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Team: Yorkshire and Proud
Hobbies: Reading, writing, wargaming and modelling, football (spectator only!), Observing the Way of the Sloth.
Bio: 58 year old DNA sink and general waste of oxygen. Lives in Middlesbrough, England so obviously did something bad in a previous life. Supports Middlesbrough FC (see above). Works for a major Indian IT firm.
Registered: Jan 02 12 ( Class 235 ) - Last Seen: Dec 25 22
Membership: Gold
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Member of: Yorkshire and Proud

A man once said "Never ask someone if he is from Yorkshire, if he is he'll tell you, if he isn't he'll just be embarrassed". This is a team for people whose roots are in Yorkshire and who are proud of that fact, even if they no longer live there. You don't have to share similar interests, have t ... (more)

Yorkshire and Proud ranked # 13 in division C of last month's Team vs Team competition.

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Leader: esspee

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