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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of L Word, The

590 The L Word Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about The L Word? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to The L Word (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 What is Alice's lesbian boyfriend's name?
Answer: Lisa

The character was on the series in season one.
  From Quiz: "The L Word" General Quiz
2 Which of these can be considered the best description of Shane in the first scene Jenny sees her?
Answer: naked

We see Shane jumping in the pool, naked, accompanied by another woman. Jenny sees them, and mentions it to her boyfriend, Tim, who assumes they are his neighbors, Bette and Tina. We realize it is Shane, with an anonymous girl, which doesn't seem that odd after her character further develops.
    Your options: [ naked ] [ sad ] [ drunk ] [ annoyed ]
  From Quiz: Shane- the Heartbreaker
3 During the pilot episode of season 1, who is sitting at the table at the Planet when Jenny walks by and Dana notices her?
Answer: Dana, Alice, Marina and Tina

Bette and Shane both leave the Planet before Jenny walks by.
  From Quiz: Loving, Laughing, Living...
4 Where did Marina first kiss Jenny?
Answer: Bette and Tina's bathroom

Marina and Jenny meet at Bette and Tina's party shortly after Jenny's arrival in L.A. Marina follows Jenny into the bathroom and kisses her. At first, Jenny kisses her back but then backs away and leaves.
  From Quiz: Marina Ferrer from "The L Word"
5 What is the name of Bette's college boyfriend that appears in the random act at the beginning of episode 6 of season 3?
Answer: Coleman

Bette admits to him that she thinks about their professor, Danica Palmer, while they are being intimate.
  From Quiz: Bette's World
6 What job did Tina have before she left her career to become a mother?
Answer: Development Executive

This was said when Tina and Bette go to the therapist, Dan Foxworthy. He asked about the insemination they were about to do and Tina told him that topic is off limits.
  From Quiz: The Tina Kennard Quiz
7 What is Jenny's full name?
Answer: Jennifer Diane Schecter

This is mentioned while Jenny is writing a story in season 1.
  From Quiz: None Other Than Jenny Schecter
8 What are Dana's parents' names?
Answer: Sharon and Irwin

Dana's parents have a hard time understanding Dana's lifestyle. She came out to her parents near the end of season 1 at her mother's award ceremony for Orange County Republican Woman of the Year. Sharon says to Dana, "We all have feelings for our girlfriends. It doesn't mean we have to act on them."
  From Quiz: The Life and Loves of Dana Fairbanks
9 Why does Alice's mother, Lenore, put her name on the Chart?
Answer: She kissed Shane

Alice says "I'm sorry you got Lenore'd" to Shane.
  From Quiz: "The L Word" Quiz
10 What is the name of the women Carmen cheats on Shane with?
Answer: Robin

After Shane cheats on Carmen with Cherie Jaffe, Carmen seeks revenge.
  From Quiz: This is the Way That We Live
11 Season 1: What is the name of Alice's mother?
Answer: Lenore

Lenore Pieszecki (portrayed by Anne Archer) is Alice's mother and is apparently the only of Alice's relatives that remains close to her. Lenore attempted to seduce Shane in episode 1.05:'Lies, Lies, Lies'.
  From Quiz: Alice Pieszecki
12 What nationality was Helena's father?
Answer: British

Helena's father was British. He was an impoverished aristocrat. Helena was born in England and spent most of her life there: hence her British accent.
  From Quiz: Helena Peabody
13 This "L Word" actress played an expectant mother who, through breakthrough technology, discovers that her unborn child will grow up to be gay, in the 1997 cable movie "The Twilight of the Golds."
Answer: Jennifer Beals

"The Twilight of the Golds" also starred Jon Tenney as Beals' doctor husband and Brendan Fraser as her homosexual brother. The movie is based on the play by Jonathan Tolins. Beals,who stars as Bette on "The L Word", famously made her acting debut playing a dancer/welder in "Flashdance."
    Your options: [ Jennifer Beals ] [ Pam Grier ] [ Laurel Holloman ] [ Erin Daniels ]
  From Quiz: Before "The L Word"
14 Shane almost gets married to which character?
Answer: Carmen

