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1 In the classic Carol Burnett skit, "Went With The Wind", costume designer Bob Mackie made a dress for Carol's character, Starlet O'Hara, out of draperies. What else was unusual about the dress design?
Answer: It included a curtain rod

In this hilarious spoof of "Gone With The Wind", the dress originally worn by Starlet as the skit began showed the opulence of the aristocratic era. By the end of the skit, the ravages of the War Between the States had taken their toll. In order for her to appear more "courtly" to Rhatt Butler,(Harvey Korman), Starlet ripped the curtains off a window and flew upstairs, only to appear a short time later in her "new" dress, replete with the curtain rod serving as a type of "shoulder-boards."

The dress, complete with the curtain rod, went on to sit in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. In 2009, Mattel toys released a version of Carol Burnett dressed as Starlet as a Barbie Celebrity doll.
  From Quiz: Now THAT Was Funny!
2 Which of these sitcom families lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane?
Answer: The Munsters

"The Munsters" ran from 1964 to 1966. They were a family of monsters. Herman, the family patriarch, was Frankenstein. His wife, Lily, was a female vampire. Grandpa was a vampire who often changed into a bat. Their son, Eddie, was a wolf boy while their niece, Marilyn, was a human. They believed she was homely while others saw her as a beautiful young woman. The Munsters lived in a castle-like house that they thought was normal while their neighbors believed it was creepy.
    Your options: [ The Munsters ] [ The Partridge Family ] [ The Addams Family ] [ The Honeymooners ]
  From Quiz: Sitcom Locales
3 Which two characters dressed up resembling cowboys at some point?
Answer: Joey and Raymond

Joey dressed up as a cowboy in one episode of "Friends" where he worked in a department store and had to offer men's cologne samples to passing customers, against his cowboy rival who did the same job. Raymond dressed up as a cowboy for a birthday party for Ally in "Everybody Loves Raymond", where he fought with Robert over who would get to be the "bad guy".
Ross, Frank, Mike, Peter and Chandler never dressed up as a cowboy. However, Robert did as he unsuccessfully fought with Raymond over who got to be the good guy/bad guy for the birthday party.
    Your options: [ Ross and Frank ] [ Mike and Peter ] [ Chandler and Robert ] [ Joey and Raymond ]
  From Quiz: "Friends" & "Everybody Loves Ray" Common Bonds 2
4 You see a tall man with far too much gel in his hair talking to a woman who has long, rounded hair and a waitress's uniform on. The apartment is very well kept, probably owned by someone with an obsessive cleaning disorder. What's the sitcom?
Answer: Friends

It's "Friends", and you're looking into Monica's apartment, as she has an obsessive cleaning disorder. Ross is the man with too much gel in his hair and Rachel is the waitress, while sporting her classic "Rachel" hairdo.
  From Quiz: An Eye to the Keyhole
5 A lass, hair auburn of hue, Believed a show-biz career she'd pursue. But her husband disagreed, At her efforts, he'd proceed To yell "You've got some 'splaining to do!". Which all-time classic is this little ditty referring to?
Answer: I Love Lucy

One of the most popular and beloved series ever made, "I Love Lucy" ran for six seasons (1951-1957), earning five Emmy Awards and four number one Nielsen ratings (1952-1955, 1956-57). Desilu Productions (founded by series stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz) is credited for virtually creating television syndication, and "Lucy" continues to air via reruns to this day. The episodes "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" ("I'm your 'Vitameatavegamin' girl") and "Job Switching" (three words: candy conveyor belt) are always at the top of the list when it comes to fan favorites, but my vote goes to just about any episode having to do with the gang's temporary relocation to Hollywood (starting with "Ricky's Contract", and spread over Seasons Four and Five). Pure gold, each and every one. Along with Ball and Arnaz, "Lucy" starred William Frawley and Vivian Vance as the Ricardo's best friends and neighbors, Fred and Ethel Mertz.
    Your options: [ I Love Lucy ] [ The Lucy Show ] [ Life with Lucy ] [ Here's Lucy ]
  From Quiz: Comedy Classics 'Lovingly' Limericked
6 Which series had an episode which dealt with AIDS?
Answer: Both

"The Golden Girls" aired "72 Hours" on February 17, 1990, when Rose discovered she might have AIDS due to an earlier blood transfusion; Earlier, on October 5, 1987, "Designing Women" aired "Killing All the Right People," about a gay friend of the ladies who ultimately died of AIDS.

