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310 ODIs Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about ODIs? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to ODIs (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 New Zealand got off to a winning start, chasing down a total of 181. How many overs did they do it in?
Answer: 50

New Zealand were struggling towards the end but Daniel Vettori led them to victory, hitting a four to win the game.
  From Quiz: Australia vs New Zealand
2 Where was this first ODI match held?
Answer: Rajkot

This match was held in Rajkot, Gujarat. Chief Minister Narendra Modi was also in attendance to see the match.
  From Quiz: Hero-Honda Cup: 1st ODI
3 Why is this match referred to by many pundits as the greatest ever one day match?
Answer: For the first time a 400+ target was set and also chased down

For the first time in the history of one day cricket, a team had scored 400 runs. The match played at the Wanderers ground in Johannesburg saw a target of 434 being set which by itself was a world record. The match was played till the last over and this huge target being chased down successfully. The plethora of records created resulted in many newspapers calling this match as the greatest one day match ever played.
  From Quiz: The Greatest Ever ODI: RSA v AUS
4 At the start of the match, how many consecutive maiden overs were bowled?
Answer: 2

The first and second over (bowled by James Anderson and Jon Lewis) resulted in maidens. Tendulkar and Ganguly had to make runs.
  From Quiz: India vs England: 5th ODI
5 The game started off with added drama before it even began. What was the status of the ODI series in South Africa before the match began?
Answer: The series was level at 2-2, the South Africans having surrendered a 2-0 series lead

The tag of 'chokers' was once again rearing its head in the South African and Australian media.
  From Quiz: ODI: SA vs. Australia, 12Mar06
6 When was the first ODI was played?
Answer: 5th January, 1971

Australia and England played the first ODI on 5 January 1971 at Melbourne.
  From Quiz: First is Best
7 Where was the first ICC Champions Trophy held?
Answer: Bangladesh, 1998

The tournament was initially called the "ICC Knockout Trophy." It was changed to "ICC Champions Trohy" from 2002 onwards. Held once every two years, it is one of the two major tournaments of international cricket, alongside the Cricket World Cup and is the only competition which brings together all 10 Test-playing nations to compete in one event.
  From Quiz: ICC Champions Trophy
8 Australia wore black arm bands in the match in memory of _______ ?
Answer: David Hookes

David Hookes, coach of the Victorian team and former Test cricketer, was killed a week earlier. His death deeply affected the cricket world.
  From Quiz: Australia v Zimbabwe Game 9, VB Series 2004
9 Nicknamed Wil, this blonde Tasmanian player wasn't actually born in Tasmania.The vice captain of the Tasmanian Tigers, His number is?
Answer: 33

Shane Watson was actually born in Ipswich Queensland, but moved to Tasmania to play for the Tigers. He is not the only player to do so.
  From Quiz: ODI Players: Your Number's Up!
10 Which Australian bowler dismissed Virender Sehwag for a duck making the score one wicket for one run?
Answer: Nathan Bracken

Nathan Bracken was the best bowler for Australia, with his three wickets including the prize scalp of Sachin Tendulkar for 100.
    Your options: [ Brad Williams ] [ Nathan Bracken ] [ Andrew Bichel ] [ Ian Harvey ]
  From Quiz: TVS Cup 2nd Game: Australia v India
11 In 1988/89, the West Indies bowled 59 extras in a match in Brisbane, Australia. Who were they playing?
Answer: Pakistan

Pakistan then ended up with a total of 7/258. These extras were made up of 8 byes, 10 leg byes, 37 wides, and 4 no-balls.
  From Quiz: Extra! Extra! Extras in Cricket!
12 Which two countries contested the first ever official One-Day International?
Answer: Australia and England

Quite fittingly, the two countries that played the first Test Match also played the first ODI. It was arranged to give the Melbourne public some cricket to watch after the scheduled Test Match was washed out. Therefore, the first ODI was played on 5th January, 1971, at Melbourne. Also fittingly, the same team that won the first Test won the first ODI (Australia!).
    Your options: [ Australia and West Indies ] [ Australia and England ] [ England and Pakistan ] [ India and South Africa ]
  From Quiz: ODI Firsts
13 David Warner made an explosive start to his International Career with 89 on debut but how many did he get in this match?
Answer: 7

He was out c Fulton b Mills
  From Quiz: Australia vs New Zealand
14 With India batting first, who were the Indian openers?
Answer: Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir

