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1 If you find yourself on "The Amazing Race", and your team is running a little behind, it would beneficial for you to complete what kind of task that will allow your team to go directly to the pit stop?
Answer: Fast Forward

The Fast Forward was available on all legs except the last one in seasons one-four. However, Season 5 and beyond cut the number of available Fast Forwards to 1-3. Some seasons appear not to have a Fast Forward, however, at least one was available, not used and simply not mentioned. The Fast Forward task is usually a harder task than normal but allows a team to skip all of the other tasks and go directly to the pit stop.

The Detour is choice of two tasks that a team only needs to complete one of. The Roadblock is another type of task that only one teammate can complete. The U-Turn is a twist that allows one team to force another to complete both Detour options.
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2 For ten episodes in 2010-11, the E! network gave twelve brides-to-be a chance to win the things every bride longs for - a free dream wedding and lots of plastic surgery. Weekly winners received one procedure from her "wish list" while the top winner of the season received all of her desired plastic surgery. What was this one season wonder that combined romance with liposuction?
Answer: Bridalplasty

Season winner Allyson Donovan's surgical wish list included a brow-lift, liposuction of the chin, jowls and cheeks, a breast reduction (replaced by a breast lift due to weight loss), tummy tuck, laser skin resurfacing and liposuction of the inner thighs, outer thighs and arms. Her dream wedding included a $2000 dress and a cake valued at $3500.
  From Quiz: You Call That Reality? Failed Reality Shows
3 "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo", depicting the family life of a child beauty pageant Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, is a spin-off of what controversial reality show?
Answer: Toddlers & Tiaras

At the top (or bottom depending on your scale) of the reality show genre are shows that offer exploitative images of children. "Toddlers & Tiaras" was once the longest running of this show type. "Toddlers and Tiaras" focuses on the children (some as young as three years old) beauty pageant circuit. The network formerly called The Learning Channel, now just TLC, premiered "Toddlers and Tiaras" in 2009. The show is highly controversial because of the often extreme sexualization and pressure placed on the young pageant hopefuls.

Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson was a six year old pageant contestant that appeared on the initial seasons of "Toddler & Tiaras" in 2009. In 2012, TLC created a new show to focus on Thompson and her family's often colorful daily life, outside of the pageant circuit. Like many reality shows, "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is popular across a broad spectrum of television viewers and savagely derided by critics.
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4 Julia Child has hosted many cooking shows, but can you identify which of these was the first?
Answer: The French Chef

Julia Child is certainly credited with the creation and hosting of the first cooking show, "The French Chef". She was an example to many that French cooking was something that could be done by most home cooks. Because the show was broadcast live, the mistakes made were broadcast as well, and she would react with aplomb as she rectified the mistake. Julia would always sign off with "Bon appetit".
    Your options: [ The Way to Cook ] [ Dinner at Julia's ] [ Baking with Julia ] [ The French Chef ]
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5 Which of these reality TV show stalwarts did not first appear on "Survivor"?
Answer: Omarosa Manigault

Omarosa first appeared on the debut season of the Donald Trump-hosted "The Apprentice", first airing on NBC in early 2004. The show placed businesspeople into high-stakes tasks to win themselves a high-salary contract with Donald Trump's organization. The show has since had several celebrity iterations, two of which featured Omarosa, the show's most notorious contestant (except, maybe, Gary Busey). It took until her third appearance, in 2013, to win as Project Manager.

Richard Hatch was the winner of the first "Survivor" back in 2000; he was arrested for tax evasion. Elizabeth Hasselbeck was in the second season set in the Australian Outback; she would go on to be a co-host on "The View" for many years. Rob Mariano-- Boston Rob-- would appear on several seasons of the show, winning in his fourth bout ("Redemption Island"). He married former Survivor Amber Brkich (who won "All-Stars") and raced with her in "The Amazing Race 7" and "All-Stars" (11).
    Your options: [ Richard Hatch ] [ Elisabeth Hasselbeck ] [ Rob Mariano ] [ Omarosa Manigault ]
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6 Let's start with an originally Dutch recipe: Take between 8 and 20 assorted persons, strip off most of their belongings and put them in a sealed house or container. Liberally add cameras, tasks and group tensions. Every week or so, remove the most drained candidate. Cook for at least 100 days. Which production, having a quite Orwellian name, is this?
Answer: Big Brother