72 hours was how long Rose had to wait to get back the results of her AIDS test; a homophobic client of the ladies uttered about AIDS "As far as I'm concerned, this disease has one thing going for it: it's killing all the right people."
    Your options: [ Neither ] [ "The Golden Girls" ] [ Both ] [ "Designing Women" ]
  From Quiz: "The Golden Girls" vs. "Designing Women"
7 Which 50s sitcom was about a zany redhead housewife and her band leader husband?
Answer: I Love Lucy

'I Love Lucy' aired from 1951 to 1959. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz starred as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, a New York City couple. Lucy was a ditsy housewife and Ricky was a band leader who never allowed Lucy to participate in his show. Ball and Arnaz were married and later divorced. Also, they had their own production, Desilu.
    Your options: [ Dick Van Dyke ] [ I Love Lucy ] [ The Honeymooners ] [ Leave it to Beaver ]
  From Quiz: Classic Sitcoms
8 Four aliens come to survey life on Earth. The problem is, they are trying to be 'normal'.
Answer: "Third Rock From The Sun"

"Third Rock From the Sun" was prominent during the late 20th and early 21st century, and was memorable for its depiction of Earth as the least important planet and for its characters' eccentricity compared to human standards. It parodied and otherwise misinterpreted the media's fascination with alien encounters and surveys and the like.
    Your options: [ "Third Rock From The Sun" ] [ "Spaceballs" ] [ "ALF" ] [ "Cheers" ]
  From Quiz: A Sitcom For Every Season
9 Who bought the Haney Place?
Answer: Oliver Douglas

Oliver Wendell Douglas, played by Eddie Albert, was a successful New York City attorney. He bought the Haney farm in Hooterville and moved his wife, Lisa out of their fabulous penthouse apartment into Haney's hovel. Oliver had always dreamed of becoming a farmer, even planting vegetables in pots on his New York balcony. This formed the premise for "Green Acres."
  From Quiz: Those Hooterville Folks! Part I
10 Which two characters lost their engagement and/or wedding rings?
Answer: Ross and Ray

In "Friends", Ross lost his engagement ring when he entrusted it to Joey, his best man. Joey's duck ate the ring and once the group figured this out, they took the duck to a vet and managed to rescue the ring. The ring was intended for Emily.
In "Everybody Loves Raymond", Ray lost his ring because Robert played a flicking game with it where he flicked the ring off the table and down a ventilation pipe. While living without the ring, a woman actually hit on Ray which made Debra angry and jealous. About a week later, the ring was saved and sent back to Ray, no harm done.
    Your options: [ Phoebe and Frank ] [ Ross and Ray ] [ Chandler and Robert ] [ Joey and Debra ]
  From Quiz: "Friends" & "Everybody Loves Ray" Common Bonds 3
11 Which of the following characters lived alone by themselves in their apartment?
Answer: Ross and Robert

Ross lived alone in his apartment until Rachel moved in with him so they could both participate in taking care of the pregnancy.
After having lived with his parents for 40 years, Robert finally moved into his own apartment until his marriage with Amy, when he moved in with her.
    Your options: [ Chandler and Geoffrey ] [ Ross and Raymond ] [ Ross and Robert ] [ Joey and Frank ]
  From Quiz: "Friends" & "Everybody Loves Raymond" Common Bonds
12 Blanche Devereaux wanted to 'jazz' up her Miami home with a financial windfall that had surprised her. Her roommates loved the idea and one of them recalled a design firm called The Sugarbakers from Atlanta that she'd read about and, since money was of no consequence, they decided to fly down the Sugarbaker team for the makeover. Dorothy Zbornak took to Julia Sugarbaker on sight and they decided to go out for lunch and sight see a little - and, of course, discuss new furniture for the lanai. Based on their TV history, where would one of their stops perhaps be that first afternoon that would have suited them both?
Answer: An art museum followed by a little golfing at a public course.

