ] [ 1988 ] [ 1990 ] [ 1991 ]
  From Quiz: Sunday Night Football on ESPN
12 For eleven years from October 19, 1970 to December 12, 1981, the Oakland Raiders went 18-1-1 on "Monday Night Football". Against what team did the Raiders suffer their only loss during that stretch?
Answer: Buffalo Bills

On the season premiere of ABC's "Monday Night Football" on September 16, 1974, the Oakland Raiders suffered their only loss during that 20 game stretch at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, 21-20, at Rich Stadium. Oakland had a chance to win the game at the end, but George Blanda missed the 50-yard field goal try.
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 2
13 On September 22, 1997, the Jacksonville Jaguars made their first appearance on "MNF". Did they win or lose?
Answer: Win

After coming off a 9-7 season and a surprising AFC Championship Game appearance in January of 1997, the Jags hosted "MNF" for the first time ever and defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers, 30-21. It was their only appearance on the show that season.
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 1
14 As the St. Louis Cardinals administered a 38-0 thrashing to the Dallas Cowboys in 1970, what did the Cowboys fans watching the game do?
Answer: Chanted for Don Meredith to come out of the broadcast booth and help their team

"We want Meredith!", chanted the fans at the Cotton Bowl, hoping to entice their former quarterback, who had retired two seasons earlier, on to the field to avert what was the worst home loss the Cowboys had suffered to that point. "No way you're getting me back down there," said Meredith. A good friend of singer Willie Nelson, Meredith eventually began incorporating Nelson's, "Turn Out the Lights", song into games, singing it when a contest had turned into an irreversible blowout.
  From Quiz: Monday Night Football: Early Years
15 Two quarterbacks threw 5 TD passes in one Monday night game during the 20th century(not the same game). Both of their last names start with the letter "K". Which pair is it?
Answer: Dave Krieg & Jim Kelly

Krieg threw 5 TD passes on Monday night in 1988, as the Seahawks beat the Los Angeles Raiders 35-27. Kelly's 5 TD performance came in a 35-16 Bills victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in 1991.
    Your options: [ Tommy Kramer & Bernie Kosar ] [ Tommy Kramer & Jim Kelly ] [ Dave Krieg & Jim Kelly ] [ Joe Kapp & Tommy Kramer ]
  From Quiz: Tuesday Morning Quarterback
16 The Carolina Panthers made their first ever appearance on Monday Night Football on September 29, 1997, against the San Francisco 49ers. Did the Panthers win or lose that game?
Answer: Lost

A week after going to Jacksonville, "MNF" visited Charlotte, North Carolina, for the first time ever and saw the Panthers lose to the 49ers, 34-21.
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 1
17 The first season of Monday Night Football used the announcing team of Howard Cosell, Don Meredith, and Keith Jackson. How did Jackson find out that he was being replaced by Frank Gifford?
Answer: Several reporters left messages asking him about it

The book, "Monday Night Mayhem," about the early years of Monday Night Football, memorably describes the replacement of Jackson with Gifford. ABC producer Roone Arledge was a friend of Gifford and had wanted him to be on MNF, but Gifford was under contract to CBS through 1970. When Arledge signed Gifford in April of 1971, Jackson was traveling for ABC. As he checked into his hotel, he was presented with a thick stack of messages from reporters seeking his reaction to being replaced. Jackson saved the messages and later, when Arledge told him, "I tried calling you," Jackson threw the message slips on Arledge's desk and said, "Show me the message!" Jackson went on to become a popular college football announcer on ABC.
  From Quiz: Monday Night Football: Early Years
18 In 2000, the San Francisco 49ers did something that they had not done in 19 seasons on "Monday Night Football". What was it?
Answer: They did not appear on the show at all that season

The Niners missed appearing on "Monday Night Football" in 2000 for the first time since the 1982. Coming off the first of their five Super Bowl wins from the previous season, it was only due to the 1982 season's 57-day player's strike that prevented them from making a scheduled appearance. Nine games were lost that season. The last "MNF" game played before the strike was on September 20, 1982 (Packers, 27, Giants, 19). The next "MNF" game would be played until November 22, 1982 (Raiders, 28, Chargers, 24). The 49ers finished the '82 season at 4-5 and missed the playoffs.
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 1
19 Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton played for which two NFL teams before becoming one of the voices of Monday Night Football in 1979?
Answer: Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants

Fran Tarkenton played 15 years with the Minnesota Vikings and 5 years with the New York Giants in a stellar career that led to his induction into the Hall of Fame in 1986. Tarkenton worked as a sports commentator for Monday Night Football from 1979-1982. He worked both Monday and Thursday night games. He went on to work in the ever-expanding world of computer software.
    Your options: [ Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys ] [ Tennessee Titans and Chicago Bears ] [ Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs ] [ Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants ]
  From Quiz: The Voices Of Monday Night Football
20 In what year did "Monday Night Football" begin televising a full season of NFL games?
Answer: 1978

In 1961, the NFL season increased from 12 to 14 games because of expansion (the Dallas Cowboys, 1960, and the Minnesota Vikings, 1961, had entered the league) and to compete with the AFL, which had played a 14-game schedule since its inception the previous year.