Named for the constant camera supervision the candidates have to endure in the show, "Big Brother" is very much an experiment in group dynamics. Playing the candidates against each other and increasing tension between them through manipulation by the show's producers keeps viewers interested over a long time. In later incarnations of the format, separation into privileged and punished sub-teams has added even more tension.
    Your options: [ Survivor ] [ Superstar ] [ The Amazing Race ] [ Big Brother ]
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7 It seemed like a good idea at the time to encourage TLC's viewing demographics to head to their grocery stores with envelopes of cut-outs. What TV show involved two competitors both attempting to spend the least amount of money at a grocery store?
Answer: Extreme Couponing

First airing in 2010, "Extreme Couponing" was exactly what it sounds like-- two people headed into a grocery store after doing their research and actually competed to accumulate the most items at the highest cost, and then used hundreds of cut-out coupons to save as much money and spend as little as humanly possible. While a lot of this involved buying nonsensical mass amounts of non-essential products, it's apparently a real thing. The show couldn't have come at a better time considering the massive recession in the 2010s; it appealed to TLC's slowly deteriorating viewership and, unsurprisingly, it fit the common denominator: exploitation. One can only imagine the surprise in the network offices when another front-running TLC show, "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!", also featured extreme couponing in an episode. Wait until they can link it to "Hoarding: Buried Alive" too...
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8 In 2009, TLC began airing a show called "Cake Boss" which features the crew of Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. Who is the star of the show and head baker of Carlo's Bakery?
Answer: Buddy Valastro

Buddy (Bartolo Valastro, Jr.) began working at the bakery with his father when he was seventeen. He and his family run the bakery and star on the show. He is married to Lisa, and they have several children which occasionally appear on the show. The show has a few spin-offs, including "Next Great Baker", a show where Buddy looks to find an intern to work with him, and "Kitchen Boss", a cooking show where Buddy shares his family's Italian recipes.
    Your options: [ Gordon Ramsay ] [ Dana Herbert ] [ Danny Dragone ] [ Buddy Valastro ]
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9 A group of everyday people are left in a remote location and force to vote each other off the show. The last one standing wins $1,000,000. What is the show?
Answer: Survivor

"Survivor" originated as an annual Swedish reality TV show known as "Expedition Robinson" in 1994 and it was picked up in the U.S. in 2000. Since then, it has had over twenty North American seasons spanning the globe from the Pacific Islands to the savannahs of Africa and the forests of China. Many of the contestants of early seasons of the show became reality TV mainstays appearing in other franchises and receiving relative notoriety in entertainment circles. Richard Hatch, the winner of the first season of "Survivor", went to jail for tax evasion after winning and later appeared on a season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" (amongst other shows).
  From Quiz: Name the Reality TV Show!
10 Whose bailiff has a charming throaty chortle, but then looks like he has a tobacco plug in his mouth?
Answer: Judge Alex

Judge Alex E. Ferrer is what you might call a judges' judge. He's one of, if not the only, television judge who's been from policeman to judge and lots of stops in between. Judge Alex is a member of the bar in the State of Florida as well as the District of Columbia. Judge Alex authored a bench book for other judges and court rooms. He is a go to judge for court procedure, closing arguments, terminology, and legalities. Sort of a "Robert's Rules of Order" for the court room. He is a native of Havana Cuba and has been featured in People Magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive" issue.

Bailiff Mason C. Burroughs spent more than 18 years in different divisions and disciplines of the LAPD including as a member of its CRASH team. Burroughs' knowledge and experience make him very sought after for his expertise. He has been technical adviser on such movies as "187" and "Crack House". Bailiff Mason Burroughs is also well regarded as a celebrity bodyguard. A few of his high profile clients include Paris Hilton, Mel-B, and Usher among others.