Dorothy was a gambling addict, so that would be risky; nor was she a widow (Julia was, though) so she was restricted from the tea. Neither were enthusiastically Republican even though Dorothy might've entertained the idea. Clearly, Julia wouldn't care for such a gathering [a very liberal one, that...] but they both liked museums (Julia liked to paint and Dorothy worked in a museum briefly) and golfing was a hobby both dabbled in. Mrs. Sugarbaker wouldn't have gone to a club with restricted membership rules, however.
  From Quiz: Room For Eight - Miami To Atlanta
13 On "The Honeymooners" Ralph Kramden worked for The Gotham Bus Company in Manhattan. What street or avenue did Ralph drive his bus?
Answer: Madison Avenue

Jackie Gleason was born Feb 26, 1916 in Bushwick, Brooklyn as Herbert John Gleason. On August 28, 2000, TV Land honored Jackie Gleason by placing a eight-foot-high bronze Ralph Kramden statue in front of the entrance of the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal.
  From Quiz: Great New York Based Sitcoms
14 Archie and Edith Bunker
Answer: 704 Hauser St.

Archie and Edith had a daughter named Gloria. She married Michael Stivic. Archie was a blue collar bigot, and Mike was a white collar idealist. Archie had nicknames for the three of them. Mike's nickname was, Meathead." Archie called Gloria, "Little Girl." Archie called his own beloved wife, "Dingbat." Carroll O'Connor starred as, Archie Bunker. Jean Stapleton played Edith Bunker. The role of Gloria Bunker Stivic was played by Sally Struthers. The famous, "Meathead" was played by Rob Reiner. "All in the Family" lasted from 1971 to 1979.
    Your options: [ 714 Hauser ] [ 744 Hauser ] [ 724 Hauser ] [ 704 Hauser St. ]
  From Quiz: Sitcom Addresses
15 George was handcuffed to a bed in the "Seinfeld" episode "The Subway". A character on "Friends" also had a problem with being handcuffed. Who was handcuffed to a chair in Joanna's office?
Answer: Chandler

Chandler was handcuffed to a chair in the "Friends" episode "TOW the Cuffs". While he was still handcuffed to the chair, Chandler looked through a lingerie catalogue by turning the pages with his teeth.
  From Quiz: "Friends" and "Seinfeld" Common Bonds #4
16 The first common bond has to do with objects being stolen by bullies. The "Friends" character had a hat stolen and the "Seinfeld" character had an armoire stolen. Who were these characters?
Answer: Chandler and Elaine

Chandler had his hat stolen by Carl and Arthur in the "Friends" episode "TOW The Bullies". Elaine had her armoire stolen by Bob and Ray in the "Seinfeld" episode "The Soup Nazi". The actors who played Bob and Ray also appeared in "The Puerto Rican Day" episode of "Seinfeld". In that episode, they were named Bob and Cedric.
  From Quiz: "Friends" And "Seinfeld" Common Bonds #3
17 This sitcom ran for eleven seasons, from 1972 to '83, but its stories were set within a three-year historical period. Its title?
Answer: M*A*S*H

The series takes place during the Korean War, which lasted from June of 1950 to July of '53. All those story lines supposedly took place over that short a period. More Christmases were celebrated on "M*A*S*H" than the troops had during the Korean War.
  From Quiz: Chain Letters: Sitcoms Revisited
18 Which two characters said that they were Jewish?
Answer: Jerry and Ross

Jerry's parents got mad at him for making-out during "Schindler's List". Ross tried to explain a Jewish holiday to Ben by using the Holiday Armadillo.
    Your options: [ Elaine and Phoebe ] [ Newman and Chandler ] [ Rachel and Kramer ] [ Jerry and Ross ]
  From Quiz: "Friends" And "Seinfeld" Common Bonds #2
19 Which two characters attended school together?
Answer: All of these

George and Jerry met in junior high school. They also attended the same high school. Rachel and Monica attended the same high school. Ross and Chandler attended the same college and were roommates.
    Your options: [ All of these ] [ Rachel and Monica ] [ George and Jerry ] [ Ross and Chandler ]
  From Quiz: "Friends" And "Seinfeld" Common Bonds
20 This sitcom was a spin-off of the popular show "Alice" starring Polly Holliday.
Answer: Flo

