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Trivia Questions and Answers
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260 Nanny Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Nanny? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Nanny (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 When Fran first moved in, how many people lived in the Sheffield house (including Fran)?
Answer: 6

Max, Fran, Niles, Maggie, Brighton, and Gracie lived in the house.
  From Quiz: The Nanny
2 Fran and Maxwell had twins. What were their names?
Answer: Eve Catherine and Jonah Samuel

They named them after Maxwell's great grandmother and Fran's great grandfather. How cute.
  From Quiz: "The Nanny" with Fran Drescher
3 Before Fran became the nanny, where did she work?
Answer: Bridal shop

You can hear the lyrics in the theme song. "She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens" was the first part of the song.
  From Quiz: "The Nanny Named Fran"
4 What was Fran's father's name?
Answer: Morty Fine

Morty Fine was not shown until the last season, where Fran finds out her mother was having an affair with a doctor. Steve Lawrence who played Morty Fine, also acted in another episode of "The Nanny", where he starred as himself.
  From Quiz: "The Nanny" Mania
5 Complete the song: "What was she to do? Where was she to go? She ___."
Answer: was out on her fanny

In this one episode it has a thing at the end where Fran talks to this guy and says, "You know, people tell me my life would make a great sitcom show. See, I was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens, when my boyfriend kicked me out in one of those crushing scenes. What was I to do? Where was I to go? I was out on my fanny, if you pardon my French."
  From Quiz: "Nanny" At The Beginning
6 What was "The Thing" Maxwell and Fran referred to after they returned home from their trip to Paris?
Answer: An "I love you" Maxwell expressed to Fran.

Fran was overjoyed when Maxwell slipped and said "The Thing": He told Fran he loved her as they were experiencing strong turbulence on the flight back to New York. But when there was no longer a threat to their lives and they arrived home in one piece, Maxwell returned to his old habit of holding Fran at arm's length. Meanwhile the rest of the household tried in vain to find out what "The Thing" was.
  From Quiz: The Fab Fourth
7 What college did C.C. Babcock attend in her younger days?
Answer: Bryn Mawr University

C.C. Babcock mentioned in earlier episodes of the show that she had attended Bryn Mawr University in her younger days. Her education was the source of a big ego-trip for C.C., and a topic she enjoyed bragging about to anyone who would listen.
  From Quiz: The Fine Details
8 In the first two seasons, Fran referred to her former high school as "Flushing High". In the later seasons, the name was changed to what?
Answer: "Hillcrest High"

In seasons 1 and 2, Fran referred to her old high school as "Flushing High". In later episodes the name was changed to "Hillcrest High". Hillcrest High in Queens, NY is the actual high school Fran Drescher attended with fellow comedian Ray Romano, who also guest starred on "The Nanny" in the Hillcrest High reunion episode.
  From Quiz: Fine Facts of Life
9 Let's begin with the theme song; "She was working in a bridal shop in _______, Queens 'Til her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes." Which two words fill in the blanks?
Answer: Flushing

Fran leaves her home of Queens to sell make-up door-to-door in Manhattan.
  From Quiz: Humble Beginnings
10 During the first episode, Fran takes Maggie dress shopping at her ex-boyfriend, Danny's, bridal shop. What does Maggie say her favorite color is when Fran asks her?
Answer: beige

Maggie may have been dull in the first episode, but with Fran's help she grew into a stylish young lady.
  From Quiz: The Nanny
11 At the beginning of the show, what is it that has Fran so upset?
Answer: Valentine's Day is approching and she has no date.

Fran tries to pretend that she doesn't care about Valentine's Day until she finds out that she actually does have a date.
  From Quiz: "Love is a Many Blundered Thing"
12 The youngest of the Sheffield kids is Grace. In the first season, she has an imaginary friend. What is her name?
Answer: Imogene

Sadly, Imogene met an untimely death after sitting on a cookie which Fran ate!
  From Quiz: All About the "Nanny!"
13 For how many seasons did "The Nanny" run, before it went off the air and into syndication?
Answer: 6

It debuted in 1993 and closed up shop, voluntarily as it was not cancelled, in 1999. I think it was a wise decision for them all to end it where they did. The whole series was built around the flirtation between the nanny and her boss and that double entendre stuff had gone through its beginning, middle and conclusion.
  From Quiz: That's How She Became..."The Nanny"!
14 What was Niles' last name?
Answer: None was ever given

Fran once asked Niles what his last name was and he said that he had none, that it was just Niles - like Cher.
  From Quiz: The Nanny
15 Why did C.C. keep getting sick after Niles proposed?
Answer: She was pregnant.