By the way, I love Mason's chortle.
  From Quiz: Judge and Bailiff
11 This bailiff often adds his quips and jokes to the proceedings. He's known to have a soft spot for pretty girls. He works for Judge Mathis.
Answer: Doyle

Doyle and Judge Mathis have a lighthearted look at most cases. Doyle also stands with the litigants after the case is heard, to keep the peace while they have the last word.
    Your options: [ David ] [ Derek ] [ Darian ] [ Doyle ]
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12 One of the first judge shows in the U.S. to achieve widespread popularity was "The People's Court." Which of the following judges was the first to serve on that show when it premiered in 1981?
Answer: Judge Joseph Wapner

Judge Wapner presided over "The People's Court" for its first twelve years. Each of the other three possible answers have been judges on the show since that time. Judge Ed Koch was the Mayor of New York before he hosted the show. Judge Jerry Sheindlin was the third judge on "The People's Court," and he is the husband of another even more famous TV judge, Judge Judy. Judge Marilyn Milian has presided over "The People's Court" since 2001. In 2009, Judge Wapner came back to guest-host the show in honor of his 90th birthday. Judge Wapner also starred in perhaps the strangest of all judge shows, "Judge Wapner's Animal Court," which dealt with cases involving pets or other animals and aired on Animal Planet in 2008 and 2009.
    Your options: [ Judge Marilyn Milian ] [ Judge Ed Koch ] [ Judge Joseph Wapner ] [ Judge Jerry Sheindlin ]
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13 This diminutive but charismatic blonde with the last name Moulton has appeared on Food Network, but she can also be seen on public television. She has some cooking "secrets" she would like to share with us. What is her program called?
Answer: Sara's Secrets

When the series "Sara's Secrets" came to an end, she began another series, "Sara's Weeknight Meals".

Sara's guest chefs often tower over her in height, to hilarious effect. But she and her guest always team up to make creative, delicious dishes.
  From Quiz: Sincerely, Food: Cooking Shows on Public TV
14 The first techniques in learning how to cook came from this early exuberant and knowledgeable chef on PBS. This was one of the original "how to" shows. Which "French Chef" and cookbook author did I learn basic and advanced cooking techniques from?
Answer: Julia Child

Julia Child, the 6'2" grand dame of French cooking, was a remarkable chef and entertainer. She is the subject of the movie "Julie and Julia". The kitchen from her home that was the television set in her later series has been moved, piece by piece, copper pans and whisks, and set up in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.
    Your options: [ Emeril Lagasse ] [ Julia Child ] [ Paul Prudhomme ] [ Justin Wilson ]
  From Quiz: All I Know About Cooking I Learned From TV
15 Which successful U.S. television series featured groups of overweight contestants vying with each other to lose as much of their excess weight as possible in order to win an attractive cash prize?
Answer: The Biggest Loser

Pegged as "the first reality series where everybody loses", this hit TV show tracked the progress of overweight contestants as they underwent a strenuous workout regimen and a supervised diet and nutrition plan in an attempt to shed their excess pounds. The contestant who managed to lose the highest percentage of his or her body weight at the end of the season earned a substantial cash prize, as well as the coveted title of "The Biggest Loser". You would think that a title like that would cause all the winners to be plagued with self-esteem issues even if they managed to keep the weight off, but the contestants all appear to have accepted the show's humorous name in the tongue-in-cheek spirit in which it was coined. The show has spawned a successful series of weight-loss books and fitness DVDs, as well as local versions in Britain, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands and Israel.
    Your options: [ Really Big Brother ] [ The Biggest Loser ] [ The XXL Factor ] [ American Idle ]
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16 Season 8 of "American Idol" introduced which new judge?
Answer: Kara DioGuardi

Hard to believe it's been so long. Oddly, up until the eighth season, the only major cast change to the show had been season 2's dropping of co-host Brian Dunkleman, who left Ryan Seacrest alone on stage (to become one of the most popular pop culture faces of the decade. The three famous judges continued their tyranny through America in 2009, but this time they brought newcomer Kara DioGuardi with them (you didn't know her either...I know). Known as a fairly reputable songwriter and record production name, Kara wrote many songs over the years for "American Idol" winners and runners-up including Kelly Clarkson. Kara also judged on the failed reality show "The One: Making a Music Star" for ABC. Who competes with "American Idol" nowadays anyways?!
    Your options: [ Paula Abdul ] [ Simon Cowell ] [ Randy Jackson ] [ Kara DioGuardi ]
  From Quiz: OK, How Did 'Reality' Change?
17 Which presenter is known as the queen of crafts?
Answer: Carol Duvall

The show is simply called "The Carol Duvall Show". Her enthusiasm is contagious. The show is no longer in production but you can still watch the reruns. Carol has retired.