"Flo", which began as a mid-season spinoff in March, 1980, lasted slightly more than a year. Flo's most famous line was "Kiss my grits."
    Your options: [ Tommy Boy ] [ Vera ] [ Flo ] [ Mel's Diner ]
  From Quiz: Short-Lived Sitcoms of the 80's
21 Rudy, Theo, Olivia, and Elvin?
Answer: The Cosby Show

Rudy Huxtable, played by Keshia Knight Pulliam, was the youngest of the Huxtable children. Theo Huxtable, played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner, was the only male of the Huxtable children. Of course, Olivia and Elvin weren't Huxtables. Olivia was the step-daughter of Denise Huxtable and Elvin was Sondra Huxtable's boyfriend who eventually became her husband.
  From Quiz: 25 Of My Favorite Sitcoms
22 What California city was the setting of "Full House?"
Answer: San Francisco

If you notice in the introduction, you may see the Golden Gate Bridge. Then there was Danny's (Bob Saget) morning show "Wake Up, San Francisco". "Full House" ran on ABC from 1987-1995.
  From Quiz: Sitcom Settings
23 "The Andy Griffith Show" pilot episode featured which television actor as the "guest" in the jail in Mayberry?
Answer: Danny Thomas

On February 15, 1960, the "Andy Griffith Show" pilot episode aired. Andy Griffith played the role of Andy Taylor who was not only the sheriff, but also the newspaper editor and Justice of the Peace in the fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina. Danny Thomas, who played the role of himself, ventured into Mayberry, running a stop sign and a comic encounter ensued between him and the sheriff. Some of the future cast members appeared in this early episode, including Andy's son, Opie (Ron Howard) and Frances Bavier. She did not play the role of Andy's housekeeper in this episode, however, but rather that of a distressed widow, Henrietta Perkins.

The program began as a spin-off of sorts to "The Danny Thomas Show", although it was planned to be so by deliberate design as opposed to following the storyline of an existing character onto a new program.

The program enjoyed a very successful run on CBS TV from Oct 1960 until April 1968. TV Guide magazine once rated it as the 9th best show in American television history.
    Your options: [ Jimmy Durante ] [ Don Rickles ] [ Milton Berle ] [ Danny Thomas ]
  From Quiz: Now THAT Was Funny!
24 In "All In The Family", Archie Bunker had a family who lived next door called the Jeffersons. His wife, Edith, had a cousin named Maude who frequently visited them. What state did they all live in?
Answer: New York

Archie Bunker lived in the Corona section of Queens, New York, with his wife, Edith, daughter Gloria and son in-law Mike. The Jeffersons were a black family who lived next door to him before moving to Manhattan. Maude was Edith's cousin who lived in Upstate, New York.
  From Quiz: Sitcom Locales
25 Which two characters dated a policeman?
Answer: Phoebe and Amy

Phoebe ("Friends") dated a policeman named Gary (Michael Rapaport) and the two hit it off and even moved in together. However, their relationship came to a screeching halt when Gary shot a noisy pigeon with his pistol. Amy ("Everybody Loves Raymond") dated (and ultimately married) Robert, who was a policeman for the entirety of the series.
The remaining character options never dated policemen, although in two separate episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond", Amy and Stefania were caught wearing part of Robert's police uniform.
    Your options: [ Monica and Debra ] [ Monica and Stefania ] [ Rachel and Marie ] [ Phoebe and Amy ]
  From Quiz: "Friends" & "Everybody Loves Ray" Common Bonds 2
26 You see a family, which has two light-brown haired men in expensive suits standing with wine next to a fireplace, an old man with a cane sitting in a very out of place chair, a housekeeper who speaks with an English accent, and a Jack Russell Terrier, who is sitting on a brown sofa. The apartment is full of antiques and has the finest view of all of Seattle. What's the sitcom?
Answer: Frasier