They found out she was pregnant right after Fran had her twins.
  From Quiz: "The Nanny" with Fran Drescher
16 Now that Fran is unemployed at the bridal shop, she tends to work at the Sheffields' house. Who is the first person she meets?
Answer: Niles

Niles is the family butler. He always has wise cracking jokes and pranks he pulls on Maxwell's partner. Niles is played by Daniel Davis.
  From Quiz: "The Nanny Named Fran"
17 Who sent Fran to the Sheffield's house to be the Sheffield kid's nanny?
Answer: Sara Sheffield

We found this out, when Sara Sheffield, Maxwell Sheffield's late wife, came back from the dead to tell him to "move on and marry Fran".
  From Quiz: "The Nanny" Mania
18 When Fran has her resume, who does she list as a reference, which Mr. Sheffield mistakes as someone else?
Answer: Her mother from Queens

Mr. Sheffield says, "Miss Fine, you seem to have listed the Queen Mother as a reference?" She replies, "No, that's my mother from Queens!"
    Your options: [ The Queen Mother ] [ Barbara Streisand ] [ The President ] [ Her mother from Queens ]
  From Quiz: "Nanny" At The Beginning
19 Which of these actors made a guest appearance as Jack, the blind man Fran went out with in order to convince Maxwell to take her more seriously?
Answer: Jason Alexander

When Fran and Val went to a bar in an attempt to get Fran's mind off of Maxwell, Fran met a blind man named Jack, played by Jason Alexander of "Seinfield". Fran came up with a scheme to date Jack in order to show Maxwell she was more than just a pretty face.
    Your options: [ Scott Baio ] [ Jason Alexander ] [ Tony Danza ] [ Eric Estrada ]
  From Quiz: The Fab Fourth
20 During season 2, Fran helped Maggie get a part time job doing which of the following?
Answer: Helping out as a candy-striper at the hospital

After observing how much Maxwell spoiled the children, Fran convinced him to allow Maggie to get a part-time job. Maggie wanted to work at The Gap with her boyfriend Peter, but instead Fran gets her a volunteer job as a candy-striper at the hospital in order to "build character".
    Your options: [ Helping out as a candy-striper at the hospital ] [ Working with Val as a cashier at the donut shop ] [ Working as a sales clerk at The Gap ] [ Maggie didn't have a part-time job during season 2 ]
  From Quiz: The Fine Details
21 Where was Daniel Davis, the actor who played the Sheffield's witty butler Niles, born and raised?
Answer: Little Rock, Arkansas

Although he spoke with a very convincing British accent on the show, Daniel Davis is actually a native of Arkansas! Who would've guessed?
  From Quiz: Fine Facts of Life
22 "What was she to do? Where was she to go? She was out on her fanny... So over the bridge from Flushing to the Sheffields' door She was there to sell _________, but father saw more." What was Fran selling?
Answer: make-up

After her boyfriend, Danny, fired her, Fran went to work for Shades of the Orient.
  From Quiz: Humble Beginnings
23 When Fran and Maxwell finally go on their first date it is a very special occasion for more than one reason. What celebrity was present on Fran and Maxwell's first date?
Answer: Elton John

Michael Bolton was not a guest star when Fran and Maxwell went on their first date, but was for their second date.
  From Quiz: The Nanny
24 Who does Fran score a date with?
Answer: Jeff the cop

Fran and Val are sitting at the kitchen table belittling the whole notion of Valentine's Day. Fran becomes ecstatic when she gets a card in the mail revealing that she has a date after all.
  From Quiz: "Love is a Many Blundered Thing"
25 Early in his career, Maxwell passed on the rights to a famous Broadway musical. This mistake has haunted him ever since. What's the name of the musical?
Answer: "Cats"

Max passed on "Cats," setting up a rivalry between him and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  From Quiz: All About the "Nanny!"
26 Yetta, Fran Fine's grandmother on "The Nanny", had to move in with the Sheffields after her retirement home suffered which of these problems?
Answer: termites

She didn't stay long, just long enough until the bug problem was dealt with. But during her short stay she was caught in bed with her "boyfriend", nearly started a fire, gave some mixed up advice to the children and just generally confused everything. Like the Sheffield household needed help in the confusion department!
    Your options: [ major plumbing problems ] [ a fire ] [ termites ] [ asbestos violations ]
  From Quiz: That's How She Became..."The Nanny"!
27 What was Fran's friend's name?
Answer: Val