When "Monday Night Football" debuted in 1970, the show only televised games 13 of those weeks. Then, in 1978, the season was again increased by another two games to 16. It was in this season that "Monday Night Football" began televising a full season's worth of games.
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 2
21 In 1986, "Monday Night Football" went to a two-man announcer booth after 17 years of having three men call the game. Who were these two announcers?
Answer: Frank Gifford and Al Michaels

Frank Gifford was the booth's only holdover from the previous season. He had partnered with Joe Namath, who only spent the '85 season on the show, and O.J. Simpson, who had been in the booth since 1983. Simpson had replaced Fran Tarkenton.
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 1
22 As Monday Night Football's popularity soared, celebrities started "dropping by" the booth during games. Which politician and singer appeared together on a Monday Night Football broadcast?
Answer: Ronald Reagan & John Lennon

Reagan and Lennon appeared together at halftime on December 9, 1974, between the Washington Redskins and Los Angeles Rams. That they were together in the same room was amazing, as Reagan, California governor at the time, was viewed as a staunch traditionalist with little use for long hair or radical ideas, and Lennon was fighting a US order to deport him, stemming from an earlier drug conviction. The two got along well, with Reagan explaining American football to Lennon, who was attending his first NFL game. Sadly, six years later and almost to the day, Lennon was killed, and Cosell announced the news during a broadcast of a game between the Patriots and the Dolphins.
    Your options: [ Richard Nixon & Alice Cooper ] [ Jerry Brown & Linda Ronstadt ] [ Ronald Reagan & John Lennon ] [ Barry Goldwater & Willie Nelson ]
  From Quiz: Monday Night Football: Early Years
23 What did Don Meredith say during a 1973 broadcast from Denver, to the great discontent of the network and sponsors?
Answer: "Welcome to the Mile High City, and I really am!"

This was at the start of Denver's first appearance on MNF. Meredith had apparantly greatly enjoyed himself at a pre-game cocktail party, and led the broadcast off with that bit of cheer, undoubtedly causing millions of young fans across the US to ask their parents what exactly Dandy Don had meant.
  From Quiz: Monday Night Football: Early Years
24 During a 1972 blowout "Monday Night Football" game between the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Oilers, a fan did something that added a little spice to an otherwise boring game. What was it?
Answer: The fan flashed his middle finger while the cameras were on him signifying his distaste for the way the game was going

On October 9, 1972, in the third quarter of a 34-0 rout, one of the few fans left in the Astrodome displayed his displeasure with the Oilers performance by extending his middle finger to the camera, prompting "MNF" Announcer Don Meredith to quickly quip, "He thinks they are number one in the nation".
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 1
25 When Don Meredith left the show after the 1973 season, who first replaced him on the broadcast team?
Answer: Fred Williamson

Meredith, the most popular member of the MNF crew, left ABC in 1974 to work at NBC under a contract in which he would both cover football and act on NBC television shows. ABC happily hired actor and former AFL player, Fred "the Hammer" Williamson. With his reputation for saying outrageous things, and with his stardom in "blaxploitation" films of the early 1970s, expected to widen the program's fan base. The network thought they had the recipe for a huge success. Instead, Williamson didn't seem to have much to say, he had no chemistry with the team (the edgy sparring between Cosell and Meredith had been a centerpiece of the first four seasons), and he spurned the conservative announcer wardrobe of the network for open-collared shirts and obscene jewelry. After a few lackluster preseason games, ABC bought out Williamson's contract and replaced him with former Detroit Lions defensive tackle Alex Karras. Meredith rejoined the team in 1977.
  From Quiz: Monday Night Football: Early Years
26 What two teams squared off in the highest scoring Monday night game of the 20th century?
Answer: Packers/Redskins

In 1983, the Packers beat the Redskins 48-47 in one the wildest NFL games ever played. That year the Redskins lost only two games, both on Monday night, and both by one point.
  From Quiz: Tuesday Morning Quarterback
27 What was the name of the television variety show starring Howard Cosell, that ran during the 1975-76 season?
Answer: Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell

It seems unthinkable, or maybe just a bad joke, but Cosell had become such a big star by 1975 that he persuaded ABC to let him host a Saturday evening variety show. The act of titling itself, "Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell", forced NBC to title its own live show, also debuting that season, simply "NBC's Saturday Night" to avoid confusion. The first Cosell show featured tennis star Jimmy Connors singing. The second featured the American debut of the Bay City Rollers, modestly hyped by Cosell as the next Beatles. The show actually did have some bright spots. Billy Crystal made his national television debut on the show, and its repertory company, the "Prime Time Players", featured Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray, both of whom would eventually be regulars on Saturday Night Live (or "NBC's Saturday Night"). The Cosell variety show failed to take off, and was cancelled in January 1976. The NBC show renamed itself, "Saturday Night Live", and was still going strong at the turn of the century.
  From Quiz: Monday Night Football: Early Years
28 What team was the victim of the worst blowout on Monday night in the 20th century?
Answer: Jets