The couple opened the innings at Rajkot. There was a fabulous match ahead of this. Sourav Ganguly had already retired after the Border-Gavaskar Trophy against the Aussies.
  From Quiz: Hero-Honda Cup: 1st ODI
15 Who won this historic match?
Answer: South Africa

The 5th ODI between Australia and South Africa was the last match of the series that was tied 2-2. Australia won the toss and elected to bat first and put up a massive record score of 4/434 in 50 overs. Most people had assumed that the result of the match was a foregone conclusion, they were stunned when South Africa chased down this score scoring 9/438 winning with one ball to spare. Thus South Africa won the series 3-2.
  From Quiz: The Greatest Ever ODI: RSA v AUS
16 How many runs for the first wicket partnership were made?
Answer: 116

This included a very fast innings of Tendulkar (who was dismissed so that the partnership broke)-71 off 59 balls. Jon Lewis bowled in a little medium pace and Tendulkar was caught by prior. A solid innings, by the time Sourav Ganguly had gotten his 50.
  From Quiz: India vs England: 5th ODI
17 What news before the match further put South Africa on the back foot?
Answer: The world's best all-rounder, Shaun Pollock, would be missing the game due to an injury picked up in the last game

A potentially disastrous loss, which in the end made the result all the more incredible-or possibly was a crucial factor in determining the course of this game. Would the Aussies have made 434 if Pollock had bowled 10 overs?
  From Quiz: ODI: SA vs. Australia, 12Mar06
18 In a 40 over match, how many max overs are allowed per bowler?
Answer: 8

A bowler can bowl maximum of 8 overs (64 balls).
  From Quiz: First is Best
19 Which team won the first-ever match in the history of the ICC Champions Trophy?
Answer: New Zealand

New Zealand beat Zimbabwe by 5 wickets in the inaugural match of the tournament at Dhaka on October 24, 1998.
    Your options: [ New Zealand ] [ Australia ] [ Sri Lanka ] [ India ]
  From Quiz: ICC Champions Trophy
20 Who were the umpires on the field in the match?
Answer: Bucknor and Davis

Steve Bucknor and Steve Davis were the umpires on the field, and the TV umpire was Darrell Harper.
  From Quiz: Australia v Zimbabwe Game 9, VB Series 2004
21 Born and raised in Victoria, Australia, this blond-haired fast bowler was relocation to Western Australia at the start of the 1999-2000 season. Nicknamed 'Willo,' what is his number?
Answer: 24

Brad Williams spent the entire 2002-03 on the edge of an Australian team call-up! His ODI Debut was in the VB Series of Australia v New Zealand at Melbourne, 2001/02.
  From Quiz: ODI Players: Your Number's Up!
22 Which two Indian Batsmen made a partnership of 191 runs?
Answer: Sachin Tendulker and Vangipurappu Laxman

Laxman and Tendulker both went on to make centuries, before Tendulkar was out for 100 caught by Hayden bowled by Bracken.
    Your options: [ Sachin Tendulker and Yuvraj Singh ] [ Sachin Tendulker and Vangipurappu Laxman ] [ Yuvraj Singh and Vangipurappu Laxman ] [ Vangipurappu Laxman and Virender Sehwag ]
  From Quiz: TVS Cup 2nd Game: Australia v India
23 Scotland also bowled 59 extras to Pakistan in 1999. What total did Pakistan end up scoring?
Answer: 6/261

This match was played at Chester-le-Street, and the extras consisted of: 5 byes, 6 leg byes, 33 wides, and 15 no-balls.
  From Quiz: Extra! Extra! Extras in Cricket!
24 Who won the very first 'Man Of The Match' award in ODIs?
Answer: John Edrich

Somewhat surprisingly, Edrich won it, even though England lost the match. Edrich scored 82 off 119 balls out of England's 190 all out. It wasn't enough to stop Australia.
  From Quiz: ODI Firsts
25 Who top scored for Australia in this match?
Answer: Michael Hussey

He got 49 off 65 deliveries and 99 minutes, hitting only 1 four and a six
  From Quiz: Australia vs New Zealand
26 How many runs did India's first wicket couple partnership score?
Answer: 127

Gambhir fell for 51 and India were 1-127 after 19.5 overs. Replacing him was Suresh Raina, who went out with 43 runs.
  From Quiz: Hero-Honda Cup: 1st ODI
27 Who was the top scorer for the Australians in the match?
Answer: Ponting