Shane is a notable one night stand kind of person.
    Your options: [ Helena ] [ Carmen ] [ Jenny ] [ Alice ]
  From Quiz: "The L Word" General Quiz
15 What is the name of Shane's long-time-no-see friend who she used to 'trick around Santa Monica boulevard' with?
Answer: Clive

Shane notices Clive at The Planet; they seem to have known each other for a long time (it's mentioned they used to trick around together). Clive mentions he doesn't have a place to stay, and Shane feels bad for not being able to help him as she herself is sharing a room with 3 other people. He later introduces her to some people who are primarily interested in her because they presume she's a guy (she's androgynous looking).
  From Quiz: Shane- the Heartbreaker
16 How many seasons of "The L Word" featured Bette and Tina only kissing once?
Answer: 2

Bette and Tina only kissed once (with no feeling at all) during the 8th episode of season 3, "Latecomer" when Bette left to go on a Buddhist silence retreat. In addition, they only kissed once (spur of moment) during the season finale of season 4, "Long Time Coming" when Bette left to reconcile with Jodi. Every other season featured them kissing more than once.
  From Quiz: Loving, Laughing, Living...
17 What is Marina's girlfriend's name?
Answer: Francesca Wolff

After Tim kicks Jenny out of his house she goes to Marina's and stays for a few days. While in bed, Jenny asks if she could stay longer and Marina mentions to her that Francesca is coming home. According to Jenny, Marina never told her about Francesca. Marina replied, "Everybody knows".
  From Quiz: Marina Ferrer from "The L Word"
18 Who is the mother of Helena's son?
Answer: Winnie Mann

Winnie is introduced when she comes to collect the children from Helena after Helena has kept them past her appointed time. She walks out onto the balcony of Helena's hotel where Helena is seen with Tina.
  From Quiz: Helena Peabody
19 Who's iPod is Carmen updating in season 3?
Answer: Dana's

When Dana is sick Carmen puts some new music on her iPod.
  From Quiz: Carmen de la Pica Morales
20 Who lets it out of the bag that Tina is pregnant (the second time after they had broken up)?
Answer: Helena

While Helena is with Tina publicizing her grant announcements at Tina's place of employment, Bette shows up with flowers to make up for the fight that she and Tina had earlier. Helena makes a comment that Tina shouldn't have to deal with the stress in her condition.
  From Quiz: Bette's World
21 What was the name of the man Tina was dating when she met Bette?
Answer: Eric

This was revealed in Tina's "coming out" story, when the girls went to the Diana Shore Weekend.
  From Quiz: The Tina Kennard Quiz
22 What is Jenny's stepfather's name?
Answer: Warren

Warren discovers Jenny in a compromising situation while she is staying with her mother and him in season 2.
  From Quiz: None Other Than Jenny Schecter
23 Dana thinks Lara is what kind of chef?
Answer: Soup

Lara is a sous chef at the resort where Dana trains. When Lara is first introduced, we see her sending Dana different things that she has prepared especially for her. Dana is unsure of Lara's orientation and her friends embark on a hilarious mission to find out for her.
  From Quiz: The Life and Loves of Dana Fairbanks
24 Who does Alice's ex girlfriend Gabby Deveaux date in season 2?
Answer: Lara

Alice discovers this at the Planet when she runs into Gabby. By this time, Dana and Alice are dating. Lara and Dana had dated previously.
  From Quiz: Quirky Alice Pieszecki
25 What other name is Eva Torres known by?
Answer: Papi

The girls come across Papi on "Our Chart" through Carmen's constellation. It is said in at the end of season 4 that her name is Eva Torres.
  From Quiz: "The L Word" Quiz
26 What excuse does Alice give to Shane for trying to duck out of Dana and Tonya's bachelorette party without being seen?
Answer: She forgot to get them a gift

Alice saw Dana and Tonya together looking happy and tried to leave the party before anyone saw her and her pain.
  From Quiz: This is the Way That We Live
27 Alice has a whiteboard in her apartment with many names connected through lines. In it, she records all known relationships and hookups between her acquaintances. What is this network called?
Answer: The Chart

According to Alice's story, she started the chart on the back of a napkin and it later developed into a board that occupies an entire wall in her apartment. The Chart later goes online, and even gets its own radio spot. Alice erased the Chart during the fifth season while Tasha was undergoing investigation.
  From Quiz: Alice Pieszecki
28 How many children does Helena have with her ex-lover Winnie?
Answer: 2

