Quiz about Things People Shout Out
Quiz about Things People Shout Out

Things People Shout Out Trivia Quiz

I will present you with clues (synonyms) for three words that rhyme, and you need to find the fourth (actually rhyming) word that will complete the list. Eg - Present - bovine - genuflect (Now - cow - bow) - rhymes with Wow! Have fun!

A matching quiz by reedy. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Mar 01 23
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9 / 10
Last 3 plays: dramla67 (1/10), leith90 (10/10), Guest 70 (8/10).
Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Exchange - policeman - harvest  
2. Destiny - tardy - terrific  
3. Sketched - also - novel  
4. Hovel - close - belly  
5. Expectorate - strike - intelligence  
6. Expire - attempt - falsehood  
7. Tally - portal - conflict  
8. Cowardly - gelatin - easygoing  
9. Compensate - frolic - speak  
10. Course - costume - barbarian  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Exchange - policeman - harvest

Answer: Stop!

Swap - cop - crop

To swap something is to exchange it for something else. 'Cop' is a slang term for a policeman (or policewoman). And in this case, the crop that you bring in from the field is your harvest.

And they all rhyme with "STOP!" - an admonition often screamed to prevent an injury or maybe an escape?
2. Destiny - tardy - terrific

Answer: Wait!

Fate - late - great

Fate and destiny both bring a predetermined future. Tardiness is the quality of being late. And something terrific is definitely also great.

All of them, of course, rhyme with "WAIT!" - often called out to those who have gotten too far ahead.
3. Sketched - also - novel

Answer: Boo!

Drew - too - new

A sketch is a rudimentary type of drawing, and in this case in the past tense. 'Too' comes from Middle English and means "also," or "in addition to." And the word novel stems from the original Latin 'novus,' meaning new.

And they all rhyme with "BOO!" - a favourite exclamation made on Hallowe'en by children dressed as ghosts.
4. Hovel - close - belly

Answer: Cut!

Hut - shut - gut

A hovel is generally a small, poorly built house or hut. If you shut something, you have closed it - like one's mouth when told to 'shut up.' And while your guts are your innards, your gut is the all-encompassing belly or paunch holding your guts in.

Together, they all rhyme with "CUT!" - often heard being yelled on a movie set.
5. Expectorate - strike - intelligence

Answer: Sit!

Spit - hit - wit

Expectorate's Latin roots are 'ex' (out of) and 'pector' (the breast), describing the process of expelling sputum from the chest. To hit something, either with your hands or with an object, is to strike it. And intelligence, especially of the clever variety, can be described as wit.

All of these rhyme with "SIT!" - a command often directed at dogs and schoolchildren.
6. Expire - attempt - falsehood

Answer: Bye!

Die - try - lie

To expire, according to its Latin root, is to breathe out, although in the case of dying, it means to breathe out your last. To try to do something is to make an attempt to accomplish it. And a falsehood is a false statement, especially an intentional one, which pretty much defines lying.

All rhyme with "BYE!" - occasionally hollered at people from a distance as you depart from their company.
7. Tally - portal - conflict

Answer: Fore!

Score - door - war

To score has its origins from making a notch or a cut into something, which was a good way to keep a tally before paper came along. Like the French word 'porte,' a portal is a kind of door or an entryway to somewhere else. And what can begin as a minor conflict can grow into all-out war (made of many conflicts).

And they all rhyme with "FORE!" - yelled on the golf course to warn the players ahead of you.
8. Cowardly - gelatin - easygoing

Answer: Hello!

Yellow - Jell-O - mellow

Colloquially, a 'yellow-belly' (later shortened to just 'yellow') meant cowardice, referencing skittish yellow-bellied sapsuckers. The brand name 'Jell-O' is synonymous with gelatinous desserts of many flavours and colours. And something (or someone) mellow is smooth and free of harshness, such as an easygoing person.

Together, they all rhyme with "HELLO!" - called out to greet someone from a distance.
9. Compensate - frolic - speak

Answer: Yay!

Pay - play - say

By Latin origin, compensate means to 'weigh against,' or counterbalance, which works well when paying for a service or buying a product. To frolic as play has the same origin as the German word 'fröhlich,' meaning 'happy.' And to express your thoughts in words is to 'say,' or perhaps better described as 'speaking your mind'?

And all of them rhyme with "YAY!" - Exclaimed when experiencing a joyous moment or a victory.
10. Course - costume - barbarian

Answer: Shoot!

Route - suit - brute

A route is your choice of path for completing a course. A costume is a suit that you put on, typically for Hallowe'en or for cosplays. And where 'brute' refers someone cruel or evil, the origin of 'barbarian' comes from the Greeks, which they called anyone NOT Greek, and consequently not as civilized.

All of these words rhyme with "SHOOT!" - often screamed by rabid hockey fans in the arena.
Source: Author reedy

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