Carol featured nearly imaginable form of crafting - needlework, knitting, crocheting, stamping, painting, metal work, polymer clay and scrap booking to name just a few. The features on "fine art crafters" covered a similarly wide range of crafts,
    Your options: [ Florence Henderson ] [ Linda Carter ] [ Carol Duvall ] [ Marge Simpson ]
  From Quiz: TV Craft Shows
18 Which of these shows, which revolves around contestants developing romantic relationships, resulted in the first "reality" marriage?
Answer: The Bachelorette

Trista Rehn, who was originally the runner-up in the first season of "The Bachelor", was the first Bachelorette. She married Ryan Sutter, the contestant she chose in the finale of "The Bachelorette". Their December 2003 wedding was broadcast on ABC, and was one of the most widely-viewed programs in the history of reality television.
    Your options: [ The Bachelor ] [ The Bachelorette ] [ Joe Millionaire ] [ Married by America ]
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19 This show made its debut in 1989 on Fox Television in the United States. It followed city and state police officers on patrol. What show was it?
Answer: COPS

Among the departments the show profiled in the early seasons were Seattle, Washington and Miami, Florida. It would later include cities all over the country.
  From Quiz: Law Enforcement Reality Shows
20 Season 2 of this show introduced TV audiences to Sam Talbot. This guy could sure whip up a feast; however, not even his talent and his winning streak in the quickfire challenge could guarantee him a place in the final two. You know which reality show I am talking about, right?
Answer: Top Chef

Nominated for the 2007 Emmy Awards for Best Reality TV show, "Top Chef" is a culinary experience as it pits promising chefs from all over America. Every week they slug it out in two challenges: the quickfire challenge, where one chef is ensured of immunity, and the elimination challenge.
With delectable food and whiny and selfish chefs, "Top Chef" is a feast for reality tv lovers.
    Your options: [ Hell's Kitchen ] [ Magic Kitchen ] [ Iron Chef ] [ Top Chef ]
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21 If you've jumped bail, you'd better watch out for this crew. This family-owned bail bond agency will come after you, headed up by long-haired Duane Chapman and his buxom wife. (Duane recently got into hot water for some very unfortunate remarks he made in a private phone conversation.) Which show is it?
Answer: Dog the Bounty Hunter

The Dog spent 18 months in prison for murder as a young man, and became a bounty hunter after his release. Duane Chapman's crew includes his fifth wife Beth, his sons Leland and Duane, daughter Lyssa and long-time friend Tim Chapman.
In June 2003, Duane, Leland and Tim Chapman apprehended Max Factor heir Andrew Luster. Luster had jumped bail after his conviction on 86 counts of date rape. There was a massive manhunt for Luster by law enforcement and bounty hunters. He was living the high life in Acapulco, Mexico when the Chapmans found him and grabbed him up. He is now serving a 124 year sentence in a California prison.
The Chapmans were immediately arrested by Mexican police on charges of bounty hunting, which is against the law in Mexico. A Mexican court finally dismissed all criminal charges against the Chapmans because the statute of limitations had expired.
In November 2007, Duane Chapman became the latest celebrity to have been caught using racial slurs which subsequently became public. This during a private phone call with his son Tucker, who recorded the conversation and sold it to the National Enquirer for 15,000 dollars. Dog's television show was put on indefinite hiatus, and he has made a public apology.
    Your options: [ Dog the Bounty Hunter ] [ This Gun For Hire ] [ Bounty Girls ] [ Wanted Dead or Alive ]
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22 At the beginning of each show, who does announcer Ben Patrick Johnson refer to as being "the real deal"?
Answer: Judge Joe Brown

The syndicated 30 minute series, "Judge Joe Brown" premiered on September 14, 1997. On the series, Judge Brown, with his fatherly demeanor, emphasizes the mans responsibility to provide for his spouse and children to many of the litigants in his court.
Joe Brown was born on July 5, 1947 in Washington DC. He was raised and educated in Los Angeles, California, and attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he earned both a bachelor degree in political science and a law degree. Brown relocated to Tennessee in 1974, where he served as a judge on the state criminal court of Shelby County.
The website for "Judge Joe Brown" describes him as the, "Defender of womanhood, promoter of manhood".
  From Quiz: Order in the Court - The TV Court
23 The first TV show to go mad was "The Apprentice". Donald Trump was so fed up with his candidates and decided to fire everyone right on the spot and leave the show permanently. This has never happened of course, but Trump has fired more than one candidate at a time in the board room. In the first five seasons, what has been the largest amount of people ever fired in a single boardroom elimination?
Answer: Four