It's "Frasier", and you're looking into Frasier's apartment. He is standing with Niles at the fireplace, while Martin is in the chair, Daphne is the English housekeeper and Eddie is the Jack Russell Terrier.
    Your options: [ Friends ] [ My Name is Earl ] [ Everybody Hates Chris ] [ Frasier ]
  From Quiz: An Eye to the Keyhole
27 Brave 86, time after time, He'd prove a deterrent to crime. But in the 'Cone of Silence' he chose To inform his boss of his woes "My shoe-phone just ate my dime!". I don't think you'll need '99' guesses to uncover the name of this series!
Answer: Get Smart

Created by the considerable comedic writing talents of Mel Brooks ("Blazing Saddles") and Buck Henry ("The Graduate"), "Get Smart" premiered in 1965, and ran until 1970. Maxwell Smart's James Bond/Jacques Clouseau character combination was a hit with audiences, and the show, a parody of the 'Cold War Spy/Secret Agent' genre, went on to receive multiple Emmy Award nominations along with seven wins. "Get Smart" starred Don Adams (Agent 86), Barbara Feldon (Agent 99), Edward Platt (Chief of CONTROL), Bernie Kopell (Siegfried, Agent of KAOS), as well as a large number of guest stars. Several "Smart" feature films have been made over the years, most notably 2008's "Get Smart", with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway doing an admirable job filling in for Adams and Feldon.
    Your options: [ Get Smart ] [ Police Squad! ] [ Smart Guy ] [ Ace Crawford, Private Eye ]
  From Quiz: Comedy Classics 'Lovingly' Limericked
28 Which series featured the ex-husband of one of the leading female characters on a regular basis?
Answer: Both

"The Golden Girls" paid host to Stan, Dorothy's Ex-Husband, on many occasions. "Designing Women" did similar duties for Ted, Mary Jo's Ex, a few times. By coincidence, both actors who played the exes were regular on TV Series during this time. Herb Edelman, (Stan), was on "St. Elsewhere"; Scott Bakula (Ted), was on "Quantum Leap."
    Your options: [ Neither ] [ "The Golden Girls" ] [ Both ] [ "Designing Women" ]
  From Quiz: "The Golden Girls" vs. "Designing Women"
29 Which of these sitcoms from the 60s told about a poor mountain dweller who struck oil and brought his family to California to enjoy their newfound wealth?
Answer: Beverly Hillbillies

'The Beverly Hillbillies' aired from 1962 to 1971. Buddy Ebsen starred as Jed Clampett, the fortunate tycoon who brought His mother-in-law, Daisy Moses (aka) Granny, his daughter Ellie may and nephew Jethro, to Beverly Hills.
    Your options: [ Green Acres ] [ Beverly Hillbillies ] [ The Andy Griffith Show ] [ Bewitched ]
  From Quiz: Classic Sitcoms
30 An architect begins a long story to his children spanning many years chronicling his love life and his friends.
Answer: "How I Met Your Mother"

In my opinion one of the better sitcoms of the 00's, but only because it uses storylines well - some sitcoms would have two unrelated storylines, but this one has them interlocking in ridiculous coincidences. It sets out the dates of what happens, unlike other sitcoms, and is shot with more cuts between shots compared to other sitcoms. It also has large amounts of continuity between episodes and very linear storylines, with few fillers.
    Your options: [ "How I Met Your Mother" ] [ "According to Jim" ] [ "The King of Queens" ] [ "My Wife and Kids" ]
  From Quiz: A Sitcom For Every Season
31 What was the name of the hotel in Hooterville?
Answer: The Shady Rest

The Shady Rest was a beautiful white farmhouse that had been converted to what we now refer to as a "bed and breakfast." A deep front porch with rocking chairs invited guests to "sit a spell," while the lobby inside was a charming intro to the comforts one would experience during one's stay there.
  From Quiz: Those Hooterville Folks! Part I
32 What holiday was ruined for both series?
Answer: Thanksgiving

In "Friends", everyone's Thanksgiving was ruined one year because they didn't get to spend it as they wanted. In addition, all of Monica's efforts to make a complete dinner with all the trimmings were wasted because it all got burnt when they locked themselves out of the apartment to go look at a giant runaway balloon.
In "Everybody Loves Raymond", more than one Thanksgiving was ruined. One year, Marie wanted to make a healthy dinner which included a turkey completely made of soy. This turned out to be a distaster, and when Ray secretly ordered a real dinner which was mistakenly taken to Marie's house, the mood was completely ruined. Another year, the family spent Thanksgiving with the MacDougalls which started out okay, but quickly went downhill when Pat killed a wounded bird. The two families completely split (with the exception of Debra) and the episode turned out to be a huge argument. They continued the bitterness for each other when they re-enacted the story of the pilgrims and Native Americans with ill manner.
  From Quiz: "Friends" & "Everybody Loves Ray" Common Bonds 3
33 Which characters were known to be excellent cooks?
Answer: Monica and Marie

