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Quiz about A Bread Basket
Quiz about A Bread Basket

A Bread Basket Trivia Quiz

Where Should the Breads Go?

This is the opposite of a usual hidden-word quiz. You need to place these fifteen items, which might be found in a bread basket, into the story so that it makes a little sense. Look at the example, then use a bit of trial and error to see what might work

by Lottie1001. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Jul 01 23
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12 / 15
Last 3 plays: watts249 (15/15), Guest 172 (15/15), mocwiwi (1/15).
I must say hel{lo, af}ter all, to Nan d Poppa. Nanna wears a side her coat. inates the route. We see flowers, which gonomically, while st ing along by the ch can also be seen swimming in the water; one eat nuts. To sto king more, I car very egantly decorated, rong building, where cousin Gre e factory. I fill a refrigera ll are safe. I think i mplicated edifice, with bats in the roof. Greg's assistants were each using an abacus to enumerate them. Using aba ken down, could be counted very quickly.
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[muffin] [poppadom] [damper] [roll] [granary] [rye] [tortilla] [pitta] [toast] [taco] [bagel] [ciabatta] [bloomer] [sourdough] [naan]

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Oct 17 2023 : watts249: 15/15
Oct 14 2023 : Guest 172: 15/15
Oct 11 2023 : mocwiwi: 1/15

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Naan, an Asian flatbread, finishes Nanna and starts and.
Unlike a muffin in the USA, which is like a cake, a British muffin is a bread, and here it makes muff and starts inside.
The Indian bread, Poppadom, is sometimes spelled papadam, but needs the first spelling here, to make Poppa and start dominates.
A bloomer is a large white loaf which can be cut into oval slices; it makes bloom and starts ergonomically.
A roll is an individual bread portion which could be eaten with soup or made into a sandwich; here it fills the middle of strolling.
A damper is an Australian bread made from flour, salt and water, which can be cooked over an open fire; it makes dam and starts perch.
Sourdough was a traditional European form of bread, which has become particularly popular in the twenty-first century; it ends eats, makes our and starts doughnuts.
Pitta, or pita, bread is a Middle Eastern flatbread which can be split open to make a pocket which can be filled; it finishes stop, makes it, and starts taking.
Rye bread is popular in parts of central and northern Europe; it finishes carry and starts every.
A bagel comes from central Europe and is made from dough which is boiled before baking; it makes bag and starts elegantly.
Toast is a slice of bread which has been browned on both sides; it makes to and a, then starts strong.
Granary is a seeded brown loaf; it finishes Greg, makes ran and a, then starts rye.
A tortilla is a flatbread from Central America; it finishes refrigerator, makes till, and starts all.
A taco is a small tortilla with a topping; it finishes it, makes a, then starts complicated.
Ciabatta is an Italian loaf; it finishes abaci (the plural of abacus), makes a and bat, then starts taken.

Here is the whole story with its spaces, punctuation and capitalisation as appropriate.
I must say hello, after all, to Nanna and Poppa. Nanna wears a muff inside her coat. Poppa dominates the route. We see flowers, which bloom ergonomically, while strolling along by the dam. Perch can also be seen swimming in the water; one eats our doughnuts. To stop it taking more, I carry every bag, elegantly decorated, to a strong building, where cousin Greg ran a rye factory. I fill a refrigerator till all are safe. I think it a complicated edifice, with bats in the roof. Greg's assistants were each using an abacus to enumerate them. Using abaci, a bat taken down, could be counted very quickly.
Source: Author Lottie1001

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