Helena has a son named Wilson with Winnie Mann. They also have an adopted girl of Chinese origin, Jang Yin. Helena and Winnie don't go along very well.
  From Quiz: Helena Peabody
29 She made her motion picture debut opposite Nicole Ari Parker in "The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls In Love."
Answer: Laurel Holloman

Laurel Holloman plays Tina on "The L Word." Besides supporting roles in "Boogie Nights" and "The Myth of Fingerprints," Holloman had a recurring guest role on the hit television drama "Angel."
    Your options: [ Laurel Holloman ] [ Katherine Moennig ] [ Leisha Hailey ] [ Mia Kirshner ]
  From Quiz: Before "The L Word"
30 Helena buys The Planet to help which character financially?
Answer: Kit

Helena, at one point, lost her funds due to being super giving to those who did not need it.
    Your options: [ Marina ] [ Kit ] [ Shane ] [ Jenny ]
  From Quiz: "The L Word" General Quiz
31 What is the name of the woman who hires Shane as an assistant, admiring her ability 'to talk to people'?
Answer: Veronica Bloom

Veronica Bloom first notices Shane on a film set. Veronica overhears her refering to her as a crazy bitch, and is impressed how Shane manages to calm an actress 'notorious for holding up production for hours' in a matter of minutes. Veronica finds Shane interesting and hires her as an assistant; she's both annoyed and impressed by the Shane's attitude.
  From Quiz: Shane- the Heartbreaker
32 Select the names of the episodes of "The L Word" in which the two main characters that eventually die shared a scene alone together.
Answer: "Last Dance" and "Liberally"

The two characters that eventually die are Dana (in season 3) and Jenny (in season 6). The first scene takes place in season 1 during the episode "Liberally" when Jenny invited Dana to her place, which resulted in a failed intimate moment. In the penultimate episode of season 3, "Last Dance", Jenny tells everyone that Dana taught her how to dance after the debacle from the season 1 episode. This is depicted in the season 3 episode.
    Your options: [ "Last Dance" and "Liberally" ] [ "L'Ennui" and "Left Hand Of The Goddess" ] [ "Liberally" and "Losing The Light" ] [ "Lagrimas De Oro" and "Lay Down The Law" ]
  From Quiz: Loving, Laughing, Living...
33 How many children has Helena given birth to?
Answer: 0

Helena has never had a child herself. Her ex-partner gave birth to their son and they adopted their daughter.
  From Quiz: Helena Peabody
34 Besides telling Shane that she cheated on her, what else does Carmen tell her about herself in that conversation?
Answer: She fired a gun before

Carmen is giving Shane random facts about herself and proceeds to slide in "I cheated on you".
  From Quiz: Carmen de la Pica Morales
35 What is the name of the grad student that Bette had a fling with while she was the Dean of the Art Department?
Answer: Nadia

Nadia immediately takes a liking to Bette and is pretty obvious about it. Bette eventually gives in to temptation.
  From Quiz: Bette's World
36 What did Tina want after she and Bette split up at the end of season 1?
Answer: Autonomy

With the help of her lawyer, Joyce Wishnia, Tina realized she always let Bette have her way and make all the decisions.
  From Quiz: The Tina Kennard Quiz
37 Fill in the blank: Dana's cat's name is Mr. ____.
Answer: Piddles

She carries pictures of him around. Sadly, Mr. Piddles passes away near the end of season 1. After he dies, Dana is a wreck and Alice helps her plan his funeral. At the funeral, Dana announces her engagement to Tonya.
  From Quiz: The Life and Loves of Dana Fairbanks
38 What is Alice's brother's name?
Answer: Nelson

She mentions his name in season 1.
  From Quiz: Quirky Alice Pieszecki
39 What is the name of the French girl that Jenny cheats on Max with?
Answer: Claude

Jenny meets Claude in Canada when Shane is supposed to marry Carmen.
  From Quiz: "The L Word" Quiz
40 What is the name of Marcus Allenwood's crazy girlfriend who terrorizes Tina?
Answer: Lei Ling

Lei Ling confronts Tina at a Chinese herbalist and the madness doesn't stop there. She follows Tina to her car and calls her at home continuously screaming at her.
  From Quiz: This is the Way That We Live
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