The Jets lost to the Miami Dolphins 45-3 on November 24, 1986.
  From Quiz: Tuesday Morning Quarterback
29 Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts played his entire 15 year career with which NFL team before becoming one of the voices of ABC's Monday Night Football?
Answer: San Diego Chargers

Dan Fouts wore the uniform of the San Diego Chargers for his entire career (1973-1987). Fouts was a sports commentator for two seasons with Monday Night Football (2000-2001). Considered by many to be one of the best sports commentators that actually played the game, Fouts has worked for many other football programs as well. He has also done some film roles, most notably playing himself in the movie "The Waterboy" in 1998.
    Your options: [ Washington Redskins ] [ Seattle Seahawks ] [ Tampa Bay Buccaneers ] [ San Diego Chargers ]
  From Quiz: The Voices Of Monday Night Football
30 Which two teams played in the final game of ESPN's Sunday Night Football before NBC obtained the rights to the show?
Answer: Dallas Cowboys vs St. Louis Rams

The Rams and the Cowboys closed out ESPN's Sunday Night Football series on January 1, 2006. St. Louis won the game at Texas Stadium, 20-10.
    Your options: [ Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles ] [ Dallas Cowboys vs St. Louis Rams ] [ Oakland Raiders vs San Franscico 49ers ] [ New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars ]
  From Quiz: Sunday Night Football on ESPN
31 Everyone that watches "Monday Night Football" recognizes the familiar "DA DA DA DAAAAA..." chords at the opening of the show, which has been a staple of the broadcast for years. What is the actual name of the theme song?
Answer: Heavy Action

British composer/pianist, Johnny Pearson, wrote the piece, "Heavy Action", for the British sports show, "Superstars", in 1970. The show, which was a competition pitting various athletes against each other in various sporting events (the athletes could not compete in their own events of expertise, however), was a huge hit in Europe before catching on in the U.S., in 1973. ABC bought the rights to use "Heavy Action" as the theme song for ABC's "Monday Night Football" telecasts, in 1971, and it continued to be a staple of the show throughout its run on ABC.

In 1987, composer Edd Kalehoff, who specializes in music compositions for televsion, re-vamped the song. While Kalehoff's version remained true to Pearson's version, anyone can tell that there is a distinct difference between the two songs. "Heavy Action" is still used on ESPN's "Monday Night Football" telecasts, but not with the same prominence that Pearson's version was used. The theme song has been replaced by Hank Williams, Jr.'s "All My Rowdy Friends (Are You Ready For Some Football)" for the show's introduction. For me, Johnny Pearson's version will always have a special place in my heart.
    Your options: [ Football on Mondays ] [ Under the Midnight Sky ] [ Breakin' Free ] [ Heavy Action ]
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 2
32 When did Fran Tarkenton come into the "MNF" booth?
Answer: 1979

After 18 seasons in the NFL, Fran Tarkenton came into the "Monday Night Football" booth to join Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford on a part-time basis. He filled in for Don Meredith, who was only contractually obligated to work a 14 game "MNF" schedule instead of the 16 game schedule that the show had gone to starting in 1978. Tarkenton also had his other show, "That's Incredible" ,also on ABC which he was working on, further limiting his "MNF" appearances. His final season on "MNF" was 1982.
  From Quiz: Ready For Some Football? Pt. 1
33 When an ABC camera broadcast a fan "giving the finger," what did Don Meredith say?
Answer: "He thinks they're number one in the nation!"

On October 9, 1972, the Oakland Raiders were headed for a 34-0 thumping of the Houston Oilers (Oakland's third win in as many MNF appearances, scoring 34 points each time). As the fans emptied from the Astrodome stands during the final quarter, the cameras found a wonderful shot: a fan, seemingly alone in his section, was sleeping. "A vivid picturization of the excitement attendant upon this game", was what Howard Cosell called the image of the sleeping man. Then, unfortunately, the man woke up, and less fortunately, "flipped off" the camera. Without missing a beat, Meredith commented, "He thinks they're number one in the nation!" It was another four seasons before the Oilers appeared again on MNF, and two more years after that before Houston hosted another Monday night game.
  From Quiz: Monday Night Football: Early Years
34 What team set a Monday night record by scoring 55 points in a game?
Answer: Indianapolis Colts

On Halloween night 1988 the Colts crushed the Broncos 55-23, as running back Eric Dickerson tied a Monday night record with 4 touchdowns.
  From Quiz: Tuesday Morning Quarterback
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