In the fourth season of the show, Trump fired four of his candidates in the boardroom due to their horrible performance in the previous task. Jennifer Murphy, Josh Shaw, James Dillon, and Mark Lamkin were all fired during this task which required that they design a theme to boost sales at Dick's Sporting Goods store. When the Excel team chose baseball for their promotion, things took a bad turn and the group had the worst performance in "Apprentice" history. Trump did not fire one member of the team because they won the previous task as project manager (so they were exempt), and two managed to bring in basically the only sales of the week. In this and other seasons, Trump has also fired two candidates at a time for various reasons.
  From Quiz: The Day Reality TV Went Mad
24 On the hit show "Survivor", how many voted out contestants made up the jury in season one?
Answer: 7

"Survivor" premiered on May 31, 2000 and has gone to such locales as Australia, Thailand, the Amazon, Guatemala and Marquesas. In the first seven seasons, there were sixteen Americans who competed for the one million dollar prize. In the eighth season of the show eighteen former contestants came back to compete once again for the title of "Sole Survivor". Over the seasons, the number of the jury varied depending on how many actual survivors started the season, or depending on how the producers laid out the season.
  From Quiz: Reality Television, By The Numbers
25 Colleen Haskell appeared on the first season of "Survivor". After the show, she appeared in a film starring Rob Schneider. What is the name of this movie?
Answer: The Animal

After lasting for thirty-three days in the first season of "Survivor", and being the last member of the Pawgong tribe to play the game, Colleen became the fourth jury member. Although she voted for Kelly Wiglesworth in the end, Richard Hatch ultimately won the title of 'sole survivor' and the million dollar prize.

Back in reality, Colleen remained popular for a few years appearing in Blistex commercials on TV. She also starred with Rob Schneider in the mediocre 2001 film, "The Animal". She also helped produce the short-lived "Michael Essany Show" on E! Television, and she appeared in early episodes of "That 70's Show".
  From Quiz: Back to Reality, From Reality
26 Who came in second place in the first season of "Survivor"?
Answer: Kelly Wiglesworth

In the season finale of the first installment of "Survivor", viewers may remember when Kelly had to back stab her fellow ally, Sue Hawk, and in the final tribal council, Sue gave her speech comparing Richard to a snake and Kelly to a mouse. Also, Kelly won many of the immunity challenges towards the end of the game. Without her safety, she may not have reached the final tribal council.
  From Quiz: Born to Runner-up
27 "The Amazing Race"
Answer: Matt and Ana

In the first season of "The Amazing Race", Matt and Ana became the first team, ever, to be eliminated. Kim and Leslie were second, Pat and Brenda were third and Dave and Margaretta were fourth. Lawyers, Rob and Brennan, became the winners.
    Your options: [ Kim and Leslie ] [ Dave and Margaretta ] [ Pat and Brenda ] [ Matt and Ana ]
  From Quiz: Somebody Has To Be First
28 A girl was hired in the human resources department where I work. I asked her out on a date, but so had another one of my fellow employees. We decided to both take her out and I got tickets to the opera. My co-worker got tickets to the monster truck rally. So, we decided to do both. We went on the date that he planned first and watched a few races. During an intermission, he pulled out a card and told me to sit in the corner for twenty minutes. Can you believe the nerve of some people? Well, turnabout is fair play, so I wrote up a card myself and presented it to him at the opera. It was a long evening and at the end, she told both of us how much fun we had but then she looked at me and told me that she was more of a "deep down dirty in the mud" kind of gal and sent me packing. I am sure that this kind of thing happens all of the time. In fact, I even saw a show about it on TV. What show is this?
Answer: Dismissed

"Dismissed" is a dating show on MTV, where either two guys compete for one girl or vice-versa. The "cards" I referred to are "Time Outs" which give one guy or girl 20 minutes alone to make an impression. At the end of the date, the courted individual turns to one of the contestants and says, "You are dismissed." It is a harsh concept but it gets good ratings. "Elimidate" has the same concept except that there are four guys for every girl or vice-versa. "Change of Heart" is a show where a couple that has been dating and is having romantic troubles test their resolve by each going on a date with someone new, and watch the footage of their significant other while attempting not to act jealous. The people that they dated come sit next to them and then at the end of the show, both the male and female hold up a car that either says "Stay Together" or "Change of Heart". "Shipmates" is actually a one on one date, but it occurs while they are guests abroad a cruise ship. Now, who said chivalry was dead? ;)
  From Quiz: "Reality Television" is Completely Real
29 Let's start off really easy: Where were the 'Battle of the Seasons' games being held?
Answer: Cabo San Lucas

