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Team: Faithful and True
Hobbies: Reading, music, cooking and studying the history, architecture and culture of NYC.
Bio: "Yet, as only New Yorkers know, if you can get through the twilight, you'll live through the night." ― Dorothy Parker
Registered: Dec 13 19 ( Class 318 ) - Last Seen: Jan 28 23
Membership: Gold
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Member of: Faithful and True

Here's Greyfriars Bobby, a friend who was Faithful and True. You can look him up! Our team name honors the original Faithful and True. Check HIM out, too. In contrast to teams with a religious or political agenda: We're made up of seekers and true believers, pagans and heathens and daydream weav ... (more)

Faithful and True ranked # 4 in division B of last month's Team vs Team competition.

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Leader: Donna39

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