Their captain Ricky Ponting who scored a blistering 164 runs in just 105 balls with 13 fours and 9 sixes.
  From Quiz: The Greatest Ever ODI: RSA v AUS
28 Who took the wicket of Sourav Ganguly?
Answer: Monty Panesar

This man made a marvelous 59 off 79 balls, the next ball at 150-2 by Monty Panesar took the Wicket of Sourav Ganguly, Gautam Gambhir was batting with him, and Sourav Ganguly played his 300th match. A partnership of 34 runs.
  From Quiz: India vs England: 5th ODI
29 The Australians went at it right from the word go, with Adam Gilchrist and Simon Katich both making half-centuries. What did they end up putting up for the first wicket?
Answer: 97

And SA were already contemplating chasing a huge score...of 350 or so maximum...right?
  From Quiz: ODI: SA vs. Australia, 12Mar06
30 Who was the captain of England team?
Answer: Illingworth

Raymond Illingworth, the right handed batsman captained the England team for the first ODI in 1971.
  From Quiz: First is Best
31 Which two teams contested the finals of the first ICC Champions Trophy in Dhaka?
Answer: South Africa & West Indies

West Indies surprised India in the semifinals while South Africa thrashed Sri Lanka in the other semis.
    Your options: [ South Africa & West Indies ] [ Australia & Pakistan ] [ India & South Africa ] [ India & Pakistan ]
  From Quiz: ICC Champions Trophy
32 This player has often been looked up to by all the ODI players. One of his nicknames refers to his 'ice cold' sternness. He has a literally 'minutes-younger' twin brother, Mark. His number is?
Answer: 5

Now retired, Steve Waugh encouraged all the ODI players to give it there all. His nickname referred to in the question was 'Ice Man' although his more commonly known nickname is Tugga.
  From Quiz: ODI Players: Your Number's Up!
33 At Leicester in 1999, how many extras did India bowl to Zimbabwe?
Answer: 51

Zimbabwe made 9/252. Out of these extras there were 14 leg byes, 21 wides, and 16 no-balls. There were actually no byes.
  From Quiz: Extra! Extra! Extras in Cricket!
34 Who was the first player to bat throughout a one-day innings?
Answer: David Lloyd

David Lloyd scored 116 (not out) on 31st August, 1974 against Pakistan at Trent Bridge in what if memory serves correctly would have been 55 overs. Lloyd had, earlier in the season, scored 214 not out in his second Test against India, which makes one wonder why he never played a lot more for England.
  From Quiz: ODI Firsts
35 Who won the second ODI?
Answer: New Zealand

They won by 6 wickets with 7 balls remaining
  From Quiz: Australia vs New Zealand
36 How many runs did Yuvraj Singh score?
Answer: 138 not out

He scored a daunting 138 not out off 125 balls at a strike rate of 176.92. He scored 16 fours and 6 sixes. Raina scored 43 and Dhoni finished off with a 39. India scored 387/5. Samit Patel picked 2-78 and Harmison picked 2-75.
  From Quiz: Hero-Honda Cup: 1st ODI
37 Who among the following was not available to play for South Africa in the match?
Answer: Pollock

South Africa's best bowler Shaun Pollock missed the match because of a back injury. His absence affected the bowling as the Springbok bowlers could not stop the Aussie batting blitzkrieg. An interesting feature that was Glenn McGrath the lead bowler of Australia also did not play the match. The absence of two of the most economical bowlers probably resulted in the run glut.
  From Quiz: The Greatest Ever ODI: RSA v AUS
38 How many runs did Yuvraj Singh score and off how many balls?
Answer: 72 off 57

The highest scorer of this match was Yuvraj Singh with this marvelous 72, which led India to a brilliant end. The Gambhir-Yuvraj partnership made 94 runs.
  From Quiz: India vs England: 5th ODI
39 What was the previous record score in a one day international (prior to this match), and who made it and when?
Answer: 398 for 5, Sri-Lanka vs. Kenya, 1995/6

The New Zealand score is the only other real one-they came perilously close to breaking the record but didn't quite get there...I made up the other scores...Our match is the first time the 400 mark has been passed (and it happened twice!)
  From Quiz: ODI: SA vs. Australia, 12Mar06
40 Who was the captain of Australia team?
Answer: Lawry

Bill Lawry, the left-handed batsmen captained the Australian team.
  From Quiz: First is Best
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