Yes, the 'Battle of the Seasons' was held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Teams of two from 'Road Rules' and the 'Real World' battled it out to see which show's casts would win {$300,000.}
  From Quiz: 'Battle of the Seasons' on MTV
30 What was Abe's (and everyone else's) dog's name on "Road Rules" 7?
Answer: Menudo

Menudo was kidnapped by the renegades on the episode where the cast got their handsome reward.
  From Quiz: 'Real World' And 'Road Rules'
31 Who was the judge of 'Divorce Court'?
Answer: Mablean Ephriam

She's the first black female judge on the show.
  From Quiz: Court TV Shows
32 While competing on "Survivor" instead of lazing around camp, you might want to get up and spend some time searching for what item that you can use to save yourself at tribal council?
Answer: Hidden immunity idol

The hidden immunity idol was introduced in "Survivor: Guatemala". It allows the finder to play it at tribal council. For the first season it was in play, the hidden immunity idol had to be used before voting. For the next two seasons (and a few other times with a special idol), it could be played after the votes were read. Most commonly, it must be played after voting but before the votes are read. If the user received the most votes at that tribal council, he or she is safe and the castaway with the next most amount is eliminated.
  From Quiz: Make That Move
33 Large families make good reality TV, right? "19 Kids & Counting" and "Jon & Kate Plus 8" were highly successful for the TLC network, so why not a show following a rapper with 11 children? "All My Babies' Mamas" was set to star Shawty Lo, his eleven kids and their ten mothers. The plug was pulled, though, due to an online petition campaign and complaints from the NAACP citing stereotyping and glamorization of promiscuity. What network developed, then canned this gem before a single episode aired?
Answer: Oxygen

Shawty Lo is from Atlanta and a founding member of the hip hop group "D4L". He became a father at age 17 and at the time of "All My Babies' Mamas" development, had nine daughters and two sons. After the show's cancellation, he announced that other, unnamed networks had expressed interest.
  From Quiz: You Call That Reality? Failed Reality Shows
34 What ill-conceived reality show did former nurse Darva Conger "win" in 2000, that included an immediate marriage, followed by an almost as fast annulment?
Answer: Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire?

Imagine you are trying to sell the concept of a reality show to a broadcast network. Here is the premise, fifty women are interviewed by a man visible only in silhouette. The man is allegedly a multi-millionaire and the women are vying to be his bride. The winner gets a wedding ring valued at 100,000 but must marry the "millionaire" right there on set. Think this is a bad dream, nope; it is a real Fox network reality show that aired on February 15, 2000. Darva Conger, a 34 year old nurse, was selected by Rick Rockwell as his instant bride.

Immediately after the on-set wedding, problems set in for the happy couple. Rockwell's millionaire status was called into question, and a prior domestic abuse charge was discovered. Ms. Conger claimed the marriage had not been consummated, and had the arrangement annulled less than two months later. However, all was not lost for Ms. Conger. She did sell the engagement ring and other prizes from the show and appeared in the August 2000 edition of Playboy magazine. "Who Wants To Marry a Multi-Millionaire" proved too exploitative even for the Fox Network and was cancelled after its lone airing.
  From Quiz: Toddlers, Tiaras, and Television
35 Which British television show featured a shop in Brighton, a team of cake designers, and lots of delectable chocolate?
Answer: Choccywoccydoodah

"Choccywoccydoodah" started airing on television in 2011 and featured chocolate sculptures in completely unique designs. Such was the popularity of the television series, and Brighton store, that a new place was opened in the heart of London.
    Your options: [ Great British Menu ] [ United Cakes of America ] [ Eggs 'n' Baker ] [ Choccywoccydoodah ]
  From Quiz: Samples of TV Cooking
36 Which of these is not a challenge type on the TV cooking competition, "MasterChef" (US)?
Answer: Field Test

Perhaps a 'Field Test' would be the equivalent of what's actually known as the Team Challenge-- for these, the home cooks on the show head out in teams to complete a stressful task (ie. serving hundreds of schoolkids, catering a wedding, working the line in a Michelin-star restaurant, etc.).