Val was Fran's dumb blonde friend. Fran once said that she was friends with Val only because it made her look smart.
  From Quiz: The Nanny
28 What was written on Fran's makeup case?
Answer: Shades of the Orient

It was seen many times throughout the show. After she arrived at the Sheffield house, it hung in the closet in her room.
  From Quiz: "The Nanny" with Fran Drescher
29 Maxwell is the father of his three children. His children's names are Maggie, Brighton and ____.
Answer: Gracie

Maggie is the oldest, followed by Brighton, and then Gracie. Maxwell's wife passed on right after Gracie was born.
    Your options: [ Gracie ] [ Hilary ] [ Jasmine ] [ Ashley ]
  From Quiz: "The Nanny Named Fran"
30 What did Fran Fine write her resume with?
Answer: red lipstick

Maxwell commented that the lipstick "was a pretty shade".
  From Quiz: "The Nanny" Mania
31 Brighton is caught smoking in the second episode. Why is Fran afraid to tell Mr. Sheffield?
Answer: Fran gave him the idea with a story.

Val was over at the mansion and they were talking about a really cool kid who was smoking in elementary school.
  From Quiz: "Nanny" At The Beginning
32 In the earlier episodes, which extra room within the mansion appeared on the show which was completely taken out after season 1?
Answer: The butler's pantry

In season 1, there was a butler's pantry between the kitchen and the great room, and it was a place where Niles and Fran shared many private conversations. After the first season, the set was changed and the pantry was completely taken out to improve the layout of the home for production purposes. There were many changes made to the set after the first few episodes, but the pantry was the most significant change.
    Your options: [ The butler's pantry ] [ The downstairs powder room ] [ The library ] [ The sunroom adjacent to the kitchen ]
  From Quiz: The Fine Details
33 In the pilot episode, after Fran and Mr. Sheffield get into an argument, what does he do to her?
Answer: fires her

Fran gets the axe, but after seeing how much he really needed her, Mr. Sheffield re-hired her for good.
  From Quiz: Humble Beginnings
34 During the first episode, Fran did not intend to apply for the nanny position at the Sheffield home. What did Fran use to write her resume?
Answer: lipstick

Fran may not have made an impression with her resume, but she must have impressed Mr. Sheffield in some way because she got the job!
  From Quiz: The Nanny
35 From whom does Fran get an anonymous Valentine's Day card?
Answer: Brighton's friend Tommy

She and Val are waiting for the bus when she discovers the card in her purse. Val, being the dimbulb that she is, exclaims "An anonymous Valentine from a secret admirer! Who's it from?"
  From Quiz: "Love is a Many Blundered Thing"
36 On the show C.C. Babcock had a dog named Chester (remember the alleged "Lambchop" mauling incident---too funny!). In real life, the dog belonged to one of the players on the sitcom. Which one?
Answer: Fran Drescher (Fran)

Drescher was a co-producer so I'm sure wouldn't let anyone else's dog be cast. And poor Chester didn't really eat "Lambchop", despite accusations as such. The little hand puppet got mixed in with the laundry and disappeared down the chute for a while. Shari Lewis appeared on this episode to fine effect.
    Your options: [ Daniel Davis (Niles) ] [ Benjamin Salisbury (Brighton) ] [ Fran Drescher (Fran) ] [ Renee Taylor (Sylvia) ]
  From Quiz: That's How She Became..."The Nanny"!
37 What was Fran's grandma's name?
Answer: Yetta

Fran Drescher's real grandmother's name was Yetta. She used a lot of family members' names from her life.
  From Quiz: The Nanny
38 When Fran wrote her resume for the nanny job, what was it written in?
Answer: lipstick

She had no intention of getting the job. In fact, she had no idea it was available before she arrived on the Sheffield's door step.
  From Quiz: "The Nanny" with Fran Drescher
39 Maxwell is a producer of plays and movies. He has a partner named ____.
Answer: Chastity-Claire

No one ever knew her real name. We find out in the last episode in the series that her real name is Chastity-Claire. She's played by Lauren Lane.
    Your options: [ Chastity-Claire ] [ Camille-Crista ] [ Claire-Chasity ] [ Cathy-Colleen ]
  From Quiz: "The Nanny Named Fran"
40 Who was the youngest Sheffield?
Answer: Gracie

She was so upset about her mother's death that she saw a counselor through the series.
  From Quiz: "The Nanny" Mania
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