Monica was a chef at the restaurant "Javu" and even though she got a bad review once, the prestige of the restaurant completely made up for it.
Marie wasn't a chef by occupation, but her food is loved by Frank, Raymond, and Robert. Her cannolis were especially desired by Raymond.
    Your options: [ Chandler and Raymond ] [ Rachel and Debra ] [ Monica and Marie ] [ Phoebe and Amy ]
  From Quiz: "Friends" & "Everybody Loves Raymond" Common Bonds
34 Even though Sophia Petrillo was quite fond of Mary Jo Shively, Mary Jo got into a lively (albeit occasionally graphic) discussion with Blanche. What was the vivacious "Golden Girl" and the subdued "Designing Woman" gabbing about - it was something they had both considered or done once - aside from a new window treatment for the guest bathroom?
Answer: Plastic surgery of a recreational nature...

Both ladies had toyed with the idea of breast augmentation (Blanche finally decided to date the plastic surgeon instead and Mary Jo used the money for video phones instead). The notion of Blanche getting back together with her George was impossible seeing as how he was dead and all; MJ thought about reuning with that skunk Ted, though. Blanche DID take a stab at constructing a novel, of course, and was dramatically bad at doing so. Mary Jo never even daydreamed about authoring anything more than her signature or a business proposal.
  From Quiz: Room For Eight - Miami To Atlanta
35 The Ricardos and the Mertzes all lived in a New York brownstone on the "I Love Lucy" show. What was their address?
Answer: 623 East 68 Street

Most of the "I Love Lucy" show took place in New York City. At the end of the series, the Ricardos followed by the Mertzes, moved to Westport, Connecticut. Lucille Desiree Ball was born August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York, and grew up to be Lucille Ball.
  From Quiz: Great New York Based Sitcoms
36 Jack, Norma, Karen, Wayne, and Kevin Arnold
Answer: 516

"The Wonder Years is about the life of a boy growing up in the 1960's. Kevin Arnold was born in 1956. His street was never revealed, as far as I know. The Arnold family went through a lot of historical times. The family lived in Anytown, USA.
    Your options: [ 526 ] [ 566 ] [ 506 ] [ 516 ]
  From Quiz: Sitcom Addresses
37 During the "Friends" episode "TOW Russ", we found out that one of Monica's favorite drinks was a Scotch on the rocks with a twist. Scotch was also mentioned on "Seinfeld". Which "Seinfeld" character preferred "Scotch with plenty of ice"?
Answer: Alton Benes

Alton Benes ordered the "Scotch with plenty of ice" in the "Seinfeld" episode "The Jacket". Mr. Benes was meeting Elaine, Jerry and George at his hotel lobby. Elaine was late, so Jerry and George ordered drinks. Jerry ordered a cranberry juice with two limes and George ordered a club soda with no ice. Once Elaine arrived, they decided to have dinner at a Pakistani restaurant on 46th Street.
    Your options: [ George ] [ Ross ] [ Alton Benes ] [ Phoebe ]
  From Quiz: "Friends" and "Seinfeld" Common Bonds #4
38 The next common bond involved characters that had their faces used in advertisements. The "Seinfeld" character appeared on a billboard that advertised cigarettes. The "Friends" character appeared on several public service posters. Who were these characters?
Answer: Kramer and Joey

During "The Abstinence" episode of "Seinfeld", Kramer was on a Marlboro Man billboard. Joey had several public service posters. He did advertisements for venereal disease, bladder control problems, wife beating, and hemorrhoids.
    Your options: [ Jerry and Chandler ] [ Elaine and Monica ] [ Kramer and Joey ] [ Tag and Frank ]
  From Quiz: "Friends" And "Seinfeld" Common Bonds #3
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