Typically, however, the show is filmed in the luxurious MasterChef Kitchen and hosted by Gordon Ramsey, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich. There, they judge Mystery Box Challenges (in which the cooks receive an unknown box of ingredients and make a dish with the contents), Invention Tests (which give criteria to fulfill to make a single dish), and Pressure Tests (requiring exacting specifications or the creation of complex dishes to beat out other home cooks).
    Your options: [ Pressure Test ] [ Mystery Box Challenge ] [ Invention Test ] [ Field Test ]
  From Quiz: Reality Check: A Mixture
37 Take a ton of clothes, 10 kilograms of make-up, several hundred grams of gold and gems and tastefully arrange all of this on a dozen of young women selected primarily for their outward appearance. Serve on various exotic locales. Which series, originally produced by UPN, is this the recipe for?
Answer: America's Next Top Model

Like "Big Brother", this format has been converted to and aired in almost every Western television market. Using the same "last person standing" principle as most casting shows, young women compete for the title of the respective nation's "Next top model" and a lucrative contract.

A few international versions of the show have included male models as well (the first appearance of males was in Spain 2008 in a cycle featuring both a female and a male competition), the American original has first seen males (competing in a mixed group) for its 20th cycle, begun in August 2013. Internationally, the first male winner chosen from a mixed cast was Vedran Pajo who won in 2010 in Bosnia.
    Your options: [ Dream Job ] [ The X Factor ] [ The Assistant ] [ America's Next Top Model ]
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38 In one episode of this MTV reality show, it seemed like a good idea (at the time) to purchase a girl a costly luxury car. Not so-- the girl ended up pulling a tantrum because her mother presented the gift too early. Ah well, it's the consequence of never learning the word 'no'. It happened on an episode of what program which debuted in 2005?
Answer: My Super Sweet 16

"My Super Sweet 16" epitomized the 1%; kids sitting pretty in luxury were given an hour to showcase the planning, build-up, and end product of their 16th birthday bash and, in most cases, it was horribly extravagant. The catch? What catch do you need? Teens with too much money were given the opportunity to show off how cool they were on television, bring their friends along for the ride, and get gifts most of us would need a mortgage to purchase. In one notable episode, a girl received a new Lexus only to freak out when her mother gave it to her before the party-- not during the party in front of her friends. The nerve of some parents, am I right? Other parents have given diamond encrusted tiaras, more than one car, and horses. Seriously.
Fortunately, "My Super Sweet 16" ended in 2008, but not before forty-ish episodes, several of which featured teen celebrities like Sean Kingston and Bow Wow (albeit on different birthdays; not 16).
    Your options: [ My Super Sweet 16 ] [ Toddlers and Tiaras ] [ My Party Is Better Than Yours ] [ My Big, Fat, Gypsy Wedding ]
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39 "America's Next Top Model" is a model competition where one contestant from each cycle of the show wins a modeling contract. Which supermodel created the show?
Answer: Tyra Banks

The show first aired in 2003. Tyra Banks hosts the show and she, along with judges like J. Alexander, Twiggy, and Nigel Barker, judge the contestants on how well they perform in each challenge. Cycles of the show have been filmed in both New York and Los Angeles, and each cycle takes the last few contestants to a different location, like Paris, Barcelona, and London, for the final portion of the contest.

Tyra Banks was born in California and began modeling at age 15. She was one of Victoria's Secret's original Angels, and she won the Super Model of the Year award from VH1 in 1997.
    Your options: [ Gisele Bundchen ] [ Kate Moss ] [ Heidi Klum ] [ Tyra Banks ]
  From Quiz: Knives and Frocks
40 Teams of two follow clues around the globe and complete various tasks to reach a finish line and split a million dollar prize. What is the name of this TV show?
Answer: The Amazing Race

"The Amazing Race" premiered in late 2001 and followed eleven teams of two, each with a predetermined relationship, racing around the globe for a million dollar prize. Along the way, all teams but three would remain; the last team to check in at each Pit Stop of the race would be eliminated with only a few reprieves. The show has since aired for over a decade releasing over twenty seasons in the United States alone. There have also been versions filmed for Australia, Asia, China, Norway, Brazil, and other countries because of its universal appeal.
  From Quiz: Name the Reality TV Show!
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